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Dating Up: How To Date Younger Women – An Older Man’s Review A re vie w o f He athe r Have nwo o d’s Dating Up: Ho w To Date Yo unge r Wo me n, whe re in she co ache s o lde r me n ho w to succe e d with wo me n and ho w no t to be take n advantage o f

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Dating Up: How to Date Younger Women – An Older Man’s Review

Recent Posts Dating Up: Ho w to Date Yo unger Wo men – An Older Man’s Review Abo ut Me

I stumble d upon this Clickbank product re le ase , Dating Up: How to Date Younge r Wome n and as an olde r guy I was some what intrigue d. It’s a give n that olde r me n in ge ne ral upon finding information in this ge nre are naturally intrigue d – it’s in our olde r DNA and not much we can re ally do about it.

Why Do Older Men Want To Date Yo unger Wo men? Over 35? Here Are So me Secrets fo r Attracting Yo ung Wo men

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Anyway, I was intrigue d.

dating yo unger wo men

T he author’s name is He athe r Have nwood, who te ache s and coache s me n how to

o lder men dating yo unger wo men

succe e d with wome n and how not to be take n advantage of.

o lder men yo unger wo men

She is a se ductive looking cre ature who introduce s he rse lf as “your ne w be st frie nd”. She e xte nds that introduction by stating that “she is a woman who thinks like a man”

yo unger wo men dating o lder men

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and that she he lps olde r guys live out the ir fantasie s with the be autiful young wome n of the ir dre ams while turning the ir buddie s gre e n with e nvy in the proce ss. OK, at that point she ’s got my atte ntion so le t’s inve stigate furthe r.

Revelations According To Heather According to He athe r, younge r wome n of he r ilk would pre fe r not to date me n the ir own age . T he y e njoy fine dining, wine ,




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conve rsation – the touch of a re al man as oppose d to the “wham bam” usual of the ave rage 25 ye ar old “one -humpchump” that thinks he ’s God’s gift. According to He athe r, us olde r guys have it all but we are too blind to re cogniz e it. We

Se arc h Bo o ks yo u n g e r wo m e n d a ti n g o l d e r m e n Sho wing 1 - 3 o f 132 re s ults O ld e r Wo me n, Yo ung e r Me n: Ne w O p tio ns fo r Lo ve and Ro manc e Fe l i ci a B r i n g s , S u s a n Wi n te r ( P a p e r b a ck - Sep 1, 2000)

$ 13.05

$ 13.05

trip and fall ove r pre tty young girls, into the laps of the same old hags that are on a

Ho w To Date O ld e r Me n (The Yo ung e r Wo me n' s G uid e )

mission to make our live s a living he ll.

Hyp e r i n k

According to He athe r, it’s not our fault it’s just what we are use d to, all that we know. Dating the O ld e r Man: Co ns id e r Yo ur Diffe re nc e s and De c id e if He ' s Rig ht fo r Yo u

And according to He athe r, like anything e lse we have to le arn the ste ps to se curing and closing the de al. We have to le arn the ne w vocabulary, the ne w manne risms, and most importantly the se que nce and rhythm that attracts young wome n. She still has my atte ntion, le t’s inve stigate e ve n furthe r.

B e l i s a Vr a n i ch P s y.D., La u r a G r a s h o w P s y.D. ( P a p e r b a ck - S e p 1 7, 2 0 0 8 )

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Why She Created This Course He athe r says that young wome n in today’s world are quite diffe re nt from the ir mothe rs. T he y make the ir own mone y drive the ir own cars live in the ir own apartme nts and manage the ir own live s. T he y want it all and the y want it now. But the the big se cre t she says is that a majority of young wome n today are mise rable . While outwardly the y portray the mse lve s as happy and inde pe nde nt, se cre tly the y hate making all of the ir own de cisions and de spe rate ly crave le ade rship. T hus the re ason she cre ate d the course . T he re is a major disconne ct. He r pre mise is the re are score s of olde r me n out the re who want to be with young wome n (if the y kne w how), and score s of young wome n who have figure d out that with olde r guys if the y give the m e ve rything the y ne e d, olde r guys will be the re to le ad the m, to take care of the m, and advise the m. I hadn’t conside re d that. Le t’s ke e p going.

The 17 “Hush-Hush” Psychological Triggers It boils down to, she says, 17 simple psychological trigge rs things that wome n don’t e ve n know attract the m but do… uncontrollably. T he se are primitive trigge rs and more tricks and twe aks than anything e lse rathe r than things you have to do. All you have to do is follow the formula which can be maste re d in as little as a we e ke nd. Trigge rs she says are amaz ing things be cause the y don’t work some of the time , but all of the time . And she promise s that if you follow the trigge rs she shows you will succe e d. Once you have maste re d the m she assure s you won’t have to le arn the m again, trigge rs that work with all wome n e ve n wome n that you de al with in busine ss, or othe r pe rsonal re lationships. No point in turning back now. Le t’s ge t to the me at of this.

Her Complete 1-2-3 System Appare ntly, the re is a scie nce to olde r me n dating young wome n. Information is powe r and He athe r sate s that she has it and that us olde r me n ne e d it. She pre se nts that information in he r Comple te 1-2-3 Syste m which she

se als

with he r pe rsonal

guarante e .

T he syste m is laid out in 5 core module s and the re are two additional bonus module s as we ll. He athe r’s sale s page has se ve ral clie nt e ndorse me nts and he r concluding me ssage is a humdinge r: “Just follow my syste m, liste n to the re cordings, make a fe w note s, and go out on the town. If you have n’t me t, date d, and e ve n be dde d the hotte st young woman you’ve e ve r had in your life within 30 days, I insist you take your mone y back. Am I that sure that this will work for you? You be t I am. Why wouldn’t it work for you whe n it’s worke d for e ve ry othe r guy I’ve e ve r showe d it to”? T hat’s what I call a woman who is supre me ly confide nt in he r program offe r – hard to re fute that de gre e of fe male bravado. To explore t he complet e prog ram, visit t he official st ore by clicking here.

About Me Se an Husse y is a partne r in Athle tic Pe rformance Te sting, a company that provide s sports spe cific spe e d and re active pe rformance te sting for athle te s of all le ve ls. Se an is also active ly involve d in

de ve loping and marke ting niche affiliate inte rne t site s.

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