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Momdoulary Method 2013-2014 6 Certifications in 1 Work as a: Birth Doula Postpartum Doula Ante-partum doula Parenting



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Welcome to the Future of Birth and Parenting.


he world is in a critical state. Economic, environmental, and geopolitical stressors have created a climate of perpetual uncertainty. The Information Age brings with it an avalanche of oftentimes dizzyingly conflicting “expert” opinions and options. The media and our culture push us to “keep up with the Joneses.“ How are new families supposed to assess the endless array of choices in a world that seems to judge them harshly no matter what they choose? The moment a woman learns she is pregnant, everything she thought she knew suddenly seems to change. She’s landed in the biggest learning curve of her life, one where even the way her body behaves suddenly seems foreign. She’s left feeling she’s navigating this learning curve with the eyes of the world upon her, ready to judge. Further complicating matters, most American women have little reference for birth other than what they see on TV and in movies, which is often inaccurate, exaggerated to create suspense. Our fairy-tales and myths don’t help, as they teach that once you find your prince, you will live ‘‘happily ever after’’ - but never tells you how to make that happen, or what to realistically expect. Women, parents are demanding more, demanding change. Change in health care, birth and parenting support, and an end to the Mommy and Birth “Wars.” They ache for genuine support and a more honest approach. We are at the precipice of revolution in how we birth, how we parent, and our relationship with the “stuff’’ of life and with the people we love. That revolution continues with you.

My vision: To create a highly trained task force of leaders skilled in childbirth and doula support, parent coaching, and family lifestyle organizing to meet this cry for change. They will be at the ready to provide quality support through the big learning curve of the birth year and beyond, helping families cut through the noise to determine what best fits their needs, rather than taking on some cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone benefits. The families, the communities they engage with, and future generations. Together we can create ripples, one family at a time, that will eventually be felt around the globe. It is a big world, and a bigger goal. starts with YOU. As you check out this catalog I invite you to imagine how your training in the Momdoulary Method could help you transform your own life. How will it feel to spark change in the world as you create an awesome career for yourself? Confidence has been linked to happiness, as has job satisfaction. These skills will improve your life, even as you help others. This is the moment, the here, the now. An action today can dramatically change life across many tomorrows. Think about it. What hopes and dreams are you waiting to act on? Make this your moment, own it. Our admissions team is ready to answer your questions and help prepare you for an education that can lead to an array of possibilities for your future. I invite you to contact them today. Wishing you a glorious year of possibility!

Laura Saba

CEO & Founder Momdoulary, LLC

Our mission is to play a critical role in educating, supporting, and inspiring women as they navigate the big learning curve of the birth year and beyond. Build a strong foundation for a new family now, create a better world of tomorrows. One family, one community at a time, we can change the world.

Are you ready to create a ripple across the world?

“Momdoulary Method practitioners help you understand

everything that is happening to you, while helping you understand what is going on, and provide great physical support, while helping people improve their birth experience and their entre into parenthood – in a way that matters. “ Carla K. worked with NYC Momdoulary Method Founder, Laura Saba

Unique in the World of Doula Programs


The Momdoulary Method Difference = Many Possibilities!

• A different kind of doula: Momdoulary Method doulas deliver the most comprehensive birth doula assistance possible. You will help clients not only prepare for childbirth, but to more seamlessly navigate the journey into parenthood itself. Physical comfort and emotional support provided during labor will be further strengthened by the unparalleled childbirth and parenting preparation you delivered. • Multiple Certification: The Momdoulary Method prepares you for multiple certifications, which grant you serious career flexibility! You can qualify as a birth doula, postpartum doula, in-home childbirth educator, parenting preparation coach, ante-partum doula, and family lifestyle professional organizer and parenting preparation coach. This flexibility can make the career possibilities really interesting!. • Mentorship Included: Transitioning from an educational setting to working in the birth field can be intimidating. For this reason, the Momdoulary Method Training includes built in Mentorship hours, so you have support as you navigate your early client cases. • Coaching: During training you will be assigned a coach, for 4 sessions of lifestyle management and parenting preparation coaching, so you can experience what it is like to work with the process. • Conflict Resolution and Diplomacy Building Focus: This aspect of your education will help prepare you for managing a wide range of personalities and situations when dealing with others in your day-to-day engagements so that you will feel confident you can skillfully manage whatever comes your way. • Body Mechanics: Our body mechanics training will help prepare you to better protect your body when physically engaging with your clients. Protecting yourself allows you to perform at your best. • Information Curation: Helping expectant parents understand how to navigate the endless array of information they encounter in today’s Information Age, provides a valuable service. Knowing how to do this will also impact your own life and daily choices. • Business Basics and Support Available: Upon successful certification receive a website template, and a digital file of marketing materials, client handouts, and record-keeping forms to help you launch your business.

Are You Ready To Become a Player in the Future of Birth and Parenting Care and Preparation? *Where available; Subscription based service, terms and conditions apply

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Birth and Parenting Today W

omen today are giving birth in a strange space in human history. With cesarean sections at an all time high, and birth expectations that of fear and pain thanks to TV, movies, and horror stories from friends, there is a lot to be desired. Complicating matters further, birth is a multi-billion dollar industry, where a woman’s fear and confusion can serve a corporate bottom line quite well. Birth has become something the majority fear, a cause for panic. The “Birth Wars” add to that, with the very way you give birth now more of a social and political statement than not. It seems no matter what choice a mom makes, someone is waiting to criticize her. Worse still, the information she reads is often conflicting. Epidurals are the answer; epidurals are bad. Trust your doctor; doctors are evil. Even those with good intentions often get caught up in the war cry, at times exaggerating their point for the ‘win’ – only to serve to perpetuate mis-information on -all sides. No wonder women are confused and afraid!


The parenting scene isn’t much better. It can feel like every choice you make, from how you feed or carry your newborn, to whether you use a sleep schedule, is fraught with an endless array of pros and cons too numerous to track, again, many filled with political and social implications. Again, big business knows an anxious parent is one quickly parted with their dollars. What’s a parent to do? How and where do they begin to make choices? So, people feel lost. Reading, learning endlessly, yet feeling they can’t arise, sending them back to square one. For the sake of our children, for expectant mamas, for families everywhere, we can do better. We must do better. The next generation is depending on us. Isn’t it time you become part of the solution?

The Momdoulary Method Response The truth is the answers are obvious if one knows how to cut through the avalanche of information and pressure of judgment. At Momdoulary Method, we coach families in ways of assessing information so they can discern which solutions best fit their family. This helps them more confidently navigate the Big Learning Curve of the Birth Year and Beyond. We are a group of passionate, committed people, eager to make a difference in the world, focused on helping others find their way to clarity and peace. Our mission is clear: Improve the birth experience for mother and child, while building the expectant family’s confidence in basic parenting skills and information curation, giving them the best start possible. A start that reflects values that fit their family like a glove. Are you ready to take the leap into your personal spotlight? Join us in creating the future of birth and parenting.

Imagine if families were encouraged to look at what was best for their family and their needs, instead of being encouraged to keep up with the Joneses or celebrity trends?

“A Momdoulary Method doula is a childbirth and parenting preparation guide, there to help one navigate their way through information madness.� Laura Saba

Birth Doulas in America Today


irth doulas perform genuinely important work. They possess the education, skill and support to create a more comfortable, relaxed, informed, and supported birth experience. Unfortunately, however, some doulas have bucked heads with medical personnel, bringing personal advocacy into the labor room. Care providers recount tales of doulas throwing themselves bodily on a patient, screaming, "Don't you dare give her that epidural!" or doing wildly irresponsible things such as attempting to turn off a Pitocin pump, (which can risk hemorrhage for the patient), as their method of wellintentioned but misguided advocacy. Furthermore, women who would otherwise benefit from a doula's support resist seeking it, fearing if they choose an epidural and their doula will make them feel like a failure for doing so. Still others feel that doulas approach birth irresponsibly, putting both mom and baby at greater risk by encouraging options such as home birth or rejecting interventions dogmatically. The result has been resistance the doula’s arrival in the birthing world, a sad and unnecessary fact. Women stand to benefit tremendously from doula support. Responsible doula support can shorten the length of labor, reduce the risk of c-section, the need for forceps or vacuum extraction, and the need for pain medication or epidural. A doula can make a woman feel confident, helping her build a better bond with her baby. Fortunately the tides are turning as more responsible doulas find their way to the scene, and the call for doulas is growing!

Now Momdoulary Method Doulas Have Rolled Into Town… Now, however, the world has experienced the Momdoulary Method difference. Our comprehensive training helps prepare one to understand that there is no right or wrong way to birth, there is simply what makes most sense for this mom and baby at this moment, in the circumstances they are facing right now. Momdoulary Method understands that every intervention has a time and place. That epidurals, for instance,can sometimes shorten labor, or help prevent emotional trauma that could interfere with mother/child bonding. Just as no two women or pregnancies are alike, a woman’s physical, mental, and emotional states can vary, and babies come in different shapes and sizes, getting themselves into all kinds of positions when making that short but dangerous journey down the birth canal. Each of these factors (among others) contribute to what makes for a wise choice during labor. Quite simply, there is no “this or that” option, such as "Epidural or Natural?" Choices in labor are about relationships. Actions and choices now will impact options 2 hours and 2 centimeters from now. What does matter is how involved a mom feels in making choices, as that will impact how she later feels about her birth experience. Momdoulary Method acknowledges that doulas are not clinically trained, and should never infringe on a physician or midwife's area of expertise. Rather, our strength lay in helping women understand how to better navigate and assess the information she receives and the impact that will have on future choices, so she can make better decisions. Of course we help her labor more efficiently and comfortably, while guiding her partner so he can be optimally effective, allowing both partners to feel supported throughout labor. We also help woman manage their expectations practically. Knowing what will happen goes a long way in reducing the fear associated with childbirth, and creating a better overall experience. Rather than breed mistrust toward care providers, we encourage families to ensure early on that care providers are on the same page, and from there to focus on trust and relationship building. If a mom is having difficulty relating to her care team, we encourage the implementation of diplomacy and conflict resolution skills during the pregnancy. Labor is not the time nor place to lock heads. It’s our firm belief that building a cohesive labor support team is instrumental in creating more positive birth experiences. Establishing positive rapport, built on trust and mutual respect by all involved, can dramatically improve the birth experience. There should be no drawing of enemy lines in labor, but rather a team that works collectively to support the laboring mother. Everyone has a role, with the doula providing comfort measures and emotional support in a way that is both a complimentary and integral part of the team's directive. Are you ready to take your place in the future of childbirth and parenting support?


“Momdoulary Method is training Ambassadors for Better

Birth and Strong Family Foundations. Such ambassadors hold the key to creating a better tomorrow.� Fran Sullivan, Childbirth Educator

THE WORLD NEEDS DOULAS & PARENTING PREPARATION COACHES * 8 in 10 women afraid to give birth * Fear of Birth Linked to Longer Labors * Today’s labors lasting 2.6 hours longer than in the 1960s * 33% is today’s c-section rate in the US * Many hospitals report an epidural rate of up to 90% * Up to 58% of women report feeling traumatized after their birth Mommy Wars Lead to Battles on the Playground and in the Boardroom Our Kids are Under Undo Stress – something has to give! * Tweens (30 percent) and teens (42 percent) say they get headaches vs. 13 percent of parents * percent of parents * Tweens (27 percent) and teens (39 percent) report eating too much or too little vs. 8 percent of parents Constant competition to “Keep Up with The Joneses” causes undo stress on families as people come home to McMansions that they never have time to enjoy People have been conditioned to measure their worth, success, and happiness against the lives of others, leaving them in a state of chronic competition.


The US is experiencing high rates of unemployment, and many are unhappy in their current employment. Many find themselves in unfulfilling work, in constant fear of layoffs, or feel trapped with nowhere to go. What is your employment situation like?

The only way to do great work is to love what you do... lieve is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle.


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“Whatever you decide, don't let it be because you don't think you have a choice.� Hannah Harrington, Saving June


Doulas have made inroads into hospitals, and Momdoulary Method in parti-

• Studies have demonstrated that doulas reduce the length of labor by up to 25%; the risk of c-section by 50%; the need for vacuum or forceps extraction by 40-60%; and the need for pain medication or epidural by 40% or better. These day • ly.

The support of a birth doula can dramatically reduce the level of fear and -

• Articles highlighting the negative impact of the “Mommy Wars” are increasingly popular • Minimalist and Smaller Living is rising in popularity, drawing attention to Higher Quality Living, that focuses on the Best that Life has – and the importance of family and friends, and a reorganization of values •

More and more frequently attention is being drawn to our uniqueness, and

• The momdoulary Method serves to help liberate women and families from the oppression of information overload and the judgment of Joneses


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

“My Momdoulary Parenting and Organizing Support Coach helped me confidently navigate the path to parenthood. Having someone in my corner helped me cut through distractions and mis-guided advice to make choices that honestly fit our family best." ~ Jillian

A Parenting Coach is a Mentor Who Can Guide You Through the Information Overload Working as a Doula with Parenting Pre paration Skills


re you the go-to guidance person in your group, their virtual “Dear Abbey”? Do you know all the latest greatest approaches for sleep solutions, nutrition, organizational tools, lifestyle helps, and product? Are you nurturing and supportive, an i n s t i n c tive caregiver? Many of our prospective students were unaware of it, but they were acting as doulas and parenting preparation coaches already – they just weren’t being paid for it. Whether you solely work as a doula – literally serving women - incorporating the parenting preparation coach training into your work, or focus on your own Parenting Preparation Practice, we can give you the tools to help you organize yourself right into a career.

Maximum Flexibility

Work as a birth doula, postpartum doula, or parenting preparation coach. Roll them all into one and provide clients with start to finish sup- port, or focus on one primary area, bringing your full skillset into the equa- tion when it makes sense. Partner with a midwife, physician office, baby business, health food store, community center, or strike out on your own. Work part time or full time, or take one or two dou- la clients per month and run a parenting prepara- tion and/or organizing business. Create it the way that fits you.

You Are Needed!


tudies increasingly de-

of doula support, and of parenting preparation. Both can lead to better starts for families. With the skillset you will gain with the Momdoulary Method, can provide for friends, family, and the community at large – not to mention your own family.


Building Your Dream Career Make a Difference, Your Way How are you making your mark on the world? You sense it, that feeling you were meant to do something more. You see the world around you, and you want to make it better, want to give back. You want to create a better world for yourself, and leave a better world for generations to come. With your new skills, you can work part-time, contributing when, where, and how you want. Or you can commit to developing a full-time practice. Career Boost If you are a nurse, holistic practitioner, or birth or postpartum doula, this is a great way to round out your skills. Our comprehensive training gives you the boost in the marketplace as someone with initiative, excellent training, and that something extra. Create An Amazing Life for Yourself You get to help other people and create the life you dream of. It doesn’t get much better than that. You will coach yourself first, during training. From there you can deliver to clients and the community at large the great skills you used in your own life first. Helping others apply those coaching skills through childbirth and parenting can create stronger foundations for happier, healthier families


A Flexible Lifestyle Develop your career part-time; make it your second job; use your skills to help family and friends. There is tremendous flexibility as to how you can use your skills, allowing you to design the life you dream of. Work a few births per month and round it out with passport in-home sessions, coaching, or organizing. Work solely as a parent preparation coach and postpartum doula. Work with adoptive families. The possibilities are endless, and can shift and change along with your life, dreams, and desires.

Create Great Income With Your Certifications Your Awesome Career Begins: UPON ENROLLMENT ~ Work through our pre-assessment package, to begin setting career goals. Meet=up in Pre-training forum to discuss goals and ideas with other students and listen to informational podcasts MONTH 1 & 2 of CLASS ~ Learn the basics of the Momdoulary Method, the Coaching Model, and Family Lifestyle Professional Organizing Model, as well as key introductory information. MONTH 3 ~ Develop and market information session for your practice ~ Lead your info session ~ Begin taking Parenting Preparation Coaching and Family Lifestyle Professional Organizing Clients for $35-65 per hour MONTH 4 & 5 ~ Begin taking on Passport to Parenting Classes ~ Begin to work with Adoptive Parents ~ Begin to teach in-home childbirth ed clients and Passport to Labor Land Program ~ Earn anywhere from $50-85 per hour MONTH 5 GRADUATE ~ Pass Board Exam ~ Meet Qualifications for Certification ~ Begin earning anywhere from ~ $250-1500 per Birth Client ~ $150 and up per 3 hour session as a Passport to Parenting or Passport to Labor Land Educator ~ $40-150 per hour as a Parenting Preparation Coach or Family Lifestyle Professional Organizer ~ $20-55 per hour as a Postpartum or Antepartum Doula

Create your career the way you want it: Take 1 or 3 birth clients, add in a few Passport Sessions, and a few Coaching or Postpartum Clients, and watch your income stack up! Or come up with an entirely different configuration. Get creative!



today’s culture we don’t have the space to explore what is best for us, only what is the latest, greatest ‘’trend’’ and our decisions are always judged by others. No matter what we do, be It our choices for childbirth or how we feed, diaper, and carry our baby, it all gets caught up in a political and social statement. Parents to be rarely feel clear enough to explore what -

where to begin?


s a doula and parenting preparation coach, you will help families explore what may work best for them. You help them cull the best solutions from the many choices, and you help them get the answers they need. You also help them understand what to expect in the coming days and months, and how to better prepare emotionally and logistically for the changes ahead.

them through their own self-assessment process, empowering them by delivering tools they can use on their own in the future, too!


Childbirth preparation coach

• Parenting Preparation Coach for Expectant Parents • Parenting Preparation Coach for Adopting Parents • Parenting Preparation Coach for Multiples • Organizing Home and Life for Baby Coach

General Birth Doula

Moms of Advanced Age

Supporting In Vitro Births

VBAC Specialist

Teen Pregnancy

• Domestic Abuse Center Support Partner • Gestational Diabetes Doula Support Specialist

These are just some of the many possibilities!


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Complete Doula & Parenting Preparation Coach Training Program: ~ Prepare for a new career in under a year! ~ Online course allows you to complete your studies around your schedule! ~ Upon completion you are provided with key materials for establishing your business, including website template, digital file with marketing, record-keeping, and client hand out materials ~ Complete the training course in 20 weeks; take up to 2 years to finish your birth mentorship - complete it as fast or slow as fits your schedule and goals ~ Bonus 6 week marketing and business support program free!

Contact us for information, dates, and time - and to apply today!


DOULA AND PARENTING PREPARATION COACH TRAINING 2013-2014 Prepare today for the change of tomorrow! 20 units: ~ The Momdoulary Method of Service: labor support; education; parenting preparation; the coaching model; engagement with the birth team; engagement with the birth family; doula presentation; and more ~ Introduction to the Tools of the Doula; Relationship to Birth; Doula Ethics; Doula perception in the world; Care & support exercises; doula safety; professionalism; the Doula’s Promise ~ Navigating Childbirth; Complexities of labor in modern times; The rhythm of labor; Introduction to Childbirth Education; Understanding interventions ~ Developing the Doula Relationship; Meet & Greets; Trust-building; Exercises; Getting answers you need; the role of the birth plan vs. birth vision; nutrition and exercise in pregnancy; introduction to gestational diabetes, hyperemesis and more ~ Fearless Childbirth; Exploring Fears; The Big Learning Curve of the Birth Year and Beyond; Mommy and Birth Wars; Mommy guilt; birth pressure; Birth Journey art and journaling; Birthnotics ~ Anatomy of a Pre-natal visit; Managing resistant clients; Overcoming fear of don’t connect? ~ Fostering Positive Relationships; Conversations with Doctors; Intimacy During the ~ The doula life; managing your life and family while in an on-call role; the doula bag; self-care; transportation and physical safety; Body Mechanics; managing your case-load


Act now call 347-500-6038 or email

~ Labor time; navigating labor symptoms; engaging the partner and family members; comfort measures including birth ball, rebozo, birth rope, acupressure, visualization, movement, positioning, hydrotherapy and more ~ Reading mom’s body; safe words; navigating labor; the mal-positioned baby; understanding complications and stalls; navigating breech and OP labors; Gravity and positioning (during labor) ~ Laboring in the home; transporting to hospital; what to expect in hospital; hospitals and birthing centers; triage; different roads to delivery ~ Surprising uses of interventions; understanding the relationship between choices in labor; the Labor Land analogy; doula’s role during epidural; induction methods and induction support; supporting the scheduled or emergency c-section; pushing ~ Breastfeeding - milk production, positions, troubleshooting; the postpartum visit; self-care during the postpartum daze; newborn care basics; closing the doula relationship ~ Third party services; placenta encapsulation; referrals; community building; introduction to popular labor support services; acupuncture; chiropractic; belly dance; massage; pelvic care during pregnancy and postpartum; body rocks and birth ball bonanaza ~ The Coaching Model; the language of coaching; methodology; non-biased engagement; the 1% solution; black-lining; Organizing Home and Life for Baby applied practice ~ In-Home CBE; Fit Pregnancy; Green Baby; Interviewing Pediatricians; Basic Business doula service; implementing a parenting preparation coaching service ~ Doula and parenting preparation boards - exams and oral evaluations ~ Understanding pregnancy complications; providing antepartum support; working with VBAC clients; working with single moms; working with teen moms


Training Program Includes: ~ All required reading and viewing materials ~ Your own assigned coach ~ 20 weeks of online training including text, video, audio, and discussion boards ~ Access to our Online Materials ~ 4 Coaching Sessions ~ Built-In Mentorship Sessions ~ Up to 2 years to complete Mentorship if needed ~ Upon successful completion admission to our Board Exam for Doula, Postpartum Doula, Parenting Preparation Coach, In-Home Childbirth Educator and Family LIfestyle Professional Organizing Certification * ~ Testing for all Teaching Topic Certifications including: The Big Learning Curve of the Birth Year and Beyond; Baby Steps to a Beautiful Birth; Intimacy During the Birth Year and Beyond; Breastfeeding Basics; Newborn Care Basics; Green Baby Organic Baby Food Making; Conversations With Your Doctor; Organizing Home & Life for Baby; Self-Care in the Postpartum Daze; Birthnotics* ~ Upon successful certification receive: website template; digital file of marketing tools, client handouts, and record-keeping tools to help you launch your business*

TIME COMMITMENT ~ Training consists of 20 weeks of online training, plus phone based coaching and mentorship sessions; optional 4 week business kickoff training included at no extra cost Top 20% of class is eligible to apply for admission to our Advanced Intensive training program free of charge, which will include additional training seminars, and extensive experience practicing the coaching model working with undergrads. Successful completion of the Intensive earns you a Senior Coach Certification.* assistance in shaping a blog, article, video, or book project, and possibility to apply to become part of the Momdoulary Publishing Imprint and Circle of Experts *Terms and conditions applly; based on successful completion of coursework and certification requirements


Our Curriculum Teaches a Broad Range of Skills in Labor Coaching, Postpartum Care, Parenting Preparation, Childbirth Education, and Lifestyle Organization and Design and work as a doula, parenting preparation coach, and organization and lifestyle design coach for new families

Momdoulary Method teaches you comprehensive doula and parenting preparation skills that you won’t get together in any other program. Topics Include:

Childbirth Education

Newborn Care Basics

Comfort Measures for Labor

Breastfeeding Counseling and Support

Understanding Stalls Fearless Childbirth

Lifestyle Organization and Design Coaching

Understanding Interventions

The Coaching Model of

Support Through Pregnancy Complications

Support Mentorship


Coaching Relationship

Parenting Preparation

Business Model

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Mentor sessions support you beyond graduation, as you grow your business.

All certified graduates receive digital files with client, promotional, and record-keeping tools to quick-start your business as part of our Super-Start Plan.


What Momdoulary Students and Grads are Saying... What I love about being a doula is the ability to educate expecting parents to make informed decisions, while at the same time keeping traditions that are centuries old and used worldly to physically support women during labor. It's a beautiful thing to see a baby be born, but it is much more grand to see the conception of a women into a mother, as she holds her baby in her arms, and says to me, "I could not have done it without you."

Cora Grajales


Being a doula is a great job. Guiding parents through such a special event like giving birth is not only a honor but a joy. Parents underestimate the help needed before and after the birth. I can be there to help make the transition into parenthood easier. My favorite part about being a doula is having the privilege of supporting women during their pregnancy, labor, and delivery of their newborn. I am proud of my Momdoulary certifications because it has given me the background, knowledge, and tools to support women throughout their entire journey of motherhood.

Kendra Williams

Jamie Rose Carroll I really enjoy helping give new parents the information and guidance to help them be confident, satisfied, and happy in their new roles. Working with the coaching model has been extremely helpful in leading us to that important place.

Jesika Homeijer

Being a doula is very rewarding. Having been to births since starting my training is very surreal and amazing. Helping a woman and her family get ready for baby and watching their excitement and watching this new life come into the world, there are no words. I am so happy I found this profession and I can't wait for it to grow.

Jashauna Williams Momdoulary's flexible training allowed me to be versatile with not only my career but the services I offer and the person I get to be for people. It allows me to unconditionally educate, love, and empower women and their families with a calming, nonjudgmental presence where I can provide outlets to desired health, body, relationships, and organization skills so my clients can be unstoppable with what's important to them. Brianna DeLillo

Act now call 347-500-6038 or email 26


Training Dates for the COMPLETE Momdoulary Doula, Parenting Preparation, Coaching, and Organizing Training for Certification Class Dates 2013-2014:

*Basic denotes class for general public *Nursing denotes class for RNs, BSNs, LPNs Basic Basic Nurses Basic Basic

: September 29, 2013 : November 11, 2013 : November 11, 2013 : January 6, 2014 : March 3, 2014

Basic Nurses Basic Basic Nurses

: April 14, 2014 : June 2, 2014 : October 6 2014 : December 1, 2014 : December 1, 2014

What to expect from training To participate in the course you need the following: Access to a computer and internet that can allow you to listen to podcasts, watch streaming video, and upload/download documents (pdf for downloads) Telephone access. You are responsible for any fees associated with computer or internet activity use on your end. You will need a camera to photograph results for the professional organizing portion of your training. If you absolutely cannot provide photographs, speak with an admissions counselor about possible alternatives. During the training you must also complete free online certifications at outside agencies. Proof of completion of these certifications is required for certification (please see certification FAQs for more details on certification requirements):


Breastfeeding training certification Blood-borne Pathogen Training certification CPR - infant and adult - certification Food Handler Certification Exam

What to expect from training (cont.) Monday Morning class appears containing: Online ‘‘booklet’’ Forum questions to answer Links to articles or video Podcasts or video lectures Handouts to download A multiple choice quiz. By Thursday at 11:55pm EST you must RESPOND to Forum Topics. This may include: Answering questions Researching a topic Completing an assignment. You must also have commented on at least one other student’s post By Sunday at 11:55pm EST you must: Respond to any comments on your forum post or comments, from other students or teacher.

There will be 4 Papers or Projects assigned during the training There will be a Midterm and Final Exam. There will be one teleconference during the training that will occur at a pre-set time. If you cannot attend, you can listen to a recording of it. You will not be penalized for missing this session, however, it is to your benefit that you participate in it. A monthly session with your assigned coach. This will be by telephone, you must provide telephone service on your end. You are responsible for any fees related to telephone conversations on your end. Once you pass the Board Exam, you are assigned a Mentor. Your mentor will evaluate your earliest cases as you pursue the path to certification, and provide case review for certification. You are responsible for phone charges on your end.

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Additional Add-On Micro Trainings Available Including: Business Development Course for Doulas & Parenting Preparation Coaches.(Currently free with sign-up for “Complete� training program) Learn ways in which you can promote your business locally and on-line; how to build your reputation; and how to reach out to your community. Discover how to write a press release, hold a promotional event, and maximize social-networking opportunities. 4 weeks. Prerequisite: Momdoulary Complete Training. $350 Includes one phone coaching session to review your business plan/goals. ***Limited enrollment, fills quickly*** July 15, 2013 Dec 2, 2013 Mar 10, 2014 April 7, 2014 VBAC Concentration- Advanced Training This 4 week course focuses on Advanced VBAC support. Learn how to help your client prepare for their VBAC, methods to help increase likelihood of success, and the potential complications that could arise. Pre-requisite: Momdoulary Complete Training. $299 July 15, 2013

Dec 2, 2013

May 20, 2014

Oct 15, 2014

The Herbal Pregnancy Support Certification Program Become an herbal support educator for expectant mamas. Learn the key herbs used to support pregnancy & childbirth in this 4 week course. $275 Pre-requisite: Momdoulary Complete Training. Sept 2, 2013 Jan 27, 2014 July 15, 2014 Advanced Family Lifestyle Professional Organizer This 7 week course will walk you through advanced Family Lifestyle Professional Organizing Skills. You will address not only the physical environment of your clients, but also the ways in which they engage with their environment, and how the set-up can influence their daily lives. Includes 2 phone coaching sessions. $525 Pre-requisite: Momdoulary Complete Training. July 15, 2013

Dec 2, 2013

June 2014

Parenting Coach Special Topic Parenting the ADD/ADHD & Asperger ChildThis 10 week class introduces you to key tools for working with parents with ADD/ADHD children. Pre-requisite: Parenting Coach: Momdoulary Complete Training; Preschool through Elementary School Years. Includes 2 phone coaching sessions. $695 Mar 10, 2014 Life Coaching Advanced Seminar This advanced seminar will help prepare you to coach your clients on family management, time management, and lifestyle management issues. Take your coaching relationships deeper with this advanced class. 10 weeks. $695 Pre-requisite: Momdoulary Complete Training. August 26, 2013


Mar 10, 2014

Additional Add-On Micro Trainings Available Including: (cont) Birth Circles & Community Building Can Help Women and Families AND Grow Your Business This 3 week class will walk you through hosting a birth circle, celebrating and healing women as they share their birth story. $149 Pre-requisite: Momdoulary Complete Training. August 26, 2013 Feb 3, 2014 Aug 10, 2014 Miscarriage and Stillbirth Support, Ceremonies, and More This 4 week course will help you better prepare for supporting your doula clients through miscarriage and stillbirth. Not only will you know what to expect, but you will explore ways in which people mourn and grieve such loss, as well as ways in which memorials, art, and ceremonies help people move through the process. $149 Pre-requisite: Momdoulary Complete Training August 26, 2013 Feb 3, 2014 July 28, 2014 PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZING: The Minimalist Cure This 4 week course will help you raise your professional organizing skills up a giant notch, as you learn to help people handle one of the biggest issues of modern times: Clutter. Learn how to coach potential hoarders to new-found freedom as they re-invent their relationship with ‘‘stuff.’‘ 4 weeks, $299. October 7, 2013 March 31, 2014 Create a Blessing-Ceremony This online self-directed course walks you through how to create a Blessing-Ceremony. You can finish this in 1-2 weeks, it is completely self-directed. $24 Teen Pregnancy & Domestic Abuse Pregnancy Support This 4 week course will cover ways in which to provide support to pregnant teens and women coming from special populations, such as those referred by a Domestic Abuse Shelter or hospital. $300 Pre-requisite: Momdoulary Complete Training Mar 10, 2014 Supporting the Single Expectant Mama This 4 week course will cover the unique supports needed by the single mom. $300 Pre-requisite: Momdoulary Complete Training Feb 3, 2014 Supporting the IVF Client This 4 week course covers ways in which to best support the IVF client. $300 Pre-requisite: Momdoulary Complete Training Feb 3, 2014 Supporting the High Risk Client This 6 week course covers ways in which to best support High Risk patients, including those with former stillbirths and miscarriages, as well as those with any number of medical complications. $400 Pre-requisite: Momdoulary Complete Training Mar 10, 2014

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“I won't tell you that the world matters nothing, or the world's voice, or the voice of society. They matter a good deal. They matter far too much. But there are moments when one has to choose between living one's own life, fully, entirely, completely—or dragging out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands. You have that moment now. Choose!” Oscar Wilde

Certification Levels Momdoulary Certified Professional - Pending Status

Certification Pending Badge

This status indicates the professional has completed training, passed the Boards, and met all requirements for certification with the exception of completing their birth attendance reviews.

Momdoulary Certified Professional This status indicates a fully certified professional, who has completed training, passed the Boards, and met all requirements for certification. Certified Badge

Momdoulary Certified Professional Golden Circle Member* This is a secondary logo earned by Momdoulary Certified Professionals who have gone the extra mile to complete additional, more stringent requirements including: Gold Certified Badge

Maintain liability insurance as doula, coach, and organizer continuously Certification and membership has not lapsed in last 18 months Certification and membership in good standing Has never had a disciplinary action taken after a Grievance Filing Has completed 1 GC class in each of 6 areas of certification, plus 2 in a specialty concentration Has had a book or video published, or hosts a blog, podcast, or vlog, or created an actively produced product, or has had at least 3 articles published by a major national media outlet


Who we are Momdoulary Team, Instructors, and Guest Speakers

Laura Saba

Founder & CEO Momdoulary, Master Doula, CBE, CHC, Author, Professional Organizer, Parent Educator

Ms. Saba is committed to creating a confident, knowledgable platform from which families can birth and parent. It’s her goal to prepare a highly trained task force skilled in coaching, childbirth education, organizing, and doula skills, capable of supporting and educating growing families. She believes launching a family from a strong foundation will improve the lives of each member of that family, the community they engage with, and future generations. Her commitment extends to students as well: Prepare them to shape a flexible, satisfying, independent career built on fulfilling work that allows them to improve their own lives while helping others. Ms. Saba developed the Momdoulary Method program to address the lack she perceived in standard doula training programs, often typically only 16 hours in length with little or no support through early client cases, little coverage of pregnancy and birth complications, and no 'coaching' or 'organizing' skills, which are so crucial for new parents. She set out to create a better approach, where mothers are coached to discern best options, free of anyone's agenda. Thus the Momdoulary Method was born. Excited to see her mission catching the hearts of others, she is thrilled to help highly committed individuals join in the movement for creating positive change in the world.


Midwife (CNM), IBCLC, Educator With over 25 years of experience in the field of women's health, Lisa brings a vast degree of knowledge and practical wisdom to the Momdoulary training. Lisa Lisa Paladino has worked as a postpartum and labor and delivery nurse and is currently a nurse midwife and lactation consultant. Her goal is to empower women to have the birth that they are meant to have, not because it went according to “plan” but because they trusted that along the way they would be presented with choices. She believes that women empowered in this way can change the world.

Master Doula Lactation Counselor Childbirth Educator Mentor, Instructor Ms. Sotirakis is a leader in the effort to create stronger starts for families through judgmentfree doula support and parenting preparation. A Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, Master Doula, Childbirth and Parenting Preparation educator, and Author, Ms. Sotirakis is firmly committed to demonstrating for others how to create a better life. Having supported women through some of the most advanced challenges that can present during labor, Ms. Sotirakis brings to you a wealth of experience, both in and out of the hospital.

Unique Sotirakis

Who we are Momdoulary Team, Instructors, and Guest Speakers Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Specialist Theresa Valenti received her MA in Organizational from Teacher’s College, Columbia University. She works with employees to build awareness the dynamics that often Theresa Valenti of unconsciously contribute to the escalation of conflicts and helps group members establish alternative behaviors conducive to successful group processes.

Senior Doula, Childbirth Educator, Teacher, Placenta Encapsulation, Mentor

Ms. Grajales is a popular birth and postpartum doula at Momdoulary, as well as a childbirth and parenting preparation educator, birth ball, newborn care, Cora Grajales and birthnotics instructor trainer, placenta encapsulator, and apprentice leader. Ms. Grajales is committed to the development of better birth practices and creating a solid start for families.

Tracy Diaz

COO, Momdoulary Admissions, Marketing

Tracy Diaz is a mother of two little ones, who has a strong commitment to community and family. With over a decade of experience in nurturing, growing and managing the operational ins and outs of businesses, she is thrilled and excited to be a part of the Momdoulary family. She believes that the Momdoulary Method is a powerful step forward in empowering families and shaping the future for generations to come.

Financial Advisor, Insurance Consultant, Broker Paul is a financial and insurance consultant and broker who is committed to helping others create success. His goal is to educate others to achieve self-discovery in their decision Paul Monterosso process by understanding all aspects of their finances, so they can create a plan that reduces risk while creating freedom and peace of mind when pursuing your dreams. Paul’s extensive knowledge extends to: Estate Protection Planning, Insurance Planning, College Planning, Income Protection, Long Term Care Insurance, Business and Group Benefit Planning, Disability Benefits, Life Insurance, Health Benefits, General Liability Insurance, Fixed Annuities, Debt Settlement, and Credit Repair.

RDMS, CHS, AADP, Ultrasound Tech, Nutritional Health Coach, Doula RDMS,CHC,AADP An Ultrasound technologist for 25 years, who has worked trauma, level 3 OB and level 3 NICU. She has seen what can happen when Debra Wasserman people do not take care of themselves and has subsequently switched gears to focus on helping heal the world with work as a Health and Nutrition Coach. Her niche is teens and adults needing to heal their bodies, and minds, as well as expectant moms, looking to give babies their best start possible

MSW, LCSW, Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach, Arbonne International Area Manager

Katie has a diverse background in the health and wellness. She launched her career as an exercise Katie Dreghorn Linden physiologist specializing in cardiac rehabilitation and nutrition, en route to a Masters in Physical Therapy, when her career shifted. Seeking to better understand the emotional complexity of families and individuals, she earned a Masters from New York University, becoming a psychotherapist. Katie has also worked as a therapeutic life and wellness coach where she specialized in helping people make and sustain significant change in their lives.


CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS TO BECOME A MOMDOULARY METHOD, LLC CERTIFIED DOULA & PARENTING SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL You must meet ALL Certification Packet Requirements. Your Coach and Mentor will walk you through requirements, and a number of them are completed during the training session. Requirements to be fulfilled include: Successful completion of training program and mentorship with passing grades Proof of adult and infant CPR completion & First Aid Safety Proof of Blood Borne Pathogen Course Completion Proof of Food Handler Training/Exam Proof of First Aid Safety Completion Good reviews from mentor, physician/midwife, client, and nurse representing 3 cases along with submission of signed release forms for each client Documentation and written summary of the 3 mentor cases, along with the mentor’s review notes Positive review form from 2 coaching experience clients + positive review from Coaching Mentor Positive reviews from 1 postpartum doula client & Mentor representing at least 6 hours of care Completion of breastfeeding training requirement Submission of resource catalog Submitted signed Doula’s Promise and Parenting Preparation Coach Promise Submission of signed Scope & Standard of Practice Statement Submission of signed acknowledgment of Grievance Procedure Demonstration of Momdoulary Method Membership in good standing Submission of completed medical exam form including TB testing (fee based on medical practice you use) Submission of signed annual licensing agreement and terms of agreement, and certification fee ( included with training year one) Passing grade of 70% or better on Board Exam plus a PASS Grade on Board Exam Essays Signed Licensing and TOS Agreements Submitted Essay on Ambassador for Care ANNUAL RE-CERTIFICATION REQUIRES THE FOLLOWING


Additional training (on-line 8 hour class - included with re-certification fee). Maintaining good standing of Momdoulary Method Membership In alternate years, submission of 2 client reviews and release forms; one must be a birth or postpartum client Submission of case notes for those 2 clients Medical Renewal form In alternate years proof that CPR is still in good standing Signed Licensing Agreement and Terms of Service plus recertification fees (including class, exam, processing and license fee) ($169 annually at this time)


We understand the undertaking of an education involves a big commitment. Our goal is to maintain affordable tuition and creating financial options that work for you so you can make pursuing your dream possible. About half-way through training, most students are cleared to work as in-home parenting preparation coaches, and leading Passport program courses (*Contingent on their having purchased insurance which is roughly $65) . This enables them to earn while they learn, while having the support of coaching as they do so. A number of students have found they can significantly offset the cost of their training this way. However, it is up to you to find those clients and make that happen. Please contact us today to learn more of how we can help make tuition manageable for you.

For certification you are required to complete: An independent CPR training program (adult and infant) at your own independent cost (typically $45-150 depending on where taken) First Aid Safety training at your own independent cost (anywhere from $25-150) Free Blood-borne pathogen training is free, there is a small (under $15) cost to obtain a copy of a certificate for proof of training, required as part of your certification Food Handler Training/Exam ($10-35) You may likely encounter a fee for having your medical release filled out by your physician DOULAS ALREADY CERTIFIED AS *Doulas Certified* THROUGH DONA OR CAPPA: May enroll in the “COMPLETE� course at a discounted rate. Upon successful completion of Certification requirements they will earn certification in all of the following: Birth doula, Postpartum Doula, AntePartum doula, In-Home Childbirth Educator, Parenting Preparation Coach, and Family Lifestyle Professional Organizer. All requirements for certification remain the same. If a doula attends a full general session, certain training modules may be skipped. Additionally, you will only receive 2 coaching sessions, and 3 micro-mentoring sessions. You must be in good standing with current certification and have attended at least 2 births in the last 18 months. RNs & LPNs may attend the NURSES version of the training (16 week training) for a reduced fee. Early enrollment discount for NURSES course is $500. All other certification requirements remain the same.


Admission ADMISSION STEPS Application*


Personal Character references

Application Interview

We're frequently asked, "Why doesn't Momdoulary have open admission?" Our goal is not to collect your money and call you trained. Your success matters to us. We focus on creating ambassadors of change who are capable of improving quality of life for their clients and community as well as success for themselves and their family. That takes time and support, the type that continues long after you graduate. We meet this challenge through the highest quality of training ,while placing in your hands the tools to launch yourself on the trajectory most likely to lead to success. To meet this challenge superbly, we limit the number of students trained globally to 300 per year at this time. Too, we try to avoid saturating one region with too many graduates in a given time period. To achieve this end, we stagger acceptance regionally, so professionals with different levels of experience emerge within a region over time. We've also been asked why our training is so lengthy, when other programs train in a weekend. The answer is simple: Quality. We believe it’s important to know and genuinely understand far more about pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and the learning curve of the birth year and beyond than can be taught in a weekend. A woman's life changes dramatically from the time she learns she is pregnant. Our graduates become a reliable font of support for the growing family - it is unfathomable to us that one can squeeze into a weekend anything that can genuinely prepare them to be the best resource possible. Our graduates experience 20 weeks of training, go through extensive vetting, and meet the most challenging criteria. Then they continue that training through monthly podcasts, lectures, and articles on an ongoing basis. So, why do we restrict admission and have such difficult requirements? So that both you and your community are best served. When someone retains a Momdoulary Graduate, they can trust you’ve received the highest caliber education, that they are hiring THE BEST.

It is our mission to create genuine change in the world, one graduate and one community at a time.

*Application fee is currently $25


Call today for apply information! Call 347-500-6038 or email

What can your life become? Are you ready to dream the possibilities? To spin those dreams into reality? The time to build your dream life

is now! Momdoulary Method Doula and Parenting Preparation Training Program - here to prepare ambassadors of change to meet the needs of a changing world. Join the movement, help make life better, one woman and one family at a time!

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