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Maintain a Beautiful Smile

You know that brushing and flossing regularly can keep your gums clean and prevent painful cavities.

However, did you know that good dental hygiene

may help prevent

heart attack and stroke?

Gum disease has a direct correlation to your cardiac health.

A balanced diet and proper oral hygiene are paramount to fighting off painful dental problems that can get serious very quickly.

Your dentist’s goal is to preserve your teeth, which includes your gums and supporting bones.

That’s why it is so important to see your dentist regularly.

A comprehensive

dental exam usually includes the following:

X-rays to detect tooth decay and monitor bone loss.

Tooth Exam to check the surface of each individual tooth for decay.

Oral cancer screening to detect early signs of cancer in the mouth

Restoration Exam to decide if crowns, fillings or other dental work should be replaced.

Finally, the dentist will perform an evaluation for periodontal disease which is a precursor for

heart disease.

Your dentist is on your side.

See him regularly to ensure that

you always have a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

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How to Maintain a Beautiful Smile  

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