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Summer has always been my least favorite season, but lately I’ve been feeling differently about it. Summer has become quite the inspiration to me. Hints of it can be seen in a lot of my college artwork.

I believe the began when I discovered my love of the beach during my two visits to Ocean City, MD. That place makes everywhere else seem so dull.

I often find inspiration in the love I feel for my fiance, Xavier. He is the light of my life -- my entire world. He brings the color to every day. Without him, I don’t know where I would be... Lost, probably. Happy? Probably not. I’d be living in black and white.

A lifetime of video games has inspired in me a love of creating characters. I have a soft spot for characters with creepy elements.

I even gave these monsters some names. Here, you can meet them from left to right, top to bottom!: Glutton, Eyre, Potence, Beep, Spoke, Regina, X, Dr. Trunk, Stomper, Punk, Gorge, Venus, Mer, Bean, Nebulon, Peeper.

I adore animals!

They impact some of my design choices, as seen in these pieces.

I am inspired by my teachers and the assignments they give.

I likely would have never thought to do or try lot of the art projects I’ve done since starting college -most of which I am proud of.

It’s especially refreshing after going to a high school where the art classes were very underwhelming and sub-par. I taught myself the art skills I use today. No shade, Mrs. Sorenson.

One thing I did learn in high school, however, is that spiders have great power over me!

These are only some of the things that inspire me. What inspires you?

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