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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? One of the main technologies I used when doing this coursework was blogger. This is a place for anyone to upload things onto a website for others to view. Blogger is what I have used to present my coursework in a tidy, easily accessible way rather than having loads of paperwork to try and keep, which is likely to get lost, ripped or crumpled. Also because it is online it is quicker than having folders full of work for the markers to look through. Another thing that blogger is useful for and overcomes is that when trying to print off my magazine pages, the colours were different and there were lines through it due to the printer. However with blogger you just upload the original image so the marker can see it exactly how it is. I could also customize my blog to how I wanted it to help present my work in a better way. From using blogger I have learnt how to upload embedded codes onto a website to be able to view things from other websites. Also as this is my first time in using blogger, I have learnt how to produce a blog. Despite all this blogger does have some negative aspects. As it is an online website, you obviously need the internet to access it, meaning that you can’t upload work at any time. Also a problem I faced was that sometimes the ‘service was unable’ consequently meaning I couldn’t access my blog, which meant I couldn’t always reach deadlines Another essential piece of technology was Adobe Photoshop cs6. This helped me to create a professionallooking magazine by editing pictures and adding text. Although Photoshop is a very complex programme to use once you have got a clear understanding of how to use it you can produce quality pieces of work. The main tools I used within the programme were: select, crop, eraser, text, gradient, and shape tools. As I had never used Photoshop before it took a while to get used to and learn what all of the buttons do. However I found it an effective method of producing my magazine. Some negative points of using Photoshop is that it makes, what should be easy tasks, into difficult ones. Also as it was on a computer I couldn’t always do my work as I didn’t always have access to one. A further problem is that different computers in the college had different versions of Photoshop, therefore I could only do certain things of specific computers. Despite all these Photoshop is a good programme to use and was essential to have when producing my magazine. Another piece of technology I found when doing this coursework was survey monkey. This is an online service which allows you to create questionnaires and send them out to people and it would publish all of your feedback into statistics and help you to analyse it. I used this when

doing my target audience research and it provided my with all my results which were easy to analyse and I could clearly see all of my data. During the process of making my magazine and uploading all my work onto my blog I have discovered a number of methods of actually making my work a lot easier and better to view. The four website I found are the following:

One piece of technology I used for uploading work onto my blog was Issuu. This I an interactive online document reader which allows you to easily look through uploaded material for example word documents. It is a good website to use because it makes the document more realistic as it’s as if you are flicking through a book. Therefore it’s more appealing to the eye and again better than just reading a plain word document. Also it’s a very simple programme to use as you just upload a word document and then it automatically turns it into a flick-book. Therefore this is an all-round quick and easy website to use.

Another piece of technology I used was Flickr. This is an image and video up-loader which allows you to manage and present them to others. It was a useful website to analyse my work and see the similarities and differences between them. This is because it pin-points the section in which you are writing about by putting a box around it so when you are finished analysing it, you just hover over the part in which you want to know about (within a box) and it will appear on the screen. Therefore this makes it easy for people to know exactly which part of the photo you are talking about because it will have a box around it. This is better than just uploading a word document onto your blog because it is a lot clearer as you won’t have arrows all across your work. Also it makes comparing work easier as you can see exactly where about on the photo different things are and how big they are. Therefore again it’s a more simple and effective method for analysing work.

Slideshare is another technology used when presenting work on my blog. It offers users the ability to upload and share publicly or privately PowerPoint presentations and Word documents. When uploading work onto Slideshare, it changes the work into more of a slideshow or video. It’s simple to use because once you have uploaded a document onto the website you can easily share it

on other websites. For that reason it is a good website to use and it makes your work better to look at and it gives you the option of uploading PowerPoint presentations onto your blog.

The final website I used for uploading work onto my blog was Prezi. This is a presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual canvas. It takes quite a long time but once completed it is an effective method of analysing work. Within the programme you can zoom in and out and it allows you to look at things from different angles therefore it is a fun programme to use. Furthermore when you have finished your Prezi presentation it is very appealing and easy and clear for others to look at.

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