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Southport Pride

August 8, 2012

Southport High School

SHS welcomes new assistant principal

This year, Southport is seeing the induction of several new teachers and administrators. One in particular is A.J. Martzall, the newest addition to the growing number of assistant principals. Each of the four assistant principals at Southport has specific duties and areas that they cover. Martzall, along with Mr. Kirby Schott, oversees disciplinary issues, and he also helps with scheduling and unassigned study halls. So far Martzall says he’s enjoying his new job. “Your other assistant principals and Ms. Brouwer have been awesome,” Martzall said. “They’ve pretty much spent this week kind of just showing me how things go.” Martzall comes from the Shelbyville Central Schools, where he taught special education for six years. He’s also taught physical education and health classes. The biggest transition so far for Martzall is getting used to the 30-minute drive from Shelbyville to get here every morning. He’s also had to get used to the type of work that an administrator does, which he says is not any harder or any easier, just different.

Another thing that has impressed Martzall so far is the behavior of the student body at Southport, particularly during the class meetings this week. “You would think that when you have such an assembly with each of the classes and you’ve got 600 kids…you’d have disciplinary issues,” Martzall said, “and so far I think the kids here are pretty respectful. It seems that for the most part everybody gets along. Things here are really positive.” Martzall says he appreciates the opportunity to work at Southport. “It’s a good community,” he said, “and it’s going to offer me a lot of chances to learn.”

Michael Curran - SHS News Bureau

How do you get a termite to stay in line? Amanda Schnepp’s freshman honors biology classes designed and performed experiments to determine why termites followed a circle drawn in red ink. They determined that the brand of ink, the paper, and the shape drawn didn’t matter, but the color and type of ink did. Upon further research, students learned that

a chemical in red ballpoint ink is similar in structure to a pheromone produced naturally by the termites. The termites release this

pheromone so that others can follow it to find food and the way home. “It was interesting because you never would know that they were attracted to the red circle...,” freshman Nadyah Baker said. “It was good for us because that’s something that we learned that I’m pretty sure no one knew.”

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Fall Musical

Choir teacher Emily McDuffie announced last week that this year’s fall musical will be “Bye Bye Birdie.” Auditions will be held for students on August 27 and 28. Students will perform the show November 16-18.

RDM Fundraising

Several SHS students volunteered at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday, July 28 to help raise money for the Riley Dance Marathon. The students collected donations at the speedway gate and raised $994.44. On Tuesday, August 7, six SHS students along with faculty sponsor Jorie Oskay worked at the Trader’s Point Horse Show in Zionsville. They helped park cars and answer questions from patrons. Eventually, SHS’s Riley Dance committee will receive a percentage of the money made at the horse show. Last year, around $2,400 was earned for RDM through the event.

Girls Golf

The first Southport athletic team victory of the year came on July 31 when the girls golf team defeated Lawrence Central, 192-195. The victory in July makes it possible for Southport athletic teams to record a win in every month (JulyJune) of the 2012-13 school year.

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Southport Points of Pride  

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