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Shuying Wei 20TH CENTURY ART AND DESIGN 502-AH3-AS sect. 02506


Present to Kathryn Kelly

LaSalle College April 16th, 2013

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Surrealism Surrealism is an art movement which has been started in France. It has strong effects to the visual art in the future. Surrealism has become popular during the period of 1920 to 1930. The characteristics of the source in surrealism are varies of dreamland, hallucination and rationality. Surrealist Artists think only unconscious world can get rid of the chain of art, and show the reality of things objectively. Joan Miro(1893-1983) is one of the surrealist artists, who has taken part in the art movement of Dadaism, and became affected by Dadaist art, his is opposed most of the tradition, every blind faith that comes from nature or museum. His painting style id unique, the simple shape, singular background and well-designed environment show a colorful and fantastic world.


Painting: Carnival of Harlequin Artist: Joan Miro Year: 1924-1925 Size: 66cm×93cm Type of art: oil on canvas Location: Albright-Knox Art Gallery, USA


“Carnival of Harlequin” is one of Joan Miro’s typical surrealist art works. This painting shows a lively party in a dusky interior. The composition of the painting is full of disarray. There are lots of animals, wild beasts and insects, they dance and play music instruments in this wide

space. From the right of the painting, some snakes and birds climb on the ladder, and hang on the craps, they flutter in regular pattern. On the middle, there is a man, he is holding a pipe and looking around this noise party, beside him, they are some snakes and insects, they are play the violin and flute. On the right of the painting, some fish are dancing on the blue carpet, there are two cats, they play games and seem very enjoy in the party. The color Joan Miro used in the painting is mainly light brown. For those animals, Joan Miro also use some bright colors like red, blue, yellow and white, wo make them become unique individual on the canvas. The shape is very simple and clear, they are almost irregular aggregates that mingle together. The lines in the painting is thin, making the line thinner can emphasize the movements of those animals. Actually this painting does not have any specific meaning. As the painting shows, everything is lively and happy expect the man who is right in the middle, it seems like he is not belong to the party of animals. But totally, this painting reflect a brilliant and fantastic environment. Joan Miro draw this painting in order to give an ideal world to every living things.


Painting: Still Life with Old Shoe Artist: Joan Miro Year: 1937 Size: 81.3cmĂ—116.8cm Type of art: oil on canvas Location: MoMA, New York

05 “Still Life with Old shoe” has reflected different them from “Carnival of Harlequin”. This painting is used by dark color and distort brush strokes. It gives viewer a horrible and dangerous feeling. There are four still lives in the painting, first is right on the middle it is a bottle. The bottle is deformed, its surface has many caves. Second is the apple which set to the left of the painting. Someone ate half of it, a folk inserts the apple, the pulp is exposed and distribute a kine of rancidity. The third one is the old shoe, it is on the right of the painting, the colors make the shoe seems get mildew. Finally, there is a bread behind the old shoe, the pattern of the section is like a skull with a distort expression. The line in the picture is still thin and subtle, the background and those still life has become an integration because of the color using, most of the color is black, and it also has some bright color such as red, yellow and green. Those colors has mixed, and become a kind of spot, this moving spots make the picture looks more terrible and dark. The shape of those still lives are not totally their original shapes, they are curve and erratic. “Still Life with Old shoe” shows a disturbed world to the viewer. it well explained Joan Miro’s mood and feeling for the fascist in Spanish war. The painting is full of pain and disgust, Joan Miro always used the exaggerate expression to denounce the decay, disaster and death.

In conclusion, Joan Miro’s painting are all explained that he is a anarchist. Sometimes people are weary of the beautiful studio works and aesthetic demonstration, they could find a piece of pure from Joan Miro’s art, Joan Miro breaks all the outmoded convections, he refused to inherit things in the past, however, he don’t want to exceed someone to become an inspiration of people. Joan Miro just depict his own ideal and innocent world, just like children who depict their dream.


Action painting Action painting is another kind of visual art. It also called “abstract expressionism” and “Tachisme”. It first appeared in New York in the 20 th century. Then it became more and more popular and spread to Europe. Action painting is a dynamic and vitality art, artists use free skills and inprovisation to empress its interest. This art shows American’s spirit of freedom and innovation, buti it also show the sadness and helpless feelings of modern people. One of the greatest action painting artist is Jackson Pollock (1912-1956). Jackson Pollock’s art strong affected the art movemrnt of abstract expressionism. Jackson Pollock usually drop the paint on at direction on canvas, these painting are mostly full of movement and vitality. The master pieces of Jacson Pollock are “Autumn Rhythm”, “Blue (Moby Dick)” and so on.


Painting: Autumn Rhythm Artist: Jacson Pollot Year: 1950 Size: 105×207 in Type of art: enamel on canvas Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art


“Autumn Rhythm” is one of the art pieces which represents Jacson Pollot’s free and abstract art style. On this canva, there’s nothing that can be recognized as an actual thing. All viewers can see is the messy and staggered pattern and lines. Jacson Pollot splash the colors on the canva, the

paints drop to the canva and becom the sequel that is filled with explosive forces. The main color that are used in “Autumn Rhythm” are black ,light brown and white. Jacson Pollot used large tracts of brwon as the backgroud of the painting, then there are lots of tortuous traces splashed on the background, they make up some orded brush strocks. The black and white traces are trees and thorns. They have distinctive contract, but they all against the background very well. There’s still some darkker brwon traces, that interlacing with those two colors. This color make the whole painting become more balancing and interesting. In all, “Autumn Rhythm” give a exactly different feeling of Autumn. This season becomes cold and desolate in Jacson Pollot’s expression, this feeling has srtong power to affect viewer’s eyes.


Painting: Blue (Moby Dick) Artist: Jacson Pollot Year: 1943 Size: 18 3/4×23 7/8 in Type of art: oil on canvas Location: Ohara Museum of Art, Kurashiki


“Blue (Moby Dick)” is the earlier painting of Jacson Pollot. This painting has clear lines, color pieces and compositons. Jacson Pollot has explained a coastal scenery. From the top of the painting, they are some abstract color pieces that stand for houses, people animals and boats, they are around the seacoast, people stand in a round formation, it is like they are holding a grand party. There are some birds, they flies on the surface of the sea, some of them are stand ont the flag of the boat. Ther’s a boat right on the lift side of the painting. It has colorful outeard, two range flags

are flutteing, they have beautiful patterns in their surfaces. There is another ship which is in yellow, it has a nets. All of these things are sitting on the havy blue background. N the buttom of the painting. There is a moby which is looming in the sea. On its head, there is still a ship which is floating in the water. The shadow of the ship is clearly reflect on the surface of the sea. Jacson Pollot uses bulue, yelloe, orange and black to explian the noise scenery, the susing of blue has successfully avoid the noisy of the party, it manke the painting more harmonious and peace. Those bright colors also add some lively factor to the painting. And the black has well outlined the curve and moving lines. In all, “Blue (Moby Dick)� is a pinting which makes viewer get lots of frredom and relaxed mood.

In conclusion. Jacson Pollot still has many of brilliant art pieces, they are all break the tradition ways of painting, and give people a shock in sense of sight. His art usually do not have connections with its title of the painting, they even do not have a clear theme. thwy just show a kind of emotions, and this kind of expressions has a strong resonance of modern people.


Pop Art Pop art stands for cultures that is popular, artist always use some famous factors of the society or some pupular sences of drama to express their art. Pop art is a symbol of innovation and self

expression of young generation. Pop art is first appeared in England, then become more and more popular in America. Furing that period, many of people think Pop art can be the most famous movement which represent modern art and culture. there are some famous pop artist, they were active during 20 century. Andy Wahol (1928-1987) is one of them. Andy Wahol is also a writter, movie producer and composer of rock misic. Andy Wahol has many of art which use lots of factors of moreden art.


Title: Marilyn Monroe Artist: Andy Wahol Year: 1962 Size: 559mm×724mm Type of art: Lithographic poster on paper Location:




(Belfast, UK)


“Marilyn Monroe” is one of Andy Wahol’s master pieces. Actually this art pieces can be seen everywhere by people during the period of pop art movement. The composion of this poster is the head portait of Marilyn Monroe. Andy Wahol made manky different colored poster that has the same thing on the paper, all of those posters are made by the technlogy of silk-screen printing.

but the hue and the colors are different. For example, some head portait can be more colorful than the original work. Andy Wahol ised lotd of birght colors to spread over the paper such as the bright orange backgroun, blond hair which has strong contrast of the background, and other places like the blue eye shadows, pink skin, dark red lips, they are all have different extent of contrast. Then all of those color do not seen uncomfortable and unatural, they have a exquisete balance and harmony thought the paper, the colors are all show of Marilyn Monroe’s white’s teeth. Lines of the poster are almostly disappear, it still has some main shadows over the woman;s face and hair. He feeling that the poster gives to viewers are also different from the orginal photo. Poster which is prined by warm color anf hues can give people’s sight a strong shock. Posters which is in cold hues can also give the shock, but intead of the hot feelings, it give a sence of reason. They all represent the common feelings of people who lives in an developed morden society.


Title: Liz Taylor Artist: Andy Wahol Year: 1963 Size: 55.8mm×55.8mm Type of art: prints Location: The Cleveland Museum of Art


“Liz Taylor” described a fmous American movie actress named Elizabeth Taylor (19322011). Andy Wahol is a great fan of her. Wahol always read baout her private life of celebrities. When Wahol became more and more famous, he decide to use Elizabeth Taylor as an icon to creat his new art. This poster id also a protrait of a woman. The hue and colors are pale, but the pale

does not erase the beauty of Taylor. In this poster, Andy Wahol use pale gray as the backgroud, then used light pink, res and cyanine to decorate her face. The shadow is gathered with Taylor’s black hair, it look the poster seens more visual and imressing. There are some scratches on the right of the poster, so it gove a little bit old sense. This poser is in order to explain that even time gosed fast and everyone would become older and order, the beauty and the smiles of Taylor would nor disappear. In Andy Wahol’s mind, Elizabeth Taylor is always shinny and charming.

In conclusion. Andy Wahol’s art are mostly replica. He just copy one factor again and again and makes series of coloreful art pieces. But this colors are all reflect different feeling and emotions. This visual art pieces even subvert feelings that are given by original works. He has said, “I want to be a machine”, that has a contrast with Jacson Pollot, a person who wants to be the natural. It is hard to explain the meaning of Andy Wahol’s art pieces, but because of this, Andy Wahol’s art can be discussed a lot and cause the curiosity of us.’


Minimalism Minimalism is an extreamly sinple art style. It usualyy used in the field of fashion and interior design. It is also a mucis style such as Ambient and Techno, it always like lullaby and has

a strong psychedelic feelings. For art, minimalism erase all the techniques of painting expect color and shape. More over, atrtist use just one or two colors or shapes to explain complex idea. They usually say that they just exclude all factors that disturb the subject. Carl Andre is an American minimalism artist who is famous for thecheckboard floor of interior. Carl Angre has also scessfully dut the space by using those lattice.


Title: Equivalent Artist: Carl Andre Year: 1966 Size: 127mmĂ—668mmĂ—2292mm Type of art: Firebricks Location: Tate Modern


Equivalent is a typical minimalism art of Carl Andre. Is shows a firebricks that has a lots of subtle drders in the arrangement. Firstly this firebrick is in a hue of cold color. It sit on the floe which ahs similar color and hue. The composition is very rigorous. The whole space is a rectangle, the firebrick is also a rectangle, for those small bricks, they are some small cubes that heap up two levels. Seeing through this firebrick, they are all rectangles in every points of view. The stone of

the floor has a cold tactile impression. The firebrick use the similar matieral, but it looks more pale and empty. Because of it is used in avoiding fire, so that is correct to make the tempreature of interior becomr lower. From this photo, the space is very silent without any vitality. The light irradiate the surface of the firebrick, then those samll cubes get different kind of hues. It make the whole environment becomr more strict and unbreakable.


Title: Steel Zinc Plain Artist: Carl Andre Year: 1969 Size: 9mmĂ—1840mmĂ—1840mm Type of art: steel and zinc Location: Tate Modern


Steel Zinc Plain is another famous minimalism art of Carl Andre. It is a pattern of ground. The composition of this pattern is like checkboard, and it is made by steel and zinc. This kind of composition is very common in interior no matter in households or public places. The black and white suqares make a strong balance of the environment. Because of the different using of matierial, the white part of the floor has some samll grain like marble. In the same way, the black

part of the floor also has grains that is white. From this pattern of the checkboard, viewers can see two different kind of worlds. One of them shows pale, empty and dpressing, another side shows silence and darkness. This design also can make viewres think about the baroque style even it is not distort at all. This art has a strong stimulation of views, it makes people be awake and feel the logic of the space.

In conclusion, Carl Andre used simple colors and shapes to make up a logical environment, he give up most of the ways of creating art like drawing and coloring. Lots of his art is made by natural matieral. So Cral Andre’s art seems related to the nature, but their arrangement also make them have strong connetions of modren.


Art Deco Art Deco is evolved bu Art Nouveau. The differentce is that are nouveau is mainly focus on thr feelings coms from the nature such as plants and animals. Art deco is focus on machinism and

geometry. It is affected by industrial culture so that their art style is usually some lines that can be used in decoration. The feature of art deco is metal, argent and bronze. Those totems in the old Greece, Middle East, Rome and Egypt are also become the matieral of art deco, such as the grave goods in Egypt, African wood carving and Greek structure. One of the artist that represents this kind of art is Hildreth Meiere (1892-1961). Hildreth Meiere has made a lot of


and creative decorative, there are some famous decoration such as rondels that present on Radio City Music Hall in Rockfeller Center.


Title: Song Artist: Hildreth Meiere Year: 1932 Size: unknow Type of art: metal decorative Location: Rockfeller Center, New York City


“Song” is one of the rondels that are decorted on Radio City Music Hall in Rockfeller Center. Rockfeller Center is one of the famous places of interest in the USA, there are lots of visitors come from all over the world has been here. There are totally three rondels on Radio City Music Hall, the other two are “Drama” and “Dance”. This decorativ is made of different colored of meteal matierials, the subjective matierial is teel. The rondel has a round main shap. There are some gold metel surrongding the outside of the round shape, they totally surround by four times,

and each layers of the metal has different feature, the two white rings has diamond exterior, further more, Hildreth Meiere used some metals as track to nail those rings on the wall. In side of the round shape, there are two people, they are in old creek clothing, the male sets on the chair,he is play music instrument and the femal is singsing attentively. The man’s music instrument, and accessories on the woman’s hand and neck, are brighter than other metals. The uses of colors are warm colors, the gold and bright yellw has strong contrast with the green silk of the woman. There are some bird, they are flying over those two persons head. The whole sense is fuul of happiness and warmth. The wheat on the woman’s head represents the seaon of harvest. Hildreth Meiere used the hard and cold metal to creat a bright and positive environmrnt.

In conclution. Hildreth Meiere’s art has strong effect on modern art. He gives up all the techniques of traditonal art and use scientific technology and advanced matierial to achieve his great idea. More over. Art deco had inspired lots of artist to be more concerntrate to express feeling and opinions without paints and brushes. So that means idea is the most important.

[Shuying Wei] Art History Project-2  
[Shuying Wei] Art History Project-2  

[Shuying Wei] Art History Project-2