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About Taiwan Tech The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, also known as NTUST or Taiwan Tech, has 7 colleges, including Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Management, Design, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Honors and Intellectual Property Studies, with nearly 10,000 students at the bachelor’s, master’s and Ph. D. levels. After more than thirty years of growth and evolution, Taiwan Tech has been recognized by all sectors of society for its academic and practical achievements in such areas as cooperation with industry, promotion of entrepreneurship, and technology licensing.

Features of Taiwan Tech 1.The first higher education institution of its kind within the nation’s technological education system. 2.The only university in Taiwan sponsored by the Ministry of Education under both its “Aim for the Top University Plan” and “Model Technological University Program.” 3.2013 Times Higher Education “Top 100 Universities under 50 Years Old” Ranking: 45 4.2013 QS Asia University Ranking: 54 5.The School of Management is the first technical institution to hold AASCB Accreditation in Taiwan. 6.No. 1 in the iF Concept Design Awards University Rankings 2011 & 2012 7.No.1 in the Red Dot Design Awards among universities in the Asia-Pacific region. 8.Taiwan Tech is Taiwan’s No.1 university for the employability of its graduates.

Internationalization Highlights After many years of making significant contributions to Taiwan’s economic growth through our training of managers and engineers and research cooperation with local industry, Taiwan Tech has turned its focus to the world stage, pursuing programs of internationalization that reach into every area of campus life. Each year over 20 major international conferences, including annual meetings of international professional organizations, are

International Conferences

held on our campus. Each academic year, about 20% of the courses that we offer are taught in English. These courses make up the 10 relatively English-Taught Degree

complete English-taught master’s and doctoral degree programs


covering a wide range of disciplines that we provide for our international graduate students. In 2011, Taiwan Tech set up the TEC at Ubaya in Indonesia, to establish and promote educational cooperation and exchange

Taiwan Education Center (TEC)

between Taiwan and Indonesia.







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8 Oceania




More than 240 partner universities in academic year 2012-13


Overseas Chinese students







58 1 Africa


More than 700 international students in academic year 2012-13

Japan Great Britain China


Internship students

Cech Republic France

517 109

Degree students Exchange students

Australia Israel Poland Russia Germany 0

Number of international students in academic year 2012-13








Cooperation with National Science Council

Number of international research projects in academic year 2012-13

Taiwan Tech Highlights

Taiwan Building Technology Center in Taiwan Tech Founded by scholars from Taiwan Tech and abroad, the Taiwan Building Technology Center (TBTC) provides an interdisciplinary platform as the first “real-world laboratory” ever built in Taiwan. Dr. Chen Sheng-jin, a world-renowned researcher in steel structure engineering, directs the TBTC. His “ductile beam-to-column connection” differs from conventional steelbonding operations, in the sense that it demonstrates greater seismic resistance, enables easier construction, and requires less welding and lower costs. This technology was applied to the construction of the Taipei 101 Building, the world’s third highest skyscraper. The TBTC boasts two research teams— specializing in intelligent buildings and the lifecycle system design for buildings, respectively— composed of Taiwan Tech faculty and overseas experts. Under these two teams are 8 research arms: Building Structure and Hazard Mitigation, Intelligent Building Research, Steel Structure Engineering, Sustainable Concrete Materials, Green Building Materials, Building Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, New Generation Building Systems, and Life-Cycle Systems. The Center plays an active role in research projects under the European Seventh Framework Programme. Experiments currently underway at the TBTC involve such areas as ventilation, photovoltaic, energy-saving exterior walls, adaptable interiors based on U-shaped floors, and green building materials for sustainable buildings. All these are built into a world-class research program that encourages the development of smart, ecofriendly structures for residence and work—thus preserving our environment and improving our country’s competitiveness.

Taiwan Tech News Taiwan Tech Strengthens Ties with Eindhoven, a Dutch City Eindhoven is a city in the southern Netherlands in which Philips, an electronics giant, is headquartered. Compared with other Dutch regions, the city houses a quarter of its country’s technical colleges and two-fifths of its research institutes. Among them is Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), which shares a warm sisterschool relationship with Taiwan Tech. TU/e has been hailed as one of the best Dutch academic institutions and enjoys considerable international prestige. On 12 November 2013, a Dutch delegation led by Rob van Gijzel (mayor of Eindhoven), Prof. Aarnout Brombacher (vice-president of TU/e) and Hans Fortuin (representative at the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office) visited Taiwan Tech and received greetings from a group of the university’s dignitaries led by President Liao Chingjong. Both TU/e and Taiwan Tech signed four cooperation agreements that have since become the cornerstone of academic exchange. Following the signing ceremony, both sides attended a forum on “Innovation and International High Tech Careers in the Brainport Region, Netherlands, Europe,” which took place in Conference Room 101 of the International Building at Taiwan Tech. There, Prof. Brombacher delivered a talk on “the Brainport region’s internationalization perspectives from

an academic view.” The forum saw a large attendance of the university’s faculty and students, as well as a lively exchange between the speaker and the audience. Both universities hope to enhance communication and strengthen this collaborative relationship in the years to come.

Taiwan Tech to Cooperate with University of Bristol The University of Bristol is a top research university which has been working on solutions to meet the great intellectual and societal challenges of the 21st century. The University’s Faculty of Engineering is internationally-renowned and hailed as the UK’s answer to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. On 9 October 2013, Sir Eric Thomas, the University’s vice-chancellor, arrived at Taiwan Tech and received a warm welcome from representatives of our university administration led by President Liao Ching-jong. Accompanied by the group of Taiwan Tech officials, Prof. Thomas visited the solar-powered, energyefficient building erected by the department of construction engineering, checked out the selfcleaning glass devised and introduced by Prof. Young Chin-huai, and toured the Taiwan Building Technology Center. Prof. Chiang Wei-hwa, Dean of the College of Design, showcased his students’ award-winning creations and architectural features. These innovative works elicited the visitor’s admiration and left him with a strong impression. More importantly, this trip not only allowed Prof. Thomas to explore the structure of Taiwan’s higher education and the fruits of Taiwan Tech’s research, but also provided an opportunity for the discussion of collaboration between the two universities.

Prof. Alexei Removich KHOKHLOV, Vice Rector of Moscow State University, Visits Taiwan Tech

Prof. Alexei Removich Khokhlov, Vice Rector of Moscow State University, visited Taiwan Tech on June 7th-8th, 2013. The visit sought to develop deeper understanding about higher education in Taiwan and to further bolster bilateral ties. Prof. Khokhlov also gave a public speech on 「Polymers in the “Nano” Context」, which was enthusiastically attended by students and faculty in Taiwan Tech. Prof. Khokhlov is a distinguished scholar in Macromolecular and Materials Science and has published many professional books. A scholar and educator of high academic reputation, Prof. Khokhlov was awarded an honorary doctorate at the Graduation Ceremony of Taiwan Tech during his visit.

La France à Taiwan Visits Taiwan Tech Mr. Olivier Richard, Director of La France à Taiwan, led a delegation, composed of Mrs. Béatrice Chassaing, Deputy Counselor of Cooperation and Cultural Action, Miss Sasha Ting, Attache for Scientific and Academic Cooperation, and Dominic Ruta, Attache of the Scientific and Academic Mission, to visit Taiwan Tech on May 14th, 2013. They were cordially received by Dr. Liao, Ching-jong, the President of Taiwan Tech. The visit was aimed at signing the Joint Scholarship Program, which is the very first scholarship program co-established by La France à Taiwan and a Taiwan higher education institution. The program ensures that qualified students studying in France receive scholarships granted by Taiwan Tech and a free French visa, free tuition, dormitory accommodation and meal allowance provided by France, which are all benefits for students with government grants. By signing the program, Taiwan Tech encourages our students to study in France on short-term programs or for academic degrees, thus strengthening bilateral ties.

The School of Management of Taiwan Tech Receives AACSB Accreditation By Diane Hsieh AACSB International (AACSB) announced on July 22, 2013 that Taiwan Tech has earned accreditation for its School of Management. Founded in 1916, AACSB International is the longest-serving global accrediting body for business schools that offer undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degrees in business and accounting. Taiwan Tech is the only technical university in Taiwan to have achieved this accreditation so far. "AACSB congratulates Taiwan Tech on earning accreditation, and we welcome them into the family of AACSB-accredited business schools," said Robert D. Reid, executive vice president and chief accreditation officer of AACSB International. "AACSB Accreditation represents the highest achievement for an educational institution that awards business degrees. The faculty, directors, and staff of Taiwan Tech are to be commended for their role in earning accreditation. Through accreditation, Taiwan Tech has not only met specific standards of excellence, but has also made a commitment to ongoing improvement to ensure that the institution will continue to deliver high quality education to its students."

Taiwan Tech and Asus Unite to Plug the Skills Gap ASUSTeK Computer Inc., usually referred to as “Asus” and trading under that name, is a Taiwanese international brand. Asus is currently the world’s largest motherboard maker and among the top three global laptop brands. On November 2013, Taiwan Tech and Asus clinched a deal to found an “Enterprise Academy” in response to the education-work requirements mismatch that has plagued Taiwan’s job market in recent years. President Liao Chingjong remarked that the Academy will operate under an enterprise-oriented system—having Asus’s seasoned supervisors prepare students to meet industry requirements and offering internships. With students trained as hands-on professionals, university-industry cooperation will be strengthened.

Taiwan Tech Wins Grand Prize at IFEC

A team from Taiwan Tech’s Power Electronics Lab in the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering won the Grand Prize and Best Efficiency Award, with a net prize of 12,000 USD (or 350,000 NTD), at the 2013 IEEE International Future Energy Challenge (IFEC) for their PV Micro-inverter. Advised by Dr. Lo Yu-kang and Dr. Chiu Huang-jen, the team comprised electronics students from doctoral, master’s and undergraduate programs. IFEC, organized and sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), is an internationally-recognized student hands-on competition in the effective use of electrical energy. The Taiwan Tech team reached the final competition, held at the Ohio State University, and defeated 16 other teams from countries including the USA, Canada, Germany and China. The team’s device came out on top, not least because it demonstrated the highest electricity conversion efficiency and the greatest stability, while featuring the smallest size and the lowest production cost.

6 Taiwan Tech Students Receive the MOE’s 9th Outstanding Technical and Vocational Education Award The Ministry of Education’s 9th Outstanding Technical and Vocational Education Award for high achievers in international hands-on competitions in design and various technical skills included 6 students from Taiwan Tech among the honorees. The six winners include Huang Hsin-ya and Huang Pin-chen of the Graduate Institute of Industrial and Commercial Design, who received the Luminary Award for their Float Base Station in the 2012 Red Dot Design Awards, an international product design competition. In the years that innovations made by Taiwanese designers and inventors have been submitted for these awards, this is the highest honor achieved so far and enhances Taiwan’s global reputation. Also among the students awarded is Kao Cheng-chia. He was the gold medalist in sheet metal technology—recognized not only in domestic competitions but in the 42nd World Skills Competition held in Leipzig, Germany.

Taiwan Tech’s COMMATRIX Earns HOW’s International Design Award The COMMATRIX, an ingeniously-designed facility in Taiwan Tech, was awarded HOW’s International Design Awards for professional-level office space design and office items. This was the first time ever HOW, a universally-acclaimed design magazine based in the U.S., recognized a university’s efforts. It was especially impressed by Taiwan Tech’s spatial design skills. Launched in 1985, HOW magazine covers design events, introduces cutting-edge designs, and is among the top four American design magazines along with Wallpaper, CMYK, and Print. Each year, HOW’s International Design Awards celebrate the best works from around the globe, and there are both professional and student entries. The International Design Awards of 2013 included the COMMATRIX for its professional-level design of office space and items for office use. The COMMATRIX is Taiwan Tech’s university-level design center. Planned by Regina Wang, chair of the Industrial and Commercial Design Department, and her team on the theme of “communication,” this creative space provides an “interactive environment” for teachers and students. “Don’t be afraid to fail in your experimentation here; push the bounds of your ability and do something people have never done before,” Prof. Wang remarks. The COMMATRIX is well positioned to facilitate collaboration between the university and industry.

International Conferences

The 4th Asian Symposium on Advanced Materials: Chemistry, Physics & Biomedicine of Functional and Novel Materials” (ASAM-4) The 4th Asian Symposium on Advanced Materials: Chemistry, Physics & Biomedicine of Functional and Novel Materials” (ASAM-4) was held at Taiwan Tech on October 22-25, 2013. The conference drew around 200 participants from Japan, Korea, China, Russia, the United States, India, Thailand and Australia. This symposium is intended as a forum for interdisciplinary discussion between scientists and engineers from Asian universities, research institutions and companies who are investigating or concerned with advanced materials. Such materials can serve in improving and developing chemical engineering, nanotechnology, microelectronics, optics, environmental science and biomedical technologies, thus providing a higher quality of life and health for the world’s people.

2013 Pacific-Rim Workshop on Innovations in Civil Infrastructure Engineering Hosted jointly by the Department of Construction Engineering and the Taiwan Building Technology Center, the Pacific-Rim Workshop on Innovations in Civil Infrastructure Engineering took place for three days from the 9th to 11th of January 2013. Taiwan Tech’s construction engineering faculty and researchers from other Taiwanbased academic institutions—along with 25 accomplished scholars from countries including the U.S., China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong—participated in the workshop to address issues in civil infrastructure that have emerged in recent times. Topics focused on the application of innovative techniques to the technical aspects of infrastructure engineering, which encompass design, construction, and maintenance. Because the engineering of infrastructural facilities is widely discussed in the international community, this workshop explored such facilities as roads, bridges and buildings, and enabled the participants to share their insights. Also under discussion were the influence of earthquakes and other natural disasters on civil infrastructure, and new approaches to such fields as structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, and construction management.

The 9th International Conference on Optimization: Techniques and Applications (ICOTA 9) Organized by Department of Industrial Management Organized by the Department of Industrial Management, ICOTA 9 was held in Taiwan Tech on December 12-16, 2013. The conference aims to provide a forum for scientific researchers, software developers, and practitioners to exchange ideas and approaches, to present research findings and state-of-the-art solutions, to share experiences on potentials and limits, and to open new avenues of research and development, concerning all issues and topics related to optimization and its applications. The three-day conference drew more than 230 participants from 20 different countries around the world, receiving more than 300 submissions, with 207 of them accepted for publication in the conference proceedings. It was an honor to invite George L. Nemhauser, professor of Georgia Tech, USA, also known as a member of the US Academy of Engineering, and Jong-Shi Pang, professor of the University of Southern California, USA, as the keynote speakers to deliver and exchange new ideas and approaches in the field of optimization with the participants. In addition, 13 speakers from top universities in China, Singapore, Japan, the USA, Spain, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and Taiwan were invited to deepen and widen the discussion of issues of optimization and its application.

Events & Activities Taiwan Tech Hosts “2013 Indonesia-Taiwan Higher Education Summit” With an educational environment and system that are gaining growing recognition across Indonesia, Taiwan is already one of the four main destinations for state-funded Indonesian students seeking to get a doctorate. Indonesian students enrolled at our local universities are highly praised for their academic excellence and thirst for knowledge. Since 2012, Taiwan and Indonesia have taken turns holding the Indonesia-Taiwan Higher Education Summit. Taiwan Tech convened the first year’s summit in Taipei and cohosted the second year’s with Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) in Bali on the 26th and 27th of September 2013. The summit saw a good attendance of education officials and university presidents from both countries. To foster higher-education exchange, both sides have implemented the DIKTI 3+1 project,

by which Indonesia, on a yearly basis, provides scholarships for 100 university lecturers to pursue their PhDs in Taiwan. With this collaboration, Taiwan has taken a big step in promoting its tertiary education sector to the world.

2013 Cultural Events Indonesian Culture Exhibition The Indonesian Culture Exhibition (ICE) is the largest Indonesian on-campus cultural event in Taiwan. It is held annually by the NTUST-ISA (Indonesian Student Association). The NTUSTISA proudly presented the 8th ICE, themed "Mahadaya Indonesia: The Chronicles of Indonesian Heritage." The exhibition portion was held over two days, 13th-14th March, 2013, and the cultural performance was held on 16th March, 2013.

Vietnamese Culture Festival The Vietnamese Culture Festival is the largest Vietnamese on-campus cultural event in Taiwan. This event has become a unique feature of the Vietnamese Student Association in Taiwan Tech and an exciting attraction for many people. The event was held over 2 days, 3rd and 4th May, 2013, with the title of “The Spirit of Vietnam.�

International Muslim Culture Exhibition The International Muslim Student Association (IMSA) from Taiwan Tech held its annual event, the International Muslim Culture Exhibition (IMCE) 2013, on the theme of "Halal Food Journey: New Taste, New Experience." The event was the third such exhibition held by the Taiwan Tech IMSA and extended over two days on Dec. 16th-17th. The aim of this event was to introduce Muslim culture to Taiwan society and the international community, through halal food and Muslim cultural customs from all around the world.

International Muslim Culture Exhibition

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