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Push-ups for Touchdowns


Cheerleaders change up how they celebrate victory.

Mixing It Up

6- Kory Kosegi ’13 chants during the Lucas Oil game. Kory is the only male cheerleader on the team. 7Kosegi ’13 shows spirit fingers to the crowd. Southport’s cheerleading squad had something different than what most schools had. They had a male cheerleader. Junior Kory Kosegi was involved with the Southport cheerleading program since freshman year. “I was in second grade and saw the movie “Bring It On” and I knew from then that I wanted to be a cheerleader,” Kosegi said. He participated in everything the girls did but also brought a new twist to the squad. “The stunting, definitely,” Kosegi said was his favorite part of cheerleading.



Junior makes his mark on squad

For the cheerleaders cheerleading is not just all about chanting in front of the crowd. When the football team scores a touchdown it’s important that the cheerleaders celebrate and they have different ways of doing it. “We usually do kick lines, jumps, and tumble,” sophomore Shaunte Russell said. This year they even occasionally did push-ups for the number of points scored. They like to mix it up and keep the audience entertained.

Team Chemistry



Yell Out Your Colors Cardinals Cheerleaders change how

Drama affects the cheerleader’s chemistry

Drama is something that at many times affects the Southport cheerleaders. This year the cheerleaders experienced a lot of drama that really came to affect how they worked together as a group. “Drama splits the team up into cliques and makes everyone go against each other. When everyone is mad at each other things fall apart and the happy moods turn into stressful moods,” sophomore cheerleader Taylor Woodsen said. When it comes to any team activity chemistry is really important to the success of the group. It can make or break how they work together. However being on a team isn’t just about winning, it’s about the friendships you have and the

they interact with the crowd



1- The cheerleaders do push-ups to celebrate a touchdown. They joined the football team at Lucas Oil. 2- Alexandria DeHart ’12 cheers to the crowd. The cheerleaders helped make spirit for Homecoming 2011. 3- Alexandria DeHart ’12 and Kory Kosegi ’13 cheer during a game. By the end of the season cheerleaders had to dress warmly for the cold nights. 4- Donnika Cody ’12, Erin Carpenter ’13, and Savannah Hickle ’14 smile for the crowd. The squad wore pink to support breast cancer at a game in October. 5- The cheerleaders line up in a kick line to celebrate a touchdown. Both JV and Varsity got to cheer at Lucas Oil.

In the past cheerleaders have been more of a background noise that goes along with the normal sounds of high school football games. They didn’t lead the student cheers because the student booster club normally ran them and they didn’t interact with the crowd as much as they could have. This year things changed at those Friday night games because now they play a huge part in leading cheers for the crowd, especially for the cheer block. “Our cheerleading program now is a lot more interactive with the crowd by working a lot with the booster club and actually communicating”, senior cheerleader Alexandria DeHart said. It involves both the cheerleaders and the booster club working together to raise the spirit in Southport’s stands. Senior booster club officer Cody Camp said, “We follow along with their cheers and as a booster club we like to go down to the track for most of the third quarter and lead cheers with the cheerleaders from there.” Instead of just cheering about defense and offense the cheerleaders do a lot of cheers that keep the audience’s attention and that they think the crowd enjoys. “We have incorporated "easier" cheers that are more fun for the crowd to take part in,” explained junior cheerleader Erin Carpenter on how they really got the spectators to participate in the spirit of Friday night football. This year the cheerleaders changed their effect on the crowd and made it so they’re not only seen but heard as well.

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memories you make. “When it comes down to it we still work together but not as easily, drama makes things ten times harder and more stressful,” sophomore Savanna Hickle said. Being on the squad together helped form friendships that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. While drama can break a team down, the cheerleaders chose to overcome their differences and push towards success at competitions and games. “Cheerleading this year was affected by drama a lot, but at the end, it showed a lot of people who their true friends were”, senior cheerleader Alexandria DeHart said.

A Sport or Not? “No, because they don’t compete on the level of other teams or put in the amount of practice as my sport does,” senior Ethan Hawes said.


8- Madison Atchley’14 is lifted during an away JV game. This type of lift is called a liberty. 9- Hannah Nuckolls ’14 sits during the fall pep rally. The cheerleaders help boost spirit by leading events like the class cheer. 10- Peyton McNeely ’12 poses to the crowd while on the field. 11- Donnika Cody ’12 smiles while talking to a teammate. 12- Taylor Woodsen ’14, Hannah Nuckolls ’14, and Kayla Rice ’14 all cheer to the spirit block and parents.



12 “Instead of lifting weights, we lift people. We work as hard as everyone else,” sophomore Kayla Rice said. “Everything we do at practice, competitions, and summer makes it a sport. What we do on the sidelines isn’t just cheerleading,” sophomone Kayla Reed said.

“No, because it’s not physical and they’re not actually scoring points and competing,” freshman Danielle Keeler said.




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