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KE Designs

ECO Beach Towel $89.99


Sunny Boy



Bells Beach


Fairhaven Beach




Yellow Proteas

Sydney Harbour

toshi Toshi’s exquisite baby sunhat collection reflects the beauty, functionality and exceptional quality for which Toshi is traditionally renowned. Rated UPF50+, the sunhats maximise sun protection and water safety. Your little ones will enjoy beach days in style!

Sunhats $39.99

Cynthia Peach

Cynthia Riviera

Drifter Jungle Giants

Drifter Sharks

Lawrence Dusk

Lawrence Midnight

Libby Lilly

Milly Misty Rose

Olly Forest

Olly Pecan

Sabrina Midnight

Secret Garden Sky

Storytime Road Work

Twiggy Sage

Flap Cap $39.99

Flap Cap Sabrina

Flap Cap Dreamer

Swim Sunhats $29.99

Swin Sunhat Bondi Beach

Swim Sunhat Celeste

Swim Sunhat Sabrina

Swim Sunhat Palm Beach

Swim Sunhat Rock Pool

Swim Sunhat Dreamer

Blue Bayou

Candy Bomb

Green with Envy

Gingham Style


Orange Zest

Artico Elevate your Christmas picnics with Artico's range of portable wine chillers, handy cocktail shakers, wine pumps & bottle opening gift sets. Practical and clever.

Wine Bottle Gift Set $29.99

Wine Chiller $22.99

Cocktail Shaker $49.99

Wine Vacuum Pump $16.99

IOco Don’t let your beach picnic end up a hot, sandy mess. These fabulous beach basket accessories will ensure your alfresco celebration is perfect.

ALL GLASS Coffee Traveller | 8oz $32.99

Diamantè Water Bottle | 600mL $89.99

Cup Holders for Picnic & Beach | Set of 4 $12.99 This handy set of Cup holders is great for the beach to nessle your drinks into the sand. Easy to clean and stackable, making them ideal to pop into your bag and take anywhere!

Basketbeer Bottle Opener $49.99 'Basketbeer' is a magnetic beer bottle opener that magnets to your fridge. You'll never have to go hunting for an opener ever again.

The Beard Catcher $19.99 'The Beard Catcher' is exactly that. It catchers your beard when trimming it. Stick the 2 suction cups to the mirror and loop the domed apron onto the hooks. It's the easiest way to your beard (beach) party ready!

Annabel Trends The Watermate water bottles from Annabel Trends offer a quality alternative to the traditional water bottle. Their double wall stainless steel outer will keep your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours or your hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours.

Watermate Stainless Drink Bottle 950mL $34.99 550mL $29.99

Annabel Trends' Picnic Mats feature cushioning with inner foam, and are easy to fold and roll up or carry with a velcro closure and carry handle.

Picnic Mat $99.99

Ocelot Pink Khaki

Sand Hill

Stainless steel double walled wine tumblers and matching wine bottles are the ideal addition to any picnic or party, keeping your drinks chilled for hours. Glam up your camp-site, picnic or outdoor function with these classy additions!

Wine Tumbler – Double Walled – Stainless Steel 295 ml $24.99

Enjoy your bubbly in our Double Walled Sparking Flutes. Each flute keeps your sparkling drinks icy cold for hours on end whilst holding up to 175 ml of delicious goodness!

Sparkling Flute – Double Walled – Stainless Steel 175mL $19.99

KE Designs

ECO Tea Towel


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Campari Green

Campari Red

Florio SOM




Les Pomme



The New Camp Cookbook by Linda Ly $29.99

Low Tox Life Food by Alexx Stuart $36.99

The Cheese Board Deck by Meg Quinn $29.99

It's Always Gin O'Clock Somewhere by Harper by Design $19.99 Classic cocktail recipes from where you'd rather be. A martini in New York City. A negroni in Positano. It's always gin o'clock somewhere, right?

Steph's Choice Pharmacy Technician

This book is my secret to cooking up a feast for my friends and family during the festive season!

Home by Stephanie Alexander $59.99 A collection of more than 200 original recipes, each recipe is a finely crafted tribute to her passion for produce and flavour. This book reflects Stephanie’s consummate skill in communicating the fundamentals of technique.

Marimekko These paper napkins come in eye-catching patterns from the Swedish design house and brighten up everything from a regular meal to trendy five star dining occasions.

Large $10.99

Small $7.99

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0 2 pack

Pukka A tasty alternative to chocolate; perfect for cosying up with a warming cup of herbal bliss. With 24 different organic herbal teas to try, it's not only the perfect gift for tea connoisseurs, but and a veritable advent calendar for adults!

Christmas Advent Calendar $29.99

Tilley Create a home space full of wellness, healing and ritual goodness this Christmas.

Hand & Body Wash 400mL


A naturally hydrating formula that will moisturise and nourish while gently cleansing your skin.

Available in Coconut & Lime Tahitian Frangipani Vanilla Bean Pink Lychee

Hand & Body Lotion 400mL


A smooth and creamy textured lotion that is easily absorbed and literally melts into your skin. Enriched with Q10 and a blend of Amino Acids to energise and moisturise your skin and leave it feeling silky soft.

Available in Coconut & Lime Tahitian Frangipani Vanilla Bean Pink Lychee

Hand and Nail Cream 125mL $12.99 Specially formulated with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil, to protect, nourish and hydrate, leaving hands feeling silky smooth and satin soft. Apply a small amount, and massage into the hands until absorbed. Use daily for best results.

Available in

Tahitian Frangipani Vanilla Bean Violet Fields Tasmanian Lavender Coconut & Lime Pink Lychee


Danica's Choice

This cream has saved my hands from a 100 hand sanitiser applications I subject them to daily. Coconust & lime is my go-to summer scent!

Bath Bombs


Drop into a warm bath and enjoy the fragrant fizz of these delicious summer scents!

Available in

Swirl Coconut & Lime Swirl Violet Fields Swirl Pink Lychee Swirl Mango Delight Peony Rose Lemon Myrtle Vanilla Bean Cherry Blossom

Reed Diffusers 150mL $27.99 Made to the highest quality standards and with the finest quality ingredients to a unique triple scented formula that will last for up to three months.

Available in

Coconut & Lime Tahitian Frangipani Vanilla Bean Pink Lychee

Available in Magnolia & Green Tea Tahitian Frangipani Vanilla Bean Sandalwood & Bergamot Hibiscus Flower Coconut & Lime Ylang Ylang & Tuberose Spiced Pear


Scented Soy Candles 250g

Tilley’s Soy Candles are carefully hand poured and crafted to the highest quality standards. Made from premium blended soy wax and lead-free cotton wick, this lemongrass triple scented soy candle will burn cleanly for up to 45 hours.

Invite your loved ones to discover the benefits of aromatherapy with Lively Living's stylish diffusers and essential oils!

Aroma Zen $109.99 Aroma-Zen diffusers allow you to disperse your favourite essential oils through the room safely, and without heat.

Jenny's Choice

Pharmacy Assistant

Switching this on with my lavender essential oil is an instantly calming night-time ritual for me and my little girls.

Aroma-Home $99.99 With advanced cool mist technology, Lively Livings Aroma-Home allows you to disperse your favourite essential oils through the room safely, and without heat.

Aroma Elm


The Aroma-Elm releases a large volume of anions which produce electrostatic reactions with dust and impurities that float in the air. The Aroma-Elm comes with a gentle warm breathing light, which cycles through a series of relaxing colours, can be set to your favourite colour, or can be completely switched off if no light is preferred.

Aroma Fern


​Aroma Fern's quality ceramic cover creates a natural ”eco feel” for diffusing essential oils. The beautifully crafted leaf design creates a feeling of nature to enhance and enjoy indoors.

Aroma Stone


The Aroma-Stone comes with a standard wall cord and a USB power cord making it ideal for office and home use, or use whilst traveling. The perfect on-the-go aromatherapy companion!

Essential Oils



Mary's Choice

Essential oils and blends are a fantastic way to augment detoxification and lymphatic drainage protocols, and certain blends are fantastic at stimulating our parasympathetic nervous system to provide calm and clarity.

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SOHUM Fill the room with Christmas-y scents from Sohum's delicious wood wick candles. The organic cedar wick makes a soothing crackling sound reminiscent of an open fire as it burns. The proprietary creamy botanical wax blend makes this candle a true eco delight for candle lovers!

Botanical Candle Candlette 100g


Eco Cedarwick Candle in Ceramic Jar Christmas Tree 340g $39.99 Seasonal Candle housed in a shiny silver ceramic jar. With fragrance notes of Fir Needle, White Cedar, Mountain Pine, Lemon Balm & Spruce, it will fill the void of an actual Christmas tree in your living room!

Botanical Eco Cedarwick Candle 500g


Sweet ginger spiced butter shortbread, dusted with sugar snow. Notes of vanilla pods, almondine, gingerbread & buttercream. Or festive celebration of seasonal berries, mingled with cassis, lemon zest & rosewater, dusted with frosted strawberries & almond snow. Both are scrumptious fragrances! Sohum's botanical wax candlettes are finished with a signature cedarwick induces a soft ambient glow infused with vivid fragrance.

Jason's Choice

Pharmacy Assistant

Light up one of these candles in your living room. It's the easiest way to get into the festive spirit!

ASPAR Each product has been created for in-spa treatment use, making it a professional, spa strength product. ASPAR's all-natural formulations are made in Melbourne - support local.

Body Spa Rituals Hand Spa Rituals Sleep Spa Rituals

$49.99 $49.99 $49.99

Helen's Choice

Pharmacy Assistant

The Sleep Ritual is a go-to of mine after particularly stressful days

Smelly Balls In a ‘nut’ shell, Smelly Balls are reusable air freshener balls that hang in your car to make the car smell great. Whip out and apply the Fragrance Oil when they need a little freshen’ up.

Evergreen Set


Evoke the smell of Aussie wilderness with the Native Trees Fragrance Oil. Think pine, eucalyptus, wattle and wooly bush!

Dusky Pines Set


Aussie bush colours to go with Aussie bush smells

Brumby Sunstate

Remembering Mother Nature by Stuart French $21.99 An absolute bestseller, this empowering and uplifting book is THE story to inspire our children to care for our beautiful planet and the incredible creatures within it, all with the help of Mother Nature.

Samson C. Turtle by Clare Floy $21.99 This visually stunning yet naturally calming book will explain anxiety to children who are suffering from it. A useful as well as beautiful book.

Watermelon Pip by Sharna Carter $21.99 Watermelon 🍉, was sassy little Pip's favourite food in the whole world. And she didn't like to share it with anyone. But when the watermelon supply ran out, Pip had to learn to improvise. And then she had to learn to share the fruits of her labour!

Big Panda and Tiny Dragon by James Norbury $29.99

Big Panda and Tiny Dragon embark on a journey through the seasons of the year together. They get lost, as many of us do. But while lost, they discover many beautiful sights they'd never have found had they gone the right way.

Wizard & Co by Mitchell Toy $24.99 Author illustrator Mitchell Toy brings to life the enchanted department store of every child's dreams, through his signature beautifully illustrated scenes. Each page contains spectacular hidden details which make exploring this book with children a real adventure.

There Was a Black Hole That Swallowed the Universe by Chris Ferrie $14.99 Spark creative conversations about celestial beings with this clever parody from the #1 science author for kids!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Australian Feast by Eric Carle $16.99 Join The Very Hungry Caterpillar as he feasts on all kinds of Australian foods in this brand new story.

Inside the Suitcase by Clotilde Perrin $29.99 This is a magical lift-the-flaps adventure part puzzle and part fairytale. A boy’s suitcase full of tricks and treasures is the key to getting him home.

The A to Z of Dogs: A Very Looooong Jigsaw Puzzle $29.99

A PUZZLE THAT FORM THE SHAPE OF A DOG - and as long as a dog at more than a metre long! Piece together 26 different breeds to make up one big sausage dog. Learn about different dog breeds and identify your favourites. Kids and parents alike can delight in recognising familiar breeds and learning new ones with these gorgeous illustrations. It’s chunky pieces are perfect for small hands.

Santa Loves Australia by Collette Dinnigan $24.99 Join Santa on his magical sleigh ride over Australia. His journey takes him to stars of the Southern Cross, the Milky Way and guide him over Uluru to tropical Queensland - where he sings Christmas carols with the kookaburras!

Artico Jigsaw puzzles provide an entertaining way to keep your brain engaged. But if you and your family are regular puzzle solvers, you will enjoy the complexity of these scenic 1000 piece puzzles!

1000 Piece Venice Puzzle $29.99

Luca's Choice Pharmacy Assistant

If you're tired of playing video games too, try this puzzle. It's harder than it looks and that's what makes it so much fun..

Harlequin Games Poker Set


Harlequin Games Noughts & Crosses


Nanoblock Nanoblocks are a wonderful hobby, toy, puzzle and collectible gift for those between 8 and 80 years. With some special Christmas edition designs like 'Santa on the Dunny', you can't go wrong with these nano-presents.

Nanoblock From $13.99




ny un

n the d o a




w itc

Click to view full range




birthday cake


french fries

pirate ship

the world

flinders street

melbourne tram Click to view full range

Sylvia's Choice


It's my favourite afternoon work snack and hopefully there will be enough left for the Christmas stockings!


Mini Burgers $3.99

Gummy Bears $3.99

Sour Brite Crawlers $3.99

Sour Watermelon $3.99

Sour Cola Bottles $3.99

TigerTribe Thoughtfully designed and illustrated right here in Australia with the purpose of keeping kids busy, creative and engaged in mind. All products offer screen-free unplugged play providing balance in today's life of technology. These sets are ideal for little ones on-the-go!

Decorama - Heart Necklace $14.99

Magic Wand Kit - Spellbound $19.99

Lockable Diary - Top Secret $12.99

Lockable Diary - Unicorn Rainbows $12.99

Hovercopter $9.99

Mash-up Colouring Set Dress Ups

Crayon Adventures - Garden $19.99


Mindful Doodling - Peaceful Patterns $24.99

Colouring Set - Forest Fairies $19.99

Pencil Art - Blend and Shade $24.99

Lacing Cards Set - Little Market $19.99

Foil Art - Space Adventures $19.99

Magic Painting World - Aussie Animals $14,99

Roly Poly Koala $29.99

Design inspired by of our most loved Aussie Animals, Koala’s rounded, weighted bottom will always spin him back upright for more play. And as he rolls around he makes a lovely tinkling bell sound!

Stack & Pour - Bath Egg $15.99

Stack & Pour - Bath Egg is a fun stack and sort activity for the bath. Combine the right egg according to size and colour. Then watch the different water effects created by pouring water through different hole combinations at the base of the egg..

Plus Plus Puzzles that inspire both you and your kids to use your imagination and create colourful 2D mosaics or build 3D creations together. Plus Plus' range is full of perfect educational STEM toys that stimulate creativity, focus and patience!

Panda - 100 piece tube

Tiger - 100 piece tube

Giraffe - 100 piece tube

Superhero - 100 piece tube

Robot - 100 piece tube

Triceratops - 100 piece tube

Mermaid - 100 piece tube

Elephant - 100 piece tube

T-Rex - 100 piece tube

Unicorn - 100 piece tube

Stegosaurus - 100 piece tube

Spinosaurus - 100 piece tube

For the

Tiger Tree

Cleo Studs $24.99

Zeus Studs $24.99


Jenny's Choice

Two of my favourite things combined in one - animals and earrings!

Silver Fairy Flower

Secret Circle Champagne Cherry Blossom Navy Pansy

Smoke Botanical Pop

Blush Paisley & Dot

Rust Jairpuri

Blue Messy Zebra

Cafe Feline

Block & Speckle Mix

Moss Jairpuri

Flame Nambia $14.99

Flame Feline


Vandoros Purchase beautiful gift wrapping paper from Vandoros' extensive range of premium, colourful and elegant gift wrapping paper rolls!

Poinsettia Metallic Collection

Northstar Indigo & Gold Collection

Snowfall Bright Collection

Bellflower $7.99 per roll

North Star $7.99 per roll

80gsm 76cmX2.5M

80gsm 76cmX2.5M

Poinsettia $7.99 per roll

Stary Night $7.99 per roll

80gsm 76cmX2.5M

80gsm 76cmX2.5M

Candy Cane $7.99 per roll

Snowfall Bright $7.99 per roll

80gsm 76cmX2.5M

80gsm 76cmX2.5M

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Choose Your Wrapping Paper Design Select your favourite design from a wide range of Vandoros wrapping paper

Let Our Experts Shop Assistants Take Over Our team of expert gift wrappers will take it from here. Trust us, we wrap thousands of presents every year!

Get Ready to Unwrap Your Presents Your presents will be delivered beautifully wrapped in time for Christmas

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