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2- Anthony Groves ‘12 and Kayla Hofmann ‘13 smile and dance together.

2 1- Crystal Lopez Trueblood ‘13 and Sydney Peacock ‘13 march with fellow color guard members during the parade. The Color Guard performed with the Marching Band at every home football game.


13- David Averitt ‘12 and 13 Dustin Donovan ‘12 yell with enthusiasm during the parade. Averitt and Donovan both rode on the Cross Country float.


3- The cheer block waves their Cardinal flags before the game starts. The Red Zone shouted and cheered for the football team the entire game.

A Marvelous Week




16- Frankie Trevino ’13 dances with his date, Jazzy Kemp ’13. The couple attended the dance together. 17- Andrea Reinhart ‘13 dances to one of the upbeat songs at Homecoming. Reinhart attended the dance with her best friend, Alex Myers ‘14. 18- Keyana Washington ‘14, Daija Williams ‘13 and Tyesha Taylor ‘13 dance and wave their arms to the beat of the music. The dance was held in the East Gym for the first time. 19- Homecoming Queen nominee Kayla Chappell ’12 and King nominee Matt Lytle ’12 share a dance together. Chappell and Lytle won Queen and King. Other court members dancing were Jackie Bowie ’14, Jessica De La Cruz ’13 and Levi Burke ’13.


Coming Together




This year’s Homecoming theme was based off of the Marvel comic books. All four classes had the opportunity to create a float and banner based on the Marvel character they chose, and display them for a panel of judges. For the second year in a row, the class of 2014 won first place in the float competition. Designing the floats may or may not be the easiest thing to do. “When you know what you want to do, it’s easy. But if you wait until the last minute then it can seem pretty difficult,” senior Meghan Ahaus said. Families, students, and friends lined the streets around Southport and waited to watch the Homecoming Parade and collect candy thrown from the floats. Girl’s powderpuff football took place the day before the parade and game. “I play powderpuff because it’s fun and I got the chance to experience and make memories for my junior year,” junior Grace Clark said. In the end, the members of the senior class pulled out a win and were declared the champions of Powderpuff 2011. Homecoming week isn’t all about the games, parade, and dance. It gives students the chance to get closer and become a better school. “It brought me closer to the upperclassmen and allowed me to bond with them,” freshman Brooke Jenkins said.


11 4- Eric Marlow ’12, and David Dart ’12, smile and wait for the parade to begin. Dart took on the responsibilities of being the Cardinal mascot at football games and other school events. 5- Grant Alexander ’14, poses as the Incredible Hulk, and takes down Kush Parikshak ’14, on their float. The sophomores won the float competition. 6- Kaitlin Watson ‘14 smiles at her friends on the sidewalks. Watson was on the Golf float. 7- David Steirwalt ‘12 and Anna Laws ‘14 dress up as doctors for career day. 812 Max Doughty ’13 shows off his pretty, pink pajamas. Monday’s spirit week theme was Pajama Day. 9- David Piland ’12, prepares to give an operation. Piland was dressed as a surgeon for career day. 10- Casey Kauffman ’13, smiles for the camera. Kauffman posed as a car mechanic named Steve. 11The Juniors on the powderpuff team huddle and talk strategy. 12- Madison Kendall ‘14 is being helped off the ground by her teammate during the powderpuff game.



19 Students who did not attend the dance

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Students who attended the dance

30% 70%





20- Gabe Dreibelbis ’13 talks with a teammate during the Homecoming football game. “Football is about overcoming adversity. This year we had to overcome a lot of adversity which brought us together as a team.” Dreibelbis said. 21- The football team sets up at the line of scrimmage during the Homecoming game. The Cardinals lost to the Franklin Central Flashes.





22- Valerie Dyer ’14, Emily Bradley ’14 and Lindsay Curran ’14 all hold the sophomore banner during the parade. Allison Estell ’14 walked with them recognizing the class officers. 23- Volleyball teammates Courtney Lockwood ’14, Bria Wright ’13 and Dabney Skutt ’14 throw candy during the parade. 24Queen nominee Abby Springer ’12 smiles for the camera during the parade. Springer rode in a 2010 Mustang Convertible. 25- Sisters Melany England ’14 and Sally England ’12 guide their mini-horse down the road. The two girls supported the girls soccer team. 26- Harshil Patel ’13 instructs other class officers on getting their Captain America Float ready. Patel was the Vice President of the junior class. 27- The cheerleaders start a chant during a timeout. They had a wide variety of cheers that they went through each game 28- Jake Rose ’15 and Nathan Michel Felder ’15 stand on their freshman float before the start of the parade. 29- Cristian Vidal ’14 and Kristen Clardy ’13 carry their instruments on their march around the stadium. 30- The cross country team celebrates on their float. Ethan Hawes ’12 and the rest of the team showed a lot of spirit.


Student Life



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14- Princess Jackie Bowie ‘15 and Prince Andrew Thawng ‘15 walk the field at halftime of the football game. This was their first time experiencing Home15 coming in high school. 15- Ian Modglin ‘14 dresses up as a Franklin Central Flash as part of the sophomore class float.


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s n e S es “It smells like tons of hairspray and Matt’s American Eagle cologne.” -Devin Walter ‘12

2011-2012 Anchor Preview  

Southport High School Yearbook Preview

2011-2012 Anchor Preview  

Southport High School Yearbook Preview