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A Snail Millionaire by Shuntaro Tsukimoto 8DG EngSTD08

Pond snail


A Snail Millionaire by Shuntaro Tsukimoto 8DG EngSTD08 Long ago in the Edo period in Japan, there was a man could Akashi. He was a very vicious thief. He went into people’s house and killed the people inside the house and took all their stuff. God was watching him and got very mad. He went in front of Akashi and said, “If you keep on doing this I will turn you into a pond snail!” but Akashi did not listen to what god said and kept on steeling stuff. The God furious and said to him, “That was your last chance!” and turned him into a pond snail. The God said to him, “You have been doing very bad stuff and I warned you but you did not stop, if you want to become a human again you must work hard and help others.” At first Akashi didn’t listen to the God said. But after a few days he started wanting to change back into a human. So as a pond snail he worked very hard turning the water clean and eating harmful insects. He worked super hard every day even in the dreadful rain and under the burning sun. The God saw Akashi and looked very pleased. In the village that Akashi was working there was a farmer and his wife. They were very honest and kind people. The famer worked very hard every day and they were living happily even if they were poor, but there was one thing they enormously wanted. It was a child. The wife prayed every day to God at the pond in front of her house, “Please give me a child that is the only thing I wish.” The God was watching the wife praying every day and he felt pity for them. He appeared in front of the wife and said, “If you want to have a child come to the pond as same as every day and catch the first pond snail you see in the pond and take care of it.” So the wife did as the God said and came to the pond as usually. When she saw inside the pond she saw a pond snail right in front of her so she caught that and brought it home. When she got home she put the pond snail in the water and gave it some food and waited for her husband to come home. When the farmer came back the wife told him about what had happened. At first the farmer could not believe what the wife said but the wife strongly suggested him to believe what the God said to her so he thought it may be true. The wife changed the water for the pond snail and gave him food every day. They took care of the pond snail for many years. One day the farmer had to carry certain amount of rice for tax to a millionaire’s house but the man got old and because of that he got sick and didn’t have the power to carry the rice on the cart. The farmer and his wife were in trouble but suddenly they heard a voice “Hello.” They looked around where the voice came from and found that it was the pond snail that they have been taking care of. The pond snail said to them, “Thank you for taking care of me for a long time now it is my turn to help you two.” The pond snail walked out of the water and started walking to the cart. He stood in front of the pile of rice and carried it on to the cart. He then said “I will bring the cart to the millionaire’s house.” As the pond snail carried the cart to the millionaire’s house everyone in the village was surprised to see a pond snail carrying a cart and he became famous. The millionaire heard that the pond snail was coming to his house and was very surprised. The millionaire was a wise man. When the pond snail arrived he looked at the pond snail and noticed that the pond snail was human before. He thought that even though it

A Snail Millionaire by Shuntaro Tsukimoto 8DG EngSTD08 was a pond snail now it is talented and is a very nice. The millionaire asked if he can have the pond snail as one of his daughter’s husband. The pond snail said to him “Before I was a very vicious man and I killed lots of people and that is because I was turned into a pond snail, but if you do not mind that I will be happy to become one of their husbands.” The millionaire said to him, “Even though you were a vicious man before now you are a very talented nice snail, what had happened before doesn’t matter the most important thing is always care about what will happen next.” He was very happy to have a son in law like him and talked about this to his daughters. The elder daughter was a very mean and selfish person that only looked at people’s appearance and refused to become the pond snail’s wife, but the younger daughter was a warm hearted and hardworking woman and she was pleased to become the pond snail’s wife. The pond snail was very happy that he could marry such a beautiful woman. They had a huge wedding party and got married. After the marriage they went to the pond where the farmer’s wife found the pond snail. Then suddenly the God appeared and said to the pond snail “You have done a very good job at helping others and the sin that you did before will be forgiven, have a wonderful time with your wife but always remember to help others and always be nice to them.” And turned the pond snail back to a human and the two lived happily ever after. Do not judge people according to their appearance, always be nice and polite to people and if you make a mistake try to do your best to fix it.

A Snail Millionaire by Shuntaro Tsukimoto 8DG EngSTD08


This book has a folktale that I made in class. Please enjoy.