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MANUAL RENDERING Development Process of Studio Project 2 1st STOREY FLOOR FINISHES PLAN Rendering using Copic markers Process of spatial layout. The staircase up towards the mezzanine is changed to the workspace, as there is another staircase which leads up to the mezzanine and roof garden.

1st STOREY - PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO The first storey is a photography studio which consists of a lounge, where causal meeting, prelaunch project discussion can be held there. It also act as a space for the user to rest. Shooting area is beside the lounge. The workspace is for editing of photographs. Pantry is located there for user convenience, as they will be working for long hours.

Previous perspective of photography studio

2nd STOREY - LIVING ROOM The second storey is a private living space for my client and his son. There is a void where allows the user to view the gallery display wall, and to look down at the lounge and the entrance. Behind the living room is a built-in furniture for dining and study area.

ROOF GARDEN - PERGOLA The roof garden is a open space where act as a rehearsal runway for the models, audiences are welcome too. It is also multi purpose space when there is no rehearsal. There are coffee table and chairs for my client and his visitor to chill out and relax. LED lights are placed at the two sides of the runway to create