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Proposed Collaboration with SEVEN EVENT 1 (Tea Milonga) We like to bring our tango dancers to Seven and test out a new dancing venue. Demographics of tango dancers are mainly in the late 20s to late 50s and they are a much more sophisicated crowd. Date : 23rd January, Sunday Time : 4 - 7.30pm (optional for extension if crowd stays) DJ - Argentine Tango music by Studio UP Suggested Entry charge Between 4 - 6pm at $12 per person ( $2 to go to Studio UP per pax) Entry for ALL tango dancers at $12 irregardless of time of entry. Entry to include 1 alcoholic drink or 2 soft drinks a) sitting to be arranged on the actual day with Studio UP’s assistance. b) We do not require any stage. c) Open to public from 6pm onwards so Seven’s existing customers will not be affected. d) We will print flyers to promote this event and will need Seven’s written permission to insert your logo e) Seven’s own staff will collect the fees at the door. f) Seven to advise total head count for number of pax which paid $12. g) Studio UP can provide official receipt or invoice for the collection of $2 per per pax (only for pax paying $12) h) Settlement on 24th January, day after the event.

EVENT 2 (Tea Milonga with dance performances) If Event 1 is well received, we would like to organize a much bigger event on the 27th March, Sunday. This event is expected to be much bigger turnout as its opened to more genres of dancers and includes student performances. We will be selling tickets for entry. We will focus on marketing tickets to the public in order to promote the different genres of dances in our studio. Date : 27th March, Sunday Time : 3 - 8pm Pending success for the 23rd Jan event, we will then forward the full proposed terms of collaboration for 27th March event by end of Jan 2011.

We require SEVEN to confirm by email that BOTH the above dates are blocked for us.


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