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Steps to manage your wedding dream

Writtien by Shuaa Alamri

To be Under the spotlight as the luckiest girl in the evening, being a bride is every single’s girl dream. Every bride thinks of her wedding day as the day of her dreams to be true, she hopes that every single thing in this day ends to be perfect starting from the wedding hall to the food the people are going to eat. Actually not every girl knows the right way to make her day perfect as she wants, in this article we will show her the best steps to follow to make sure everything in the way she want it to be.

Know your budget

First, make sure how much money you have, know your budget and do not deprased if you do not have a lot of money to plane for the wedding, everything can happen if you managed well. If something coast you littel money it does not mean it is not good, always remmember, everything available on the market and you can always choose from several things. Talk to your future husband Second, taking your future husband point of his view of the wedding is really important, this day will be your special day both. Therfore, it is important that you take his opinion as

the first step of being his partner in his life, he will appreciate it from you. Also, you will avoid problems caused by differant tastes. Make some calls Next, call people you know who got married recently, and ask them about the wedding halls they did their wedding in and the prices. Also, ask them about places like cards printers and wedding organizing companies. After asking them, start to search about more on the internet. Wedding guests Third, write the names of the people you want to invite for your special day, and please ask someone to help you while doing that because you will miss some people. After writting all the names count them so you can do the following steps. Cards After knowing the number of your guests, start visiting the printers you asked for and search for more, ask them about thier prices and make sure about the quality of their cards. After knowing thier prices, compare between them according to the quality and the quantity, then tell your future husband about the best three

and ask him about the number of cards he wants. After all, see what suits your budget and your demands and book the number of cards you want, but make sure to recieve them three weeks or month before the wedding so you have time to invite your guests for the wedding. Wedding halls After seeing how much guests you are going to invite for the wedding, it will be easy for you to do the other stuff. The next more important thing is the place where you are going to make the wedding in. start visiting the places after calling them and asking about the prices, When you filter the places according to the prices you will know what suits you and you will save more time and effort. Go to the places see thier offers and choose what suits you, depending on the timing and the prices. Wedding manegment After choosing the Hall, The first quistion you should ask your self is ÂŤ what are we really want ?! do we want a fancy wedding or a simple and small wedding. Then you and your future husband should set togather and draw an imaginary view of the