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ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS 17 Helpful Tips and Poses for Engagment Session Success


BEFORE THE SESSION Show them your favorite color palatte. Clients often relate to your personal style and some will dress to please. Send them your dedicated Pinterest board of poses or outfit ideas. Pin your own photos there too so they know what to expect. Recommend at least 2-3 outfits to get a different look for the session. If the first isn’t looking good, suggest and outfit change! Let your client pick the location, but offer to help select a location if they need. Doing this will help get you a location you’re familiar with. Start with small talk to get to know the couple better. How did they meet, when did he propose, what they do for work?

DURING THE SESSION Start out with easy posing. Walking away and back to you, talking with each other while they do. Always make sure couple is touching. Talk a lot during the session to make sure they are comfortable. If you’re talking, they think less about what they are doing and warm-up faster. Make sure they are ok with sitting on the ground (getting wet or dirty) Give a lot of direction with posing (hand, arm, head, leg placement)


Get a nice posed and smiling/looking at the camera shot for mom and grandma. Don’t forget those ring shots! If you want the couple to look down or elsewhere, tell them to look at the same thing. When composing your shot, don’t cut off feet, arms, or hand at the joints. When having the couple sit in a pose, have the guy sit first in a position “that’s comfortable” then make small adjustments to his pose. If someone trips or does something funny, just keep shooting, the best candid moments can come from that! It’s ok to repeat the same pose in a different location of the shoot.

Engagement Session Locations: Proposal Location Coffee Shop Beach/Pier Mountains Art Museum Vineyard

Urban Downtown Open Field Barn College Campus Boat House Garden


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