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May 20, 2014

The Golden Armada A young band’s shining path to success

This Is Country Music Today’s music is far from true country

Squishie Potter

James illustrates his mythical, spherical creatures in a comic

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When we started this project we all had one common goal in mind: to produce a magazine full of entirely random and mixed articles (leading us to the name, Shuffle). After all these many weeks I can’t believe this is complete, and I have to say I am fairly pleased with our end product, and even though this issue has a musical focus, I still think we have achieved our goal of providing content for everyone. It’s definitely been a journey, producing all of these articles, with the many road-blocks there have been. This is most likely the first and last issue of Shuffle for our small second-period english class, however there have been plans for next year’s class to make a second; I hope this will set the bar. Past this page lies the hard work of many individuals, who have somehow chaotically come together to produce this magazine. So on the behalf of our ragtag group, we hope you enjoy. - John Ostermueller

This Is Country Music Noah Haynes

What is real country? Is it

a twangy guitar? Is it a deep, sad voice? Is it lyrics about trucks, girls, and alcohol? Or is it electronically generated music, synth drums, electric guitar, and auto-tune? I believe none of you answered with the last choice. It just doesn’t sound country does it? Yet in reality, the majority of people believe that all these things, even rap, can now fit in the “country” category, as long as the artist has sung one or two country songs in their time. “Cruise”, by Florida Georgia Line, was number one on the top country charts for 24 whole weeks. This gives it the record for the longest song to be number one on the charts! Forever! Despite the fact

that the album version contains parts “sung” by famous rapper, Nelly, among other aspects that clearly make it NOT a country song. But people still call them “country”. When asked what their favorite country song is, people have indeed answered with “Cruise”. Sad isn’t it? But they are not the only offenders to this crime. One world renowned singer, who has had many hits, is known as country, even though she now sings songs with “bass drops”. By this I mean Taylor Swift with her hit “Trouble”. How can a song be called country when half of it is computer generated? I don’t know. But this is not her only song that does this. Another one is “We are Never Getting Back Together”, or shall I say, “Weheeeeeeee!” Don’t get me wrong, Taylor Swift is a great artist with a lovely voice, she is just not country anymore.

If you want real country, there are still some modern country singers out there that keep the twangy softness of George Strait, or the meaningful lyrics of Johnny Cash, and put them to good use. If you want a deep voice, with meaningful lyrics that hit you in your heart and will change your mood, check out Chris Young, especially with, “She’s Got This Thing About Her”. If you want fun songs that will sometimes make you laugh, try some of Brad Paisley’s music, such as “Celebrity”. If country with a little faster beat, try out Eric Church’s second made album, Carolina. Yes, country has changed. But this doesn’t mean that it has changed so drastically that we have to listen to rappers and dub step to call ourselves country fans. There is still true country out there, and most of it’s not nearly as bad as you’d think.


we’ve all  hear of Led Zeppelin songs like “Stairway  to  heaven”  and  “Good  Times,  Bad   Times”,  but  how  much  do  you  really  know   about Led Zeppelin? You might be missing out on a lot. Here are some lesser-known songs that might just change your perspective of the band: “What  is  and  What  Should  Never  Be”  – This song,  off  of  Led  Zeppelin’s  second  album,  is   one of my favorites. I love how the slow and soft  verse  really  builds  up  the  ‘umph’  in  the   chorus, where a heavy guitar riff takes over. What seems like a soft, alt. rock song suddenly sound, more like Led Zeppelin. Note the bass line in the verse; it adds so much to the song in terms of melody. “Nobody’s  Fault  but  Mine”  – This song was introduced to me by a friend and I was very surprised not to know it as it is one of Zeppelin’s  best  (maybe  I’m  just  late).  When  I   first heard the song, I was instantly hooked by the delayed, chorus-y guitar, which, later in the song,  becomes  echoed  by  Plant’s  vocals.  I  also   like  this  song’s  un-orthodox use of the harmonica. The harmonica solo has a nice touch and its rockability is only rivaled by the harmonica  in  Black  Sabbath’s  “The  Wizard.” “Gallows’  Pole”  – This song, off of Led Zeppelin III, is based on an old English folk song in which a man will be hanged unless he can bribe the hangman to let him go. The Zeppelin version is unique because of its tempo. The original song was most likely played at a slow pace, but this song continuously speeds up and eventually reaches breakneck speeds. There are also notable plot differences between the original and this version. If you listen to the lyrics closely, there are some nasty twists at the end that are not present in the original. I strongly recommend

Listening. “Babe, I’m  Gonna  Leave  You”   – I personally love this song. It shows a side to the band that  is  …softer.  It  doesn’t   have heavy riffs common in other Led Zeppelin songs. In fact, most of the song is played on an acoustic guitar. It has a beautiful, bluesy melody which is skillfully accompanied  by  Plant’s   vocals. I love how the guitar is used in this song, drifting in and out, sometimes inaudibly soft, sometimes so loud  it’s  hard  to  hear   everything else in the song. Overall  it’s  a  great  song,  one   of their best!

“When the  Levee  Breaks”  – This song  is  off  of  Led  Zeppelin’s   fourth album and is most famous for its use in the movie Argo. The drums in this song have a distinct sound. They were recorded at the bottom of the stairs while recording microphones were placed at the top. This gives the drums a slightly muffled effect. Led Zeppelin was the first band to do this, and boy, they sound great. Also note the harmonica which has a backward echo, giving it a unique effect by placing the echo in front of the sound. Originally a blues song, Led Zeppelin recreated this song with new lyrics and melody.


as a diverse group of people, we're

lucky that we can choose from such a diverse selection of music. There are five decades of music to choose from, and at least 3 genres of music to find within each of those decades. So unless you're deaf, you shouldn't have a tough time finding something. I followed my parent’s footsteps  when  it  comes to the bands I listen to. Unfortunately, not a lot of people share my interests. Why though? Does that somehow make my music terrible because not many people enjoy it like I do? No (then again that's coming from the fan), but really, the music that I like deserves a chance. It's not One Direction or Imagine Dragons in terms of supporters, but it's just as good. if not better. What music am I talking about? (Google them later if you want). I'm talking about the good stuff: Wilco, Kings of Leon, and Dave Matthews Band. I know, Kings of Leon and Dave Matthews Band have their fair share of supporters and hits. But for all of those who have heard Use Somebody and Sex On Fire, name a song from the album Youth & Young Manhood. If you did name one, congrats, you're awesome. Though I bet most of you couldn't. That's the music I love. The ones you can't find on Pandora. Why don't we get started? Wilco: Although they are the least publicized of the three, Wilco still has tons of diehard fans. Out of the ashes of the underground country group Uncle Tupelo, Jeff Tweedy and the rest of the band formed Wilco. They decided to keep the alt country vibe going for their first record A.M., but it left a lot of people unsatisfied. Until, three albums later, the fans found what

they were looking for. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was released and became one of the best albums of all time. Not only is it the exact opposite of their previous albums, it brings whole new essence of style to the world of music. Listen  to  ‘I  Am  Trying  To Break Your Heart, the premier track of the album, and experience something that might just open your mind to a new experience. Jeff and the band really deliver for the knockout, and leave a mark on you forever. A lot of my friends pull the too old card about Wilco, and that's the dumbest argument ever. Tell Beck he's too old, or Paul McCartney. They still make great music. So what’s  the  point? Even if you're parents listen to them, it doesn't mean you can't try. You never know, you could be a Wilco fan; yeah I'm talking to you every teenager in America. Kings of Leon: In 2008, Kings of Leon became the biggest band on the planet when they released the album Only By The Night as they quickly went from club performers to selling out every arena in the United States. The only issue was that nobody really knew them until 2008. I do understand why 2008 was the most


Dave Matthews performing live understand why 2008 was the most popular, because it was the most marketable. Don't count the early years out though, because you can find something really great. It's funny because Kings of Leon changed dramatically after the first two albums, something that the band really wanted to do, but personally I thought they changed for the slightly worse. In the album Youth & Young Manhood, you instantly hear the difference. In the song Red Morning Light you first hear a scratchy and bold guitar riff. After that comes in the rustic and tough as nails voice of Caleb Followill, and after that you forget the romantic crap from 2008, and groove to the rockin' band of 2002. That's how I became the fan that I am: experiencing the uncommon. Dave Matthews Band: This was the band that really opened my eyes. Yeah, they were huge in the 90s, and yeah, I'd listen to any album they produce. Yet, there are still mixed s about the band within the music world. Like Obama and the Dallas Cowboys, you either REALLY love them, or despise them. Not much in between. I'll explain why that is. Dave Matthews have gotten away from themselves. Their new album Away From The World is more or less not what they were in 1996. I liked it, others didn't. A lot of people enjoyed their very first record Under the Table and Dreaming, which was the same kind of melodies and instruments but had more experimental lyrics and ideas. Same with the second, and best album, Crash. This album was extremely lighthearted light Under The Table. They slowly drifted into the serious and sensible, when some people totally shunned the band. I kind of did too, but understood why they did what they did. Dave used to be a drug abuser and a troublemaker, and decided to clean up and make the best music he can. That's a good reason, like really good. Another factor is the fact that after 20 years, you lose ideas and new things, so it got pretty

Kings of Leon ideas. Same with the second, and best album, Crash. This album was extremely lighthearted light Under The Table. They slowly drifted into the serious and sensible, when some people totally shunned the band. I kind of did too, but understood why they did what they did. Dave used to be a drug abuser and a troublemaker, and decided to clean up and make the best music he can. That's a good reason, like really good. Another factor is the fact that after 20 years, you lose ideas and new things, so it got pretty boring and repeated. I hate that it's like that, but I'm glad to be a fan, a real fan who doesn't shun them because they sound a tad different. Some old bands like Beck and others are almost night and day from early stuff, so it's not a first. Hopefully I've made my ideas clear as day. The thing is, no matter what, there is always music for people. Modern pop may not be for everybody, so branch out, and find something for you. I did. You never know what you'll find if you get out of the public norm!


“SNEEZED ON THE BEAT AND THE BEAT GOT SICKER,” YONCé tops charts three weeks in December Dahlia Bray and Kaitlyn Williams Over the weekend of December 13, 2013, fans reacted with great excitement at the news of the mysterious surprise album. The album spread very quickly; over 800,000 copies were sold. The entire album holds many ways girls of ALL ages can feel and relate within 14 songs and 17 videos. These feature Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, and Drake. This album also has  featured  top  hits  such  as  “Drunk  In  Love  ft.  Jay-Z”,  “Partition”,  and   “***Flawless.”  We  broke apart each song so you know what to expect when listening to one of the greatest albums released in 2013.

Beyoncé’s Twitter  Feed

Disclaimer: Not all songs were added due to explicit content. 1. “Pretty  hurts”- In the first song on the album, Beyoncé advocates to young women about body image, explaining that the need to be beautiful all the time is painful, and that society perceives beauty the wrong way. Beyoncé  herself  was  a  pageant  child;  she’s  explained  time  after  time  that  it  was  hard  being  someone  she  wasn’t   and  trying  to  meet  society’s  standards. 2.  “No  angel”- “No  angel”  is  about  the  imperfection  in  Beyoncé’s  marriage.  It’s  about  how  they  need  to  work  to   make their relationship better by trusting each other and working to improve. The title refers to how relationships  aren’t  perfect,  but  people  can  work  together  beyond  that. 3.  “Partition”- This song is about how she is in control of who her man loves and she only wants him to love her. 4.  “Jealous”- This is about being human and everyone gets the inevitable feeling of jealousy. 5.  “Mine(ft.  Drake)”- In  “mine”,  Beyoncé  sings  about  Post-Partum Depression after having a baby. She expresses her sadness towards the short term separation between her and her husband. 6.  “XO”- This song is about the typical  “honeymoon  phase”  relationship,  how  she  is  desperately  in  love,  and  cant   get  enough.  She’s  getting  all  her  feelings  in  before  they  get  torn  apart  or  die. 7.  “***Flawless(ft.  Chimamanda  Ngozi  Adichie)”- This empowers and enhances self-confidence in women for being  the  way  that  they  are.  Beyoncé  also  expresses  that  she  isn’t  anyone’s  property. 8.  “Heaven”- “Heaven  is  ALL  about  death.  She  sings  “No  heaven  couldn’t  wait  for  you/  so  go  on  home.”  That  lyric   says  that  death  isn’t  just  sad,  but  beautiful  too. 9.  “Blue(ft.  Blue  Ivy)”- This is about her love for her daughter and how she is the light of her life.

Beyoncé has many themes connecting women of the world throughout this  album.  It’s  definitely  a  “must-listen-to”  in  2014.


Rock Dissection of the Week Samuel S. and Myra V.

The world is filled with many varieties of music. One of the most popular genres is rock. Since the time that rock was created, it has branched into several categories including rock, punk, alternative, hardcore, and many more. One of the few songs that are getting reviewed is “Mama” by  My  Chemical   Romance. This song has a neat guitar riff and plenty of good licks. On the contrary, a lot of fans of this band overlook the meaning of the lyrics. I can safely say that I was one of those people. Towards the end of the tune, they sing:

“We all carry on when our brothers in arms are gone, So raise your glass high, for tomorrow we die! And return from the ashes we crawl.”

The song briefly mentions that life will carry on as usual when the men in arms, men in the army, die. This song could have two meanings. One: how the love of a mother could change because of the sins that her child, in this case her son, has committed. Two: how everyone dies in life, and that we all move on after a death. “Just One  Yesterday”  by   Fall Out Boy. Many people love how it starts out. The catchy beat and tune of the song grabs everyone’s  attention.  The  prechorus however, can be inappropriate. It states, “Anything  you  say  can  and  will   be held against you, so only say my name and it will be held against you”. The chorus also says, “If  Heaven’s  grief  brings   Hell’s  rain,  then  I’d  trade  all  my   tomorrows for just one yesterday.”  Overall,  if  you   happen to acknowledge the lyrics, then the song is about the way that someone would exchange their future to relive a past experience, even though some people may disagree or argue  whether  or  not  it’s  worth   it.

the same alternative rock category are quite different. The song says, “At the curtain’s call It's the last of all When the lights fade out All the sinners crawl So they dug your grave And the masquerade Will come calling out At the mess you made” which symbolizes or tells about when you die or the rapture whichever you chose to think happens all the “demons” you've  hidden  in   your life comes out in the end. Overall, this song is very impressive since this song can pull out many interpretations and has a lot of symbolism. Vote for the next four song you would like to be dissected at our Instagram or Twitter.

Last, but certainly not least, is  “Demons”  by  Imagine   Dragons which contrary to the title is about metaphorical demons or trials we face in life. The music that goes with the song isn't the normal alternative rock form that Imagine Dragons tends to use but this song sounds a lot like Coldplay which even though are technically in



the beginning of The Golden Armada began with the end of the short lived band, Infinite Journey. Infinite Journey was created by Zion Fletcher (drums), Anna Harris (piano), Mayra Velazquez (lead guitar), and Favy Alba (lead singer) when the idea of forming a band came up in 2012, at age 11. In 2013, at age 12, Zion, Mayra, and Favy decided that it was time for the band to get serious, which they found was easier said than done. That year, they added two more members into the band: Nathanael Davis (guitar) and Tasha Snyder (bass). Later that year, Zion decided that the band wasn’t going  anywhere  and   quit the band. Shortly after Zion quit, everyone else quit, too, seeing her point. This is where The Golden Armada begins.

After the initial breakup of Infinite Journey, Favy had an idea that would soon lead to the formation of The Golden Armada. For  reasons  she  can’t   remember, Favy suggested to sing during class meeting. Convincing Mayra to play the song on the guitar, they practiced during their winter break. When they got back to school, they told their 4th period teachers, Ms. Lilly and Mr. Pevey, their plan. They all established a date, and on Friday, January 10th, Mayra and Favy performed a cover of “Hate  to See  Your  Heart  Break”   by Paramore and, at the last minute,  sang  “Counting  Stars”   by One Republic as well. Wanting to feel the excitement of performing during class meeting again, Mayra and Favy practiced some more on Friday, February  21.  They  sang  “Say   Something”  by  A  Great  Big   World  and  “Ignorance”  by   Paramore. Then they finished singing the last song, Mr. Pevey asked them,  “Have  you  two   considered performing at the Block  Party?”

Block Party?”  In  dismissal  that   day, Mayra, Favy, and Nathanael discussed with Mr. Pevey about singing at the Block Party. The next thing they knew, they were the only students scheduled to perform.  “All  I  remember  is   Nathanael saying how we were going  to  sing  ‘Holiday,’   ‘American  Idiot,’  and  some  other   song. And I remember Favy leaving the classroom, and then all of us high-fived  in  Mr.  Adams’   class,”  says  Mayra. However, tragic news was brought  upon  them.  Nathanael’s   parents  wouldn’t  allow  him  to   perform at the block party. With homework and schoolwork taking up most of his time, his parents  said  that  he  couldn’t   practice or perform. In search of a new recruit, Mayra asked if anyone could sing or play guitar. Samuel Smith responded,  “I  can  sing  or  play   the  piano,  and  some  guitar.”  He   asked his parents and they said it was fine that he could perform


it was  fine  that  he  could  perform  at  the  block  party.  Mayra  and  Favy’s  final  answer  for  Samuel was that he could sing. With the three members ready to go, they arranged the songs that they were going to play. Then Tasha came along. When they were talking to Mr. Pevey about the block party, she wanted to play as well. At the time, Nathanael still  wanted  to  know  what  was  going  on  with  the  band.  Tasha  asked,  “Can  I  sing  at  the  block  party?”

Mayra responded,  “No  because  Favy  is   singing.” “Well,”  Tasha  said,  “I  can  play  the   bass.” “We  need  to  hear  how  you  well  you   play  it  before  we  let  you  in  the  band.”   Tasha was fine with the deal, but failed to show them her skills before the block party. Everything was good; Mayra and Favy arranged the order of the songs, the time was set, and, fortunately, a week  before  the  block  party,  Nathanael’s   parents decided that he could be in the band and perform. Performing  at  their  school’s  Block   Party on Saturday, March 8th was The Golden  Armada’s  first  public  appearance   and performance. They performed twice. Once in the morning and again in the afternoon. With the help of their teachers, Mr. Pevey and Ms. Hester, The Golden Armada might be able to perform  at  Vino’s,  a  pizza  parlor  in   downtown, Little Rock. The Monday after the block party, Nathanael kicked Tasha and Samuel out of the band. There was tension between the band and Tasha and Samuel, but after some time they were okay with each other. Now, with only Nathanael, Favy, and Mayra, The Golden Armada is complete. When asked what kind of music they like,  Mayra  responded,  “Classic  and   punk  rock,  alternative  rock.  I  don’t   know,  rock  basically.”  Nathanael   answered,  “I  listen  to  punk  rock.”  He   also gave a list of bands that he preferred to listen to. That list included Green Day, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, RHCP, Blink182, and My Chemical Romance. Lastly,  Favy  replied,  “I  don’t  know,   like, I listen to music that describes how I feel. I would listen to any music, but I can’t  stand  country.”  Overall,  finding   common ground in what kind of music to  perform  wasn’t  particularly  hard,  so   the members of the band have a close relationship as friends and through the music they like.

While Nathanael, Favy, and Mayra were heading  home,  Mayra’s  mom,  Maria,   received  a  call  from  Mr.  Pevey.  He  said,  “A   guy from The Little Rock Film Festival was interested in The Golden Armada. He would like a recording of them singing a couple original songs and perhaps a cover.” Mayra’s  mom  informed  Mayra  of  the   call and the date in which they would be recording. They texted Nathanael and called Favy, too. On Tuesday, April 29th, the three of them  stayed  in  Mr.  Pevey’s  room  after   school to record. They sang their two original  songs  called  “Toy  Trains”  and   “Little  Angel,”  as  well  as  a  cover of “Hate   to  See  Your  Heart  Break”  by  Paramore.   Mr. Pevey emailed the recording to Christopher Terry, a talent scout for the Film Festival. Now, they need to have an official answer from whether or not he wants them to play at the festival, and, hopefully, they will perform there. Their journey to success has just begun, and they will be a famous band someday, so remember their name: The Golden Armada.

What do you think of the journey of The Golden Armada? Let us know on our Instagram and Twitter. @shufflemag


The Truth about Santa Claus By: Mantaquilla Ophaynetez

Is that the sound of reindeer hooves on your roof? Is that Santa quietly sliding down your chimney? Is that Santa chewing on those cookies you put out in the living room? Do you believe in Santa? Santa Claus is the man that makes Christmas happen. He’s the guy that has elves making presents for you in the North Pole. He’s the big jolly man in a red suit and shiny black boots. He’s the guy that makes all of your childhood dreams come true. How can someone be idolized by so many children and so many don’t know the truth? 84% of adults in America admitted that they believed in Santa Claus as a child.

How could you believe in something so impossible? Wouldn’t it be obvious that Santa can’t be at five different Macys at the same time? Wouldn’t it be obvious when you read a book or see a movie with elves in it and it’s classified as a fiction? This chubby Christmas hero is so well known but so impossible. “Oh, He’s magic, sweetheart” is what most parents tell their kids when they ask these questions. It keeps them believing.

Believing in what exactly? A creepy man that sneaks into your house and gives you gifts after he eats you cookies? How can stalkers be frowned upon but Santa be praised? Parents want their kids to believe that a stalker that lives in the North Pole is watching you all the time. They want you to trust a big fat guy that breaks into your house once a year. This promotes kidnapping. All the kidnapper has to do is wear a Santa hat and have a beard and viola the kid trusts you more than anybody in the world. “Want some candy?” “Sure Santa, I love you so much!” Great idea, worked out well. Santa also seems to make kids so unobservant. Toys nowadays say made in China all over them. Shouldn’t it say made in the North Pole? Shouldn’t it say made by Toy Elves? Overall, Santa is unrealistic and a promoter of horrible ideas.


The Pomsky Are you and your spouse on the brink of divorce due to a lack of agreement with choosing a dog breed? Well we have the solution! THE POMSKY!!!! A pomsky is a crossbreed between a Pomerahas the face of a husky and is one of the cutest from 35 to 50 pounds. On the other hand, Typically a pomsky will grow to be about half of

Getting a pomsky is one of the best dogs you can buy. Pomskies have combined personality traits of both huskies and Pomeranians and have combined looks which make for the perfect dog!

nian and a husky. It is the size of a Pomeranian but dogs ever. The average size of a husky can range Pomeranians will average from 3 to 7 pounds. its parents combined weight.

The price of a pomsky can range from $1,500 to $1,800. Because of the high demand and popularity of Pomskies it can be difficult to find one for sale, but there are plenty of websites that will inform you of where you can buy a pomsky puppy.

Pomskies are very intelligent and loving. They are also protective without being too overprotective. They can also be calm in some cases but, if given the opportunity, they will run for an entire afternoon. At the same time, they are perfect if you have kids- especially if they are somewhat afraid of animalsand want to teach them some animals are kind and nice to people.

Top 9 Most



Overrated- The act of overvaluing something 9. Tacos: I will admit tacos are pretty good, but they’re not as good as everyone makes them out to be. If you even mention the word “taco” everybody starts freaking out. I mean half of it falls out anyways. I just don’t understand all the love the taco gets.

8. Walking Dead:

7. Sherlock:

I have watched this before and it is good, but c’mon, it’s not that good. By this point everybody I know would’ve already slapped me in the face by now for saying such a thing. They basically prove my point: people go crazy over this show. The show itself is not bad, but people over-exaggerate on how awesome it is. It can be your favorite show, but you don’t have to go on and on about how good it is because

I have never seen this show, nor do I want to, for one reason: girls over obsessing about it because it is British. They also think the actor who plays Sherlock in the show (Benedict Cumberbatch) is soooo gorgeous because he is British. But in all honesty, Benedict Cumberbatch scares the heck out of me. Fan girl motto #1: “If it’s British, it must be fabulous.”

nobody cares.

6. Doctor Who: I like this show a whole lot, but the thing that ruins it is all the fan girls who have only seen one episode (or just fan girls in general). Both of them just obsess over it saying, “OMG! This show is fabulous! I can’t believe that one guy did that one thing!” And if you say anything remotely bad about the show like, “I didn’t like that episode,” they say, “You shut up! This show is fabulous and the actors are GORGEOUS!” They say most of this because it is British. To prove my point, most girls who watch that show are probably gasping at this article.

5. Twerking/nae nae: O.K., I get you like shaking your butt, but could you please do it privately? Nobody thinks you and your oversized butt are attractive. People mainly do this because they think it is cool, and they want to be cool, but it is just stupid.

4. “Keep calm and…” Keep calm and carry on. This saying was created by the British in WWII. I think it’s time to let it go. There are literally hundreds of remakes of this when most people don’t even know where it came from or why it was created.

2. PewDiePie: I don’t know how he got 26, 314, 318 (and counting) subscribers, but all he does is drop the F-bomb every other word and he shouts a lot. I can do that but will I get 26,314,318 subscribers? No. He is overrated because anybody can do what he does and they won’t get that amount of subscribers. He just doesn’t deserve that many subscribers.

3. Frozen: This movie is just singing. I don’t understand how anybody can enjoy such a childish movie. This movie was made for little kids but the main people who like it are teenagers. The song “Let it go” gets way too much credit. The song is mediocre at best.

1. Selfies/Instagram/#: Why does everybody feel the need to take a picture of themselves and then post it on Instagram (worst app ever) titling it #selfiesunday? It is very annoying how people will post a selfie every hour describing how they are feeling or saying how cute they look. Nobody cares.

-Oscar Morton and Spencer Taylor

One Dungeon Master To Rule them All Having Trouble  keeping  your  adventurers  in  check?  Or  maybe  you  can’t  come   up with a good campaign to keep your players interested. Well look no further because this article will give a struggling DM the tools and the talent to take care of all your adventuring needs.

The first thing any DM needs is a map. Without a map you're wandering blindly in the dark. You can create your own cities using city generators you can find online can be very helpful. Now this does not have to be a fantasy continent, the cities could be Caribbean islands in your pirate quest, or planets in a scifi adventure. Its all up to you.

To start off your players set them in a bar, with a inevitable barfight. After the fight with three large men (5 hp for the 2 henchmen and 10 for the leader). The bartender tells them of a cave with bandits in it. Your characters will generally go towards this quest or you can force them to do it.

Next is the dungeon. you need a starting dungeon too help your players get started with their characters. a good idea is a simple cave with either bandits, goblins, kobolds, or knolls. They are good low level starting enemies. At the end of the end of the cave there is a boss, whether this is a bandit chief or a pirate captain a boss will have more hp than a normal enemy and better loot. After the players beat the boss they receive gold better weapons/armor or even a magic item. Just  don’t  give  them   god killing weapons. Trust me I have experience with that

In conclusion being prepared is always a good idea when playing  D&D.  I’ve  seen  many  a  DM  stumble   and  fall  when  they  don’t  have  a  plan.  Its  always  good   to be prepared and have a campaign or dungeon laid out  and  you’ll  be  the  best  DM


James Bowling Miller Bacon

This article depicts a spin off of Harry Potter, using James Bowling’s fictitious creature, the Sqishie. These small, sentient beings inhabit the tiny planet of Squishtopia, where a whole civilization of Squishies live, and spherical Squishie wildlife as well. Squishies are always three-haired and one-eyed beings, with stubbed appendages, but other than those stipulations, each in every one is unique in its own way.


my chemical bromance OLI, CLAUDIA, AND CORINNE

“So, you’re gonna do it tonight?” asked Mikey. “Maybe, if I have the guts to,” said Frank. “When are you gonna do it?” “After he sings The Black Parade.” “Can I see the ring?” Frank nodded and pulled the shiny silver engagement ring out of his pocket. Mikey smiled with approval and cleared his throat. “Just for a second I'm not gonna be your friend; I’m gonna be Gerard’s brother, and as his brother, I’m obligated to tell you that if you hurt him or mistreat him I will take a knife and slit your throat,” he finished. The two stared at each other awkwardly, and then Mikey laughed and punched Frank’s shoulder. “I’m kidding, midget!” he said. Frank smiled shyly. “OKAY, 2 MINUTES!” called the tour manager.

~ 15 songs later~ “WE WANT IT ALL. WE WANNA PLAY THIS PART! WE’LL CARRY ON!” Frank gazed at his boyfriend with loving eyes. He gently stroked the ring inside his pocket and took a deep breath. This was it, the moment he had been waiting for all tour. “THANK YOU NEW JERSEY!” Gerard yelled into his mic, raising his hand toward the screaming crowd. The lights began to fade and the band began to leave. “NO, WAIT!” screamed Frank. Everyone froze. “I have something to say!” The lights slowly turned back on, and Frank took small, shaky steps to Gerard. He picked up the mic with trembling hands, got down on one knee,

cleared his throat, and pulled out the ring box. “Gerard, you are an amazing boyfriend. I love you more than anyone in the entire world and I want to be with you forever. Will you marry me?” The audience went insane. They all began to chant “FRERARD! FRERARD! FRERARD!” Gerard was in shock. After a long pause he dropped his microphone, took Frank’s face in his hands, and kissed him passionately, smudging his Black Parade makeup. As they pulled away, Gerard whispered in his ear, “Yes.” Frank smiled and slipped the ring onto his finger. They walked off the stage hand-inhand, Gerard’s new ring shimmering under the stage lights.


book reviews 24

A poll was taken of 114

he goes on a quest to help the

4. The Great Gatsby- Another

students in the 7th and 8th

outcast Dwarves of Erebor to

favorite amongst eStem Junior

reclaim their home. He

High, the Great Gatsby is a

encounters troll, goblins, and

classic kept alive by all its

many other dangerous

enticed readers. It is a slow,

obstacles. “It is the best,

forbidden love story from the

1. The Fault in our Stars- This

greatest, most awesome book in

point of view of a new

fascinating novel by popular

the world!” says 8th grade

housewife’s cousin. The novel

author John Green hit the top of

student Daniel Smith, “I

explores loss, sadness, the

the list with our students. Soon

recommend it for all people”.

challenges of adulthood, and

to be a movie in June 2014, The

The Hobbit was made into a 3

happiness. Published in 1925,

Fault in Our Stars follows Hazel

part movie, the first released in

The Great Gatsby is still a

Grace Lancaster in a struggle

2012, the second released in

popular and wonderful book,

through her teenage years

2013, and the third to come in

and a definite must read.

living with thyroid cancer and

the following year. It is

mets in her lungs, making it

definitely a book to check out.

grade at eStem middle School to see which popular book is their favorite.

necessary for her to carry around a portable oxygen tank. Hazel is forced to go to a support group for cancer patients and meets the gorgeous amputee Augustus Waters. Hazel knows her cancer has never been and never will be anything but terminal, and she is on a drug that keeps the tumors in check, but doesn’t make them go away. Hazel and Augustus fall in love anyway and this book allows us to see into their wonderful story.

5. Divergent- In this new and very popular novel by Veronica

3. The City Of Bones- The first

Roth, we see a dystopian society,

book in the amazing The Mortal

divided into 5 complex factions,

Instruments series by fantastic

and Beatrice “Tris” Prior as she

author Cassandra Clare, City of

leaves everything she is familiar

Bones is about a young teenage

with. You see, Tris realizes she

girl named Clary. Clary is at a

is different, and has to hide in

club with her best friend in her

plain sight to stay safe. Full of

home of New York when her

action, twists and turns, and

life is flipped around. She gets

even a bit of romance,

sucked into a world of angles

Divergent is the first book in a

and demons, and begins to see

breathtaking trilogy that will be

everything for what it really is,

sure to keep you on your feet.

not just what she is supposed to see. A book that will keep you

Abby Harris

up reading all night with lots of

2. The Hobbit- The Hobbit, by

plot twists and turns, The City

J.R.R. Tolkien was an extremely

of Bones is a wonderful read for

close 2nd to The Fault in Our

those fantasy and action lovers.

Stars with the students. The

Hobbit follows Bilbo Baggins as


Quote Reviews Our opinion on this quote is that it brings happiness to people. When someone tells you this, it means you truly mean something special to them. And that’‛s the best feeling.

This quote applies to life because when you have someone who really means something to you; you are willing to do anything for them even if it means you have to sacrifice something

Audrey S., and Isabel V. The “between the lines” meaning of this quote is that you care for someone so much that you forget about

your needs and focus

“Some people  are worth melting  for.”

on theirs.


========================================================================= We believe that this’‛ life meaning is that it will make you realize you are worth more than you believe you are, and that you have to see yourself like that and not put yourself down.

The “between the lines”

Our opinion on this quote is that it is not only

meaning of this quote is that no matter what you

something that can inspire you, but also something that is from your childhood, so it brings melancholy and at the same time has ring of truth to it.

“Promise me  you’ll  always   remember: you’re  greater  than   you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

think of yourself or how you look at yourself people will see you as greater than what you think you are.

-Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh)


This quote applies to life because, sadly, people who you don’‛t expect to do something horrible do it anyway. People who you trust or never had a problem with or someone who you would give your life for is not who you thought they were.

♫ “The




take a bullet for is behind the trigger” -“Miss Missing You” Fall Out Boy

Our opinion on this quote is, which can be sometimes true and sometimes wrong, is that sometimes people who you trust can backstab you… Although sometimes that’‛s not always true. Sometimes people you trust can be

The “between the lines” meaning of this quote is that sometimes the people you were most devoted to or cared so much about are the people who could cause the most harm to you. Don’‛t judge a book by its cover until you’‛ve read the full story.

the people who save you.



This quote applies to life in so many levels. Imagine a little girl angry with her mom. Imagine that when her mom drops off her daughter at school and they don’‛t say good-bye to each other. As the little girl watches her mom drive away she gets in a car crash. The mother is gone and the girl wishes she had said good-bye to her. You need to love and appreciate what you have… because in the next minute it could be gone.

♫ “Life is too short, so love the one you’‛ve got… ‘Cause you might get run over or you might get shot.” - “What I Got” Sublime

♬ Our opinion on this quote is that it I so true. Its true on how you should appreciate what you have before it gets taken away. For example… people take their life for granted. Some waste their lives, some try their best to make the best out of it, and

The “between the lines” meaning is love and appreciate what you have because it could be gone at anytime. So live life to the fullest.

some die trying. So please make the best out of what you have before it gets taken away. This quote is also related to another one that says, “You don’‛t know what you’‛ve got ‘till you lose it.” These quotes are very similar in meaning.


in Dan  Brown’s Inferno a Harvard professor is trying to stay alive after being chased down by a hired killer, all of Italy's police, and the FBI, all happening in Florence, one of the most amazing cities of art. Dan Brown does a great job of describing, and using all of Florence's main attractions to either be crime scenes, or to be clues to lead the professor to figure out his discoveries he makes. In Inferno, Dan Brown uses Florence to teach readers about the city, use its compact and dense city as a battlefield, and compare Dante's Inferno to the clues hidden in the book.


In Inferno, Dan Brown teaches readers a lot about Florence's art, culture, and history. One of the first things you will notice is that Dan Brown goes in to very exquisite detail about the landscape and art. In Inferno, Dan makes a story of clues from Dante's Inferno, which is a very exciting and mysterious hunt. Since I have been in Florence, I have followed Langdon (the Harvard professor) and his footsteps of finding clues, from the bubbly gardens to the Vasari tunnel and to the Palazzo Vecchio where Dante's mask is stored. Langdon also travels to the Uffizi where there are a lot of famous paintings, and the Academia, where the original "David" is. My family and I have traveled to all these places on this trip, experiencing the comparison of Dan Brown’s  view  and  the  real   thing. Dan Brown captured the "aura" of Florence very well in his book. He showed the creativity of the town, while showing the detail and marvelousness of all of the world famous museums. When I was reading Inferno, on some parts, it would feel as if I was reading a history book. Dan Brown makes it feel like he wrote

the book in front of all these places, going in to extravagant detail about every nook and cranny of statues and art. In Florence, everything is very packed together. In Inferno, Florence is the perfect place for a treasure hunt/criminal chase. In the book, Langdon is trying to get his memory back after being shot in the head, and trying to find out why all of Italy's police are chasing him. In all of Florence's gardens, narrow corridors, secret passages, and dense population, the Italian police and FBI have a hard time finding Langdon and a person he met on the way, Dr. Sienna Brooks. Dan Brown described and used Florence's landscape very well. My favorite part of the book was Dan Brown describing all of the museums, and then being able to see them in real life. Dan Brown goes into great detail of the Bubbly Gardens, the Uffizi, the Academia, and the Palazzo Vecchio. I learned probably more reading the book, than walking through all these places 20 times over! In Inferno, Dante's mask is stolen by Langdon, but he doesn't

remember, and Langdon's own government is against him! While I have learned a lot about Dante in Florence, it was cool learning more in Inferno, but from a different and more interesting view. I like the way Dan Brown used the exciting story of a police chase to incorporate all of this learning and details. Dan Brown did a good job of teaching the reader a lot about Florence, but keeping them interested at the same time. Dan Brown did a very good job of incorporating an exciting story, a way to learn a lot, and a good feeling book. In Inferno I appreciated the precise detail, and how everything he wrote about the art, statues, paintings, and landscape was 100% true. Dan Brown did a very good job teaching about Florence, making a good story, and using Florence's awesomeness to teach you a lot.


2 fps By Philip LaBeau Reviews:

Goat Simulator 2014: Type: Simulation/Physics Players: 1 Rated Reviewed Rating: 6.5/10


Coffee Stain Studios, the makers of Goat Simulator 2014, describe  it  as  “A  small,  broken,  and   stupid  game”.  While  it  is  indeed  not  the  next  GTA,  it   has the charm to keep it alive for a long time. You play  as  a  goat  in  a  small  mountain  town.  That’s  it.   You get points for smashing into things, people, and even other goats. It never gets old to see your goat get run over by a semi-truck, or smash into a gas station  and  achieve  a  “Michael  Bay-like”  explosion   (that’s  actually  the  name  of  an  in-game achievement for blowing up a gas station). You can attach a number of things to your goats back, including a pitching machine, a firework, and a jetpack. There are numerous hidden secrets to find with strange and  magical  effects.  It’s  not  that  deep,  but  it’s  still  a   fun game to while away a Sunday and get some laughs. After all, that was all it was ever meant to

Card Hunter: Type: Strategy/RPG Players: 1-2 Reviewed Rating: 8/10

ESRB: Not Rated

For a long time, we who played video games, and we who played Dungeons and Dragons have wanted to play a video game about Dungeons and Dragons. Unfortunately, that holy game has not yet come, but the free browser game Card Hunter from Blue Manchu comes pretty dang close. You play as a team of three heroes-the warrior, the mage, and the cleric (personally, I was pissed that they failed to provide a rogue) against Gary, the newly learning game master (and occasionally his obnoxious older brother, Melvin). The game is really fun, with the different racial attributes coming into play like any good RPG. (Dwarves have the most health but move horribly slow, and elves can sprint across the map but die in a few hits). You gain levels and achieve new weapons and gear pretty fast, but each fight is always a challenge. The biggest flaw of Card Hunter-and indeed, the flaw of many RPGs and even early D&D-is the horrible unfair advantages that some enemies have, and sometimes your card draws are the worst ever. For example, I was doing fairly well until I had to fight those friggin TROGS with their flipping 4-DAMAGE RESISTING ARMOR THAT YOU CAN KEEP PLAYING UNTILL I ONLYHAVE FREADKING WALK CARDS! Needless to say, if you relish the challenge, Card Hunter will deliver.

Assassin’s Creed  4:  Black  Flag: Type: Action

Players: 1-8 Reviewed Rating: 9.75/10


The fourth game of the well-received Assassin’s Creed  series  is  in  many  ways,  one  of  the  best   games this generation. As one of the final currentgeneration games and one of the first nextgeneration games, it is a work of art only Ubisoft can make.  The  game  takes  place  in  the  1700’s,  mid   Golden Age of Piracy with you playing as Edward Kenway, a pirate turned assassin. The naval combat has greatly evolved since Assassin’s  Creed  3, and you can board ships from any angle imaginable. The duel -wielding felt great and paired with the four free-aim pistols, Edward feels like a beast, moving down Spanish and English soldiers in the way of his next prize. The story is fairly interesting as well, throwing in famous pirates like Blackbeard, Jack Rackham, and Mary Reade and Anne Bonny as well as less known (but no less interesting) pirates like Charles Vane, Stede Bonnet, and Bartholomew Roberts. The game handles well, but falls short in a few places. The mission types can sometimes feel a bit repetitive (tail the guards, eavesdrop on the conversation, etc.), and sometimes trying to take over a fort or fight a ship during a storm can become a mess real quick. The plot is also less than perfect. Edward is a giant prat who seems to just want money, and sometimes your friends in one mission will become an enemy in the next with little to no explanation. And of course, the modern day story blows, but it always does. The multiplayer is very fun, and the maps have great hiding, trailing, and jumping spaces. Overall, despite its flaws, this is the best Assassin’s  Creed game to date, and it would be a treasure worth adding to your trove.

Star Wars The Old Republic The game Star Wars The Old Republic is a free-toplay MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game) computer game, with a subscription system, centered around the Star Wars Universe. In this game you can choose to be part of the Empire or the Republic. Then you can choose classes to play as. Each class has a different storyline and different followers who listen to your every whim and fantasy.

I recently got this game and have played as all 8 classes and some of their story lines. My favorite by far is the Sith Assassin, a prestige class for the Sith Inquisitor, who can channel the force to turn invisible and wields a double-bladed lightsaber. The other classes include: Trooper, Jedi Consular, Scoundrel, and Jedi Knight for the Republic and: Bounty Hunter, Sith Inquisitor, Imperial Agent, and Sith Warrior for the Empire.

As I played through the game I got very interested int the morality system on the game. You can choose to be a good lSith or an evil Jedi. You choose this by how you interact with the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in the world. The morality system has a purpose other than bragging. It affects which items you can use and buy in stores. It also changes how your followers think about you.

As I leveled up my Sith Assassin I learned of all the flaws in the game. The game is very hard to play because most of the fun things you can do are all only available to subscribers. EXP is nearly impossible to earn without one, and even when you do have a subscription you can't earn any. I'm level 27 in an area for level 30 or higher. I can't get past the boss in the area and can't level up enough to get to level 30. I'm in a little bit of a jam.

game. The story lines are very in depth and fun. Most MMORPGs don't give a reason for other players to be running around, but in SWTOR there is a reason: you’re on a planet inhabited by other people. The graphics are great, combat is simple yet hard, and the game gives a great view into the Star Wars universe. There are tons of planets, some space combat, and extensive story lines that make you think about how you want to play out your character.

I recommend everyone who can play this game. It is extremely well built and super fun. Even though it has it's flaws, what game doesn't, right? This game is super great and possibly one of the most fun MMORPG games out there. -Designed and written by Philip Plouch

Even through the flaws I still enjoyed playing the

A Scene From In-Game


Game VS Game Call of Duty


The People’s  Opinions


The People’s  Opinions Call of Duty has guns that are more accurate and Battle Field 4 has amazing graphics and is the look better. most realistic game I have ever played. -Dane Roset -Jacob Roset Call of Duty has smaller maps which make for Multiplayer is superior with tanks and air vehicles relaxing yet fast paced action -Anonymous -Spencer Taylor Battle Field is team based/ strategic and realistic. Call of Duty has an incredible storyline to the -Mason Gresham campaign You can jump out of jets and helicopters and -Collin Ralls there are vehicles unlike CoD Ghosts has attack dogs and other cool kill streaks -Kennet Roset -Ryan Roset I’ve  played  Call  of  Duty  before  and  Battle  Field  3   Ghosts has party game types so you can just play was better than it. with your friends, such as gun game or one in the Oscar Morton chamber Battlefield  isn’t  fast  pace  and  is  much  bigger with -Anonymous more to do Call of Duty has other fun offline or online things -Rhey Corpuz like Zombies or Extinction Battlefield’s  matches  are  longer,  giving  you  more   -Anonymous time for fun Call of Duty has game types like gun game, -Max Harrod infected, and one in the chamber to play with your friends - Wylie Greer

Game VS Game Call of Duty

Battlefield The People’s  Opinions

Call of Duty is the type of game with the fast pace multiplayer and fun that gamers want. It is full of local game types like Infected, Gun Game, One in the Chamber, and other fan favorites. Each game introduces new weapons and maps to the series, never leaving a dull moment. Also, more recently released were the amazing games modes zombies and extinction and the ability to customize your very own character.

Battlefield games are packed with unique, thrilling moments – the kind of moments you can find only in Battlefield. Only in Battlefield means jumping out of a jet, spinning around, and destroying the jet chasing you with an RPG. It means bringing down a skyscraper and parachuting off as the building crumbles beneath your feet. It means that moment when your team erupts in cheers as you make the impossible happen.


-Call of Duty

People's Vote's for Best Game -Call of Duty

BattleField Call of Duty

23 people voted for COD and 27 voted Battlefield

This article is about the ten best and worst of each heroes and villains from popular videogames, with a description and ranking of each

Author’s Note For those of you who are gamers I know that you may  be  wondering  why  certain  characters  aren’t  on  the   list. The problem is that there are millions of videogame characters and I was only able to pick twenty. Also I haven’t  played  every  video  game  in  the  world.  I  read   thousands of articles, watched hundreds of walkthroughs, and read every videogame wiki there is for this article. Sadly I can only have so many characters for the article. I will say that more than half of the characters in the article are from games I have never played. Of the thousands of possible characters I could only pick ten for each list and I am sorry that I had to leave out so many great videogame characters. –Daniel S


10. Mario- Everybody knows Mario. He’s the guy that made videogames a big thing. The only reason he isn’t higher is because in several games he’s been the villain…and he tried to kill DK jr.

10. The Star destroyer- Now you may not consider the star destroyer from “The Force Unleashed” a villain but I do. He the most annoying and hardest boss ever, when you’re about to defeat it the tie fighters come and he gets back up! It’s so annoying!!!

9. Link- Link is the one of the most well rounded heroes in existence. He is great with a bow, super strong, and the best swordsman out there. He’s just one of those classic videogame characters that you can’t leave out.

9. Shao Khan-The final boss of the Mortal Kombat tournament. This brute may be big, but his fall is the sweetest.

8. Death- Even though most people see Death as a villain in “Darksiders 2” he’s actually the hero. The best part about him is his quest is completely selfless. The entire game is him risking his life to prove his brother’s innocence.

8. Ganondorf-Nothing is worse than a villain with a repetitive goal. Even after more than six attempts to kidnap Zelda, he just keeps coming. 7. Creepers- If you’ve ever played “minecraft” then you know how annoying these guys are. Your just mining some ore in a cave and then boom you just lost all your stuff.

7. Star Killer- He defeated Vader and took down the most annoying boss in the universe in the game “The Force Unleashed”! Plus he’s the son of a jedi!

6. Bowser- Every gamer in the world knows Bowser. He’s the villain that no matter what will always try to get Princess peach and come into conflict with Mario.

6. The Dragonborn-A mortal born with the soul of a dragon and is the main hero in “Skyrim”. He killed Alduin and saved the world.

5. Vladimir Makarov- From killing hundreds of Russian civilians, to starting WW3 this Russian ultranationalist was bent on destroying the west. No matter the cost; even if it meant killing over 30,000 people.

5. Pac Man- Before pac-man there was nothing. It was the first hero and character in a video game, without him this list would have never been made.

4. The Reapers-These irritating aliens are hell bent on destroying the universe again and again. They are unstoppable and like to blow everything to shreds

4. Master Chief- He saved the universe. Enough said. 3. Ezio- For a long time in the AC series Ezio has been the assassin that everyone loved. First off he gets to fly one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s machines. Secondly he’s the first non-assassin to do a leap of faith which is pretty impressive. 2. The Nerevarine-The Nerevarine was the reincarnation of the warlord Indoril Nerevar that liberated Morrowind. He defeated Dagoth Ur, and he destroyed the heart of Lorkhan in Elder scrolls 3, Morrowind. 1. Edward Kenway- Arguably the most popular assassin by now, and he’s a pirate! The best part about Kenway though is that he never received any training, and still knew how to do the leap of faith; which is why he’s number 1 on this list. He had no training what so ever and wasn’t an assassin for about half the game.

3. The Lich King- Arthas Menethil was a paladin and now he’s one of World of Warcraft’s most iconic villains. He led the armies of undead to destroy Quel’Thalas. Plus he looks AWESOME! 2. Cesare Borgio-One of the biggest jerks in the Assassin’s Creed series is, of course, one of the best villains. Stopping him from collecting the Pieces of Eden is one of the greatest moments in the series. 1. Alduin-The number one is the Nordic dragon god of time, bent on destroying the world. His return signals the end of Nirn. Even though the last dragonborn from Skyrim killed him it is theorized that he will return to fulfill his destiny. When Alduin returns the world of the Elder Scrolls will end. .

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