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Who would be the audience for your media product? The target audience for my magazine is teenage girls. Here are some images that my target audience may typically look like and be like:

All of these images show my target audience to be fashion-conscious, pretty females. They all have long, natural coloured hair and all seem to be quite fun, happy young girls. Also they like to wear accessories like glasses, hats and head bands. Again, they are all quite natural therefore they wouldn’t have lots of piercings or big bulky tattoos, however they are likely to have make-up on to keep their appearance at a high standard. Their clothing is very fashionable which proves that they are image-conscious and would be interested in my magazine due to it providing fashion tips and hair advice.

DEMOGRAPHICS The age range for my magazine is from 16-25. I believe that this would be a suitable age range because I think 16 is when you finally ‘become a teenager’ so this is primarily when females, in particular, start to become more interested in the latest trends and what everyone else is doing. Therefore they would be interested in my magazine because it gives a heads up on the latest fashion and hairstyles and also popular music choices. I think that anything older than 25 will have other things to deal with rather than worry about the typical things in my magazine. Also this age range will be interested in music concerts and festivals like V festival, latitude, reading, Glastonbury, etc.; consequently meaning that as my magazine is giving away free tickets they will be interested. My target audience will also be predominantly from the UK and will mainly be of a white ethnicity. The magazine will be generally for middle classed people, they will either be in college, university or a fairly-paid job. Therefore they won’t have too much money to waste on magazines, reason being my magazine isn’t very expensive.

PSYCHOGRAPHICS In terms of psychographics, my target audience will be apolitical, meaning that they are fairly laid back and will not have much interest in any political or governing rights. Also religion won’t have much effect on my target audience as they are either Agnostic or Atheists because they aren’t really interested in that sort of thing. The lifestyle of my target audience will be one of a typical female teenager which will involve not have caring about much in the world.

LIFESTYLES My target audience would show a lot of interest in technologies, like mobile phones and cameras, as well as music and fashion. The shops in which they would shop in would be topshop, River Island or new look. This is because they sell quality products which aren’t too expensive, also they have all the latest trends in which my target audience would be interested in. The music in which my target audience are interested in will be mainly music which is currently in the charts. This usually consists of pop, RnB, and indie. Due to them liking these genres of music it means that they aren’t into any subcultures like Emo, Punks or Goth and are generally mainstreamers. The TV programmes that my audience are interested in would be soap operas or reality TV shows like Geordie shore. Also the films that they would purchase and watch would generally be chick flicks or rom-coms because they are into happy, entertaining things rather than horror or gory ones.


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Boots – As boots sell anything from moisturiser to nail varnish, my target audience would be keen on these products as they are image-conscious. Galaxy/Dairy milk – Every girl likes to have chocolate now and then, particularly teenagers, therefore this brand would be appropriate. Apple – Apple are producing the latest technology (iPhones, iPods, etc.), therefore they would be suitable to advertise their products in my magazine as the typical target audience are into that sort of thing. Also as my audience is middle class they will be able to afford it. Perfume shop –As my audience want to look nice I also think that they will want to smell nice too. Alcohol products- All young adults, whether in college or university, will like a good party hence the reason this product would be suitable. HMV- As my audience will like a movie night in with their friends, I think that HMV stores would be a good brand to have. Nikon Cameras- I think this would be a good product to advertise as my audience will be spending a lot of time taking pictures with friends and family to keep memories. Twitter/Facebook-The majority of teenagers have an account in either of these, so as it’s now so widespread I think it would be suitable to be in my magazine. Spot creams- The typical teenage girl will always be worrying about spots and blemishes consequently meaning it would convenient to advertise this product in my magazine. Ray bans- As this is a fashionable accessory it will entice my target audience therefore its suitable to be advertised.

WHY THEY WOULD PURCHASE MY MAGAZINE? I think this target audience would buy and/or subscribe to my magazine because it will have everything that they would want to know about and all the things that would interest them. From the latest celebrity gossip to fashion tips it will give them plenty to read.

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