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Tech News: Apple  Fans are Finding  iPhone X ‘too  Expensive’ to Upgrade.  Some Interesting Facts 

Last year, Apple honored its clientele with something unique and unexpected. Something all screen and of course, highly expensive. iPhone X is a pit of several great features. Designed all around the phenomena of enhancing the user experience, Apple features their new phone as ‘Phone of the Future’. Being an iPhone app developer in one of the top ​iPhone app development companies in USA​, I am fond of iPhone’s design, its camera quality, and its user experience. No doubt, that I have a good collection of iPhones and currently do operate one. Being a fan, I would definitely want to go for it. With all display and completely new look and features, X appears too cool to me. However, not every iPhone owner thinks the same. A recent study indicates towards the impact it will lend to their pockets in the upgradation process.

According to approximately 44 percent of 1500 iPhone owners, it is ‘too much expensive’ to upgrade. The survey by Michael Olson, an analyst at the investment bank Piper Jaffray suggested that the primary reason why most iPhone operators didn’t want to upgrade their phones to X was that the was budget seemed to go out of their pockets. It is notable that the basic version of iPhone comes with a price tag of $999 (64 GB version); while $1,149 version appears like a better choice with 256 GB memory. iPhone X, with its announcement, send a thrilling vibe into the several ​iPhone app development services in USA​. Many apps were not designed to support the new display of iPhone X. There were issues like black space on both edges or visual elements getting hidden behind the speaker notch. However, with time, a good amount of improvement was shown in the app UX design. People do love the design and idea behind iPhone X. But, probably, this is the time when Apple rethinks about tagging its devices with over the hedge prices.

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Tech news apple fans are finding iphone x ‘too expensive’ to upgrade  
Tech news apple fans are finding iphone x ‘too expensive’ to upgrade