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Hey, Y’all!

As Thanksgiving approaches, I find myself in a deeper state of reflection and a heart posture of gratitude. I am thankful for everyone who continued the journey of evolution from BBU! Magazine to Mixed Talk Magazine.

I am grateful for those continuing to attend events with us from when we were Total Beauty Ladies Events to now as Women Empowering Change INC.

I am most thankful for those who listen to Mixed Talk Radio and its daily talk shows.

I have learned that with change comes a new level of oneself. I stand aside all those embracing what is and letting go of what has come to an end.

There is so much more up ahead for us all. It is up to us to keep going to see what blessings wait for our arrival.

You got this!

Love, SG Shunte Gamble

On the

Keisha Robinson

Business: TranZformations 365 Women Children & Family Outreach Ministries

Website: tranzformations365WCFOM.com

A Little Introduction- Tell us about you.

At TranZformations365 Women

Children & Family Outreach Ministries, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in those we serve. I have walked this path and have been called, chosen, and anointed for this work. There is a need like never before for individual healing, wholeness, family restoration, and stronger communities! I want to share my journey of God's grace and unfailing love with honesty and transparency written within the pages of my books, in how I live my life and demonstrate it by the lives touched and TranZformed through our ministry.

I have overcome. I bring awareness to domestic violence, and verbal/emotional/ mental/sexual abuse. I decided to serve low self esteem a notice of eviction and kicked it out!! I found a breakthrough in brokenness! Freedom in forgiveness! Purpose in my pain! I'm coming for every woman, man, child, and family unit that has fallen prey to domestic violence, emotional or mental abuse, drug addiction, and homelessness through coaching, mentoring, accountability, and love. I am committed to nurturing the whole person so that everything waiting to come through you has a clear passage to give birth.

"I have walked this path and have been called, chosen, and anointed for this work.

Tell us about your company.

TranZformations365 Women Children & Family Outreach Ministries Inc. was conceived in a state of brokenness, birthed from the heart of God, and entrusted to my heart! TranZformations365 knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by but equally in the motives behind our actions in support of our initiatives. Through transparency, I stand in my truth, freely and shamelessly revealing my scars to encourage and help others heal from their own. I realized by working together, we overcome challenges much more efficiently and effectively.


To bring awareness and eradicate the root causes of

domestic violence, to increase positive self identifies, unify families, and build stronger communities!


TranZformation365 Women Children & Family Outreach Ministries is a faith based, 501(c)(3) non profit organization providing economical resources, education opportunities, and enrichment services to the victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, those homeless or in transitional housing situations, and those recovering drug/alcohol abusers.

How do you overcome challenges in business?

We are proud to build our company on biblical principles when the difficulties of life happen as we apply our faith in practical ways!

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Tierashia Adair

Business: T. Adair Enterprises, LLC

Website: tadairenterprises.com

Iam a woman of faith who is passionate about serving people through the gifts that God has given me. I am a wife of twenty years and a mother of three. I have served fourteen years as a full time public school educator, and have a degree in Drama/Theater Arts with a minor in Business Administration. In addition, I also have two master's degrees in Curriculum and Instruction in Reading and also Special Education.

In my leisure, I enjoy reading, watching movies, traveling, playing board and card games, crafting and painting; and attending the theater, music, and dance productions. I am a foodie who loves fashion.

I am the founder of AMOL, A Message of Love Inc., which is a nonprofit organization that focuses primarily on girls. Our mission is to invest in the whole girl: spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual. Our secondary clients are families. We host various events to meet to fulfill our mission.

I am also an ordained minister who has traveled to Kenya multiple times to serve. I desire and am intentional about helping as many people as I can, for as long as I can, wherever I am, and however, I can.

"It is our mission to encourage, educate, and empower people through our products and services.”

T. Adair Enterprises, LLC is a project based, faith inspired business whose mission is to solve problems through products and services that encourage, educate, and empower people. This is accomplished through speaking engagements and platforms, writing, content based products, educational consulting and advising, women's mentoring and life coaching, and event hosting (webinars, camps, conferences, workshops, etc). Our products and services are strategically focused on building the city by building the people.

We help women thrive in their everyday lives by providing encouragement, resources, mentoring, and coaching to help them transition to the new thing or elevate in the current position they are in. We create content and events that transform the lives of women and provide educational services to help educate and train staff and students, as well as create or assist in creating resources and programs that will improve and elevate schools, organizations, and ministries.

How do you overcome challenges in business?

“First of all, I pray, asking God for His direction in how I should solve the problems or challenges. I also take a good look at the challenges and develop a game plan to overcome those challenges. The last part is to be proactive and implement the plan.”

Celeste Henry-Gordon

Iam the owner of Celeste's Cakes N More, LLC. I am a wife and mother of two boys. I recently graduated from The University of Phoenix with a Bachelor's in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. I also have an associate's Degree in Culinary Arts and a pastry chef certification. I have been baking since the age of nine years old in my mother's kitchen. It is my passion!

We are Celeste's Cakes N More, LLC, an award winning business open since 2002. We offer cakes for all occasions such as weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, and just because. We offer a wide variety of sweets and treats with our specialty being our cake pops. We currently have these yummy on the go treats in three stores.

Business: Celeste's Cakes N More, LLC

Website: celestescakes.com

By having our sweet treats in major retailers and small mom and pops stores, we are able to grow our business and provide jobs for others. We go above and beyond for our clients. Every client is treated as if they are the only client for that day. We make it a point to communicate with our clients about their themes, vision, and flavor palettes. We ensure that customer needs are met through tastings, vision approval, and overall satisfaction with our product.

We overcome challenges by taking it a day at a time. We had our first brick and mortar two years ago then Covid hit. We spent our life savings on this project and had to watch it close. That was challenging to say the least. We had to pivot our business model to a mobile business and that has worked just as successfully.

"Our mission is to provide the best looking and tasting cakes and desserts to the community, at an affordable price.”

Business: The AM Buzz Marketing Firm

Website: ambuzzmarketing.com

My company solves the three leading causes of why minority businesses are sustainable; customer retention, solid business structure and foundation, and ever changing trends. Building marketing plans on those three things alone secures success.

I meet the needs of my customers by finding a strategic marketing analysis that works for the wants and needs of their business. Marketing can never be one size fits all. You truly have to pivot and decipher what is profitable and makes the most sense for the business and customer. That takes time, research, and expert knowledge.

Ambirr Momon

My name is Ambirr Momon. I am a single mother of three from Detroit, Michigan. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a minor in professional writing. I’ve been an entrepreneur since undergrad, selling everything from outfits and accessories, to candles. You name it, I’ve probably sold it or tried to. I am also a proud podcast host of the "Homegirl AF" podcast centered around candid conversations for the everyday woman.

The AM Buzz Marketing Firm was created to satisfy the needs of emerging black businesses. It is a one stop marketing agency that provides clients with an experience of A Z marketing to scale and grow their revenue and customer retention.

Business: 2ndChance LLC

Iam a single mom from Chicago. I am a ten time published author, transformational life coach, and public speaker. I have participated in countless interviews, workshops, and speaking engagements. I am most proud of starting 2ndChance LLC. I did so to collaborate with my son Chance, an author and entrepreneur. Ultimately, to create a legacy that will last for a lifetime. I never wanted to settle for breaking generational curses for him. I want to break them alongside him.

We want to motivate people to be intentional, inspire them to remain focused, and impart wisdom to everyone we encounter.

What problems does your company solve?

1. Lack of Self awareness

2. The rumor that you can't be whoever you want to be

3. The myth that you're too young or old to accomplish anything!

4. The fictitious notion that you're not enough, just as you are!

We meet the needs of our clients/customers by paying attention to each situation individually. We listen to their feedback, pay attention to their concerns, and request and act accordingly. Without them, there would be no us.

We overcome challenges by forging ahead. Life is filled with stumbling blocks. Trip, fall, get up, and try again!

How do you overcome challenges in business?

Business: Women Cultivating Greatness

Website: womencultivatinggreatness.com

Iwas born in New York, New York but currently reside in the Houston, Texas area. I am the proud mother of one daughter, Chere, and a member of Windsor Village Church in Houston, Texas for over thirty years.

I am passionate about helping women live a life of excellence! Women Cultivating Greatness (WCG) was created to address the needs of brilliant women who learn differently by offering tools and techniques that minimize barriers to economic, emotional, and educational success. The organization's focus is quality of life improvement for women.

I have dyslexia, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and short term memory deficit. I struggled through school. In 1993 I had a chance encounter with a student at the University of Houston that changed my life forever. I finally had an answer to why it was so difficult for me to understand processes and concepts.

Kim Mason

I'm the poster child for my organization. I understand the struggle. I am dedicated to helping women succeed so they can truly live their God given potential. Women Cultivating Greatness provides the following services: screening for learning challenges by a licensed Educational Diagnostician Professional, resources for students, and ten Life Skills classes to aid students in their everyday life. We are increasing the number of classes in 2022.

Women Cultivating Greatness is the result of my experiences with confusion and isolation with learning challenges. We are dedicated to giving every woman an equal opportunity to achieve success by providing support for women who learn differently to ensure lifelong sustainability.

"I believe I'm living my purpose. I research what I need and I won't quit until I win!”

Collette Conner

Business: Purposed To Succeed

Website: colletteconner.com

Iam a minister, author, and speaker in pursuit of transforming the lives of women around the globe by giving them strategies to bounce back from life difficulties and how to apply biblical principles while operating in their gifts and talents.

Purposed to Succeed was birthed from the desire to see single moms win. I use my voice, books, workshops, and courses to teach single moms how to pull out biblical truths that will show them how to overcome setbacks and plow forward into their purpose and destiny.

My mission is to encourage, inspire and empower single moms to utilize their gifts and talents for success.

I meet the needs of my clients by speaking life into them through empowering messages. I facilitate strategic ways to overcome their life challenges.

How do you overcome challenges in business?

I keep going and educating myself. I keep my focus on the big picture.

"I help clear mindset blocks to destiny, roadblocks to purpose, and thinking that cause low self esteem.”

Quintonna Mason

"I overcome challenges with plenty of prayers and God. I don’t move until God tells me to. I go back to see why the challenge occurred and then pray to God to help guide me in the right direction.”

Business: The AM Buzz Marketing Firm

Website: ambuzzmarketing.com

Business: Quin Kaye Boutique

Website: quinkayeboutique.com

My name is Ambirr Momon. I am a single mother of three from Detroit, Michigan. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a minor in professional writing. I’ve been an entrepreneur since undergrad, selling everything from outfits and accessories, to candles. You name it, I’ve probably sold it or tried to. I am also a proud podcast host of the "Homegirl AF" podcast centered around candid conversations for the everyday woman.

am Quintonna Mason, CEO/Owner of Quin Kaye Boutique. I am the wife of a loving husband and mother of four. I worked in the mortgage industry, but I was let go due to the pandemic. I knew it was all a part of God’s plan and timing. I knew that God was giving me an opportunity to put all of my time and energy into what I love dearly.

The AM Buzz Marketing Firm was created to satisfy the needs of emerging black businesses. It is a one stop marketing agency that provides clients with an experience of A Z marketing to scale and grow their revenue and customer retention.

Quin Kaye Boutique is a new boutique that sells clothes for women and girls. All shapes and sizes can shop with Quin Kaye Boutique. Our vision is to help women and girls feel confident and beautiful in the clothes they wear and not feel less than others because of their fashion. We help with their styling needs to know what to look for and how to put it

Sabrena Cross

Business: Sabrena Cross Consulting

Website: sabrenacross.com

Iam a woman of few words with a great impact. I am also a wife of 25 years, a mother of 2, a grandmother, and an influencer to countless individuals. As a savvy, multifaceted entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the beauty and fashion industry, I am ready to assist you in living your best life and presenting your best self.

I serve as a Professional Makeup Artist, Certified Lifestyle Strategist, Fashion Stylist, Creative Director, Boutique owner, Mentor, and owner of Cross & Co. Studio. Much has been gained from my study of Psychology, multiple certifications, and tenure at MAC Cosmetics, where I served as a Makeup Artist and manager. I also owned and managed my personal beauty salon. I am prominent in the beauty and fashion industry. I also apply my expertise to relationship cultivation and life advancement.

In an ever evolving beauty and fashion industry, I have a strong passion for enhancing beauty and creating fashion. I possess a desire to make a total person impact through serving as an Imagine Consultant and Stylist who executes a unisex approach to encouragement and coaching. As a companion to my empowering abilities, I am a Certified Life Strategist, Self Discovery Life Coach, and Inspirational Speaker with a strong belief that life begins with self love and authenticity.

Sabrena Cross Consulting (SCC) encompasses all things beauty and style. SCC empowers, encourages, and builds confidence through the art of makeup, style, image consulting, lifestyle coaching, and photography. You can find the work of SCCO on platforms such as stage productions, print, television series, runways, social affairs, and in even lecture settings. SCC services include but are not limited to, photography, wedding parties, models, stage productions, musicians, actresses/actors, film, fashion shows, and celebrities. SCC is your one stop shop, recently launching Cross & Co. Studio which is the common ground for all services under one roof. We are more than just services. We are an EXPERIENCE!

“Our vision is to give everyone the power to create and innovate a look and lifestyle they love.”

Genre of Music: Hip Hop and R&B

[A Little Introduction.] I’m Supa Xtra, an artist from Houston, Texas. I recently released my first EP, “Call It Love”, on September 14, 2021. I believe art should inspire us to dream. Although I’m mainly focused on music, I’m an all around entertainer.

[When did you realize you had a passion for music?] I’ve been playing drums and performing since I was nine years old.

[How would you describe your music?]

My music is a mix between hip hop, pop, and R&B. It’s a vibe of new music for a new wave of generations. I believe that people older than me appreciate my sound as well.

[What message does your work express?]

My latest project, “Call It Love”, is a six song story of a journey. My music is a vibe created from my emotions. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I wanna chill, and some days I might just want to dance all day. I take my energy and emotion and put them into my music. So my music, in other words, expresses me.

[What makes your sound stand out?] One, I’m myself. No one can make me change or manipulate that. Two, I’m an artist in the Lgbtq+ breaking my way into mainstream music. I have so many dope people from all walks of life supporting me. Read My Full Interview


[A Little Introduction.] Originally from the Caribbean, the island of Dominica, Del Muzik has a plethora of sounds and different genres. He began studying and honing his craft of storytelling through music and lyrical expressions to give the best representation of the kind of music he produces. His main goal is to have the audience hooked, able to relate to the music through stories and experience the music for maximum impact.

Genre of Music: Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and Dancehall

[Thinking back, when did you realize you had a passion for music?] I realized I had a passion for music every time I heard music. It would send me somewhere expressive. The beat would cultivate me and have me moving. Ideas would spin, formulating into words and stories, to whatever beat I would vibe to.

[How would you describe your music?] The music I make is more in the nostalgia direction. I bring my fans and others to a time when music meant more. I tell stories and situations that bring emotions to music so people can relate and understand. I tried to bring back a raw essence to music; whether it is my hip hop or my R&B. I am from the Caribbean, so I bring a twist and unique tone to my music that makes me different.

[What message does your work express?] My music expresses what human emotions can do when placed into a song.

Read My Full Interview

[A Little Introduction.] I am a singer songwriter, best selling author, actress, and all around entertainer. I have been performing ever since I can remember. At a young age, I was involved in dancing groups, talent shows, TV Shows, commercials, and youth organizations such as NYA and HYPE. While with NYA (Network for Young Artists), I gained experience throughout San Antonio, Texas performing at local rodeos and festivals.

[Tell us about your music.] I tell true stories in my music. It’s raw and doesn’t beat around the bush. What you hear is me and my interpretation of my experiences on love, life, heartbreaks, etc.

[What message does your work express?] My work expresses authentic/raw experiences in love, make ups, breakups, and otherwise.

[What is the best part about your creative process?] The best part of my creative process is just that I can be fully creative. I step into a zone where there are no limits. I’m completely honest in every song I write and my audience gets to witness that with every finished product.

[How do you set new standards for your industry?] Stay outside of the box. I don’t shut down my ideas based on “Industry Standards”. I just create and the people that are supposed to listen fly with me.

Read My Full Interview

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Genre of Music: Hip Hop and R&B


Have you ever felt lost, overwhelmed, or grown tired during different seasons of your journey? Have you ever felt like you’ve done all you know to do and things STILL did not pan out?

You are not alone. You are equipped with the power needed for each leg of your life’s journey.

As we walk in our purpose, we will endure a variety of tests and pruning experiences that serve the plan and destiny set for our lives.

Exercising our power is crucial in becoming the best version of ourselves, positively empowering others, and transitioning to the next levels in life.

When I think of the word power, I often feel empowered. However on days when my strength is low, I scowl at it only because I know, deep down, it is also my personal responsibility.

am responsible for tapping into and utilizing my power, whether that means affirming myself, journaling promises, or empowering others in their time of need.


Most often, it is in the middle, the time between the promise and its manifestation, where we find ourselves wrestling with patiently waiting as time ticks by. Our circumstances or conditions may cause us to struggle with staying rooted in faith. We may cave into feelings of frustration or loneliness or worry about what we lack. There may be times we cry out, get angry, or give up.

This is when tapping into our power is essential to HOW we wait. How we wait is just as important as what we do WHEN we wait.


We all have our moments that challenge our persistence to keep on keeping on. I can count the times I have fought the urge to give in and quit. Perseverance is a skill best flexed during these very moments. It is in the moments you don’t quit, you WIN!

You may not feel like you’re winning but you are! Think about it. Why are the blows coming faster or harder? It’s because the enemy sees you’re not going to quit. You’re not going to let go of the promise, your hope, or your faith.

This is you winning! Each time you give thanks, refuse negative thoughts, or never cease to pray you’re winning.

We must also remember some of the issues we’re facing are situational messes we’ve created.

On the Cover

While our creator is making the way straight, we are called to perseverance to receive the restoration, blessing, or miracles He is preparing.

“Consider it pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete not lacking nothing.”

James 1: 2-4


I’m a mom of two boys. One is 20 and the is 10. The age gap is so big! At this point, I’m either a pro or I’ve forgotten what to do (lol). When my youngest son was learning to ride his “big boy bike”, as he called it, peddling was very difficult. I knew that peddling is the “power” needed to ride a bike. However, a few days in, I noticed he was getting stronger and he was continuously peddling without many boosts of speed from me.

I had an aha moment! I challenged him to go FASTER. He was so content and confident peddling without my help yet there I go upping the ante. Now to put this in context, his bike had training wheels and I was walking very close to him. He fell once but I was so close I caught him BEFORE he technically fell. In other words, I caught him once he began to lean too far.

I began to compliment him on his ability to steer and peddle. Then I hit him with it. “GO! GO faster Braylon!” He began to wobble just hearing my challenge as he began to panic. I quickly responded, “You’re not going to fall. I am here to catch you if you do. The last time I caught you, I’m not going to let you fall. Just GO!” At that very moment, I felt a soft conviction in my spirit.

How many times has God affirmed He was there with us? I mean CLOSE beside us?

How many times has He reassured us we are not alone? How many times did He say go but we were stuck in a place of fear or content and comfortable with the path we’re on or in the habits we’ve grown accustomed to?

I thought to myself. I am His child and He is my Father. Not only do I have my training wheels (His word), but I also have my Father’s presence walking very close beside me. Like Braylon, I was terrified of falling or falling short. All along He’s telling me to GO and to not be afraid.

Then I felt this impression. “I haven’t let you fall. I have not let any of my children fall.” We think we’ve fallen but even at our lowest times, we have never seen that fallen place because Christ took our place. He gives us this promise in Psalm 37:24.

“Though they stumble, they will never fall for the Lord holds them by the hand.” (New Living Translation) Psalm 37:24

That means in your day to day life you can and will experience His goodness by exercising your power. When we are obedient and walk in faith, we trust Him with things and people most dear and we allow Him the opportunity to work in us a new heart and a renewed mind.

Even if we fall short, He is still there beside us, guiding us, affirming us, and keeping His word. Whatever God has called you to submit, do, or change, be willing. Never forget His word will stand and accomplish what it was sent out to do.


Nothing worth having comes easy. Warfare comes when there is something of value to gain. Our most valuable treasures are faith, hope, and love. Don’t be deceived! It is not our jobs, cars, homes, money, etc.

Think about it! Through our faith, we believe we will be healed, meet a significant other, or walk through opened doors of opportunity. Hope is the muscle of faith. It’s the super buff bodyguard that protects all that we believe God has promised us. It is what transfers power to us when we are weak. It is vital during times when our faith is being stretched and tested.

Distractions, delays, and set backs are not denials from God nor evidence that God has changed His mind. Warfare teaches us that God is faithful. It teaches us that we don’t have to know how things will work out. When we look back in reflection, we can see situations that worked out when we did not know how they would.

Warfare can come when we are doing what is right! There’s something valuable the enemy is trying to prevent. It may be that God will use you to reach people, about to give instructions to you, or about to show His faithfulness.

The enemy would love for you to believe that every time you experience issues or setbacks it’s because you’re doing something wrong, God has abandoned you, or your prayers are not heard. All lies! You can be walking smack dead in the center of God’s will and be attacked!

Even if and when we are in situations we create, He still loves us and will protect us. With a turned heart, He will sort out our messes. Why? Because He’s our creator and father. What loving parent would not stand up for or help when their child is in trouble? None! Our Heavenly Father is the same and that much more!

“So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure many trials for a little while. These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold though your faith is far more precious than mere gold.” 1 Peter 1:6-7

1 Peter 1:6 7 serves as a reminder of the joy God so wants us to have and hold dear. God fully understands the world we live in. He knows we face situations and people (including our mindset) that can rob us of our joy. Whether we see it or not, joy is set before us.

If you’ve been praying and your answer is NO, understand there’s a better solution or route you may not have thought about or even have the knowledge to comprehend.

If your answer is to wait, this is a perfect way to build your trust in God’s plan and His ways. Waiting could also prevent you from making a bigger mess out of the situation or relationship.

If your answer is yes then you are to rest in joyful expectation and patience. Embrace it and continue to allow Him to work on your behalf. No matter your answer the message is the same. Joy is always set before us!

Whenever we face difficulties we have the confidence of remembrance. Think back on His faithfulness. Think on the times He brought you out or when He blessed you despite your circumstances. Then use that as evidence that He will do what He speaks.



“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” (New Living Translation)

Psalm 27:13

Great news! We don’t have to get to Heaven just to see God’s goodness! This is refreshing! Growing up, many sermons were fashioned around our next chapter (Heaven). I rarely remember sermons of the here and now. Now that I am an adult, I am exposed to and seek out messages about living out my best days while I am here on Earth.

We have specific instructions that our promises (blessings) and promised places require. Every step we take brings us closer. No matter if our steps seem to go backward, forward very slowly, or in the “wrong” direction. God knows how to direct our steps.

There will be a time when there will be one LAST step to take. Think about it. Seriously think about it. What if you are one final step away from receiving a long-awaited promise or arriving at your promised place? Take that step!

Trust that your last step is coming. Do not quit in the middle. Tap into your POWER.

I leave you with this promise.

Hebrews 10 35 36 “So do not throw away your confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you! Patient endurance is what you need now so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.”

hang in there
Obedience the key to unlock your next level Warfare the weapons will not prosper Encouragement what you say to you matters Reaping
God’s promises will manifest
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