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SPORTS, page 7 Football recruits coming in waves JANUARY 8, 2011

“Be The Change” - Trainer Takes on 1000 in 2011 By Kelly Kuebler Staff Writer Here we are into the second month of 2011 and most of us have either, given up or forgotten our new year’s resolutions. Maybe you never had any to begin with, which sometimes seems to be the easier route. But it’s a new year why not try something new for a change? Maybe try volunteering a few hours to Habitat for Humanity or The Humane Society or finally learn how to sew? Why stop at a few things? New experiences are addicting. Why not try out, say, 1,000 new things in 2011? Which is exactly what Jesse Brisendine, a personal trainer and life coach from Santa Barbara, California is doing. Brisendine decided to take on this challenge, not only because it would be fun but it would inspire others to do the same. With almost 2,300 followers on Facebook and Twitter

in the one month that the project has been up and running, he’s definitely getting people’s attention. “My ultimate hope is that people hear about it and get inspired to live better lives,” says Brisendine. “I am excited to read all of the stories people have sent into me talking about what following me has meant/done for them.” Thus far, the response has been overwhelming, according to his Facebook page, several people have decided to apply Brisendine’s ideas to their own lives. “I have always wanted to help people. That is what I do for work; it is my calling in life.” However, helping others is only half the reasoning behind the challenge. In 2009, Brisendine was living the ideal life; he was in an amazing relationship, expand-

ing his business and was surrounded by wonderful friends and family. He was on top of the world, until June

15, 2009 when a close friend committed suicide. “Life changed for me after that. I struggled to relate with my close friends and I withdrew trying to heal and make sense of the world again,” Brisendine comments on the matter. Later that year his relationship fell apart, causing the struggle to be amplified. Finishing out the year on autopilot, he took a trip to Haiti in January 2010, right after the devastating earthquake. After returning from his trip, he came back refreshed and renewed. “I couldn’t wait to get back on track to regain the momentum and passion I had before my friend’s suicide in June.” A month later his father passed away at 59 due to natural causes, causing the struggle to reappear in his life. From that moment on he

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Football Recruiting

Two weeks after Egyptian protestors began calling for President Hosni Mubarak to step down . . .

The Siena Heights Football team has been very busy putting together their first ever team.

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Saints football stays busy, looks to 2011 By John Koser Staff Writer


has spent a good portion of his time finding and igniting the spark that motivates him. “I am going to be seeking out new experiences,” Brisendine says. “I got a first class education in the last year and a half of how quickly life can be taken from us. We have no idea how short life is, so do things you have always wanted to do now. ” Hence, the seed that grew into the massive 1,000 task challenge. The challenge consists of a list of simple things such as learning and using a new word in Spanish, learning to drive a stick shift, giving hugs for an hour, and spending a day as a vegan. They are tasks that require little to no money and don’t take up a lot of time. Most can be incorporated into a daily routine. Doing the challenge provides many benefits. It, not only, teaches discipline but it forces people to get out there and live life to its fullest,

With the start of the 2011 school year, Siena Heights University will have a full fledged football program in a shining, new stadium. That, of course, is quite a ways off for those few players who have already made the jump to Siena. So, with a full year before they can start in an official game, what are the football player’s doing to keep themselves in football shape? “The players are meeting on a consistent basis with offensive coordinator, Jeff Hancock,” explains new Head Coach Jim Lyall. “The players, who luckily are all offensive at this point, are meeting with him and breaking down the offense. They’re also getting an opportunity to get together on their own and throw.” Lyall continued to explain how

to play. He expects any player that he signs this year to be field ready by 2011 as well. “We make sure to tell our recruits that ‘there’s no time to be a freshman, either in the classroom or on the field or maturity wise.’ There are no seniors here, there’s no one to show them the way,” said Lyall. They have to understand they’re going to be held to a very high standard here. They’ll be coming in with their eyes wide open.” Hopefully for the incoming freshman, they will have some leaders in Wide Receivers Derek West and Ian Thornton, as well as Quarterback Eric Gilbert. Photo provided by SHU Marketing West is the first ever Once they learn it, they have to teach signee to the SHU football program, it back Coach Hancock, which I think having decided to attend and play at Siena Heights instead of the Diis a great way to teach them.” Lyall isn’t just satisfied with having the players already on campus ready Please see SAINTS, Page 7 this will help the offense further down the road. “Once they lean the concepts in our offense, whether it’s a run play or a pass play for example.


JANUARY 8, 2011


Please STOP for students safety By Zachery Craig Staff Writer

So I’m sure we’ve all seen this before. We’re leaving the Dorms or Dominican Hall, trudging through the snow and crossing the street trying to get the student parking lot on the other side when BAM out of nowhere some old person (or elderly if you’re politically correct) is right there with their 1987 Odlsmobile right up on your shins. Where’d you come from? Can’t you see that there are people crossing here trying to make their way across campus. Slow down and honk for Christ sake, you can’t just go running people over. I thought pedestrians had the right away anyway. Never experienced that one? Well how about this one. You and like twenty other people are leaving the field house after killing yourself in the weight room rushing to get back to the dorms and shower and eat and make way to your next class when out of nowhere twelve cars are coming from both directions. They’re not slowing down and frankly I don’t blame them. These people have lives and/ or children to attend to. They don’t care about you and quite frankly they don’t have to. So now you’re wasting precious time waiting on traffic to pass and before you know it, you’re late to class. Ridiculous. Now, these are both extreme examples, and quite frankly if you’re cutting it that close to being late to class then setbacks are bound to happen sometimes; but this raises an interesting question: Should there be stop signs coming from both directions to allow students a safe passage to and from the Early Childhood Education building, Field House, and it’s parking lot and the rest of campus? I’ve seen it happen time and time again where a group of students are


Housing at Siena Heights will be fine By Lauren Jagger Contributor

Photo provided

crossing and people are still driving by like nothing is happening around them. You wait for cars on your side of the street to pass, walk about seven feet, stand on the double-yellow lines while a several more cars pass then proceed to the other side of the street. Or there is a line of five cars passing on the opposite side of the street, you’re waiting on the double-yellow lines for them to drive by and suddenly courtesy strikes the last guy in the face and stops him in front of you, allowing you to pass. Gee thanks man, it probably would have just been easier for you to pass though; I’ve done this every day since I’ve been here I’m pretty used to it by now. Not only are the described scenarios dangerous but they are irrational. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a stop sign at those cross walk steps leading out of the dormitories and another somewhere around the Field House on the opposite side of the street? This would prevent possibly dangerous situations where a kid is waiting mid-street with cars passing on both sides of him or worst, some old guy (elderly person) almost colliding with you just as you think you’ve made it home free. Granted there are many many times where there are no students crossing and traffic is free to proceed as usual, but this is our campus, we deserve to be protected. Will this wish come true? Maybe, but even a caution sign would suffice for now. But no matter how you slice it, with the football stadium and new baseball field coming next year and the expansion of the campus size and student body, there will soon be a day when there are tons of students crossing to the other side of campus holding up traffic or worse –traffic holding us up. I’m just saying.

Thanks to Siena Heights University’s decision to create football and women’s lacrosse teams, the university will have up to 110 more students than normal, next year. This raises the question: Will the university have enough room for all of the new students? Director of Residence Life and Assistant Dean of Students Michael Orlando seems to think so. Orlando said that the university has reallocated the residence halls and will be having fuller rooms next year. Rooms that have been used as large doubles will be changed to house four students and some single rooms will be changed to doubles. Orlando said that Siena Heights will work with existing housing for as long as it can, and rules for student housing will not change.

Students still will have to live on campus for at least three years and the Campus Village apartments will continue to be restricted to juniors and seniors. There will be an undetermined incentive for eligible students to move to the apartments to make room for others in the residence halls, Orlando said. Orlando expects the residence halls and campus village apartments to be full in fall 2011. Orlando thinks that having more students than ever is a great thing. He said that even though our classrooms are small, they will still fit the needs of all of our students. Diverse times for classes will also be created to fit everyone’s schedules. “I think that with more students, there has to be more resources,” Orlando said. Residence Life will be adding 2-3 more resident assistants as resources

Egypt unrest tightens intercontinental bonds By Christopher Crosby The Maine Campus, U. Maine via UWIRE Two weeks after Egyptian protestors began calling for President Hosni Mubarak to step down, hopes for a democratic change in government remain among the nation’s 80 million people. For Eaman Attia, living 7,000 miles away in Ontario, Canada, watching the country in the throes of a popular revolution is simply “ecstasy.” Attia has never lived in Egypt, but travels there regularly. Her father moved away from the country 40 years ago to attend school in the United States. When the opportu-

nity to return to teach in Cairo arose, he turned it down to pursue a better life for himself and his family. “Here we feel like humans are treated with dignity, with understanding and freedom of choice. He didn’t have that in his homeland,” Attia said. “As Arabs in the West and everything we take for granted, we wanted our people to have the same rights to equality, to choose your leader, the freedom of choice and expression,” she said. Attia has been emotionally invested in the conflict. Her two brothersin-law living in Cairo have been active in the protests in Tahrir Square, the central location for anti-govern-

mental rallies. While protests began peacefully, in recent days violence has erupted as Mubarak supporters have taken to the streets. Even while worrying about the daily threats they face, she said the protestors have been trying to set the right example. “People from all walks of life are passing out water, blankets and fruit, talking to each other. People are going around with garbage bags, are going around picking up after each other, because they almost feel like they’re human. They say, ‘I am man’ because I am able to say that this is wrong. I won’t accept oppression and I want my voice to be heard,” she said. Support for the protests in Egypt Please see EGYPT, Page 3

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for the students, he said. The university will not be adding more security or police because of the increase in students, Orlando said. “For a school this size, there are no immediate concerns of safety for our students,” he said. Orlando said that there will definitely be new buildings in the future as Siena increases in size. After Siena gets more buildings on campus, he would like to have specific floors in the residence halls for specialty groups. For example, Orlando said that there would be options of alcohol free floors and grouping students by their major. Orlando is excited for the upcoming year and the new students on campus. He hopes that with more students, students organizations will grow and there will be leadership opportunities for all students.

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SPARHC: Creating an atmosphere on campus By Alycia Butler Staff Writer

So, you’ve all heard of SPARHC right? It’s that neat sounding group that puts on fabulously entertaining activities for us, the bored college students that on most days can’t decide between whether or not we want to watch Bridezillas or Jersey Shore? Hopefully, we all have. I hope that we would all have at least glanced at the flyers and poster that are up on all the tack boards getting the word out on the next cool event on the proverbial horizon that’s coming to campus soon. Now to the good part of this article, what has this all got to do with you? Have any of you ever had a night on campus when there was literally nothing to do? A night when you are so bored, that the hamper full of toxic clothes that you, I’m legit going to wash them, is starting to look like a fun night out? Maybe as


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has transcended nationalities. UMaine Muslim Student Association representative Abdulraheem Sbayi said in the fight for human rights, camaraderie is universal. “I am not even Egyptian, yet I feel that I am still part of them because everyone in this world stands against injustice and we all feel for each other’s pain and anguish,” Sbayi wrote in an e-mail. The outcome of the popular protests has consumed the world’s attention. Recently, President Obama has placed pressure on Mubarak to step aside before elections in September and hasten his transition from office. Hopes for a democratic regime are tempered with lingering doubts as to whether the political scenario can meet protestors’ demands. UMaine political science professor Howard Cody noted that the 30 years of one-party rule and political rule have left a considerable gap in organized opposition parties. Mubarak’s National Democratic Party currently holds 420 of 508 seats in the Egyptian parliament. The Muslim Brotherhood, the only opposition group that has had a history of electoral support, has been treated with suspicion over their Islamic political views. “They don’t have a real party system. The Muslim Brotherhood, which Mubarak has outlawed, is the only effective potential opposition party at this point,” Cody said. “Others will emerge if they have the chance but they will need some time. Mubarak is correct in saying if he were to quit today there might be chaos because

you’re reaching for that basket, that part inside you that craves fun, cries out in your mind with an awesome idea? Before you go any farther, grab a pen and write it down! No one, and I mean no one, cares more about your idea than SPARHC does. SPARHC stands for Student programming and Residents hall coalition, essentially part of your tuition goes to the organization to help coordinate student events to keep all the students entertained. Lauren Jagger, the president of SPARHC, wants to get the word out about all the wonderful things that SPARCH has to offer to all the students and faculty that is involved with Siena Heights. “It’s not really so much as events that we’re interested in, we’re interested in events that YOU want. It’s all of your money that is funding this program and we want what you want,” Lauren was adamant about getting across the point that SPARCH only exists for the students and them alone. As Mary Mercer, the SPARHC

treasurer put, “We really want to be as inclusive as possible to include as many different people as we can.” This is the message that SPARHC really wants to send, that everyone on campus has a right to ask for an event that interest them. SPARHC right now is recruiting more members for the program, though the doors are always open for any person who doesn’t want to make a lasting commitment to the group. If you have one event that you think is a great idea, they will hand you the reigns to getting the event together and no further commitment is necessary, though they really could use the help. Beside the obvious fun that the group provides, elections are coming up for the program and every position will be up for re-election including the presidents seat itself. With so many opportunities such as leadership, and members go on a trip to St. Louis NACA convention that is for professional development.

While most events pull in about 20 to 30 people there are sometimes more, like when Kevin Shea appeared for his comedy act there was up to 65 people. And as stated earlier, all ideas for more events are welcome always at general SPARHC meetings. The next meeting is February 7th, where the group will be talking about whether or not they want to use money from their fund for the upcoming events. The next even is RAD, which stands for Rape Aggression Defense, is an event that is for all people on campus, but focused on techniques for women to repel rapists, of which I’m very interested in! Even if you can’t attend any meetings, another way to show this group support is to join their face book page! Its an easy way to get more ideas out and find out what and when the next events will be! After all, your money went to this program, why not make sure its spent the way you want it?

there isn’t anybody to take over.” Despite the concerns, Attia said the movement could have a very important impact on the political development in the region. “Most of the Arab countries look toward Egypt and they say ‘if the Egyptians can gain freedom, if they can gain democracy, maybe we can too,’” Attia said. Mohammad Tabbah, chairman of the board at the Islamic Center of Maine in Orono, added that the revolution has an important impact on the world’s perception of Islam. “They are just standing up for freedom. We are very proud of what’s happening in Egypt. The name ‘Islam’ means peace. Peace doesn’t just mean there’s no violence, doesn’t mean there’s no tension,” Tabbah said. “The status quo in Egypt and all similar countries around the world has been like that for a while. People thought that was peace, but it’s not peace because there was no justice.” Like Tabbah, UMaine history professor Alexander Grab said he believes the protests are moving toward a better society. He characterized the movement as “a popular protest by the Egyptian people against the brutal dictatorship.” “It is a revolution of the Egyptian people against poverty, social injustice and lack of freedom which characterized Egypt under Mubarak,” Grab said. “The Obama administration needs to tell Mubarak to step down and to support the interests and aspirations of the Egyptian people for freedom, democracy and a better economic future,” he added. For now the question isn’t if Egyp-

tians will have a change in government, but when and under what conditions. The revolutions in Egypt carry immense implications for U.S. strategy. Concerns over Egypt’s control over the Suez Canal and the 3 million barrels that pass through it daily — much of it to the United States — has caused oil prices to rise. Yet the revolution’s most significant impact may be on the public’s perception of Islam. Sbayi wrote, “We’re all human,” noting how throughout the duration of the protests, Coptic Christians have been forming protective rings around Muslims while they prayed outside amidst the upheaval. “As Americans we stand for civil liberties, we stand for justice, we stand for democracy and we stand for all that is right because that is what our country was found upon. This Egyptian revolution should be something that anyone who believes in any of that should be supportive of,” Sbayi said. Nabeel Hashmi, a first-year biochemistry major, echoed his sentiments. “I believe this right to be able to peacefully attack oppression wherever we see it is actually a duty in Islam, as this religion and many others has its roots in oppression and struggle,” he said. For Attia, revolution, while a significant step towards democratic progress, is not the end of the line in the struggle for freedom. “Victory and success come through patience, perseverance and sacrifice. Change is not going to come easy,” Attia said, adding that

Mubarak is, “sitting there thinking ‘how long can I wait here until these people go home,’ but I think the Egyptians can be a little more stubborn than Mubarak.” Editor’s note: The following letter was provided to The Maine Campus by Eaman Attia. An excerpt from a letter from midst of chaos in Cairo As we stood with the thousands of protesters chanting the slogans against the regime, I was uplifted by the unity and peacefulness of the people in the square. I felt truly content and safe amongst these people whom I had never met before. I could not believe that this was the same spot and the same people that had witnessed bloodshed just a few days ago. At that moment, I decided that I wanted to continue to raise my children in Egypt if these were the men and women that they would grow to be. Many many in Egypt would be completely shocked to hear that I took an infant, toddler, and preschooler to Tahrir, but I am truly happy that they witnessed this honourable revolution and saw the exact spot that the brave men and women had stood just days before, defending their rights and freedoms. Similarly, I wanted the world to see that Tahrir square was not a place of fear but a place of peace, tranquility, and hope. God willing, in 20 years, in a brighter Egypt, I will tell my children the story of Tahrir square and the trip we took, and they will tell their children of how they were part of bringing Freedom to Egypt. - Sarah, a relative of Eaman Attia



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while learning life lessons in the process. It also allows people to experience new things and meet new faces that people may not have met living in their normal, everyday life. It is a project that seems daunting to start and to stick with, but in all reality, it is a pretty easy task to manage. According to Brisendine, the first thing you have to do is skip the hesitating and just DO it, “Make your goal public that way you can’t back out of it…get people to hold you accountable.” After all, who wants their friends taunting them that they are a big chicken all day long? For those out there, who may be a little self-conscious, use your fear to your advantage. “We all get scared, but what is scarier asking the guy/ girl out who you have a crush on or spending, hours, days, years, wondering what if? What is scarier: never learning how to swim or missing out on a lifetime of experiences on the water with friends and family because you were scared to try.” Think about those experiences you have lived through that have changed you and find the courage you need in them. Nobody knows if tomorrow will come, so why put off what you could do today until tomorrow. Tomorrow is never a promise it is just an assumption that it will be there. Life can change in an instant and the cards in our hand can be dealt differently each day. With all this being said, here’s the task for each individual on the Siena Heights campus: make a list of 10 things you want to achieve in the next week and DO them. Then make a longer list for the month or year and strive to achieve those goals. Even if it is just for an hour or during breaks between classes, make an effort to embrace the gifts we are blessed with each day, but choose to ignore. Take a look at the things around you and strive to live a richer, more exciting life. Seek out new experiences and tackle them head on. “Be the change you wish to see in the world. The only thing that can hold us back in life is ourselves.” For more on Brisendine and his 1,000 Things challenge visit http:// jessebr or pages/1-Year-1000-Things-Challenge/187115434648538 and while you’re there be sure to hit the ‘like’ button. One of his goals is to get 50,000 followers.

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JANUARY 8, 2011


Second Chance Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Photo provided by

By John Koser Staff Writer Second Chance Movies is a column dedicated to informing the public of movies they might have missed out on the first time around. In our first ever installment, we’ll take a look at the critically acclaimed (but apparently unseen) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. The plot focuses on Scott Pilgrim, a 22 year old Canadian musician (played by Michael Cera), meeting the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) an American delivery girl. In order to win Ramona, Scott learns that he must defeat Ramona’s “seven evil exes”, who are coming to kill him. Scott, to be quite frank, is a waste of space at the beginning of the film. He’s dating a 17 year old, Knives Chau (Ellen Wong), has no job, and considers it a successful day after learning the bass line from Final Fantasy II. Considering that he’s the hero of the movie, this may sound disheartening but Scott’s uselessness at the beginning helps to show his character development later on. Many films are often called the “depiction of a generation” and I believe that Scott Pilgrim is as close as our generation is ever going to get. Scott has an indecisiveness and slacker attitude that our generation has become know by. The numerous references to pop culture and video games only serve to reinforce this idea. However, the film quirkiness is where it shines. The characters are incredibly relatable because they act

like any person you could meet on the street. There is a certain awkward charm to the film and its characters that is just unexplainable. The humor of the film is nothing to scoff at either. Cera has some lines good enough for a chuckle but the comedic star is Wallace Wells (Kieran Culkin), Scott’s 25 year old gay roommate. Wells is a complete snarker and goes out of his way to both nurture and embarrass Scott in his journey, as well as being an improbable texter and guy magnet. The highlights of the film are, of course, the fight scenes between Scott and the Evil Exes and the film’s soundtrack. Each fight is different from one another which really help to keep the fights original and fresh. It doesn’t hurt that each one is also choreographed as well as any martial arts movie either. The fights range from one-on-one battles to bass guitar duels to a literal battle of the bands. The film’s soundtrack is a mix of punk and rock, with Scott’s band, the Sex Bob-ombs, music being written by Beck. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a quirky action/comedy about life and a person’s progression through it. Scott might not always make the best decisions but he tries to do what is right and owns up to the mistakes he makes along the way. He is both a hero and a slouch, a loser and a champion all at once. Don’t miss your second chance to catch Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, out now on DVD and Blu-Ray!

John Koser will be bringing his second chance movies to SPECTRA all semester long. What are your second chance movies? Send them to SPECTRA at

‘Teach Me How to Dougie’ rappers living the dream The dance originated in Dallas (WHEN?) where it would go on to be By Christina De Nicola called the D-Town Boogie. The Miami The first time C-Smoove, Yung, JayHurricane, U. Miami via UWIRE Are and M-Bone heard their song on Everyone from reality star Kim Kar- the radio, they were in the studio. “We got on the phone calling peodashian to NBA player John Wall has ple, jumping up and down and redanced it. But where exactly did Cali Swag cording everything,” C-Smoove said. They never expected it to become District, the four-man rap group from Inglewood, Calif., find inspiration for so huge; their music video has curtheir hit song “Teach Me How to Dou- rently received more than 26 million views on YouTube. It has even gie”? “The idea came from one of our sparked popular parodies. “We just were making a song. We friends we went to high school with and he graduated and went to school had made songs individually before,” in Texas,” rapper/DJ C-Smoove said C-Smoove said. “This song, we were in an interview with The Miami Hur- like, ‘Let’s see what happens’ basiricane. “He said we should do a song cally.” Checkmate Music Group co-ownabout the Dougie and we took the idea and ran with it. We made it hap- ers Big Wy and Dairold Potts, along with Checkmate executive Poly Rob, pen.” Naturally, the next question on brought the four together. The name CSD came from a “vimany people’s minds is what exactly sionary” named Tony Dillard because is a “Dougie”? According to C-Smoove, “Dougie” “We like to get fly our own way,” Ccomes from Doug E. Fresh, who was Smoove said. In a few weeks, Cali Swag District also known as the “Human Beat Box.” “It’s the hand movement when he will be announcing a tour to promote used to put his hand over his head to songs off their album, “The Kickback,” wipe his head,” C-Smoove said. “That’s which comes out Feb. 15. “It’s for ladies, of course, because where Dougie came from and people we’re a group of dudes. It’s a lot of just turned it into a dance.”

music you can move to, some of it you can groove to,” C-Smoove said. “We’ve got slow songs for the females and we’ve got our party music and club bangers and we have a couple of fist pump and rock ‘n’ roll stuff. It’s real diverse. I can’t wait for it to come out.” Since “Teach Me How to Dougie” went platinum, CSD has had the chance to meet Kardashian and Wall. The rapper 50 Cent, someone C-Smoove would like to work with in the future, struck him as being a humble guy. “It’s crazy. It’s like you don’t really think about how much you’re these people’s peers now. We went from watching these people, and admiring them, to actually being one of them,” C-Smoove said. “It’s a good feeling at the end of the day.” As CSD make TV appearances on George Lopez’s show in Los Angeles and prepare for a cross-country tour, the busy lifestyle seems like a dream. “Our lives right now, it’s like a movie. Everything is just fun,” C-Smoove said. “We’re living out our dreams and it’s real crazy when people come up to us all over the place and want to take pictures with us when we’re eating and all that. It’s what we love to do, so we do it.”

MTV’s ‘Skins’ too racy for advertisers By Bridgette Fossel and Lauren Epifanio - The Quinnipiac Chronicle via UWIRE MTV’s “Skins” has distinctions from its British predecessor, but still has drawn the ire of advertisers and parent organizations with its raunchy content. The new American series “Skins” is originally a British television show that was born in 2007 and is currently on its fifth season. The show follows a group of risqué high school students around Bristol, England, and realistically portrays their actions from their homes to school to their crazy nightlife scene of drugs and alcohol. MTV recently launched a censored and painfully subtle American version that has upset not only fans of the original show, but various parent organizations and major corporations. “The MTV version of ‘Skins’ was a total disgrace to the ‘Skins’ name, and lacked complete originality,” said sophomore Tess Fargo, an avid fan and native of Britain. Prior to the show’s premiere, corporations like Taco Bell, Subway and Foot Locker were going to have their commercials air during “Skins.” Yet, once the reactions of the public were made known, the companies pulled

Photo provided by their advertisements from airing during future episodes. “I’m never surprised when corporations cave to the demands driven by America’s puritanical impulse to keep sex, drugs and rock and roll away from the people who might be either experiencing it already or thinking about it more often than not,” said Richard Hanley, assistant professor and director of the graduate journalism program and journalism professor at Quinnipiac University. “If corporations want to reach that demographic, this is how to do it.” These companies feel “Skins” is

too provocative and disturbing for the purposefully targeted age group of MTV’s 18- to 34-year-old demographic. “It isn’t us who are being provocative. I think that some of the people who object to the show are being provocative in the use of that word,” said “Skins” writer and co-creator Bryan Elsley in a recent Los Angeles Times article. If the MTV show is going to continue to take the same frame-by-frame course as the original version, then issues regarding American television laws could arise.

SIENA HEIGHTS UNIVERSITY Paperback struggles to survive with Kindle on top By Danielle Nielsen The Informer, UWIRE Since the release of various e-readers the sale of paperback books has been at an all time low. The convergence of books and portable electronic devices has taken the book industry to a whole new level. With affordable prices on books, lightweight portability and ability to purchase a book right on the spot, it is no wonder why sales of e-books has surpassed paperback sales. The Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader and Kobo eReader are among some of the top selling e-reader devices today. All of these devices have great advantages, which have caused a great competition among each other. But what makes The Amazon Kindle come out on top? This past week Amazon reported that Kindle books are now outselling paperbacks on Amazon. The Kindle bookstore has 810,000 books available compared to Apple’s iBook Store that only has 150,000 books available. On The Kindle, new releases usually start around $9.99 and there are thousands of books available for free. Amazon is providing a mega bookstore wherever you go and more affordable prices on books, it isn’t a wonder why readers are turning to The Kindle. The Kindle seems like a perfect solution for college students to save on the expensive prices of textbooks. This device only weighing a light 8.5 ounces weighs less that a standard paperback, and weighs less than a back pack full of heavy textbooks. Looking around in most of my classes I’m shocked to see that not many students are turning to devices like The Kindle to save on the price of textbooks. “Even though prices for e-books are visibly smaller, the difference isn’t enough to make up the feeling for reading a real book. I also prefer to highlight and make notes in my textbooks which I can’t do on The Kindle,” said junior Scott Dubowsky. It is understandable to see students and other readers set on their traditional ways of purchasing a book. Sitting down and reading a good book is a timeless tradition that I can’t see completely dying out, but sales will be significantly affected, which we have seen already the beginning stages of. The Kindle and other e-bookstores have forever changed the way the book market operates. Publishers will have to change their publicity tactics if we are converting to all digital. The advantages of more affordable books on The Kindle will certainly outweigh the disadvantages of the lack of paperback books.


JANUARY 8, 2011


The iPad: Your bookbag in the palm of your hand By Jay Nicols Editor-in-Chief The iPad is one of the finest pieces of technology I have ever owned. As a college student, I was looking to own something that was mobile, user-friendly, and had a vast catalog of apps. I knew from the get go that the iPad was the one for me. Having owned an iPhone in the past, I was excited to own its big brother. The iPad has six versions and two carriers to choose from; AT&T and Verizon both offer data packages for the Wifi+3G versions. It also offers three different sizes; 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The price ranges from $499-$829 depending of the options you shoos from above. It is imperative to purchase the Apple Care protection plan for $99 too. It covers most any issues with the device. You can buy a number of accessories for the iPad from Apple or a number of other stores. I recommend the Otterbox, its rugged, but protect the device if it happens to bump a corner or fall off the table, this case will save it. The dock is a must have. It’s the easiest way to charge your device. PROS: Portability, battery life, HTML5, third-party app support, internet, multimedia. CONS: Expensive, no camera, no flash support, no USB port, Why I recommend the iPad to college students: The iPad extends you home computer or laptop to your hand. With the device you can carry most files from your desktop or laptop on the iPad through assorted apps like dropbox and logmein ($29.99). The multitasking feature that iOS 4 brought to the table is great. You can easily switch apps by double-clicking the square button.

Photo provided by The ability to write papers, create presentations, work on spreadsheets and email or print them from the iPad is another great tool this device offers you. It’s one less reason to lug the laptop around. I would highly recommend the wireless keyboard for the iPad to fully enjoy this feature. If you need to create a presentation, you can do that too. Many apps offer Office type software, I would recommend Pages ($9.99), Keynote ($9.99), Numbers ($9.99), and QuckOffice Connect ($14.99). If your a college student, these are great features. If you need to take notes, organize your class schedule, update your daily calendar or create to-do lists, you can take full advantage of the iPad’s productivity apps and built in calendar. The touch screen allows for the user to free write on the device within those certain apps. I would recommend UPAD ($0.99) and Penultimate ($4.99) as two excellent apps for taking notes. Combining the third-part stylus from Targus for $19.99 and a $0.99

cent app from iTunes, the iPad converts to your college notebook. Through UPAD, you can take notes and export them via email and/or print them. This app also allows you to highlight important notes that you may have taken, just like you would in class, it’s just easier. I enjoy a good read once in a while and with the iPad you have an enormous bookstore at your fingertips. With Apple’s iBook (Free), you can purchase books and read them directly on your device. If you have PDF files you want to carry with you or that were emailed to you and that you want to save, you can do so with iBooks. Kindle (Free) and Nook (Free) are two other apps that accomplish the same thing as iBooks. They basically all look and function the same; it would just be your preference in how you would want read your ebooks. Educational resources are plentiful in the App store. From the World Atlas to WolframAlpha, to Reference apps galore, the iPad can be your

source to information at any time. If you’re a gamer, the iPad has some of the greatest game titles on its iOS 4 platform. The high-resolution screen offers gamers vivid picture as they work through the desert in Modern Combat: Sandstorm. EA Sports has a dozen games available including Madden 11, FIFA 11, Scrabble, Need for Speed, and many more. The game experience is pleasant. The ability to play online against others is available in most games. The iPad is a device that can be useful in any profession as well. From engineers to doctors, the app store has plenty to offer for everyone. Overall, the iPad is worth the investment as long as you fully utilize everything it has to offer. Although it’s not nearly as powerful as a desktop, it can give the laptop a run for its money, I know, my poor laptop just sits on my desk nowadays. Rating (out of 5):

Want to write for Spectra? Email the editor at

JANUARY 8, 2011

Saints Standings Women’s Basketball

School Davenport Cornerstone Concordia Indiana Tech Northwestern Ohio Madonna Aquinas Siena Heights UM-Dearborn

WHAC 12-0 9-4 9-4 7-6 6-7

Per 1.000 0.667 0.667 0.538 0.462

GB -4 4 5.5 6.5

Overall 26-0 19-6 17-9 15-12 13-13

Per Streak 1.000 Won 26 0.760 Lost 1 0.654 Won 1 0.556 Won 3 0.500 Won 2

6-7 5-7 4-8 0-13

0.462 0.417 0.333 0.000

6.5 7 8 12.5

11-11 9-17 9-16 2-22

0.476 0.346 0.360 0.083

Lost 1 Won 1 Lost 4 Lost 16

Men’s Basketball School













Won 6







Won 4

Indiana Tech






Lost 1







Lost 3

Siena Heights






Won 1







Won 1

Northwestern Ohio






Lost 2







Lost 1







Won 1

The Resurrection of Michael Vick By John Koser Staff Writer Never before in professional football has there been a greater fall from superstardom than Michael Vick’s. In 2007, Vick was the star quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons and was considered one of the most athletic and popular players in the entire NFL. Vick was then found guilty of involvement in the dog fighting ring and sentenced to two years in prison. Not only did Vick just lose two years of his life, but two years of the prime of his career. And now, three years later, there has never been a greater resurrection of a career than Vick’s. Shortly after being reinstated to play in the NFL, Vick was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles for a two-year, five million dollar contract. After an uneventful first season with the Eagles, Vick was promoted to the Eagles backup quarterback after the team traded away Donovan McNabb. Less than halfway through the first game of the 2010-11 season, new starter Kevin Kolb would be concussed and the collective city of Philadelphia would turn to Vick to lead the team.

Men’s Volleyball Eastern Conference St. Ambrose University Overall: Home: Away: 6-2 2-0 4-2 Warner University Overall: Home: Away: 4-2 0-0 4-2 St. Xavier University Overall: Home: Away: 1-5 0-0 1-5 Cardinal Stritch University Overall: Home: Away: 4-7 0-3 1-7 Clarke University Overall: Home: Away: 2-3 0-0 2-3 Siena Heights University Overall: Home: Away: 2-3 1-0 1-2 Moody Bible Institute Overall: Home: Away: 0-1 0-1 0-0 Robert Morris University Overall: Home: Away: 0-1 0-0 0-1


Photo provided



Vick did not disappoint. Vick would fill in for Kolb for the next two games before officially being named the starter. Vick was back and he was better than ever. The years in jail and matured and sobered him and the years in Philadelphia had forced him to grow as a quarterback and as a role model. Vick would go on to post career bests in completions, passing percentage, passing yards, passing touchdowns, rushing touchdowns, and quarterback rating. Vick had dedicated himself like never before and was now as passing threat as well as a rushing threat. Though Vick’s season ended on a interception, this year marked his return to NFL superstardom. Vick finished second in both Offensive Player of the Year and NFL MVP voting, beaten out

both times by future Hall-of-Famer Tom Brady. Vick just recently signed his first endorsement since being released from jail. This is evidence, though small, that people are beginning to forgive Vick for his past transgressions. Vick remembers though that he will always have his haters but pushed on, despite them. Michael Vick’s fall and return to the NFL is something that will be talked about for years. It is a beacon of hope for other disgraced players, like former New York Giants wide receiver, Plaxico Burress. It is a story fit for Hollywood: the ultimate low of prison followed by two years of hard work and dedication and the payoff for the time served, success and fame. Time will only tell if Vick can keep this storybook ending grounded in reality.

SAINTS SCHEDULE Conference: 3-1 Conference: 4-2  Conference: 1-2  Conference: 2-5  Conference: 1-3  Conference: 1-0  Conference: 0-1  Conference: 0-1 

Feb. 08, 2011 Feb. 09, 2011 Feb. 09, 2011 Feb. 11, 2011 Feb. 11, 2011 Feb. 11, 2011 Feb. 11, 2011 Feb. 12, 2011 Feb. 12, 2011 Feb. 12, 2011 Feb. 12, 2011 Feb. 12, 2011 Feb. 12, 2011 Feb. 12, 2011 Feb. 12, 2011 Feb. 14, 2011 Feb. 16, 2011 Feb. 16, 2011 Feb. 17, 2011 Feb. 17, 2011

7:00 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 12:00 AM 12:00 AM 12:00 AM 4:00 PM 12:00 AM 12:00 AM 12:00 AM 12:00 AM 12:00 AM 12:00 AM 1:00 PM 3:00 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM

Bowling Green- Scrimmage Aquinas College Aquinas College Grand Valley Big Meet Grand Valley Big Meet Robert Morris @ Cardinal Stritch Cardinal Stritch University Cardinal Stritch University Grand Valley Big Meet Lindenwood @ Cardinal Stritch IWU Invitational Grand Valley Big Meet IWU Invitational Cornerstone University Cornerstone University University of Northwest Ohio Indiana Tech Indiana Tech Moody Bible Institute Moody Bible Institute

Home Home Away Away Home Neutral Away Away Away Neutral Away Away Away Away Away Home Home Away Home Home

Volleyball Women’s Basketball Basketball Women’s Track and Field Track and Field Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball Track and Field Volleyball Track and Field Women’s Track and Field Women’s Track and Field Women’s Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Women’s Basketball Volleyball Volleyball



Football staff hard at work on the recruiting trail Siena Heights Sports Information Department

The Siena Heights Football team has been very busy putting together their first ever team.   The Saints have signed several kids to commitments this week.  The following recruits (in alphabetical order) have signed letters of intent to play at Siena Heights University.   To keep track of the entire team, you can visit, go to football, and select the roster. Phil Annese  is a 5’10” 170 pound wide receiver from Rochester Hills, Michigan and Rochester Adams High School.    He has several honors as a football player.    Among his awards are:    KLAA All-County, 1st  team AllLeague, and OAA All-County and AllLeague 1st  team.    Annese also played three sports in high school.    He will look to study Education at Siena Heights.  Annese commented, “I selected Siena Heights because the atmosphere and the great group of coaches.  It is a great environment and state of the art facilities.” Kyle Barjon  is a 6’1” 215 pound defensive lineman from Howell High School in Howell, Michigan. During his senior season he was named to the KLAA All-Conference First Team. He is an Honor Roll student as well. While attending Siena Heights Barjon plans to study Biology.   Barjon commented on why he chose to come to Siena Heights to continue his football career and education. He commented, “I think that the school would be a good fit for me, for both education and football.” Barjon also commented on what he likes most about Siena Heights, “I like how compact the school and the football team are.” Charles (Chas) Bedwell III  is a 6’2” 205 pound inside linebacker from Jackson High School in Jackson, Michigan.    He has several awards throughout his playing career.  Bedwell is a Division 1 CAAC Blue 1st Team AllConference player, an  Citizen Patriot All-Area Dream Team, Team Captain, Coaches Award winner, 4thAll-Time in tackles at Jackson High, and a three year varsity starter.    He commented,

“I really liked the campus. Then I met Coach Lyall and his staff and heard their plans for the football program and I knew it was for me.” Brennen Gohr is a 6’1” 190 pound wide receiver from Bay City Central High School.    He was selected as an All-Conference player his senior season.    Gohr was also named to the Dream Team and won “Lifter of the Year” in his high school career.  Last but not least, he also was a Golden Helmet Award Winner.  He commented, “Siena Heights is the best fit for me.  I loved the coaches, loved the campus and everything they have to offer.”  Gohr will look to study Education at Siena Heights. Xavier Gonzalez  has chosen to stay within his hometown and play football.  Gonzalez is from Adrian High School.   There he accomplished many things.    He is a two-time All-County Player, a two-time All-Conference player and was a District Champion in 2009 and 2010.    In track he is a twotime All-Country athlete, a two-time All-Conference athlete and a Regional Qualifier.    Gonzalez commented, “The reason why I picked Siena Heights is because the college lives by being competent, purposeful and ethical.  These three things are what I have been raised to be so far and I want to continue with it.  I plan to study Criminal Justice and later on become a Juvenile Probation Officer. Joe Good  is a 6’2” 300 pound offensive/defensive lineman from Union City High School in Union City, Michigan.  He was a 2009 2nd team AllConference Offensive Lineman in the Big 8. Good was also selected as a team captain.    He commented, “When your heart tells you this is a chance of a lifetime, the challenge of being the first to do this at SHU, you can set the bar for other teams to come, when it feels like your home away from home, I believe you follow your heart.” Paul Jacobs  is a 6’3” 250 pound offensive/defensive lineman from Bay City Central High School.    He is a 2nd  team All-Valley player and the Saginaw Valley shot put champion.  He is also a two-time All-Academic

Honoree.   He belongs to the National Honor Society and was Homecoming King.  Jacobs commented, “When I was at Siena Heights I just got this feeling that set me at peace.    I knew this was the place.  The apartments were really cool.  I liked campus environment and how excited everyone was about the Football team.” Isaac Kokaly  is a 6’2” 230 inside linebacker from Bay City Central High School.    He was a 2009 and 2010 AllConference Selection and was on the All-County Dream Team in 2010.    Kolsaly was a three year varsity starter and had over 320 total tackles in his high school career. Academically he was on the Academic All-Conference Team in 2008, 2009, and 2010.    He will look to study Education at Siena Heights.  Kolsaly commented, “I picked Siena Heights because I loved the excitement in the atmosphere.    I loved how comfortable I felt when I visited campus.” Cody Koziol  is a 5’10” 200 linebacker/fullback from Bellevue High School in Bellevue, Michigan.    He was selected to the All-League and All-Area 1st teams.  He had 320 career tackles in high school.    Koziol commented, “Being able to be a part of the school’s first football was a reason I selected Siena Heights.  Also, knowing that I would be able to receive a good education was a big part of the decision.” Derik Rudolph  is a 5’6” 160 pound running back from Eastmoor Academy in Columbus, Ohio. During his senior season he was named to the Associated Press First Team All-State, First Team All-District, and All-City. He was also named the Division II Central District Offensive Player of the Year. He also made the Honorable Mention Dispatch All Metro Team. Rudolph is a three sport athlete with letters in both baseball and track. In 2009 he received the Exemplary Chemistry Award.  Rudolph commented on why he chose to attend Siena Heights to continue his football career and education. He commented, “I want to be a part of the football tradition at Siena. I like all of the coaches and their offense seems exciting. I really liked it when coach Lyall called

us “Men”, instead of “Fellas or Group.” When asked what he liked most about Siena Heights, “I like the small class and room sizes and the food. I also like the underground walkways.” Zack Smith is a 6’1” 170 pound wide receiver from West Catholic High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He is an All-Conference and All-Area player that won a State Championship in high school.    He will look to study Sport Management at Siena Heights.    Smith commented, “I like the atmosphere and want to be a part of a new tradition.” SHU Assistant Coach Jeff Hancock commented, “Zack is a great player from a great program that helped lead his team to the state championship this year.  He has all the tools we look for in a wide receiver.” Lyle Van Fleteren  is a 6’3” 230 pound tight end from De La Salle High School that lives in Armada, Michigan. He also played baseball in high school and belongs to the National Honors Society.  He is All-League and All-Macomb County.    He was also named student of the month. Van Fleteren commented, I picked Siena Heights because I would be a part of a new football tradition.    Not many people can say this when given the chance to play college football.  I will be able to build a foundation for the future, for generations to come.    Also, Siena Heights would provide me with a great educational background.    Coming from a Catholic School, I know what a school of this caliber can offer.”  Van Fleteren plans to study Biology at Siena Heights.



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vision II NCAA school he had previously planned on attending. When asked why he decided to attend SHU instead, West stated “I felt it was the perfect opportunity to come into a new program with great coaches and be a part of history.” Thornton hails from Inkster, Michigan where he attended John Glenn High School. Thornton is also a member of the SHU Track team and has been training for their upcoming season as well as prepping for football next year. “It feels great to be able to start a tradition of our own,” said Thornton about joining the new football program. “The chance to be ‘trendsetters’ for years to come at Siena Heights will be great.” Gilbert transferred from the University of Finlay to Siena and is a former 1st team All-Northwest Ohio. When asked why he chose Siena Heights, Gilbert stated “Having the opportunity to make my mark on a brand new program, being a part of history, working with Coach Lyall & Coach Hancock again and being able to get a degree from SHU in Sports Marketing were all very important to me in my decision to transfer.” Gilbert, along with the rest of the team, expects great things in the future of the program. “To come together as a team and figure out exactly what we need to do to compete at the national level in 2012.” According to Lyall, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a superstar or not to him, it is all about how you handle yourself and how you treat others. “While we are looking for players from successful programs, even receiving calls from as far away as Florida, we are also looking for captains. We want some kids with some character, some integrity.” “I’m just too old to chase knuckleheads.” Lyall said with a laugh. With the new stadium to be ready by next year and recruiting dominating much of Lyall and Hancock’s time – they’re out recruiting an average of four days a week – the coming years look to be filled with lots of laughs for the new Siena Heights coach.


JANUARY 8, 2011


John Vesbit: A Man of Artistic Revolution By Kelly Kuebler Staff Writer


he lights dim, the audience becomes silent and the lights come up on Theatre Siena’s production of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia. Minutes into the show, a focused, poised, sophisticated actor, portraying poet Ezra Chater, comes bumbling on stage. Scrolling down the cast list in the program, the actor is Theatre major and senior, John Vesbit. It’s not uncommon to see the, bright-eyed, energetic and ambitious man walking around campus, especially if you are anywhere near the performing arts center. After all, creativity runs in Vesbit’s blood. He’s not only an actor but is rather a triple threat; a writer, actor and just recently added director to his resume. Even though he is most well known for his theatrics, many would be surprised to find that filmmaking is a part of Vesbit’s history as a multi-dimensional artist. He wrote and directed his biggest film, entitled The Red Device, in 2008 on a budget of $2,000. The Red Device, a thriller, tells the story of Keith Irons who experiences the worst day of his life when he comes in contact with a flash drive containing incriminating evidence. “The end product was eighty minutes displaying the dreams of a director whose dreams were too big for the limited palette he’s been given,” Vesbit says of the production. “Everyone bled for that film and we are all still very proud of it.” The film premiered in Vesbit’s hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and received positive reviews. When asked if he would do another film in the near future he stated, “Film is too expensive and too time consuming. By the end of every movie I’ve ever made, I’m ready to curl up into a corner

Photo provided by John Vesbit

and cry for days.” After writing The Red Device, Vesbit began work on his next project; a novella entitled, Traumaville, which was published in 2009. Traumaville is a collection of short fiction stories about what it is like to grow up in a new millennium where young people constantly fear getting emotionally close to anyone. “It’s about how our generation deals with relationships,” Vesbit states. His writing and publishing didn’t stop there; his most recent work is a book of poetry entitled, Heart Full of Arrows. As the title indicates, the book is a collection of poems about the phases a heart goes through. “It’s about a heart that has been through battle.” Vesbit describes. “It has seen everything from love, loss and the delicate splendor of sitting

on a hillside in the middle of summer in Adrian.” For him, poetry is an outlet to express the situations and images still burning in the back of his mind. However, his most recent haiku, White Canvas, is about his newly found love of painting. “It’s yet another exciting medium to express the images in my head,” he says. Is there any way this man doesn’t express whatever pops into his head? He’s even putting his own spin on Tracy Letts’ Bug, which hits the stage this April. Bug, is a psychological drama about a cocktail waitress, Agnes White, who is introduced to Peter Evans, a Gulf War veteran who is paranoid about virtually every political subject in existence. As the play progresses Agnes appears to buy into Peter’s state of insanity, forcing the dividing lines between reality and delusion to blur. “I want to explore the

way people communicate. My intention with Bug is to get under your skin, “Vesbit says. Those who come out to see his interpretation of Bug will be in for a treat, as they will get to see something they rarely get a chance to see, since it is a show that tests the limits, of not only the actors but the audience as well. Although details are currently under wraps, some are already confident Vesbit’s production of Bug will be a smashing success. “He has the presence to command agreement and cooperation. I have great faith in his ability to direct his peers in Bug,” Theatre professor, Mark DiPietro, confidently stated. The success and prodigy that is John Vesbit can be best summed up by English professor, Simone Yehuda, “John’s enormous gifts as a writer, director, and producer were evident in [my] screenwrit-

ing class last year. He has a brilliant future ahead of him.” So what exactly does the future hold for John after Bug and graduation? “Hopefully it holds more education,” Vesbit states. “I’d like to get into graduate school in order to continue honing in on my creative skills and figure out specifically what I want to do with my big imagination.” He may be unsure of what lies ahead on Vesbit Avenue but take one look at him and it is evident there is probably some Oscar, Tony or Pulitzer prize awaiting him. For more information on John Vesbit and his films visit, vesbit. Further information on Heart Full of Arrows can be found at www. Bug opens April 28 in the Stubnetz Lab Theatre at 8pm.

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