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8 Cardinal Sins of EMR Training

Biggest Expense of EMR Software The largest cost associated with implementing EMR software is the “training and change management� component 1. Staff usually must be trained on all sorts of tasks from GUI to Windows 2. Need to be trained on related devices (e.g. printers) 3. Need to learn new software functions with repetition 4. Clinics often need additional training after initial session

8 Sins Gapface Training Using No Lack EMR before of vendor EMR training to everyone ends face implementation teacher who uses after training material isstandard on implementation not foreverything basics specialized lesson

Gap before implementation

Training everyone on everything

Training ends after implementation

Using EMR teacher for basics

No face to face training

Lack of training material

EMR vendor uses standard lesson

EMR vendor who is not specialized

Gap Between Training and Launch Often practices are in a rush to train staff even though EMR enrollment is not finished • Training is completed then as many as 8-10 weeks can pass • Staff forgets how to use software and additional training must be purchased • Revenue XL recommends starting training after the setup process is complete

Training Everyone To Do Everything In most clinics different staff have different jobs and specialties; therefore they do not have to be trained in everything • Instead should focus on optimizing necessary skills for staff to do their specific jobs • EMR vendors should train a couple specialists and then rest of staff by discipline

Training Ends with Implementation Training staff for use of EMR software is a process that continues for a long period of time • Roles and responsibilities of staff change over time, new employees must be trained • Use specialists to train new employees and for refreshing memory

Having Vendor Teach Basic Skills Using EMR vendors to teach basic computer skills is simply a waste of money • Either have staff teach each other or hire computer science student for cheap • Have hardware installed in advance so staff has experience with basic skills

Trying to Train over Video Conference EMR software is complicated and thus the training needs to be treated as so • Remote training is cheaper but not nearly as effective and can be more expensive in long run • Always choose on-site training and have vendor present during launch

Lack of Formal Training Material • Insist that the Vendor provide formal training material for your staff (hopefully specialized) • If not available, turn to recording training session and creating training binder for future reference

Assuming that Training Covers Everything Often vendors use a standard lesson for all practices they provide EMR to • Look for vendors that provide specialized training and software • This will make most use of training session and avoid wastes of time

Failing to Ensure that Vendor is Validated for your Practice • You should confirm trainer’s credentials before they come on-site • When trainers are familiar with your specific practice they can help your staff more and provide specialized tips

By avoiding the 8 Cardinal Sins of EMR Training you'll • significantly slash your training costs • improve your return on investment

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8 Cardinal Sins of EMR Training  

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