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Lava is molten rock erupted by volcano either on the ground or under water. How far the lava travels depends on its temperature The hotter the lava is the faster it travels, cold lava does not move fast. As lava cools it moves slower. Lava can’t move when there is resistance to move. Viscosity- a high resistance to flow Lava flows at (550 degrees C and 1400degrees C) and can cause injuries. Lava is made of crystals, volcanic glass, and bubbles (volcanic gases). Lava cools down very fast as it runs into objects and ground that is cooler than it is. It forms into a tin crust that insulates the lava flows and can form crusts that are thick enough to walk on in 10- 15 minutes but the flow its cool! At first the volcano makes magma which then forms into melted rock. The magma goes through the circulation inside the volcano. The magma forms at the bottom of the volcano. Lava is very hot liquid which can burn the remaining rock from the magma. While the lava is going up it gets hotter and hotter. The lava is at the top of the volcano when it erupts. The lava blasts out of the volcano and there is ash rock and clouds of dust that is very thick.

June 3/2013 BY: Rebecca Adshead

Lava daily news  
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