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[ 04 ] From the Editor

Shunte Gamble takes us back to 2020.

[ 05 ] Get to Know MTM

Get the full story of Mixed Talk Media.

[ 07 ] Business Forward

WEC & MTM spotlights our 2020 Catalyst 4 Change winners.

[ 17 ] A Visual Story

Teddy Lewis takes us into his world of photography.

[ 23 ] MTM Feature Story

WEC & MTM Spotlights Anthony and Josefina Thomas of Kingdom Talk

[ 36 ] Author’s Zone

MTM features four authors who share their stories of hope, growth, and empowerment. 3

What a YEAR! 2020 came in with the lessons! I was reminded of the need to trust God. At the start of 2020, I set out to revive Women Empowering Change. I brought back our annual retreat. I was terrified! In 2016, I took a break from business and was called to public speaking. I enjoyed the time spent traveling to new places and telling my story to new audiences. I found healing in the vulnerability it required and the mere fact that it empowered those listening to have hope. Getting back to the business meant digging into my faith. I had to trust that God would be where He was leading me back to. He was! Even though the event was ultimately canceled due to COVID, I passed the test! New ideas sprang forth in the quiet that quarantine offered. That space birthed Mixed Talk Magazine, Mixed Talk Radio station, Mixed Talk Radio Podcast, Mixed Talk Studio (recording), Women Empowering Change (membership), iSPEAK Network (membership), WEC Leadership Academy (free monthly workshops), and the iNSPIRE Network on YouTube. Delays and redirection will not stop what is planned for you to be and have. Stay the course and you will reach your promised lands. Love, Shunte Gamble (SG)

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ixed Talk Media is the new home for Mixed Talk magazine formerly named BBU! Magazine. 2020 allowed us to reflect on the experiences that led us to start anew. We have had the honor of spotlighting successful entrepreneurs who are on a mission to empower and enrich their communities. It gives us the greatest joy to continue this good work through Mixed Talk Magazine. There's more! With the expansion of our media company, we added a radio station! That's right, a whole radio station. Mixed Talk Radio is purposed to provide a daily mix of music, instrumentals, and talk shows. Our team of hosts spans across the United States reaching listeners on every continent. We reached a global audience in late 2020 and we have been growing ever since. What's next? We are gearing up for the 2021 Catalyst 4 Change Winners. Help us pick the next MTM cover February 17-19th by casting your vote online at www.mixedtalkmedia.org/ vote. We have so much in store. Keep us with us so you don't miss out. 5

We are here and making our presence known. We are mixing it up, 24/7, with smooth jams along with a variety of talk shows that cover real life. Add us to your playlist for daily entertainment and inspiration. Listen anywhere; anytime. We'll be here!


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SATURDAY 12-4PM CST Resilient Living Thrive! Renewed Woman Let’s Talk Life XL It’s Real Life

Meet the 2020 Catalyst 4 Change Award Winners.

Business Forward

Letishar Manning Dr. Betty Roaches Lindsy Bivens Tyria Jones

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Feature Story [ 23 ] Anthony & Josefina Thomas


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Letishar Manning founded the "Why Wait Foundation" in 2018 out of her desire to help single parents who need prevention and early intervention programs and services for at-risk teens. That desire has inspired her passion to prove that a good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

Why Wait Foundation offers a variety of programs featuring mentoring, college and career readiness, tutoring, family engagement, and much more. Why Wait will offer youth programs focused on preventing risky behavior that could lead to incarceration. The programs will directly support youth and families who are disenfranchised by low income, single-parent households, inner-city conditions, and young adults with physical or mental disabilities who require assistance to develop their full capacities.

A Little Introduction... I am Letishar Manning. I hold an Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies from Herzing University, a B.S. in Legal Studies, and a Master's Degree in Business with a concentration in Business Management. I am a single parent who has raised four children who are very active in their community. My desire inspired my passion to prove that a good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. My goal is to develop this approach to life and share it with our youth before they enter the real world. I have been in the education field since 2008 working with at-risk youth. What qualities make you a leader? As a leader, I value transparency, honesty, relationships, confidence, communication, hard work, and ambition. Being a leader has taught me so many valuable lessons while also being one of the most challenging experiences of my life. When I think about the pressure of leading others while taking my businesses to new heights, it creates a fear within me that I cannot explain. However, that same fear is what I thrive on to keep moving forward. While I might have visions, plans, and goals, I recognize that sometimes we cannot plan for unforeseen circumstances. Despite some of the setbacks I encountered, I want others to remember me as a leader who did not let obstacles deter me from my purpose.


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Our mission is to educate the community with knowledge and skills. My passion is to teach students to be the best at their career choices, my dedication is always a driving force to lead through education.

Phlebotomy Technician Medical Assistant ESL

A Little Introduction... My name is Betty Roaches and I’m married to retired NFL Carl Roaches. We have six children and nine grandchildren. I own Houston Allied Training & Testing in Houston, Texas. Houston Allied Training is a vocational healthcare training school where we teach Phlebotomy, Medical Assistant courses, and new programs as we grow. The school has been in business for three years. I am also an author, playwright, director and Producer. I own TaylorMade Productions and have four self published books on LuLu. What was the motivation behind starting your company? My motivation is to give back to the community the experiences and education I have acquired. I want to share with others so they can be the best professionals that they can be.

When my students graduate, they show their appreciation through tears. The comments they leave for the school are absolutely awesome.

How did you overcome internal challenges using strategic vision and/or perseverance? I had to wipe out all negativity, fear, and lack of selfconfidence. I knew that if it had to be done, then it had to start with me. I had to encourage myself, get started, and stay focused to see the outcome. I had to persevere. No matter what anyone said, I knew I had to keep going. 11

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We create positive change by supporting people with positive messages.

We support authors through education, publication, and live events. Our publication services include book coaching and consulting, editing and proofreading, publishing, and book marketing. We provide a series of trainings throughout the year, both online and offline. Our signature event is My Message Matters Conference Tour, which is a day of education, empowerment, and faith where we bring purpose-driven authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and professionals together for a day of transformation.

A Little Introduction... I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida by a single mother. Growing up with my mom and older sister was challenging, but we always had one another. I first began to get a sense of who I was during my high school years while running track. It was, up until that point, the height of my life. It also revealed a spirit of resilience, tenacity, and grit I had not yet seen in myself. Later, I married the love of my life (Travis Bivens), became a devout Christian and minister, and mother to four children spirited children. In 2016, our young family relocated to Houston, Texas shortly after launching The Author’s Pen. It was the epitome of walking by faith. What qualities make you a leader? Three things: inclusion, responsibility, and evolution. My style of leadership is one of inclusion; that is, understanding the needs of those around me and keeping such needs in mind when making decisions that impact us all. What was the motivation behind starting your company? After being laid off three times in six years, I took it as a sign that God had something more for me. During that six-year span, I wrote and published my first book with aspirations to serve authors. It was during a time of intense self-exploration, seeking God for direction that I began to hone in on my natural knack for expression and service to others. Shortly after these realizations and the final layoff, I made a real commitment to serving people who pen positive messages. It’s our way of contributing something that uplifts and inspires the world; one book at a time. 13

Demo Reel: https://youtu.be/3u5FaQrRxcI Email: denisemonet91@yahoo.com Founder- Purple Hart Productions, LLC


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The mission of Tyria D. Jones LLC is to one day start The King's Beauties Foundation for Women to empower women to be the best version of themselves and live a life of freedom.

My company offers books and marketing products such as t-shirts, mugs journals, and bookmarks. We also offer consulting services.

A Little Introduction... I am a motivational speaker and a three-time Amazon bestselling author. I have been married to the love of my life for over 8 years. I am also a mother and a foster parent. My passion is helping women realize who they are by working through the pain of their past. I have dedicated my life and personal story to fulfilling God’s purpose of helping women to heal, live a joyous life, love themselves, and walk-in their purpose. Tyria D. Jones LLC is a safe place for women to find encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment. It is a place where women can find the resources and tools they need to find the steps needed to heal and break free from the chains that have them bound. How did you overcome challenges using strategic vision and/or perseverance? It is important for me to set goals and a timeframe I would like to reach those goals. Whenever I get discouraged, I refocus and visualize myself achieving them. I believe if you can see it, you can achieve it. I also believe it is important to celebrate every achievement along the way. The big and small victories are important because they help you to stay focused on your goals without getting discouraged. Lastly, we must practice self-care in mind, body, soul, and spirit. 15

Tiara Matthews

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over Story

Anthony & Josefina Thomas


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Introducing Anthony & Josefina Thomas


very year we host an annual Catalyst 4 Change Awards and magazine cover contest through our non-profit organization Women Empowering Change.

The CFC Awards is an award program purposed to recognize non-profit organizations, small businesses, and agencies of all sizes. The magazine cover contest brings in over 30,000 votes each year from global supporters offering a chance of winning to all entrants regardless of their company size. When voting opened in 2020, Anthony and Josefina garnered 15,050 votes from family, friends, and supporters. This made contest history!

Mixed Talk Magazine talks about business and marriage with Anthony and Josefina in this MTM feature.


Tell us about your company’s mission and values. Our mission is to empower and invoke change in others through Kingdom principles. We strive to show the love of God through our actions and obedience; especially outside the four walls of churches and buildings.

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What was the spark that ignited the desire to start Kingdom Talk? Kingdom Talk was birthed from a burning desire and passion to help people. As we learned more about God and His will for everyone, we realized that God was not trying to get us to leave Earth to experience Heaven.

What products/services does your company offer? We offer the love of God! We pour out what God has poured into us. We do this through a ton of giveaways. We donate food, clothing, shoes, and other apparel all year round. We feed the homeless, halfway houses, senior citizens, and those who are less fortunate with food as well.

Understanding our relationship with him allowed us to realize what we were being told, from a religious standpoint, did not line up with the love God has for us. We saw many people who believed that there was nothing else that God offered and they had given up hope.

Often, we provide financial relief to people who need necessities and shelter. We offer mentoring, empowerment, teaching (biblical) motivational speaking, and encouragement. We also make and design apparel like t-shirts, hats, pants, jackets, etc.

We understand, from past experiences, how it feels to be hopeless and defeated. We wanted to change the narrative and be a beacon of light to those living in darkness. Our desire was and is for everyone to know God and learn of His ways. How long has Kingdom Talk been in business? Kingdom Talk has officially been open for two and a half years.


What makes your business special? We believe that God truly loves everyone regardless of what you look like, where you come from, or what you may have done. You are not disqualified from God's love. Kingdom Talk strives to show the love of God through actions, words, and deeds. We love to give and we love to pour out what God has poured into us.

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Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant. Organizing community gatherings and giveaways have been our most significant projects! Our initial vision was to supply at least 500 kids with all of the school supplies on the list from the schools; not just a few pens or pencils. Although every bit counts. We come from poverty backgrounds where some of us never had school supplies growing up. This meant so much for us to supply all of the items on the list. God breathed on our vision and we were able to not only supply all of the items on the list but were able to provide professional haircuts, hair styling, food, gifts, clothes, shoes, and plenty of smiles to more than 500 children and hundreds of adults. We prayed for everyone and spoke life into them! That was our first major event and we called it Summer Jam! Seeing it unfold in front of our eyes was more than a blessing! To be used by God and see His will fulfilled in the lives of others leaves us speechless! To God be all the glory! Although we have done more events since then, the first one will always stand out!


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How does your marriage and business complement one another? Our marriage and business work great together! We both have a heart for people and we take that same love and passion and put it into operating our business. In our marriage, we are committed to each other. That level of commitment extends into the business. We push each other to fulfill our full potential with love. We love working together just as we love being married. Even during challenging times, long days, and nights. You know, all the things people don’t see. We understand that our purpose extends beyond a marriage certificate. We were put together by God to accomplish things that we could only accomplish by being together! We truly believe that. And because we honor God even in our business, He honors our marriage and has given us favor. Our obedience on the business side has caused God to bless our marriage even more. Our kids get to help and serve and they too receive the abundance of Heaven.


What aspect of your business brings you all the most satisfaction? We receive the most satisfaction by knowing we have been obedient to God in our deeds, words, and actions. To see people, light up and smile goes a long way with us. Being able to give and help meet a need brings great joy to our spirits! I remember speaking to a group of people and telling them about an event where we would be providing free haircuts, hairstyles, food, clothing, food, and gifts. They were in awe of the fact that we would even offer that to them. They said they were struggling and needed some help but people would judge them off of their appearance and not offer to help them. Being used as beacons of light bring us the most fulfillment. Most of the things we do are behind the scenes anyway so it’s never about being seen with us. It’s about being impactful! Do you have any advice for new business owners? Never stop believing in what God told you to do. Many times it does not look like what He said. The key is to not judge your success by someone else's progress and achievements. Stay the course. You never know who's waiting to sow into your consistency. 34 BBU! Magazine



The Mothers Call of Duty: A 30-Day Praying Mothers Devotional Author: Shuwana Leonard PURCHASE ON AMAZON Bio… There is a war going on. The intent is to destroy the hearts, minds, and lives of our children. But like a SOLDIER IN ANY ARMY, we as Mothers must gear up and be ready to fight and protect what is ours. Many children are lost, broken, hurting, and confused. But, Jesus is still the Light and Hope who will bring restoration, healing, and salvation! Our children are NOT a lost cause. Covering our children is necessary, and we must remain vigilant. This devotional is uplifting and a call for initiating a lifetime commitment to always be Praying Mothers! *Devotional entitled: "The Mothers Call of Duty: A 30-Day Praying Mothers Devotional"

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Lounge Pain to Purpose: Escaping the F.I.R.E. to Get to Freedom Author: Tyria Jones PURCHASE ON AMAZON Bio... Have you been through a traumatic experience in your past? Perhaps you feel that the event will always define who you are. You don’t understand why you keep walking in the same circle and going nowhere. Many times, before we can see where we are going, we must reflect on where we’ve been. Our past is meant to teach us, help us grow, and direct us to the purpose God has for our lives. This book is for ANYONE who has struggled to find out who they are. In Pain to Purpose, Tyria takes you back to the beginning of her story—a journey consisting of discovering what God already had inside her. With each word, she brings you along on the path to finding true joy, passion, and victory in Him. Her truths will inspire you to search for a way to realize who you are, whose you are, and what you have been called to do. Twists and turns will happen in life. Don’t allow them to bog you down in self-pity, defeat, and despair. Instead of letting your past define you, use it to catapult you into your destiny as you walk in your God-given purpose. Lift your head unto the hills from where your help comes and walk confidently into your future. Choose to do something different. TODAY is your day!



She Dared to Dream; Her Journey to Purpose Author: Keisha Robinson PURCHASE ON AMAZON Bio... She has overcome and brings awareness to domestic violence, verbal/emotional/mental/sexual abuse. She has served low-self esteem notice of eviction and kicked it out!! She found breakthrough hidden within brokenness! Freedom in forgiveness. She's discovered and reclaimed her TRUE identity, self-worth, self-love, and purpose! She realized she was an eagle not a chicken! She cooked Kei Kei, him and them a chicken dinner and said, "This is goodbye, may the Lord watch between you and me." Dare to Dream....Journey with me.

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Lounge Finish It: Memoir of Finding My Music, My Truth, and My True Love Author: Dorian Marie Watson PURCHASE ON WALMART Bio... Dear Reader, Finish It: Memoir of Finding My Music, My Truth, and My True Love is about the author’s three-year awakening which takes her from a life of legalistic religion to a more spiritual life, as well as from singing just faith-based music to singing all genres. Dorian also goes through the difficult journey of opening her heart again to love after extreme heartache and learning what it means to date as an adult for the first time at 37. Coinciding with the release of a new music album, Dorian chronicles the creation of her new music, giving previous and new supporters an inside look at the transformation that has taken place in her life. Her book provides heart-wrenching yet life-giving details, of her darkest moments from a teen into her adulthood and the highlights and victories in her current life. Finish It bridges the gap to her first book, Let’s Talk it Out by giving insight to who the author was and who she has become. You will engage in Dorian’s personal journal entries as this book is written in real time to align with the completion of her upcoming album. “Finding your true self is a journey. Some call it a midlife crisis. I call it waking up. Waking up to who you are truly meant to be. As you read, you will cry, laugh, think, and hopefully transform as you experience the making of DorianMarie.”


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