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How does your media product represent particular social groups? My media product isn’t actually aimed at any particular social group, it’s just aimed a mass audience which is females from the ages 16-25. Although my magazine is aimed at a large audience it wouldn’t be popular with the subcultures like Goths or punks as it is just mainly suitable for the mainstreamers rather than a niche market due to the articles inside. The content within my magazine reflects the stereotype of a typical teenage girl and what they are into; this being celebrity gossip, fashion, latest music and trends, and hair styles. To try and represent this mainstream culture of teenage girls, I searched for magazines which were also aimed at this particular group. Here is what I found:

(Online Magazines)

(My Magazine)

As you can see the images in these are all very similar. Here are some similarities:

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Expression: Within all covers the facial expression is of happiness and confidence. Posture: They are all upright and facing forwards. None of them are slouching and look uninterested. This would therefore draw in readers because they will want to look like them and read about them. Setting: All of the backgrounds are just plain and neutral. This is to not distract or take the focus of the main image. Hair: All of their hairs are long and seem to be swept off of their faces. This is what every girl wants to look like, they all aspire to have long hair Lighting: On all the magazines it is very bright. If the covers were dull, they wouldn’t be representing the teenage girl culture that my magazine is aimed at. Angle/Shot type: The shot type is a mid-shot/close-up in all three and they are all directly faced on towards the audience.

I do think that throughout my magazine it represents the stereotypical teenage girl because they are known to be image/fashion-conscious and wanting to keep up with all the latest trends and that is exactly what my magazine is about. However my product portray females to be fun, quirky and upbeat, which goes against what some media says as they suggest teenage girls in particular to be quite depressive and obsessed to ‘look and be the best’.

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