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Window + Kindergarten Design Xiamen University, 2013

Micro-city Floating Park Design UCBerkeley, 2015

Weekend Market Subway Station Renovation RISD, 2017

Room + Boutique Hotel Design Xiamen University, 2014

Unit + Community Planning&Residential Xiamen University, 2015

Other Works Academic/ Professional Works Photography/ Arts

01 Window + "I feel warm and safe cause I know you always accompany me around. " For children, who easily lose feeling of security, it is of great essence to create warm and safe atmosphere during their growth. From their perspective, a sense of security mostly comes from adult’s care and accompany. Also for adults, they would love to keep an eye on children to keep them safe and do things in the right way. This project starts with a feeling of safety, and explores the relationship between kids and teachers ,privacy and public, study and play, quiet and dynamic, outside and inside. By using multiple styles of windows, it tries to break the delimiting in the traditional kindergarten.

Southern Kindergarten of Nine Classes Xiamen, China Studio Work Instructor:

May - July 2013 Individual Xiaoqin Jiang

Visual Play Arrangement of windows is like a visual game and closely related to the function and display of the kindergarten. Lines of sight can always go through the classroom and reach the greens outside but not easily get access to the sleeping children, which also enrich interaction between kids. Teacher Kid

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Exploded Drawing of Windows in 4 Directions Kindergarten is not a place that requires distinct personal space. By utilizing windows to define room, it sets an ambiguous boundary between private and public, which enriches various activities inside the building and helps create a sense of security for kids. (One can make up the kindergarten by cutting and gluing all the pieces together. )

Window Sizes






2000 2250

2000 1500






3750 1500 1125







3750 unit: cm


Corridor Bedroom

5 6













circulation 5m


1 Duty Office 2 Child Health Center 3 Cleaning and Disinfection 4 Food Catering 5 Cold Storage 6 Staple Food Storage 7 Non-staple Food Storage 8 Multimedia Classroom 9 Construction Classroom 1 0 Science Classroom 1 1 Activity Room 1 2 Teachers' office 1 3 Bedroom 1 4 Outdoor Playground

First Floor Plan 4

Axonometric Drawing of Kindergarten There are six layers of construction. The center one is a open courtyard for bedroom, which offers enough sun light and view. The second one is quiet bedroom and the third one is thick wall contained bookshelf,bay window and storage, served as buffer space. The fourth one is hornshape corridor and fifth one is classroom. Outermost layer is opening space and offering various outdoor activities.

2. Bedroom

1. Courtyard 3. Buffer Space

Windows blur the inside and outside of the space, the heights help teachers to look after children and also provide security for kid who is staying or walking.

Windows with the same proportion of 3/4 are different in dimensions, heights and functions


5.Classroom 6.Open Space


02 Micro-city The Floating Park at Pier 24 San Francisco, USA [IN] ARCH ADV Studio Work Instructor:

Jul - Aug 2015 UCBerkeley Individual Keith Plymale

The Floating Park at Pier24 is a recreational space using folds and shifts in the landscape, which utilizes stairs and ramps to encourage participants to meander through the site. With tides falling and rising, the platforms at different heights will expose to public at different time. The catwalks over the head and sea water beneath organize two flowing system at the same time.

Three View Drawings Drawing to track the motion of a real wood angle tool and selecting three typical verbs— Rotate, Loop,


Super-imposition Using three view drawings and following the logic of three verbs—Rotate, Loop, Overlap to create an analytical generational drawing and explore the space of 2nd-dimension.

Overlapped Drawing of the Original Collage and the Physical Model Cut, collaged and folded, the drawing with analytical generational qualities is transformed into tectonic space. The exploration of space changes into 3nd-dimension. Imagining a new architecture, the drawings and sketch models aim to create a new architectural surface with no function defined. The model now is "architecurally suggestive".

Physical Model Using the language of "Rotate, Loop, Overlap", the physical model organizes space and activities inside by cutting, sticking and folding.


Diagram of the Floating Park The park is connected by catwalks in series, like different parts of city. Sitting or lying down at ramps with different angles offers seaside view with changing skylines. Occupants go up, down, and along the paths which enables each experience to be dependent on the mind each individual.

Using stairs and walls to define space and bring interaction between them

Using ramps to connect the whole site and organize activities inside

Structure of the Floating Park implies the extended lines of city grid

Current city grid near the site

Site Plan Showing both the old and new waterlines and the old and new city grid lines 200ft

Waterline of 19 Century Waterline of Today

View from the Sea

View from Embarcadero


03 Weekend Market + Orange Line is the main subway line benefits commuters in Boston.Cons i d e r i n g b u s y t r a ff i c a n d g re a t v o l u m e o f r i d e r s h i p , t h e i d e a o f W E E K E N D MARKET is to provide more recreation choices to the residents in the neighborhood and would not conflict with daily traffic during weekdays at the mean time. The site, Ruggles, located in the campus of northeastern university with numbers of universities and art school nearby. Aimed at art market, the Ruggles Weekend Market can activate the school life and also provides opportunities for students to commnunicate with people and sell their art products. Traditional market usually has one-way in and out circulation to guide people walk through all the vendors. Based on the strong geometry of existing environment, my design tries to lead people to the broad roof market and enjoy the city view as well.


Renovation for Boston Subway Station Boston, USA Studio Work Instructor:

Sept - Dec 2017 Individual Rafael Luna

Ridership Analysis From 2014 to 2016, the date shows that the ridership during weekend is as twice as weekend, especially on Sunday.

Neighbourhood Analysis From 2014 to 2016, the date shows that the ridership during weekend is as twice as weekend, especially on Sunday. Academic Buildings Art Related Buildings

During weedays, two tubes serve as a digital

market showing events and displaying arts for the next weekend market while the roof is empty.

Circulation Analysis

Existing Subway Circulation

Market one-way circulation

Designed new circulation


During weekends, the rooftop opens for vendors and visitors. Two tubes lead the way to the weekend

market on the roof.


Site Model ( before design)

Roof Level Model


Ground Level Model


Section Detail Model



Design Intervension Diagram 2nd skin: the shape transforms from circle to square

Structure of frames, ribs and sky windows

The inner skin of glass windows go with two expanded long walks start from the corridor at 1st floor and connect the framework at 2nd floor

Remove two heads of orginal arch

Keep orginal function at 1st floor

Standing structures


04 Room + Originating from Song and Yuan Dynasty at around 12th century, Tulou, as the most important part of Fujian historical heritage, reflects Hakka ancestor’s creation and wisdom. The buildings are famous for their long history – various types , large scale ,fantastic structure, multiple function and rich connotation.They are organized within the field of aesthetics,sociology, economics and fengshui of Chinese. Yongding, Fujian, where the site is located in, has 4 groups of Tulou and is developing into a tourism region with comprehensive facilities. The boutique hotel is designed to match the trend of traditional buildings in the site and also meet the needs in modern days.

Food Court

Tulou Experience Zone

Site Handicraft Area

Tourist Area

Boutique Hotel Design besides Tulou Nanjing, China Studio Work Instructor:

Nov 2013 - Feb 2014 Individual Suyu Li

Site Photo from Google Earth

Multi-Circle Units

Two-Circle Units basic form

courtyard inside

courtyard outside

2 solid units

units with different heights







Traditional Form of Tulou in Fujian Province The layout of Fujian tulou followed the Chinese dwelling tradition of “closed outside, open inside” concept: an enclosure wall with living quarters around the peripheral and a common courtyard at the centre. A small building at the center with open front served as an ancestral hall for ancestry worshipping, festivals, meetings, weddings, funerals and other ceremonial functions. Most tulou were of earthen construction and can divided into rectangular form and circle form by geometry or units and gallery by internal structure. The roofs are of five levels in order that they can allow people of several generations to live in harmony together.” One small family owned a vertical set from ground floor to penthouse floor, while a larger family would own two or three vertical sets.

Tulou before evolution: Rectangular

Developed Form: Circle

Inward space


Growing Circle

Original Tulou in rectangular form has negative space in 4 corners and larger in floor area than circle form with equivalent aera.

Characteristic of Symmetry and Homogeneity for developed Tulou help create positive space.

Enclosed building boost vitality inside. It was also useful as a defense to escape from violence during war according to history.

Toulou is a model of community housing and commonly holds more than 3 generations at the same time. Every smallscale families share the same ancestry and equal room.

Tulou can expand following form of cocentric circle and accommodate more dwellers



31 31 30






Third Floor Plan

4 3


2 28

7 6




A 27 1. Lobby 2. Front Office 3. Reception 4. Luggage 5. Courtyard 6. Fire Control Center 7. Western Restaurant 8. Banquet Room 9. Coffee 10 .Kitchen 11. Parking 12. Non-staple Food Storage 13. Staple Food Storage 14. Staff Room 15. Non-thermal Food Processing 16. Thermal Food Processing 17. Food Delivering Area 18. Food Preparation Area 19. Food Sterilization 20. Rest Room 21. Administrative-office 22. Meeting Room 23. Store Room 24. Changing room 25. Facilities room 26. Bar 27. Chinese Restaurant 28. GYM 29. Swimming Pool 30. Suites 10 m 31. Linen Room


Second Floor Plan

20 20 25

21 21










18 17 16 15


First Floor Plan

15 19

24 20





Basement Floor Plan 15

View from Northern Suite Courtyard

View from Banquet Room's Roof

Exploded Drawing of Hotel

Grass ground

Semi-outer plants area


Semi-outer plants area

Outdoor swimming pool

3F Gazebos besides river

Semi-outer plants area Wood grilles on facade

2F Wading pool

Reinforced concrete column Ringlike sidewalk


Outdoor dining seats

Courtyard with trees

Logistics Office

B1F 16

Suite Details


Brushed stainless steel door pocket Brushed stainless steel door frame Guide

12mm Toughened glass

Self-tapping screw Cavity-glass

Engineered soil Pebble beam Waterproofing membrane Root barrier cast-in-place reinforced concrete floor 2% incline Insulation layer cast-in-place reinforced concrete floor






Section A-A 17

05 Unit + Community Planning and Residential Design Changsha, China Mar- June, 2015 Group Work Team Leader Partner: Jiantong Gao, Sara Carmen Instructor: Liangliang Wang Contribution: research, concept,design,drawing

By Shuchen Peng, Jiantong Gao

Market Research To meet the need of market, the project aims at development of small-sized apartment that floor area is lower than 90 square meters.

Plan Analysis Circulation Analysis

Function Analysis

Sunlight Analysis

Master Plan



Center Park




Fields for kids


Theme Park


Public Sports Stadium


Waterfront Stage


Commercial Street




Private Club

10 Waterfront Platform 11 Wharf A





Duplex House








A 5 7 E


A 6

3 9







10 D



By Shuchen Peng, Jiantong Gao 19

By Sara Carmen, Shuchen Peng, Jiantong Gao

Riverside View The site is beside the Xiangjiang River. Consider the view of the water, the traditional rectangular residential building is changed into picturesque disorder to optimize the scenery so that more residents can enjoy the water view.

Green Roof The roof is open to the public in this open community. Besides, the inside part of public green area is accessible for the residents in the middle units.

Mixed-use The function of office, business, commercial, sports and education are accommodated into a collection of building, which provides convenience for both residents and people living in the surrounding area.

Eco-balcony Bulged oblique balcony is built to receive more sunlight and create rhythmic facade.

By Sara Carmen, Shuchen Peng, Jiantong Gao



First Floor Plan

170 ㎡

Second Floor Plan

100 ㎡

Third Floor Plan

90 ㎡

50 ㎡

A-A Section


Other Academic Works

Interior Architecture Design Column + Studio Work Providence, USA

Individual Oct - Dec 2016

Based on the study of understanding of creativity in psychology and neuroscience fields, I found that connectivity benefits people during learning and communicating. In the design, I’m trying to achieve the goal of connecting people and making people feel connected.

Geometry of Connectivity

Travel Exhibition Design WA X & WA N E Studio Work Providence, USA

3 Categories of Art Collections

Individual Mar- May 2017

When the moon waxes and wanes, it shows both sunny and dark sides. When we meet someone or something new, we are presented with both of front and back. This is what we call Synchronicity. Most of time, the bright face is dominant. However, we cannot ignore that the accent side can also demand attention. Through the exploration of synchronicity in design, this exhibition seeks to light up the shades and present both sides at the same time.


Other Academic Works

Furniture Design Wo o d C o r n e r Ta b l e R I S D, U S A M a r - M ay, 2 0 1 7

The side table is designed for a 15 3/4”-high s l e e p e r- s o f a . T h e t a b l e h a s 2 h o r i z o n t a l s l i d ing panels, which can open up to 30” to provide more space for reading, writing, eating and working with a laptop. Also, they could be closed to 20” as minimum to save space. The table provides two working heights at 22” and 25 3/4” at the same time to accommodate more uses.

woodshop working

ash wood

movable track

T-Slot Track and T-Bolts

Walking in Crowds Oncoming Crash

Human Factors Wa l k i n g i n C r o w d s | A c c o m m o d a t i n g O t h e r s i n S p a c e R I S D, U S A Sept-Dec, 2017 G r o u p Wo r k R o l e : D e s i g n e r, M o d e l m a k e r Walking in Crowds Partner: Jeremy Wolin, Xuecheng He Oncoming Crash

Subliminal Turn

W h e n w a l k i n g t h r o u g h a c r o w d e d s p a c e , t h e p e d eBysShoulder trian blades subconsciously shifts, shor tening the breadth of their body in order to let another pedestrian cross through the same space. This twist is often small, but meaningful - those who per for m it often subconsciously perceive the space they take up, and adjust it to accommodate another person.

Subliminal Turn By Shoulder blades


Initial Conditions

Walking in Crowds under concept Oncoming Crash with model

30° Subliminal Turn By Shoulder blades with model

Small twist makes room for other person

O u r i n t e r v e n t i o n e x t e n d s t h e b r e a d t h o f t h e b o d y, d r a s tically increasing the tur ning angle required to make space for an oncoming person in a crowded area, and i n t u r n m a k i n g t h i s i n t e r- h u m a n a d j u s t m e n t m o r e c oInitial nConditions scious.

New Conditions


connection detail 1

connection detail 1

connection detail 2

connection detail 3

Small twist makes room for other person


Other Academic Works Physical Construct Design C o m p e t i t i o n Wo r k , M ay, 2 0 1 4 G r o u p Wo r k Role: Major Designer Pa r t n e r : J i a n t o n g G a o, J i e Z h a n g , Y i l i

Installation Design G r o u p Wo r k , J u n e , 2 0 1 6 Role: Designer Pa r t n e r : I n t a r c l a s s

Wo o d m o d e l ( S i z e : 2 ’ / 2 ’ / 2 ’ ) Model Study on Mirroring Individual, June, 2016

Plaster model (Size: 8”/ 8” / 8”) Model Study on Mirroring Individual, June, 2016

2 0 1 3 S u m m e r Wo r k s h o p o f R h i n o a n d G r a s s h o p p e r 2 n d P r i z e , Wo r k s h o p, J u l y, 2 0 1 3 G r o u p Wo r k ( D e s i g n e r ) Pa r t n e r : J i a j u n Ly u , M i n g x i u L i

Move on X-axis

M o v e o n Y- a x i s

Move on Z-axis

2016 Interior Architecture Design Charette


1 s t P r i z e , C o m p e t i t i o n Wo r k , O c t o b e r, 2 0 1 6 G r o u p Wo r k ( M a j o r D e s i g n e r ) Pa r t n e r : M a d i s o n K i m , M i n H e e K i m , X u n q i S h e n , Pe i h a n Wa n g , D a n n i n g N i u







Other Professional Works SOHO Fuxing Lu / gmp Architekten s u m m e r, 2 0 1 7 Internship

1-1 section detail

2-2 section detail



Sketching Practice S h a x i , Yu n n a n J u l y, 2 0 1 3

Sketching Practice Xiamen,Fujian Jul,2014

Sketching Practice Xiamen,Fujian Jan, 2012

Wa t e r c o l o r P r a c t i c e Xiamen,Fujian Sept, 2012


Photography, Design

Photography Deyoung Museum, USA


Photography Cologne Cathedral, Cologne, Ger many Jul, 2012

Jewelry Design Xiamen,Fujian A p r, 2 0 1 6

Apparel Design U k i y o - e , t h e G r e a t Wa v e s R I S D, U S A Jan, 2017


Shuchen P  

Architecture & Interior / 2011-2017/

Shuchen P  

Architecture & Interior / 2011-2017/