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A Case Study on Wiseman’s Book App: Development of A Beautiful & Unique iPhone Application

Putting your feet on a stair of success takes you one step higher every time to your goals. And the goal of Shubhashish IT Services Ltd. is to provide high-quality and affordable app & web development services ​to as many clients as possible. So, the story of Wiseman’s Book app started when the client got a

chance to have a look at our portfolio just to mesmerize himself with the level of UX/UI details we obtained in our previous projects. The Client’s Vision The owner of Wiseman Book was certainly a great person to have a conversation with. He was certain about his idea and requirements. Hence, it didn’t take more than 40 minutes of our time to fully comprehend the project. Wiseman Book app was going to revolve around an idea to help people recharge their thought process with wise, proven, and witty quotes with a soul pleasing music and eye-enticing visuals. The Challenge Even though the idea was seemingly unique, the challenge was to make it engaging, not in terms of UX but in terms of total downloads and revenue. And to achieve that, the app needed something more than was initially suggested. Hence, we made a few suggestions such as adding a secure login and sign up a screen, allowing users to comment and like, and much more.

The process We took the client’s idea extremely seriously and sent the app to the development department to find out what exactly they suggest and how much time it is going to require.We have also instructed our developers to list out each and every single feature of this app and anything else that can turn out beneficial for general readers. For us, the entertainment, gratification, and satisfaction of our app users are undoubtedly important. And this app has been created by keeping the same in the mind. With the use of beautiful, high-quality images, unique content, and pleasing music, we have tried to create something that users do not come across usually. However, every part of the text & visual content, as well as the music is selected thoughtfully that they blend with each other so well that an overall agreeable effect is created every time the user hops on. However, the app is so much more to offer than just this.

The Result After the completion, the app had following features: 1. Secure Sign-Up We allow the users to sign-up for a new account securely. They are powered up to choose a preferred username and password for their accounts. And yea, a user can create multiple accounts if he may aspire to. 2. Quick Log-In Once a user successfully signs up with the app, he becomes able to log-in any time of the day quickly and securely. We have maintained high standards of quality checking in that aspect. 3. The Text Content The text content of the app that changes with every changing slide is chosen thoughtfully as well. It's engaging, creative, unique, and delightful at the same time. 4. The Visual Backgrounds

Every text comes with a unique background. However, each background image follows the same theme which in turns captivates user's attention and just enhances the app-experience as they jump to next slide. 5. Sweet, Relevant Music Music has been known for pleasing the mind. Hence, we have added an ear-pleasing music that runs in the background and keeps the engagement quotient in line. 6. Blended Theme Our core idea revolves around putting together our visual, text, and music content in a way that it goes well with the app's theme as well as with each other. The collective look of the application depicts the same. 7. Features Accessible by Guest Users A guest user that wants to access the application without signing up can do so without any constraint. However, there will be some features such as "Like Comment and Share" that won't be

available for him to access. Guests users have the full access to app's content. 8. Enhanced Features for Signed-In Users Once a user is logged in, he/she is able to not only view the full content of the application but also Like and Share the slides they like with their connection. 9. Like Works well as conventional like features. Allows the user to show their admirations to a certain slide they like. The number of likes gets increased as more user taps the thumbs up button. 10. Comment The comment section lets users share their views about a particular slide and that remains visible to all the logged in and logged off users. Screenshots

Conclusion So, that was all. Hope, we haven't missed anything. We have created this app to entertain a specific group of users. And we do believe that it will do well in that aspect.

People with a special interest in reading books, quotes, listening to satisfying music, and photography will find this application extremely interesting. Once in the store, it will definitely set new heights of success.


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A case study on wiseman’s book app  

Putting your feet on a stair of success takes you one step higher every time to your goals. And the goal of Shubhashish IT Services Ltd. is...

A case study on wiseman’s book app  

Putting your feet on a stair of success takes you one step higher every time to your goals. And the goal of Shubhashish IT Services Ltd. is...