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CDMA: Redefining Innovation


ess than five years ago, wireless connectivity across India to many seemed as real as the use of computers back in the '80s. According to industry projections, India will be world's second largest telecom market with 500 million subscribers by 2010. This phenomenal growth of wireless industry seen in the last three years makes India one of the fastest emerging markets in the world. No longer confined to being “the rich man's commodity”, mobile phones have grown from their original function as a luxury item. They now extend across segments, catering to both the urban and rural population. GSM and CDMA 2000 are the standards of wireless connectivity that exist in India. While the GSM standard enjoyed a head start in the country, the introduction of CDMA2000 in India revolutionized the wireless industry. CDMA2000 mobile services were introduced in 2002 and triggered the tele-density growth by 100 percent within first year of launch. According to the CDMA Development Group, CDMA's adoption rate surged and the subscriber base grew by over eight million in 2003 following the deployment of CDMA2000 and market liberalization that year. The story continues even today with CDMA2000 operators in India having one of the highest subscriber growth rates in the world. As of July 2007, the number of CDMA2000 subscribers in India reached 50 million. For the first time, consumers were privy to a variety of schemes and tariff plans and could choose one that suited their specific requirements. Initiatives like “Lifetime Incoming Free” and “One India One Rupee” launched by CDMA2000 operators accelerated the process of wireless connectivity in India. CDMA2000 enabled innovative offerings such as fixed wireless phones, data cards for Internet access and USB modems. CDMA 2000's exponential growth can be attributed to its technological benefits. Its high-speed capabilities and spectral efficiency, allows operators to offer a solution for providing data services to even the remotest areas. This is ideal in India, where spectrum is a precious commodity. CDMA utilizes spectrum very efficiently by accommodating more users per MHz of bandwidth as compared to any other

technology. 3G technologies like CDMA can provide voice and true broadband access much more economically. The costeffectiveness of setting up infrastructure for CDMA2000 connectivity makes it an extremely viable standard for the country where a majority of the country's population resides in remote locations. Though CDMA2000 gained popularity for enabling affordable connectivity solutions, there are today many device manufacturers including majority of the leading brands offering a complete range of models. From low-end models to high end Smartphones, CDMA2000 devices offer a bouquet of features including MP3 and camera capabilities as well as access to the Internet. It belied the common perception among users that CDMA2000 handsets do not accommodate SIM cards. Majority of CDMA2000 devices launched today come with R-UIM capability, enabling consumers to change or upgrade handsets. The dual mode SIM handsets like the Samsung DUO is the other innovation. It allows the operation of two numbers with combination of both CDMA2000 and GSM. CDMA's technological benefit furthers its viability in semi-urban or rural areas in India where wireless technologies are more economical than wireline. The World Bank has estimated that the capital cost of providing mobile coverage to an individual is one-tenth of the cost of installing a fixed-line connection. Offering a cost effective solution, CDMA plays a critical role in bringing handsets to this majority group.

Product Panorama Samsung DUO: SCH W339 - CDMA and GSM - 2 SIM card Slots - World Roaming - Voice Memo, Voice Recording - MP3 / AAC+ Player - 1.3 Megapixel camera - Emergency SOS Alert - Video Streaming, MMS - Tata Zone (BREW downloads) - Internet Access Speed up to 150Kbps - High Definition Display with Touch Screen

Motorola MotoQ - OS: MS Windows Mobile 5.0 - Microsoft Exchange 2003 - Speech Recognition - Mini-SD memory card - 320 x 240 pixels, 65K TFT Display - 1.3 Megapixel camera, photo lighting - Thinnest QWERTY device (11.5mm) - Audio formats: iMelody, MIDI, MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, WAX, QCELP - Video formats: H.263, MPEG-4, GSM-AMR, AAC, WMV - Image formats GIF87a, GIF89a, JPEG, WBMP, BMP, PNG - PIM functionality, Picture Caller ID

LG Vx9800

There is a significant rise in the demand for data enabled handsets in India, with consumers across segments demanding more from their handsets than just voice. Be the enterprise customers for whom data on the move is crucial to business or casual consumers who wish for their PC in their palm CDMA handsets offers downloads speeds up to eight times faster than other standards. In a market where consumers are increasingly expecting their mobile handsets to act as “do-it-all” gadgets, the uptake of a technologically advanced standard such as CDMA is fast becoming the natural course of progression!

- Technology: 1xEV-DO r0 - 2-Way Text Messaging - Camcorder resolution (320x240/QVGA) - 1.3 Megapixel camera - Integrated GPS navigation through Verizon Wireless VZ - WAP Browser: Openwave 6.2.3 - 65,000-color TFT LCD / 160 x 128 pixels - Voice command and text-tospeech

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Empowering fishing communities with Fisher Friend Industries across the world today are growing at a whirlwind rate. Economies are speedily evolving and so is the nature of business. Companies are steadily working towards achieving the triple bottom line - social, economic and environmental welfare.


s one of the companies at the forefront of the global telecom industry, QUALCOMM believes that access to advanced wireless voice and data services improves people's lives. Many of the company's initiatives support programs and solutions that empower developing communities globally. One such initiative is Wireless Reach™. Wireless Reach creates sustainable 3G projects through partnerships with public and private sectors to strengthen economic and social development of underserved communities worldwide. The key areas of focus for this initiative include environment, education, public safety, government and healthcare. The Last Mile A Wireless Reach project that is making its presence felt in India is Fisher Friend. India has seen meteoric growth in the telecom industry over the last decade. However, concerns surrounding the last mile connectivity persist in the rural areas of the country. Fisher Friend, which is a Wireless Reach initiative in collaboration with MSSRF will help bridge the digital divide and empower remote communities with information. Empowering Communities When Tsunami hit the Southern coasts of India in December 2004, lives, property and livelihoods were lost. Generating relevant information and response speedily was a challenge. Fisher Friend was created to bridge this very communication gap. Fisher Friend is a user-friendly BREWbased application that works on 3G CDMA handsets and provides vital, real-time information to fishing communities anytime, anywhere at the press of a button.

The origins of Fisher Friend can be traced back to the rapid growth of growth of low cost mobile-devices with integrated computing capabilities beyond simple voice. In July 2006, the M.S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) and QUALCOMM began a dialogue on how to disseminate information relevant to the fishing community through mobile devices. Astute Systems Technology, a leading BREW developer and TATA Teleservices joined the partnership to take forward the process of developing and deploying a multi-service system. Subsequently, it was introduced in India in early August this year.

updates on government schemes, policies and developments of interest to fishing communities. Interactive in nature, the fishing communities were involved in every stage of designing the application, which has been field tested with batches of 50 fisher folks at a time. The flexible nature of BREW allows the application to be customized through a user-friendly control panel, and undergo further changes as per the demands of each fishing community. The Fisher Friend application is currently being piloted in Tamil Nadu and leverages the MSSRF's existing initiatives with the fishermen community in the state.

Fisher Friend works in tandem with MSSRF. Data on weather information is obtained from and whilst the Fishing Zone Information is sourced from EMPEDA and INCOIS. All information is accumulated in a central server at MSSRF. Upon sending a single-button-click request from a menu-driven client software on the mobile phone, fishermen get access to vital updates on opportunities, risks and fish trade information, in a local language (Tamil at present). This application aims to enable fishing communities to earn their livelihoods in a safe and proactive manner by leveraging 3G CDMA wireless and ICT technologies. It can: · · ·

Save lives by providing timely weather alerts to survive danger at high seas Enhance livelihood by providing realtime data on fish migration and market prices. Increase knowledge base by providing

What lies beyond Believing that the application has the potential to benefit fishing communities all over India, the Fisher Friend project aims to extend to other communities in the coastal belts of India. QUALCOMM believes that voice and data are key drivers of growth, especially in rural areas where factors such as poor electricity and low literacy levels are impeding growth and information access. Fisher Friend is great example of customized interactive solutions that can be created to meet the specific needs of a particular community.



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The Power of One - QUALCOMM's Single Chip Solution


UALCOMM delivers the world's only single-chip solutions for CDMA20001X. In March 2007, QUALCOMM announced the launch of the industry's firstever single-chip multimedia solution in India.

Manufacturers and which enables multiple A Fabless achievement operators can deliver features across various compelling wireless price points whilst Category: Network and communications iSuppli Corp, the applied market intelligence company, multimedia solutions maintaining affordability. ICs ranks QUALCOMM, amongst the 10 global designed to increase QSC devices allow more Winner: QSC Solutions for semiconductor companies chip suppliers. In the second revenue, drive airtime features on entry-level CDMA2000 1X quarter this year. usage and capitalize on handsets than ever before, network investments. including several features “QUALCOMM is a leader in integrating According to information available on the iSuppli's such specialty processors on a single such as MP3 or AAC, website, QUALCOMM carries with it the distinction of chip with its QSC product family” The chipsets build on being the first fables company to have achieved this. camera, 64-poly ring tones, QUALCOMM, rose to the ninth position among global QUALCOMM's years 153Kbps data and support semiconductor suppliers up from 13th in the first quarter. of systems expertise for BREW or Java. These and field experience advanced features are now Revolutionizing the look and feel of today's with CDMA possible with the QSC handsets, QUALCOMM's Single Chip technology. QUALCOMM works with its family of chipsets with smaller form (QSC) solution enables smart design, partners to develop products that meet the factors and streamlined integration. The without compromising power and exact needs of the growing wireless market, form factor extends to the high-end devise functionality. providing its customers with comprehensive coupled with rich solutions. converged mobile The QSC solution's experience. It ensures QSC: All in a Single Chip innovative More details on the single chip solution can quicker downloads of architecture be found on data, email and large Promotes stylish, innovative devices. The world's only single-chip simplifies design attachments, supports solutions for CDMA2000 1X eliminate discrete components in handset requirements and various audio formats, design to lower development costs, reduce bill-of-materials costs and reduces external enables corporate accelerate time to market. components, Maximizes design options by minimizing parts count. Includes the email solutions all of lowering overall industry's first integrated CDMA2000 1X radio transceiver, a which are a perfect fit radioOne® solution that combines radio receiver and transmitter manufacturing costs. for Indian consumers functionalities into a single design using cost-effective RF CMOS process This allows OEMs to seeking enriched technology. supply competitively multi-media Delivers affordable wireless voice and data on a global scale. Ensures priced data enabled experience. that operators in worldwide CDMA2000 1X markets have access to handsets to more affordable handsets that deliver cost-effective multimedia services to a markets worldwide. The QSC solution's larger consumer base. The lowered integration of Maximizes the power of QUALCOMM's wireless integration strategy. development costs QUALCOMM's innovative single-chip architecture simplifies design baseband modem, RF also play a key role in requirements for OEMs and reduces external components, lowering transceiver, power ensuring that overall manufacturing costs so manufacturers can supply pricemanagement and competitive voice and data handsets to more markets worldwide. operators worldwide system memory into a have access to single chip reduces affordable devices. the number of discrete This enables them to deliver cost-effective components required, reduces bill-ofmultimedia services to a larger consumer materials costs and delivers board-area base. Moreover, QSC is a tiered solution savings. EDN Innovation Awards 2007

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Fisher Friend debuts at Mission 2007 Fisher Friend, a Brew-based application made its presence felt at Mission 2007 in the technology pavilion at the QUALCOMM India booth. An initiative spearheaded by QUALCOMM and M.S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF), this application was formally launched during the founder's day of MS Swaminathan Research Foundation on 7th Aug 2007 at Chennai. Fisher Friend is a BREW-based application that works on 3G CDMA handsets and provides vital, real-time information to fishing communities anytime, anywhere at the press of a button.

Reliance Communications and QUALCOMM plan India CDMA2000 expansion Reliance Communications, among Asia's five most valuable telecom companies, and QUALCOMM Incorporated, a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies and data solutions, collaborate to leverage the capabilities of the CDMA2000 technology in the world's fastest growing telecom market. Reliance also announced their world leading CDMA2000 network expansion plans, covering more than 20,000 towns in India. They plan to address the increasing needs of rural, urban and enterprise consumers through the introduction of even more affordable and feature-rich handsets, wireless Internet data cards and a host of exciting data applications. The two companies have jointly achieved several milestones in driving down the costs of voice telephony in India. The latest goal is to bring consumers an exciting new range of data offerings in mobile broadband including multimedia and entertainment. CDMA2000 has a robust evolution roadmap to next-generation mobile broadband technologies with full backward compatibility.

Motorola, Tata Teleservices, Microsoft and TM QUALCOMM launch MOTO Q in India

Motorola a global leader in the wireless communications business, and Tata Teleservices Ltd, India's premier wireless telecom service provider, introduced MOTO Q™ in the country in association with QUALCOMM and Microsoft. MOTO Q™ is based on a QUALCOMM Multimedia Platform chipset and runs on the Microsoft Windows Mobile® 5.0 Operating system. It delivers an uncompromised mobile experience in an all-in-one handheld device combining reliability of a great phone, personal productivity capabilities, powerful enterprise connectivity and entertainment in a thin and stylish form factor. MOTO Q's signature style is built upon the design revolution created by the Motorola RAZR™.

About QUALCOMM QUALCOMM Incorporated ( is a leader in developing and delivering innovative digital wireless communications products and services based on CDMA and other advanced technologies. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., QUALCOMM is included in the S&P 500 Index and is a 2006 FORTUNE 500® company traded on The Nasdaq Stock Market® under the ticker symbol QCOM.

QUALCOMM Contacts: Sibil Jhaveri The PRactice for QUALCOMM India Phone: 9323316950 Email: QUALCOMM is a registered trademark of QUALCOMM Incorporated. CDMA2000 is a registered trademark of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA USA). Wireless Reach is a trademark of QUALCOMM Incorporated. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



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qualcomm issue 3 30 aug  

- OS: MS Windows Mobile 5.0 - Microsoft Exchange 2003 - Speech Recognition - Mini-SD memory card - 320 x 240 pixels, 65K TFT Display - 1.3 M...