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Looking for the Coolest Video Editing Android Apps of 2018? Here You Go

Not everyone possesses the high-specs personal computers like those of video mixing professionals. Video editing is quite a heavy task for general purpose PCs. Moreover, one at least surface-level knowledge to edit, merge, or add effects to videos. Well, thanks to several ​Android app development companies​ that made it easy for users to edit videos on their smartphones. It is still a heavy task for handheld devices. But, people are constantly upgrading their old devices, so phones with minimal specs are sliding out of today’s average usages rack.

Since a lot of people are preferring their phones to do basic level editing in their videos, we have researched, found, and enlisted some great video editing applications that you can find in Google’s Android Play Store. These apps can’t do every wonder that your Adobe Premiere Pro can do but they come quite handy: 1. Adobe Premiere Clip Free, excellent, and simple, Adobe Premiere Clip is one of the best video editing app that you can have on your phone right away. You can auto-generate videos from the images you upload and do a lot of effective editing in your videos with a multitude of give tools. 2. FilmoraGo Ever considered playing a video in reverse? FilmoraGo will let you do that. And all that for completely free. However, premium features unlock if you pay a one-time fee of $7.99. Rendering, cutting, and trimming, it’s all a piece of cake with FilmoraGo. 3. ActionDirector

This app is one of my personal favorites as it even supports 4k videos. Besides basic cutting, and rendering, what else you can do with ActionDirector is adding the slow-motion effect, adding text to particular slides, and add your choice of music. Initially free with an option to go premium with $3.99. As an individual, you don’t have to install all these three applications. The only one will suffice your editing needs. Since Adobe Premiere Clip is gaining popularity nowadays, a great many numbers of ​Android app development companies prefer it.

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Looking for the coolest video editing android apps of 2018  
Looking for the coolest video editing android apps of 2018