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Summit High School

May 2013

125 Kent Place Blvd. Summit, NJ

Golf team swings into spring season

Volume 13 Issue 8

Advanced theater students direct selection of small plays

Photo by Meredith Robertson


Fore!! Coach Keating, (Front Left) poses with the team and captains, Andrew Bowyer (Front second from the left) and Ian Drummond (Back fifth from the left).

By MEREDITH ROBERTSON The SHS golf team, with a current record of 7-0, has had a smooth season launch. With twenty-six team members on the roster, the recordbreaking turnout has already deemed the 2013 golf team to be one of the most promising. Coached by Mr. Dick Keating for the past 23 years, this crew is looking better than ever. The current captains are sophomore Andrew Bowyer and Senior Ian Drummond. “We have a lot of great guys on the team this year and have a lot of returning players too,” explains member Bobby Moriarty ‘14,“We’re all hoping to build on what we accomplished last year and hopefully win the county championship.” The team has a roster large

enough to be divided into Varsity A, B, and C teams, but with so few players on competing schools’ teams, SHS has no JV or Freshman team, thus

“We’ve definitely grown in the last couple years, and I’m proud of how far we have come.” Andrew Bowyer different levels of varsity were created to compensate for the larger turnout. Although Summit offers golf as a spring sport to boys and girls, this year only boys came out for the team. These golfers are currently preparing for the

state tournament held at the end of May, and the Union County Tournament, held at Echo Lake Country Club on May 9. This team hasn’t lost an in-conference meet in seven years. Captain Andrew Bowyer said, “This season I’m looking forward to some solid play from the team’s younger core. Overall we have such a high morale, I’m sure we’ll go far.” “We’ve definitely grown in the last couple years, and I’m proud of how far we have come,” he adds. The SHS golf team seems aligned for a good season. Upcoming contests include May 7 v. David Brearley at Canoe Brook.

On May 2, Summit students will be performing in and directing five short plays after school in the auditorium. Director’s Showcase is where advanced theater students put on short plays and students, whether they are in the theater elective or just interested in the program, are cast. The shows include a musical, Twenty Fifth Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, directed by Hayley Dalton ‘13, Emily Claypoole ‘13, and Drew Schwendiman ‘14. This show follows six diverse and quirky teens that enroll in a spelling bee and sing about their lives as they compete. Fans of the high school’s production of Beauty and the Beast will be interested to know that the actors behind the Beast, Belle, and Lefou (Allison Scott ‘14, Bradley Przedpelski ‘13, and Matthew McGinn ‘15) will be directing a funny and dramatic satire together called Baby With the Bathwater. The play focuses on a couple that raises their son as a girl even though he is a boy and it follows him into adulthood. Annie Schmidt ‘13, Gregory Archer ‘14, and Melissa Ryden

‘15 will collaborate to direct To Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, more of an audienceinteractive and unique play. In usual productions it would have thirty short plays packed into sixty minutes, but with the time constraints it will be cut down to twenty short excerpts. John Lennon and Me, directed by Aidan Proshuto ‘14, Beth Ann Powers ‘13, and Victoria Abut ‘14, is about a die-hard Beatles fan named Star who is dying of cystic fibrosis and her new hospital roommate Courtney, a popular cheerleader who doesn’t seem very sick. The play follows both girls as they learn more about each other and themselves in this comedic drama. The last but hilarious show that will be performed is Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, directed by Lynsey Newsham ‘14, Keenan Buckley ‘15, Abby Dephillips ‘14, and Jack LeGoff ‘14, where five bridesmaids are hiding out in the sister of the bride’s room and form a bond. Director’s showcase is filled with many different genres and stories. It is definitely worth going to see!


VINE LABS Inc. introduced the latest popular social networking app called Vine. It is catching on fast with iPhone users and is very popular here at Summit High School. Vine is a social networking service that allows the users to create short, six-second videos that other users can see. Vine provides fast and creative ways for users to get ideas across, and already people are creating six-second resumes for job interviews (user Dawn Siff posted the first one, “Why you should hire me, in six seconds,” on February 21), sports highlight reels, advertising promos (the new Wolverine movie debuted its 6-second twitter teaser

or #TWZZR on March 25), and comical videos. Additionally, Vine is used as a news medium that can display current videos, all around the globe. The Boston Marathon explosion, a has been preserved as a looping short on Vine. Vine co-founder Don Hoffman says, “We believe constraint inspires creativity, whether it’s through a 140 character Tweet or a six-second video.” He mentions Twitter because Vine and Twitter are in a partnership and the two apps have features that resemble each other. Vine, a free app, was initially released on January 24. Downloading the app is easy, and it’s also very simple to nav-

igate. From setting up a profile to following your friends, to see their latest Vines, to creating videos of your own, anyone is able to participate. Many students rave about the app, including James Tully ‘14 who says, “Vine is the new Instagram!” Senior John Persche also added, “Social media has successfully broken the video frontier...and it’s called Vine!” With many students becoming attached to the app, download it soon before VINE LABS starts charging for it. If you’d like to be acquainted with Vine, visit to see new uploads.

Vive la France! The entire group of advanced French students smile outside of Musee les Invalides in Paris (Back L-R) Serena Thomas, Colleen Kovar, Megan Shaw, Amanda Bringewatt, Pam Alvarado, Sara-beth Arnold, Carolyn Saxton, Melissa MacPherson, Jessica Martins, (Front L-R) Sarah Salter, Emily McDonnell, Abby MacMillan, Sofia Vizitiu.

SHS powers up! With 1,024 students and 79 teachers, Summit not only has a culturally diverse student population, but has retained its Gold Medal distinction while moving up 7 slots in NJ. 04/23/2013.

Photo by Megan Shaw

Addictive Vine creeps to top of early adopters’ social apps list


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May 2013

FLOTUS continues to dress to impress

Summit High School 125 Kent Place Blvd Summit, NJ 07901

First ladies in the past have become style icons for generations. Like Jackie Kennedy and those before her, Michelle Obama had a profound effect on the fashion choices of American women in her husband’s first term. Her looks have inspired books and blogs alike that have thousands of diligent readers. Now, because of Barack Obama’s reelection, there are another few years for Mrs. Obama to shine. Being in the spotlight, the first lady must exude class and sophistication and set an appropriate example for the women in America. She accomplishes this by wearing dresses that hit at a modest length, but that are also very fun and modern because of their vibrant patterns. Her style is timeless and elegant. This Easter, Mrs. Obama chose to repeat an outfit. She wore a beautiful Prabal Gurung white dress and matching jacket that sported a grey scale floral print. Because she previously wore this last year, she spiced it up with the jacket and a belt, a good way for anyone to change up a dull look. She also chose to revamp her cuif this winter

Photo provided by


New style. Mrs. Obama wows in sophisticated ensembles

by cutting bangs, which are very trendy at the moment. Her bangs have inspired a Twitter account and trips to the hairdresser for women looking to modernize their look. Florals and A-line dresses are favorites for Mrs. Obama. She has often been seen in Barbara Tfank dresses, which are fifties-inspired, A-line, and feature bold, colorful prints. Tracy Reese provides many of her floral

frocks, while she turns to designer Jason Wu for her fancier gowns like for the inauguration. For casual daily wear she often chooses a preppy and put-together ensemble featuring J.Crew or Gap. “It is nice to see the First Lady wearing something I can purchase at my local mall. It makes her seem accessible and down to earth” says sophomore Emily Chin.

to the brief period of time that gay marriage was legal in California. A recent Pew Poll states that the majority of voters in California support marriage rights for homosexual couples. The Supreme Court has the responsibility of determining if the movement is constitutionally sound. There are a number of potential ways for the Supreme Court to approach the aforementioned situation. First of which being that the case could be dismissed on the grounds that is the responsibility of the state to determine to whom it gives benefits, this would then give states the power to regulate it amongst themselves and such a precedent would abide by the Tenth Amendment. Next, the ruling could be upheld and in support of Prop 8, and such an action would grant constitutional protection to any state that wishes to discriminate against same-sex marriage!


Supreme Court takes on same-sex Iran Announced its vor of banning same-sex marriage. marriage Plans for Uranium This proposition was in reaction


A major wave of progressive social change in America has been the legalization of same-sex marriage. Nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized homosexual marriage completely, and in these states such couples enjoy most of the benefits of a heterosexual partnership. The movement for legalization is not just for the right to marry, but also to enjoy the economic benefits, and hopefully over time the same social respect that heterosexual couples enjoy. Recently the Supreme Court is expected to make a ruling on the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8, commonly known as Prop 8. Prop 8 is a proposal to change the constitution of the State of California to clearly state that marriage is a union strictly between a man and a woman. When voted upon, the majority stated that they were in fa-

Marking its annual National Nuclear Technology Day, Iran said it would continue to need higher-grade enriched uranium in efforts to increase its atomic activity that most worries the West. The country announced an expansion of its uranium production and claimed other atomic energy advances on April 9. This struck a newly defiant tone over its nuclear dispute with the big powers in the aftermath of diplomatic talks over the weekend, which made no progress. The announcements came three days after talks adjourned between Iran and a group of six nations: Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States, the five countries that make up the U.N. Security Council countries and Germany. Talks between Iran and six world powers held in Kazakhstan last week failed to make progress in resolving a decade-old dispute that

Principal: Mr. Paul Sears Assistant Principals: Mr. Anthony Akey & Mrs. Stacy Grimaldi English Supervisor: Mr. Corey Walsh Adviser: Mrs. Anne Weisgerber EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Miriam Meller & Carly Nyman FRONT PAGE Section Editor: Tommy DiSibio GLOBE Section Editor: Gwen Rogers OPINE Section Editor: Alex Arias SCREEN AND SOUND Section Editor:Stephanie Ollom BUZZ Section Editors: Lindsay Leiter, Felisa Delli Santi TURF Section Ed.: Jamie Macpherson SENIOR CAR EXPOSE Section Ed’s: Carly Nyman and Miriam Meller Staff Reporters: Emily Harris, Julia Heckelman, Nicholas Lalicato, Carly Leiter, Will Lycan, Max Macpherson, David Meyers, Sarina Musallam, Meredith Robertson, Ellie Schaffer, Megan Shaw, Jackson Sidebottom, Maddie Simko, Emma Standing, & Xiaoying Yu threatens to trigger a new war in the Middle East. Western nations suspect that Iran is seeking to achieve the capability to make nuclear weapons, despite its denials.‘“Iran has already become a nuclear country, and no one is capable of stealing this title,” the official Islamic Republic News Agency quoted Mr. Ahmadinejad at a ceremony held to commemorate National Nuclear Technology Day, a holiday he created in 2006 during his first term in office in order to exalt Iran’s nuclear energy achievements. “They caused restrictions and issued threats, thinking that the Iranian nation cannot achieve nuclear energy,” he was quoted as saying. “The best way for you is to cooperate with Iran,”’ Rick Gladstone of The New York Times reported.

Verve Views: “What’s the ideal way to ask out a prom date?” By ELLIE SCHAFFER and CARLY LEITER

Liz Mcllroy ‘14

“Stand outside the person’s window with a boom box while playing a song. When she goes to see what the ruckus is, she will see the lovely arrangement.”

Tess Badenhausen ‘13

“If someone did something illegal like steal a stop sign and write prom on it. Or take me on the roof of the school with a giant sign.”

Bobby Moriarty ‘14

“Write prom in the sky using airplane writing and make sure the person you are asking is standing outside to read it.”

Carolyn Burns ‘14

“Make a sign using glowsticks and show it to the person you’re asking at night… preferably outside of their house.”

Mike Facchinei ‘14

“If someone wrote prom on a one hundred dollar bill and gave it to you.”


May 2013

Last laugh for infamous senior By JEMMA STANDING I’ve always been told, “Don’t cry because it’s over, be happy that it happened.” (I believe that’s some tacky quote a lot of us picked up in the prime of our pubescent Jemma taking days). Anyway this applies to you talents to Syrareaders today, becuse... posting a cause sadly this is typical selfie on my last article for the Verve, EVER! snapchat Please don’t cry everyone; I know my Jemma column has been the highlight of your year, so be happy you get to read my final words. While at Summit High School I’ve learned a lot of important stuff about myself. For one, I’m probably in the top 1/3 of shortest people in the school. I’ve also learned that people write some truly inspirational things on the bathroom stalls. My favorite is “I ain’t no hollaback girl.” Like preach, I ain’t one either! I’ve

also learned that there are some great people in this institution. Good luck to everyone who is staying here next year. If you ever feel like you miss me just creep on me on Facebook and hopefully I will make you envious with my new college pals. While us seniors will be starting on a new path it seems as though the high school is too. I honestly wish I could be here to enjoy the new flat screen TVs in the concourse and the senior lounge. Unless, of course, they are like the TVs in the book 1984, where some higher power is watching our every move. The new school store is also making its way into the lives of everyone here. I honestly would’ve made the best school store girl; people would be buying my pencils and gum left and right. Just saying.... Anyway thank you SHS for a great four years, full of stress, anguish, but more importantly triumph, and joy. Also, a shout out to my fellow members of the Verve you guys will do amazingly next year! Enjoy the rest of your year everyone and H.A.G.S. (Just thought my last word should be another phrase made up by middleschoolers!) Peace n’ Blessins, Jemma

From the editor’s desk... First our deepest condolences to the victims and families in the Boston, Massachusetts and West, Texas. These past few months have been plagued with several unfortunate events; however, it has proven that America can stand together in a time of trouble. Despite the sad events there are only 48 days until the class of 2013 is finally free. As the school year draws to a close, sophomores are beginning to think about testing while juniors wrap up with SAT subject tests. Although we are now seniors, we definitely know how stressful testing can be (props to juniors for stay-

Our national pastime... as boring as apple pie and Chevrolet By MICHAEL WILLIAMS

If you ask me, watching baseball is like watching paint dry… only there is no paint, just a bunch of men in uniform packing a lip on a weird looking field. Don’t take my word for it, just look at the facts. Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly timed how long the ball was in play during a 2000 playoff game. The game lasted 3 hours and 15 minutes, with mindblowing 12 minutes and 22 seconds of time clocked by a ball actually in play; Reilly even confessed to being “generous with the stopwatch.” How could anyone watch such a standstill game? I did the math, and it works out that 94% of the game is a bunch of players standing around twiddling their thumbs. What’s worse is that the games are getting even longer. The Boston Red Sox’ games were timed over 15 years, and the trend shows that the games have become on average more than 20 minutes longer. Some fans point out that they enjoy a good build up, and that the action is worth it in the end, like spending

45 minutes in line for a roller coaster ride just to sit on a 20 second ride. To them I say during that 3 hour and 15 minute game, you’re willing to wait 3 hours and 3 minutes to see what? On a roller coaster the finale gives the rider a good adrenaline rush, but what about baseball? On average there are only 9.26 runs scored per game- that’s both teams. More than three hours of my time is not worth ten minutes where players run around the bases a mere 9 times. Snooze. And what about a no hitter? Now its just 3 hours of my time to see one team not even get on base. It is absurd that anyone could call this sport entertainment, much less America’s pastime. My solution to this goes as follows; I say baseball is no longer considered our pastime or allowed to be played on TV. The only time watching baseball is worth a minute of my time is seeing it in the stands, and even then I’d rather be watching Breaking Bad at my house.

Testing troubles terminated; survival guide for college entry test By FELISA DELLI SANTI

ing strong.) Even though you have heard it a million times at college info sessions, it is important to keep in mind that one’s test scores are only a small factor in the whole admissions process. Don’t worry if you didn’t score a 2400, we promise there is still a school that will admit you. Finally, congratulations to seniors who have made their final decisions for next year. Whether you’re off to a distant university or working locally, we can all have a chance to turn over a new leaf after graduation.

Verve letters and editorial policy

Verve is a publication open to opinions of its readers. Please submit all letters to Letters must be signed and will be subject to editing for space, grammar, and factual accuracy; however, all efforts will be made to preserve the writer’s intent.

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Libelous and inappropriate writing will not be published in Verve. If Verve has made an error and a correction is warranted, the editors take reader feedback seriously and will promptly deal with concerns. Reader corrections welcome at

Let’s face it: standardized testing isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. Honestly, sitting in a random New Jersey public school classroom is not the place to be on any given Saturday morning at 7 AM. Besides waking up early, which is bad enough, a student is given a pile of papers and expected to fill it out in a given amount of time. Oh, and by the way, this ridiculously long test, is basically the ticket to a high schooler’s future. Luckily the college-bound youth of today have options; colleges across the country now accept both ACT and SAT test scores. Although this option may broaden our horizons, it’s difficult to determine which test to take, or if it’s worth to try out both. The ACT and the SAT carry out the same result, by allowing universities to determine a student’s test taking abilities. Although these two tests have the same goal, they are very different. Fortunately, these differences, and these can work to one’s advantage. In total, the SAT is 275 minutes long, not counting breaks, and is organized into ten different sections. The test begins

Akey responds...

with a writing prompt that has a 25minute time limit, followed by nine other sections, alternating between reading, writing, and math. The writing, always last, is only ten minutes. The ACT on the other hand is 205 minutes long and is comprised of five sections. However, instead of alternating between each academic topic, once a section is finished there is never a chance to revisit that topic again during the test. Although the test is shorter, along with reading, math, and writing, a science section appears on the ACT, which can be tricky. Also writing is featured at the end of this exam, instead of the beginning like in the SAT. The two tests are equally rigorous, however their unique designs can give students an edge depending on their strengths. By trying both out, students can see which test they score better on, and then focus their time and energy on mastering that particular exam. It all may seem so confusing now, but after figuring out which test works the best, all one needs is practice, and it’s smooth sailing from there.

Cartoon by Xiaoying Yu

A monthly column by Assistant Principal Tony Akey

Test Stress!! With important exam days looming, students need to keep calm and take things one day at a time. Stay strong, juniors!

Question. If one-act plays were presented in the woods and no one was there, would they still be the greatest productions ever done in the history of theater? Really, enough hype. Even Babe Ruth didn’t get a home run in each at bat. So we’re having a spring fling dance three weeks before prom? What could be better? A root canal or hemorrhoids come to mind. I hope to be proven wrong on this one, but I wouldn’t place any large bets. In this age of technology I would love it if someone could find a way to stream SHS fan behavior back to parents. It is such a shame that a group of loud, foul-mouthed students can besmirch the reputation of an entire student body. The vulgarities that emanate from some are an embarrassment to all, but mostly to the hecklers’ families. I’m sure parents

would be appalled to see and hear how some students behave. Look, I get it with Delbarton. I’m Catholic, and they embarrass me, but it doesn’t mean I swear at them during a game. Seniors, on an up note, congrats on the many fine acceptances and exciting plans. Gap year, work, military or college, enjoy it and bring your passion to it. For the most part you’ve had a great four years and--while it kills me to admit it--you aren’t the worst class ever. So, my dear seniors, ride off in to the sunset with some class. Make an effort on your AP exams. Show up for school. Be productive and active in those classes where you asked your teacher for a recommendation. Enjoy being here. Believe me, you’ll miss it. Peace love & the Woodstock nation


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Strong showing at spring Relays By ALEX ARIAS

May 2013

Major League Baseball season in full swing

On Apr. 6, Summit held its annual Summit Relays at Investors Bank Field. Mr. Tony Martins, coach of the girl’s track team, explained what this meet is. “It’s the kickoff relay for us and a lot schools in April, it’s attracting a little over 2,000 athletes,” says Martins. “It’s a big meet, it gets everyone started for the season and we have good weather,” he continues. He started to talk about what the team had achieved so far, “Our girls relay team of Kirsty Gargiulo, Rebecca Cummings, Gillian McIlroy and Lauren Diaz placed 2nd overall and qualified for Penn Relays in the 4 by 8 so we’re having a good day,” he concludes. This meet is very important to a lot of athletes. It’s a great opportunity for runners to show their talent and to also observe other athletes that they will be facing later this season. Elizabeth Wagenbach a junior sprinter, commented on the conditions that the runners are facing. “Its somewhat warm outside plus we’re sorta running against the wind, which is hard when you’re sprinting down the track,” she concludes. Coach Fern who coaches the girls’ team, also commented about the teams’ performance. “The Novice 4x800 team of Hannah Flamme, Alex Flliaut, Alison Curley and Emily Chin placed top 6. The novice 4x400 of Emily Chin, Lauren Diaz, Eowyn Lashell and Ellie Schaffer took the gold in impressive fashion. The boys novice 4x800 of Matt Sinunu, Jasper Ophel, Alex Roduit and Patrick Manion took the silver as well,” he concludes Lastly, a lot of teams were very impressed with how the meet was being run. A senior runner from Governor Livingston commented about how well organized the meet was, which is different from other meets he had been to. He would love to come back next year if he wasn’t graduating this spring.

Smash Hit...MLB home run leader Justin Upton of the Atlanta Braves celebrates with teamate Brian McCan after a home run against the Washington Nationals.

hitting three home runs in one game this year. What makes this season of professional baseball so impressive thus far is that all of these incredible occurrences happened during the first week. Commented Junior Tanner Fulton, “This year has definitely been a crazy one for baseball. It has been really exciting to watch and I hope that this ex-

Summit is 8-0! Roselle falls in softball season opener

again fallen to last place in the National League East division. All the fun and excitement brought about by Major League Baseball seems to be amplified this year for the benefit of the nation. With almost perfect games and home run frenzies, it is no wonder why this year has been so exciting for players and fans alike.



Freshman on the mound.. Kayla Hoesly pitched a solid 3 run game against Dover to extend their perfect season to 5 games. The team is currently 8-0!!!

Girls’ Varsity softball started off the new season with an 11-9 away victory against Roselle Catholic on April 4. In the first inning, freshmen Kayla Hoesly walked on her second bat and senior Lisa Campanelli hit a triple that scored Hoesly. Junior Kicca Fabricant then hit a sacrifice fly, scoring Campanelli. Roselle Catholic responded back with a grand slam, scoring 4 runs and upending the box score, 5-1. Summit rallied back to a win,

citement continues all season.” In addition to all the drama and unexpected twists of the year, a few things have still remained constant. The Los Angeles Angels are still favored to win their division with their line up of superstars including first baseman Albert Pujols, left fielder Mike Trout, and right fielder Josh Hamilton. Additionally, the Miami Marlins have once

NFL draft prepares for interesting outcomes with weak quarterback class

Photo provided by Tim Lecras

David Connolly 14’ and Andrew McGann 15’ enjoy exciting races on April 6

March 31 marked the opening day of the Major League Baseball season. Since that day, America has been mesmerized by the incredible play across the country. Second-year pitcher Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers came within one batter of pitching a coveted perfect game, which is when the pitcher does not allow a single hitter to reach any of the bases for the entire game. The rare feat has only been accomplished 23 times since 1880, signifying the difficulty of the task. Additionally, little-known player Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles made history by becoming just the fourth player in baseball history to hit a home run in each of his first four games of the year. Davis also set the record for most runs batted in over the first four games of the season with an incredible 16. This season has also witnessed Boston Red Sox’s third baseman Will Middlebrooks hit three home runs in one game against the Toronto Blue Jays’ best pitcher R. A. Dickey. Middlebrooks is the first person to accomplish the task of


beating their most competitive opponent with Fabricant’s two home runs in the fourth and sixth innings, plus Hoesly’s twelve strikeouts as the sole pitcher for the Hilltoppers. The team always cheered and never stopped believing in its abilities. Final score: Summit 9-6. Upcoming games at home include: Thursday May 9 v Saint Mary’s; Tuesday May 14 v Benedictine Academy; Thursday May 16 v. Hillside. Games start at 4:00.

Every year there seems to be that one college football player that is promised to be a bona fide NFL star; a player with so much talent that they are undisputedly going to be chosen with the first pick of the draft. In most cases ,these players are at the quarterback position. Actually, twelve out of the last fifteen first overall picks were quarterbacks. But this year, the 2013 draft class, is different. After the excitement of last year’s draft, with Andrew Luck, former quarterback for Stanford, going first overall to the Indianapolis Colts and Robert Griffin III, former quarterback for Baylor, going second overall to the Washington Redskins, Stars seem to emerge every year, Cam Newton two years ago, and Matt Stafford and Sam Bradford the years before that. The 2013 class has no quarterback, or player for that matter, close to the abilities of these QBs. The supposed “best” quarterback in this year’s class in Geno Smith out of West Virginia University. Accord-

ing to many sources such as ESPN and Sports Illustrated, Smith is considered to be one of the most overrated players in the draft. He may be the best in his class, but with an unimpressive second half to his senior season, finishing 7-6 and losing terribly in the snow to Syracuse at the Pinstripe Bowl, there are not many teams willing to sacrifice their first round pick on a risky QB. Despite his impressive combine, Smith has a lot of room for improvement before he becomes a starting QB in the NFL. According to the experts at, the two highest rated players in the draft are both offensive lineman, Luke Joeckel from Texas A&M and Eric Fisher from Central Michigan. The first real offensive weapon is ranked 14 on the list, Tavon Austin, again from West Virginia University. This years draft may not be filled with marquee names but do not disregard these players just yet. There may be another Tom Brady waiting in the sixth round again.


May 2013

JV baseball opens with powerful pitching arms

Girls’ lacrosse debuts season with strong win


By RILEY SHOEMAKER As the crisp winds overswept the heat from the sunny sky, girls’ Varsity lacrosse players took the field at Immaculate Heart Academy in Washington Township. After defeating Ridgewood High School in the first game of the season, the Summit girls were determined for another victory. From the minute the whistle blew, it was clear Summit was in top form. With a one to two scoring ratio, both teams battled aggressively but the first half closed with Summit leading 6-3. Summit returned to the turf ready to dominate in the second half. As the offense continued to score on IHA, Hill-

Page 5

topper goalie Kady Glynn ‘15 defended the net with a total seven saves. Freshman Sara Szynal was the lead scorer with six goals, followed by senior Stuart Humphrey who scored five. Other scorers included freshmen Catherine Cordrey with two points, and then Callie Humphrey, Maggie Moriarty, and Julie Pershe. Sophomore Olivia Kelly and juniors Anna Baumeister and Madedleine Gramigna also contributing a goal each. The game concluded with a final score of 19-8, giving Summit its second win for the season. Upcoming games include May 13 at home v Montclair, with a 4:00 start time.

Summit JV baseball’s first game of the season started with a hit against Rahway at home on April 4. Starting pitcher, Michael Maldonado ‘15, led the team strong with no runs in the first inning. “Mike came out of the game with a stellar performance on the mound,” remarked fellow teammate David Bonomo ‘15. A highlight of the game was when sophomore Kyle Brown hit a double, stole third and scored the lead run in the first inning. In the fourth inning Jack LeGoff ‘14 took over as pitcher. He continued Maldonado’s good work, striking out one, walking two, and throwing two

Historic victory for Varsity tennis

Volleyball sets up for winning season By YUTA NAGANO

Photo provided by John Kratch


The Summit tennis team shocked the state as it defeated Westfield 3 to 2 on April 3. The team improved to 2-0 on the season, defeating Westfield for the first time in nine years. After the match, Captain Will Snyder ‘13 was ecstatic, saying, “This is great, we haven’t beat these guys in forever. I’m really proud of my teammates, and I hope we can keep this same energy for the remainder of the season.” Summit won two out of the three singles matches, with victories from Max McDonald ‘14 and Matthew Celona ‘13. Westfield’s Adams Greene won the third match in two sets. The doubles matches were especially thrilling. On the first double court, Westfield’s Justin Cafeiro and Benjamin Cybala

outs at first. The last play of the seventh inning began with a man on second and third. The ball was then hit to LeGoff, playing shallow left, where he threw it home to get the runner out. After throwing home, the Rahway player on second ran to third and Summit threw it past the third baseman. The runner from second scored a run on the overthrow, but final score is recorded as Summit over Rahway, 6-5. Upcoming boys’ JV baseball games include three at home, all starting at 4:00 at Wilson. May 6 vs Scotch-Plains/Fanwood; May 7 vs. Plainfield, and May 8 vs. Madison.

Focus! Coach Peter Tierney and the boys’ Varsity tennis squad poses before the team’s big match against the formidable Elizabeth team.

won both sets, but the game was extremely competitive. It took extra games in the second set in order for the Westfield team to win the match. The second doubles team for Summit showed dominance, winning the first set 6-0 owing

to impressive net play from Chris Haggerty ‘16. Haggerty’s match partner, Snyder, took over in the second set, as Summit came out on top. Upcoming matches: May 8 at Governor Livingston, May 10 at Oratory, and May 15.

The Hilltoppers served Jefferson Township in boys’ Varsity volleyball on April 5. About 20 - 30 spectators came to watch, a good crowd considering the weather was a warm 63 degrees with clear, bright skies. In the first set, Summit had the advantage and won with a score of 25 - 18. They again won the second set with a score of 25 - 12, ending the game. Co-captain Ethan Chivers ‘13, along with senior Nick Neuenschwander were the top scorers with seven points. Andrew Masterfano ‘14 had seventeen assists in the game, leading in that category. Neuenschwander had eight passing points

while Josh Veloso ‘14 had seven passing points. Both Chivers and Masterfano had two aces in the game. After the game, Chivers said that the roster wasn’t full that day, but the team made up for the shortage by playing well. “The team is feeling good for the season. We are coming along,” says Chivers. He believes they have a shot at going to the state tournament this year. Final score Summit 2-0. Come watch the Hilltoppers kill its competition at the next home matches: May 3 vs Dover, and May 16 vs Elizabeth. Home matches begin at 4:00.

Mens’ lacrosse opens with away win In Summit’s first game of the season, the boys’ Varsity lacrosse team defeated Mendham 12-5. On the opening faceoff, Mendham caught Summit sleeping when they won the faceoff and scored immediately. Summit rebounded when senior attackman Austin Carbone scored with around 8 minutes to go. Senior midfielders Mike Badgley and Matt Maier followed suit to give Summit their three goals. At the end of the first half,

junior goalie Sam Bebout was injured while Summit was leading 5-3. Senior Scott Caputo replaced him in goal. After halftime, junior faceoff man Brian Hadley began to dominate faceoffs, winning four in a row, all followed by Summit goals to give the team a 9-3 lead. Over that stretch, senior midfielder Liam Mennig scored twice while Austin Carbone and sophomore midfielder Chris Zanelli scored once. Summit added three more

goals, though Mendham did score twice. Liam Mennig led the team with 4 goals and 4 assists. Austin Carbone also gave an outstanding performance with 3 goals and 2 assists. Mike Badgley, Matt Maier, Chris Zanelli, Brian Hadley, and Senior long stick man Tyler Carbone all had one goal. Mike Badgley and Connor Murphy also each had one assist. In the goal, Bebout and Caputo each had seven saves.

Photo provided by Xavier McCormick


The Summit boys’ Varsity lacrosse captains line up before the game. Pictured (L-R): Tyler Carbone, Michael Badgley, Austin Carbone


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May 2013


SUMMIT, NJ April 23 -- High School Junior Connor Hanley was recognized by the The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) with the 2013 Achievement Award for Excellence in Writing. Hanley was selected along with 155 high school juniors from across the nation as an outstanding writer, and was one of the ten students honored from New Jersey. The recipients were chosen from students nominated in the junior year by their school districts from the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, Canada and American schools abroad. The Achievement Awards in Writing program was established in 1957 to encourage high school students in their writing and to recognize publicly some of the best student writers in the nation. Assessments of student writing are based on students’ samples of their own best prose or verse as well

as a themed writing. Two teachers judge each submission, looking especially for writing that demonstrates effective and imaginative use of language to inform and move an audience. Papers were judged on content, purpose, audience, tone, word choice, organization, development and style. Connor Hanley was nominated by his teacher of AP Language and Composition, Mrs. Anne Weisgerber. This is the second year in a row students from Summit High School have received this prestigious award. “The success of our writers comes from the hard work and thoughtfulness with which they approach the writing process. This award is an excellent way to recognize the talent and creativity Connor brings to his work, and a reinforcement of our commitment to excellence in writing in Summit,” said Supervisor of English Mr. Corey Walsh.

Over spring break, thirteen Summit girls who take French ventured to France for an unforgettable vacation. The 2013 France trip began in Paris and the rest of the trip was spent with each student living alongside French families. The following week, their French friends came to Summit and spent ten days with the girls who went on the trip. They visited Summit High School and also went to New York City.

It’s never enough! Senior Eric Przedpelski is one victim of the Netflix addiction that hundreds of SHS students are unsuccessfully trying to overcome.

Students caught in the dangerous net of Netflix By NIC LALICATO In the modern age of movies and TV, digital streaming is on the rise. With websites like Netflix and Hulu, people have the ability to catch up on almost any TV show they desire. There’s an incredible database of thousands of hours of TV and movies, and there are people out there who want to watch it all. A new breed of fanatic has been created with the invention of Internet streaming: Netflix addicts. Netflix is a website that allows subscribers to have instant access to a large database of movies and TV shows. Shows like Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Freaks and Geeks, The Walking Dead, Scrubs, The Office, and Parks and Recreation are only a few of the many shows that a subscriber can access. This technology has revolutionized the way people watch TV. It’s now incredibly easy to start or catch up on almost any TV show that a friend may recommend. But this power comes as a price and it’s not just the $8.99 a month. The ability to stream has caused many to watch a lot more TV shows and movies than what is deemed socially acceptable. It’s not just die-hard fans or film buffs anymore but almost everybody with Netflix has had a case of the addiction. The way Netflix is set up makes binge-watching shows even easier.

After one episode of a show finishes the website automatically plays another episode after about 15 seconds. There are also no commercials during shows, which for instance, makes episodes 22 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Thus, in only one hour and six minutes, users can view three episodes, while on television a viewer can only watch two. The whole website seems to be designed to trap people into endlessly watching TV shows for the rest of their lives. SHS junior, Nate Bowyer described his experience by saying “It starts as something simple. A 30-day trial how bad can it be? Suddenly episodes become hours, hours become days, family is ignored, your hygiene is sub par, and you’ve managed to eat multiple boxes of pizza bagels. Then you have a terrible realization, that you have finished a show. You can no longer binge watch you have to tune in weekly. But it isn’t the show that matters anymore, it’s the itch to sit on the couch and do nothing for hours.” In the end, there seems to be no cure for an addiction. Shows that were produced and broadcast over a span of eight years are now being watched by viewers in only a couple weeks. Favorite characters complete their journeys so quickly that it leaves people only wanting more. The only cure for a Netflix addiction is...more Netflix.

“The only cure for a Netflix addiction is...more Netflix”

Photos provided by Megan Shaw

French Trip

Summit student wins prestigious writing award

Photo by Kate MacPherson

Once a high school senior turns eighteen they are considered an adult by law, but many eighteen-year-olds (myself included) still don’t really know for sure what they want their adult life to be like. Ready or not, most seniors graduate and go off to college in the fall, where they are expected to decide what profession they want to pursue. This can be a big problem, and a potentially massive waste of money, for someone who is unsure of his or her future. A solution to this problem is the radical and brilliant gap year. Gap years are becoming increasingly popular in the United States and all over the world. Since 2001, there has been a 20% increase in the number of students who have decided to take a gap year after high school. Besides utilizing the time to decide what career path to pursue, there are many other benefits to taking a year off. First, many students feel academically burnt out after attending school for thirteen consecutive years, so a gap year can be utilized as this much needed break. Another major advantage is the ability to freely explore the world, learning about other cultures and languages, while experiencing things that there may not be opportunity for later in life. Finally, another critical and practical reason for gap

years are utilizing the time to save money in order to help pay for college. Senior Corrine Crisfield is taking a gap year to the Dominican Republic and Spain in order to become fluent in Spanish, while doing extensive community service. She says, “taking a gap year will not only give me the opportunity to learn a new language and help the world, but also to get out of my comfort zone, which I think is important before I go to college.” Summit High School Alumni Alex Przedpelski ’11 gives some additional guidance regarding his personal gap year experience before he decided to attend Furman University in South Carolina. He elaborates, “I traveled to nine countries in over nine months, immersing myself in their foreign cultures. It was the single most eye-opening experience of my life. Two of my favorite experiences were when I stayed in Guatemala and Peru where I learned Spanish while teaching English in public high schools.” While the traditional road after high school leads to a college or university, students should be aware of every opportunity they have. Gap years can be a wonderful way to expand worldly appreciation and knowledge, recognize the value of education, save up money to pay for college and discover more about your dreams and goals.

Photo by Lindsay Leiter

Gap Year offers solution to age-old problem

Bonjour! SHS students Pam Alvarado, Sara-Beth Arnold, Amanda Bringewatt, Colleen Kovar, Abby MacMillan, Melissa MacPherson, Jessica Martins, Emily McDonnell, Sarah Salter, Carolyn Saxton, Megan Shaw, Serena Thomas, and Sofia Vizitiu enjoy their memorable trip to France. They viewed historic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arene de Nimes as they spent time improving their French and learning the different culture.


May 2013

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By SARINA MUSALLAM The Summit Music Masters were held April 11 at the High School. The curtains were closed at 4 o’clock but a show was going on behind the stage as Cristina Tsanas, the representative for the Summit High School choir was preparing to perform. Mr. Mallette explains why he chose Tsanas to represent the choir at Music Masters, saying, “Cristina has shown consistent growth through the last four years.” although adding jokingly, “She is a terrible diva-” when he was interrupted by Ms. Poyner who explained Christina was in a frenzy over character shoes in the back. Mallette continues saying “You see what I mean? We love her though!” Cristina is part of other theater programs such as the Paper Mill Playhouse Broadway Show Choir and the All-State Choir. She has been an active

participant in the theater department for four years and has taken chorus for four years with Mr. Mallette and theatre class for three years with Ms. Poyner. In this year’s musical, Tsanas played Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast. Now she has performed at the Music Masters. The Music Masters is a recital of students within the Summit public schools in their areas of orchestra, band, or chorus. She has performed in the music masters since fifth grade and was shocked Mr. Mallette asked her to perform again, “I was really surprised Mr. Mallette chose me. I kept asking him if he was serious. I was really happy to be chosen because there are so many talented performers in the senior class, so I was happy to represent them.” She performed “Your Daddy’s Son” from the musical Ragtime and took her final bow on the SHS stage.

Photo by Sarina Musallam

Dedicated musician takes her last bow as senior

Take a bow! Senior Cristina Tsanas bids adieu in her last performance at SHS at the annual Music Masters.

Computer Generated Imagery companies go virtually bankrupt

Endangered! Breath-takingly spectacular CGI creations, like this tiger from Life of Pi, will become less common as studios keep losing money.

Video effects studios across the country are going down the drain. These studios are responsible for, among other things, the Comuter Generated Imaging (CGI) and special effects in most movies these days. CGI images make up the wonderful scenery and fantastic creatures in this age of movies. Rhythm and Hues Studios, which is behind the Academy Award winning, Life of Pi, filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year. Although movies seem to need effects now more than ever, the effects studios are still not making enough money. The reason for studio lack of revenue is that movie effects are extremely ex-

New ABC reality show makes a Splash! By MADDIE SIMKO

Photo provided by by

It seems as if in today’s society, major networks are attempting to make entertainment out of everything— singing, dancing, weight loss, dating, and now platform diving. The new reality show Splash!, which has variations in the U.K, Spain, the Netherlands, and China, follows D-list celebrities as they try to master complicated dives off the high-dive. It premiered March 19 and can be seen on ABC Tuesday nights at 8:00. The new TV show has received a great deal of criticism because of its attempts to make diving seem dramatic.

Dive in! The contestants of the new TV Show Splash! make a grand entrance during the season premier. Bottom row left to right: Nicole Eggert, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Chuy Bravo, and Kendra Wilkinson. Middle row left to right: Katherine Webb, Louie Anderson, Ndamukong Suh, and Drake Bell. Top row: Kareem AbdulJabbar.

From the sparkly swimsuits the contestants wear to the suspenseful music played right before the celebrities dive into the pool, the show can seem a bit over the top. Also, Joey Lawrence, one of the co-hosts, tries to impersonate the famous Ryan Seacrest, and the judges Steve Foley and David Boudia have always something positive to mention regardless of how poorly the contestant actually did. The show’s atmosphere screams “typical reality TV show” making the brand new series an istant cliché. On the other hand, Splash! portrays the positive message that anything is possible via its variety of celebrity contestants. Four-hundred pound comedian, Louie Anderson and sevenfoot-two inch basketball hall-of-famer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar show America that with practice and dedication, even they can make it off the high dive. Sophomore Emily Vlass loves the show, “because diving is such a challenging sport and until now nobody has noticed it. Yes, it’s a bit ridiculous but that’s what makes it hilarious and addictive to watch.” People seemingly like Splash! since it does not require much thinking or analytical skills. There are no scary hooded figures or complex plots to worry about. It is a feel-good show where the viewer can laugh at belly flops and cheer for back flips.

pensive; they require highly trained artists, state of the art equipment, and lots of time. While most studios are being paid, it’s at a set amount and they don’t gain bonuses the movies they make. Scott Ross, founder of effects company Digital Domain, said in a Q&A with Pro Video Coalition that, “VFX companies currently are effectively funding feature films while accepting a thin profit margin, to a meaningful degree.” The loss of these studios could eventually mean that there may be more low budget productions being put out in theatres. Loss of CGI would also mean less animated features in the highly detailed and beloved style of

films like Toy Story, Ice Age, The Incredibles, Up, and most films in the last ten to fifteen years. CGI is something so good yet you only notice when it’s gone. It’s become so common in today’s films that it flies right over the viewers’ heads. CGI has also been around for most of our (Highschoolers) lifetimes. Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park, two of the earlier films to prominently feature CGI, were both released in the early nineties. However, if CGI does make a disastrous dropout then special effects in movie making would make a noticeable regression and viewers could no longer be treated to new wondrous worlds where our imaginations are clearly rewarded, due to special effects.

Book turned popular show enters 3rd season


George R. R. Martin published the first Song of Ice and Fire novel August 6, 1996. Immediately following his first published book of the series, his popularity snowballed. He recieved such awards as the Lucas Award, Nebula Award, and World Fantasy Award all within two years of the first book’s publication. The series began with the Game of Thrones followed by Clash of Kings, Storm of Swords, Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons in that order. “Combined, the Song of Ice and Fire series has sold more than 15 million books worldwide as of 2011,” stated The Globe and Mail. George R.R. Martin has confirmed two more books will be published to wrap up the series. Hoping to pick up on the success of the book series producers David Benioff, known for his contributions to the screenplays of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Troy, teamed up with D. B. Weiss, who has no previous major writing or directing experience, created the Game of Thrones HBO series. After recording all over the world in places such as Northern Ireland, Malta, and Morocco the producers released the first episode on April 17, 2011. Game of Thrones attracted well-

known actors such as Lena Headly, Peter Dinklage, and Sean Bean to play the more popular roles of Cersei Lannister, Tyrion the dwarf and Ned Stark, King of Winterfell respectively. Since Game of Thrones was introduced in 2011, the series has gained 10.3 million viewers. This would place the show 3rd amongst the HBO series ranks, topped only by True Blood and The Sopranos. People of all ages and backgrounds have been attracted to the intricate plot, likable characters, and the intimate scenes. Because of the continued success HBO already announced that the 4th season will commence in 2014.

Photo provided by

Photo provided by


Action! The hit HBO show announced plans for a 4th season after the show ranked 3rd amongst most popular HBO series.

Class of 2013

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May 2013

Senior Car Exposé!

For this year’s Car Exposé, Seniors joined the editorial board to vote for their classmates in seven different categories. After counting the almost ninety responses, these students were the winners. Photos by Verve Staff

ost Likely to hael Gelber: M


Break Down

Ryan Wilkins

: Coolest Car

Nick Abbott:


Best Dr Emily Rowe:

siest Car

mings: Mes Rebecca Cum

Best Bumper

Lynsey News


ham: Worst P

Will Snyder: Best Soccer Mom Car


Verve May 2013 / Volume XIII Issue 8  

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