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JOURNAL January 25, 2013

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Southport High School

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Auditorium undergoes new renovations

Companies prepare to install new lighting and sound equipment by Brooklyn Raines Reporter

The Southport High School theater students finished their student-directed One Act plays on Thursday, Jan. 10. Ms. Barb Whitlock and the theater students will be preparing for their spring play now. While the students work on this project, the renovations of the auditorium will be on the minds of both the students and Whitlock. Whitlock is concerned about the renovations and if they will conflict with the spring play. “We usually get eight weeks to build a set for a play, but now we are limited to only four weeks to prepare for the play,” Whitlock said. A lot of stress has been added on Whitlock and the theater students due to the fact that the spring

play is scheduled for March 8-10 and the renovations are fairly close to the scheduled due date. Due to the close dates of the renovations and the spring play, the stage setup will be similar to the stage setup of the One Act Plays. The stage setup will occupy less space and be minimal. BSA Life structures is in charge of the renovations in the auditorium. They hired Indy Stage and Lighting (ISL) to hire contractors to improve and renovate the auditorium. From there, ISL hired James Babcock Inc. electrical contractors to renovate the lighting in the auditorium and Esco Communications to renovate the sound. Students at Southport can expect many changes and upgrades from the auditorium renovations. A new dimmer system, a new sound and light board, new speakers for the sound system and new circuits for the lighting will be added to the auditorium. ISL is in charge of the lighting that will be renovated in the auditorium. Mr. Randy Riggs of ISL believes the new theatrical lighting taking place in the auditorium will benefit theater students.

“The new lighting system will be state-of-the- provide better sound for the student body and art and similar to professional theatrical lighting,” their audiences, but this new digital system will Riggs said. “The new lighting system is a good also better prepare students who wish to pursue learning tool for students intera higher education in digital ested in theater equipment.” sound production. James Babcock Inc. is in Each company working charge of renovating the dimmer on the renovations has given system in the auditorium, a dimdifferent estimated times of mer system controls the bright- January-July - sound completion. ness of the lighting on the stage. BSA Life Structures estimated system They won the bid to renovate the that the renovations they are in current lighting system. charge of will be finished by Feb. Feb.15 - overall Esco Communications won 15. ISL estimated they will be finished by the end of February. the bid to renovate the current renovations sound system in the auditorium James Babcock Inc. will be finEnd of February - lighting ished by March 1. Esco Commuas well. Mr. David Stephenson of renovations are slated March 1 - dimmers nications Esco Communications believes to take place between now and the end of July 2013. the new sound renovations taking place in the auditorium will Whitlock is not stressed about provide better sound in the auditorium and benefit how close the dates of the renovations are with the students interested in digital sound systems. play because of a system allowing students to be Stephenson says the renovations will not only in the auditorium while certain renovations occur.


Mrs. Amanda VanWagner leads the fitness class in the cafeteria on Wednesday, Jan. 16. Photo by Mikaela Maillet.

Southport works out

The Upward College Program helps students like senior Lang Mawi (left) and Perry Meridian senior (right) Lal Mawi prepare for their futures in higher education after high school. Photo by Jesse Roller.

Getting college ready Upward College Program offers extra help to Burmese juniors and seniors

by Caitlyn Jones Reporter Eighty percent of four-year colleges require an essay or writing samples in the application during the admissions process according to the National Association for College Admission Counseling. Due to requirements like this, the Burmese American Community Institute (BACI) developed the Upward College Program in order to help meet the needs of Burmese students. This program was designed by inputs from community stakeholders and educational experts including faculty from higher education who are familiar with adult and adolescent learning and development, English Language teachers, Burmese community leaders, parents and current Burmese students who are facing challenges in the Western educational environment. The primary goals of this program are to increase retention rates and college enrollment, to strengthen the students’ social support network through group activities and to support the development of transitional life skills. Senior Solomon Thawng regularly attends the program and it is very helpful for him. “The program has been a helpful source

for me since my senior year started,” Thawng about getting ready for college and their lives said. “When I have difficulties with my school after that. work, the tutors from the program help me On these days, three to five seniors are out and explain until I understand.” assigned a tutor to help them with essay writing, college applications, financial aid apThe Upward College Program started in October of 2011 and took place at the Perry plications and scholarship applications. The BACI also conducts college campus Township Government Center. The program ran there up until May of 2012. Since Sepvisits designed to motivate and teach stutember of 2012, this dents about the application process, program has been running at Southport financial aid and admissions criteria High School with 20 Southport students atfor colleges and tending each session. universities. -English According Elaisa Vahnie, MPA Executive Director of to Vahnie, the -Civics and Cultural Studies program has been Upward College Program is very pleased very successful -College Access with relocating the simply for the fact -College Preparatory that it has been program to Southport. meeting the pro“Southport High -Academic Enrichment gram’s goals that School offered more space, excellent fawere set forth. -Technology Vahnie is very cilities, resources and -Leadership support,” Vahnie said. thankful for being able to take adStarting Tuesday -Public Speaking Jan. 17, the program vantage of Southwill have meetings evport’s facilities. -Enrichment Activities “We are grateful ery Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from for their support,” Vahnie said. “We 6 to 8 in the evening. During those meetings the first hour is dediespecially are thankful to the leadership of the cated to helping students understand their work school district as well as to the principal of and get it done. The second hour is for lectures. Southport High School, Barbara J. Brouwer, for the support she offered to the program.” This is usually for juniors and seniors talking


A new exercise program is offered after school to help Southport get in shape by Kaitlin Fallowfield Reporter Resolutions related to health are often made, and just as frequently broken. Some may say that a gym membership is too expensive or inconvenient, and they have to put such goals aside. However, a fitness program has been brought to Southport which could make some resolutions more attainable. Hoosier School Benefit Trust, otherwise referred to as HSBT, has an ongoing fitness program for staff members interested in a weekly exercise class, and for the first time, it is being held at Southport. The class is particularly for those who utilize the insurance provided by HSBT and seek physical fitness. Health coach Mrs. Amanda VanWagner has been instructing for a year now and will be guiding the class every week. “It’s a good opportunity for those who don’t have gym memberships or don’t really know what to do for exercise,” VanWagner said. “A group fitness setting is a great way for people to start because it’s a fun thing for (staff) to do with their coworkers, and it’s not an intimidating environment.” This Total Body Toning class, as VanWagner describes it, is a class which combines cardio and strength challenging exercises. As a health coach, she is also qualified to give advice about nutrition. “It’s much more than just exercise to us,” VanWagner said. Classes are held every Wednesday in the cafeteria, and the program is free to all HSBT insurance beneficiaries. Others are welcome, including students, but they are expected to pay a $5 fee per class. She says the class is one more way they can reach out to people and promote healthy living.


Foreign Language / Advertisements

January 25, 2013

La cafeína tiene efectos positivos y negativos en los estudiantes Doctores y nutricionistas afirman lo bueno, malo de consumir cafeína

Amy Carter nutricionista de la Clinica Wishard En los últimos años se han hecho una enorme cantidad de experimentos con el fin de averiguar porque la cafeína produce adición. ‘’El café no me hace sentir nada del todo,” Sophemore Jacinta Frias dijo. “Bueno depende de escrito por Karla Salas cuánto bebo si bebo poco me hace sentir migrañas, si bebo mucho me hace sentir más despiReportera erta y contenta.’’ La cafeína es uno de las más poderosas sub¿Quién descubrió la cafeína? Lo más probable es que este venga de Etiopía, de la provincia stancias que puede estimular una gran parte del centro del sistema nervioso. Se dice que los efecde Kaffa. La creencia más extendida es la que fue tos de esta substancia son similares a los de la descubierto por un pastor llamado Kaldi. El ob- cocaína y amphetamine. Estudios han señalado que el abuso de cafeíservó el efecto tonificante de este arbusto. Este cultivo se extendió en primer lugar en la na puede causar efectos devastadores para el organismo. Tal como, inquietud, irritabilidad, vecina Arabia, donde se popularizó. Yemen fue un centro de cultivos importante ansiedad, acidez estomacal dolores de cabeza Y desde donde se propagó al resto del mundo árabe. muchos otros más. Según las publicaciones de salud en Harvard Hay muchas leyendas sobre el origen del concluyeron que la cafeína empieza a reacciocafé, entre ellas, la más conocida es la Kaldi nar 15 minutos después que fue hace aproxide ser ingerida después, madamente al año 450 esto tarda aproximade nuestra era. 6 horas para Se cuenta, que un La cafeína puede ser posi- damente desaparecer completapastor árabe llamado tiva siempre y cuando se mente del cuerpo. Kaldi, mientras vigilaba Tras el transcurso de a su rebaño que pastaba tome con responsabilidad tiempo se han hecho mien las abruptas laderas tos en los cuales se catade Kaffa (Abisinia), obAmy Carter, loga la cafeína como una servó cómo sus cabras Nutricionista en la clinica de Wishard “substancia dañina” Sin se volvían juguetonas embargo estudios recieny alegres después de tes han descubierto que comer las bayas rojas es algo de lo contrario. de un arbusto. ‘’El café tiene el SI de muchas organizaciones El pastor, al verlas, también probó la semilla y experimentó una sensación agradable y de la salud,” Dijo el Dr. Mike Magee el cual fue especializado en medicina internacional. “Está euforizante. La cafeína además de ser uno de las substan- lleno de antioxidantes que amortiguan la incias más encontradas en productos tan recono- flamación y son creídas ser positivas y preventicidos y habituales tales como, Sodas, Rockstar, vas cuando vienen las enfermedades crónicas.” Según afirmaciones por parte. Amy Carter; La Monster , Redbull ,Chocolates Hersey y que también que más se consumen en la actualidad. este cafeína puede ser consumida diariamente, sin ha despertado el interés de varios científicos por que provoque efectos no deseados. “La cafeína puede traer al consumista efeclos efectos que este ocasiona en la salud. Por un lado la cafeína puede presentar efectos positi- tos positivos o dañinos, depende de cuánto convos en la salud los cuales estimulan el estado sumas,” Carter dijo. Según la doctora Carter la consumición en Mg de alerta y el ánimo por el lado negativo es muy similar con estilos no saludables como por ejem- varia por kilogramos en el cuerpo 1.73 mg/kg. Según en un artículo escrito por parte de Inplo consumir tabaco ‘’La Cafeina puede ser positiva siempre y cu- ternational Food Information Council Foundation. Te despierta los sentidos de alerta y conando se tome con responsabilidad’’ dijo La Dra.

Arlington & Stop 11 5920 E. Stop 11 Rd. Indianapolis, IN 317-881-1515

Greenwood 1280 North U.S. 31 Greenwood, IN 317-865-6200

{ConsumaciónDeCAFEINA } En la escuela de Southport la cafeína es muy acesible para los estudiantes. Afuera del gimnasio hay dos maquinas que contienen bebidas como refresco e bebidas de energia. Aqui hay la cantidad de cafeína que algunas bebidas contienen. Informacion de


cafeína (mg)

*Not good in conjuction with other offers. Expires 3/1/13

cafeína (mg)

cafeína (mg)





AMP Energy




Mellow Yellow


Red Bull


Lipton Brisked Nestea, dulceado







centración. Debido a que la cafeína contiene substancias que tiene efectos buenos para la transmisión neurológica, puede aumentar el rendimiento en el transcurso de la competición Este te llena de energía, mejora el estado de ánimo y coordinación. También Reduce las probabilidades de padecer algunas enfermedades como el diabetes. La Agencia Europea de los alimentos, han declarado que el café puede ayudar a mejorar el rendimiento físico, el cognitivo y los niveles de alerta. La cafeína es una substancia que puede ocurrir naturalmente que se puede encontrar en, hojas, semillas, frutas de plantas de grupos de componentes llamados ‘’Methilzanthines’’. Las más comunes conocidas fuentes de cafeína. Según Estudios recientes dicen señalar que cuando nosotros consumimos cafeína, nuestra capacidad de poder reconocer palabras positivas, puede aumentar drásticamente según se revela en unos estudios neurológicos, que fueron publicados en una revista llamada “PLOS ONE.’’ El trabajo de estos investigadores ha revelado que después de beber al menos 200 miligramos de cafeína, que es aproximadamente unas dos o tres tazas de café. Después de una hora o dos, esto puede hac-

Full Throtle


SoBe No Fear


erle presentar al ‘’ingiriente’’’’ una gran carga emocional positiva. Sin embargo, la cafeína no tiene ningún efecto sobre emociones que sean negativas. Otro hallazgo de gran importancia fue los de unos estudios que se desarrollaron en Estados Unidos y Europa estos estudios concluyeron con que el café el consumo de cafeína ayuda a reducir las posibilidades de padecer diabetes o Parkinson. Astrid Nehlig, neuróloga del Instituto Nacional de Salud de Francia, Afirma que tomar de una a tres tazas de café diarias entre dos y cinco veces el ayuda a reducir el riesgo de sufrir mal de Parkinson. Por otro lado este también ayuda a disminuir el riesgo de padecer diabetes como un 15 y 60% debido a que la bebida contiene una gran cantidad de minerales y ácido cloro génico. Los cuales evitan la producción masiva de glucosa. Además de reducir el riesgo de padecer estas muy significativas enfermedades, el humor, la energía y la percepción visual, mejoran con el tiempo. Y por si no fuera poco además de ser un muy eficaz relajante también ayuda en la auto-confianza. Según Nehlig, el concluye que aunque la cafeína contenga substancias adictivas, tambien hace bien para una persona.

LAS Links Test Hi El

sianghngakchi caah a biapi El Sianghngakchia tam deuh hi Las links test awn ding ah Southport siangin nih a herh by Emily Sung Reporter

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bedidas de energía

Southport High School i English a cawng cuahmah mi sianghngakchia pawl hna cu a ra lai ding mi LAS Link test caah timh tuah nak an ngei cio hna. LAS Links Test cu U.S.A a phan ka ram dang mi (an ram ah mirang holh a hmang lo mi) pawl caah tuah mi test asi. Indiana state i sianginn pawl nih mah LAS Link Test hi ram dang a phan ka mi sianghngakchia pawl an English thiamnak hi zei tluk tiang dah asi ti theih khawh nak ah an tuah mi test asi. LAS Link test hi kum khaht ah awi khat phit a hau mi test asi. Hi test hi nazi cheu hrawng a rau i mah test nih hin sianghngakchia pawl an English thiamnak nak hi zei tluk tiang dah asi i, zei sinh in dah an cawn nak hi thok a hoh ti kha a langh ter. Mah test nih hin sianghngakchia pakhat nih zei tluk in dah English hi a rel khawh , a ttial khawh, a holh khawh, a theih khawh, le a lung a pian khawh timi kha hi test phit hnu hin cun piang ngai in theih khawh asi. Hi LAS Link test nih hin sianghngakchia pawl lawng si lo in ca a chim tu ding saya le sayamah te zong tam ngai in bomhnak a pek hna. Sianghngakchia pakhat i a LAS Link test i a hmuh mi hmak kha zoh hnu ah saya le sayamah te nih cu sianghngakchia i a ngah mi hmak kha lak in zei sinh in dah hi sianghngakchia hi cawn a herh i, zei caa pawl hi dah a mah caah cawn ding ah aa tawk timi pawl kha an tuak taan piak. Mah test hi English cawn aa tim mi sianghngakchia pawl caah cun sianginn pawl nih hin a biapi ngai ah an chiah mi test asi. Mirang ca hi an mah mirang tluk in nal ngai in holh khawh le thiam ngai in ttial khawh a duh mi sianghngakchia pawl caah cun hi test i cawn hram aa thawk nak asi ti khawh zong asi.Hi test nih hin sianghngakchia pakhat i kum khat hnu kum khat a tthan cho dan zong kha a langh ter. Mah LAS Link Test hi sianghngakchia pawl ca lawng ah si lo in an kai nak sianginn pi ca zong ah a biapi ngai mi test asi. Indiana State i Board of Education nih, a state chung i a um mi sianginn pawl nih hi mirang ca cawn nak program hi an tuah lawng si lo in an tthan cho ter a hau mi thil pakhat asi tiah a ruah. Mah test nih hin, sianginn pakhat i a EL program nih zei tluk in dah mirang ca a cawng lio mi an siang-

hngakchia pawl hna hi kum khat hnu kum khat an tthan cho timi zong kha fiang ngai in a langh ter. End-of-Course Assessment (English10 ECA, le Math Algebra 1 ECA) pawl hi sianginn i test pawl ah cun a biapi bik pawl tiah an chiah mi hna test pawl an si. Mah test pawl hi cu an mah mirang holh a thiam cia mi zong nih an phit a hau mi test pawl an si. Sihmanhsehlaw, mirang holh a holh si lo mi sianghngakchia pawl hna caah cun mah LAS Links test hi Level 5 sianghnakchia si khawh nak ding caah awn a herh ngai mi test asi ii, mah test a aung mi sianghngakchia pawl nih cun ECA test zong fawi deuh ngai in an phit khawh i awn nak lam zong hi a tam deuh. Mirang ca a cawng lio mi sianghngakchia tam pi hna nih cun hi test a biapit ning hi an theih deuh chin thluahmah cang caah timlam deuh le i zuam deuh in phit cio an i tim cang hna. Hi test hi mirang ca a cawng lio mi sianghngakchia caah har tuk i phit ding ah an tuah mi test cu asi lo. Nifatin hman tawn mi bia le holh pawl hna hman in zaangdam ngai in phit awk ah an tuah mi test khi an si ko. Asinain, hi test phit tik ah hin sianghngakchia a cheu khat cu thin phan nak le lau nak ruang ah duh ning tluk in an phi kho tawn hna lo. Southport High School i EL a chim mi saya Mr. Hoffman Longhtin nih cun “Lau hlah uh, na lung a tur tuk le na lau tuk ah cun bia a ruah mi na lo ti lo, bia sawh sawh men kan i ruah ti khin ruat ko uh” ti in test phit lio i lau lo nak le thinphan lo nak ding caah tha a pek hna. Mah test phit nak caah i timh lamh nak a ttha bik mi cu phit lai ah thaw fak pi in dop i, hi test hi cu ka mirang ca thiam nak sinh (level) hi khoi ka a phak cang timi kha a ka theih ter tu asi timi ruahnak in phit kha asi. Test phit lio ah lung dai te in test hi phit i zuam ding asi. Hi test hi ttial, rel, le hna ngaih in an test hna. Hi pa thum chung lak ah hin sianghngakchia a tam deuh nih cun hna ngaih i phit mi hi an i harh bik tawn. Asinain hi Test ca zong ah hin Internet chung ah phit tak tak hlan i a san i phit ding ah sianginn nih an timh tuah mi test pawl zong an um tthiam . Abiapi bik le a ttha bik mi timhtuah nak cu sianginn khan chung i cawn lio ah Saya/Sayamah te chim mi ttha tein ngaih, ttha tein i ttial i ttha te in zoh hi asi. Sianginn cawn mi lawng a za ti lo in inn zong ah mah tein cawn cia mi zoh tthan zong hi a herh hrim. Mirang ca ttial i a herh tawn mi (full sentences, capital letters, periods, and etc.) pawl hna kha ttha tein cawn i thiam ah cun hi LAS Link Test hi fawi ngai in awn khawh a ngah mi test a si ko.


January 25, 2013

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Student Life

January 25, 2013

Freshman Charlie Straub and junior Joey Lane work on the robot for the Cyber Cards. The team works every day after school on the robot. Photo by Becca Tapp.

Gearing up for the competition A new year brings new changes for the CyberCards while preparing a new robot by Jake Rose Reporter The Southport High School robotics team has been around since 2006, led by head coach Mr. Michael Taylor. The robotics team has had to deal with some new challenges this year due to Southport’s ongoing construction. The team operates out of the 400’s in room 407, however, before the construction began they used room 408. Taylor’s old room was much larger and could accommodate more tools and workspace, while his new room is much smaller. This change has caused the team to downsize greatly, and it has also ushered in a new sense of organization. “We have gotten a lot more organized than we were before,” Taylor said. “We’re still not quite there yet, but its better.” The team is currently building a robot to compete in a competition on March 21-23. The challenge for this competition is that the robot either has to throw Frisbees into a hoop atop a pyramid or climb to the top of a 120-inch pyramid. The team has made the decision to try and make a robot that can climb the pyra-


The robot approaches the pyramid and grabs the first bar with its claws.

“I’d really like to win a regional, because we mid, because climbing the pyramid will earn them the most points. The robot will be simple haven’t done that ... ever.” Stephenson said. in design but effective in operation. Each robot “And it would be really cool, because it’s my the team makes is assigned a “driver,” or a per- senior year, and I think we have a good chance son to control the robot during the competi- with our robot this year.” Sophomore Mac Pattison has been on the tion. For this upcoming competition the team has not yet decided who will operate the robot, team since his freshmen year also, but he joined but they will make for a different reason than most. that decision soon. “Well at first Southport’s roI thought it was botics team has fighting robots, helped start sevbut then I learned eral Indiana high WHO: Southport Robotics Team that it was actually school robotics competing robots,” teams, such as WHAT: The Queen City Regional Pattison said. “Bathe Brownsburg sically it’s competRobotics Team WHEN: Saturday, March 21, 2013 ing towards a goal, that began in WHERE: Cincinnati, Ohio and not cutting 2010. The Team each other in half.” also hosts its own TIME: All Day All the members event at Southport of the team have in October. had to adapt to the “For the past recent change in two years,” Tayenvironment, no lor said, “we have been able to travel to multiple regionals, which matter what grade level. The team used to conwe have never done two years in a row before. So, struct all aspects of their robots, from the wiring to the skeleton they built the robot on. But I think we are growing in a lot of ways.” The Robotics Team consists of around 15 stu- now that they have much less space, they have dents of all grades. Senior Austin Stephenson has to have some of the materials pre-fabricated. been on the team since he was a freshman, and he This makes the build time on the robot a lot faster, so it isn’t necessarily a bad thing they is the team’s most senior member.


have had to change. “We have six weeks in which to construct the robot, and it’s not uncommon for us to be working on it on the very last day of those six weeks,” Taylor said. “This year, depending on how our fabricators treat us, we could be done by week three.” According to Taylor, that estimation is pretty “Pie-In-The-Sky,” but he believes that the team can accomplish it. As long as the weather permits and the fabricators deliver on time, the team should be on track for finishing very early in the game. If they finish this early they will have an ample amount of time to really test the robot. They can see who is best driving it, what its limits are and they can drive it until it breaks, then fix what broke to make the robot better. This gives the Southport Team an advantage over other teams, because most other schools won’t have as much time to troubleshoot their robot. The team has had to change many things this year due to the construction, but most, if not all, of the changes they’ve made have been very beneficial. That is why Taylor and the members of the team believe they can obtain a regional victory. It doesn’t seem that far out of reach for the team, and with the dedication and motivation the members have already shown this year, they can achieve anything.

During a competition, robots must complete a task. The Cyber Cards chose for their robot to climb a pyramid, rather than throw frisbees. These are the steps to climbing the pyramid. Drawings by Breanna Bierod.


One of the claws moves from the first bar to the second bar.



Both of the robot claws grab onto the second bar, as the robot continues to the third.

Both robot claws complete the task, moving to the third bar of the pyramid.

Technology education proves beneficial Engineering and computer science classes are useful to assist careers in technology by Aygul Tereshkina Reporter Alex Schutte, junior at Southport, has been taking engineering classes for three years and suggested them to his friends. Although it does look good on the resume, it’s not the only purpose for taking IET and computer science. “You don’t only have to take these classes to expect to major in it, but it’s just an overall useful thing,”Schutte said. Southport offers a variety of engineering, technology and computer science classes such as Principals of Engineering, Introduction to Engineering Design, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Digital Electronics and others. All of these classes have a lot of advantages. For example, students in engineering classes get to work with computers, learn about design programs and do several projects. “They have to do work, but it’s not like you sit here reading textbooks, go home, do homework, come back next day,” Mr. Michael

Taylor, engineering teacher at Southport, said. “It’s more project-based.” As for computer science classes, they focus on teaching students how to make different codes. Furthermore, these classes allow students to get a better understanding of computers from within and that knowledge can be applied to an everyday life, especially if trouble strikes. “It’s not just the plug into the wall and how to connect them, but how computers actually function,” Ms. Reagan Towne, computer science teacher, said. Benefits of taking these subjects are that the knowledge students get in these classes can be applied to everyday life, and the calm, relaxed environment prepares students to delve into the computer field. “Classes are really relaxed,” senior Gary Dean said. “I mean, you’re around the computers all the time.” And while students enjoy the friendly environment of classes, they also have to think about their career choice in the future when taking these classes. As for people who want to study IET or programing in college, it is essential to take classes while being in high school and decide whether this is what they want to major in. “If you think you want to be an engineer

and take this class and you don’t like it, I would rather you spend an hour a day in high Looking to study technology for your future? Here is a list of popular school learning that tech careers, the best colleges in Indiana to study at and the annual than the entire year or salary for that career. Information from more in college, spending thousand dollars a CAREER COLLEGE SALARY year figuring that out,” Taylor said. However, to those Computer Harrison College $72,630 who decide to major in IET or programming, Programmer there are a lot of opportunities in universities such as Purdue IT Manager Indiana University $118,010 and Rose-Hulman. This trend shows that the amount of job offers Civil Engineer Purdue University for engineers and pro$77,990 grammers are increasing. With this, students’ interest in computer Strayer University Software $89,280 science is also increasing according to Towne. “The area is growless of the majors they choose. ing,” Towne said. “So that’s an area that can be “If nothing else, it will give an understanda good one to go into.” ing of normal Physics class, and it also helps As students have to face their career choice, to know how to use the design programs,” Southport’s IET classes can be useful, regard- Schutte said.



January 25, 2013


{a look at the GUN ISSUE} After the violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the topic of gun control has been all over the media and in Congress. However, to understand the controversy over guns, one must first have to understand the background surrounding them.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” -The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. -The Second Amendment is what gives the American public the right to keep and bear arms, as recognized by the United States Supreme Court. -There are three broad categories of firearm: handgun, rifle and shotgun, and there are three settings for a gun: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. -There are 310 million registered guns in the United States. The U.S. has the most guns per capita in the world. -The main goal of the current legislation in Congress is to close background-check loopholes, ban military-style assault weapons and ban high-capacity magazines. -The definition of assault rifle for the new legislation is any automatically-firing gun that can be used with military intent. -In America, on average, there are 20 shooting a year that kill four or more people. Information from Time Magazine and

Sophomore Tori Updike shoots an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle at Indy Range on Jan. 15, 2013. Updike was shooting the gun to gain experience on the issues surrounding gun control. Photo by Katie Hinh.

Finger on the trigger by Tori Updike Reporter

“I do this every day.”

It wasn’t what I expected. To be honest, I didn’t know what holding a gun would be like. I’d envisioned it to be shiny and sleek, an obvious death machine. I’d wondered if I would feel powerful, or afraid, like it was a bomb about to go off in my hand. It wasn’t like that. As I stood there holding a .22 caliber handgun, I felt... nothing. Perhaps I felt some apprehension, since I was holding a dangerous firearm, but other than that, the gun didn’t frighten me. It was merely dense and silent... until I pulled the trigger. It had been difficult for me to distinguish the pros and cons of owning a gun. How could I choose between gun control, which might protect our children and prevent horrible violence, and gun rights, the basic Constitutional freedom to own a firearm? I needed to find out for myself. I knew I had to cut through the glaze of the media and make my own assumptions. This would mean talking to gun owners, police officers, gun control advocates and – gulp! – shooting a gun myself. All this led up to me standing in a shooting range holding a gun. There, I was greeted by Mr. Chris Pope, safety coordinator for the Marion County Fish and Game Association, and Mr.

Brad Newgent, vice president for the MCFG. The two men were extremely responsible, giving me a thorough safety lecture on how to handle a gun before putting me near one. They were intelligent, ordinary guys, not the evil militia-men I had come to expect listening to news reports. It was definitely an eye-opener. When I shot the three different guns, it felt like a firecracker coming out of my hand, although it was smooth compared to what I had expected. It was hard to believe that this metal tube could kill, and I was disappointed that shooting the guns didn’t give me an absolute epiphany. But the interviews afterwards certainly did. Both Pope and Newgent agree that a ban on firearms would probably result in a crime spike and not accomplish the goal of decreased gun ownership. “Whether people like it or not, firearms are deeply entrenched in American culture,” Newgent said. “You’re not putting the genie back in the bottle.” This view was shared by an Indianapolis police officer I talked with, who wishes to remain anonymous. “Unfortunately, the United States is too flooded with handguns to restrict them completely,” the police officer said. “The problem is deeper than simply banning guns.” Fighting for the pro-gun control side, I talked with Mrs. Andrea Spiegelberg, co-lead for the Indianapolis chapter of the One Million Moms for Gun Control organization. This group has four main goals, which includes banning assault weapons. I was continually surprised throughout my quest, because Spiegelberg was not anti-gun at all. She is merely fighting for more regulations. “One Million Moms for Gun Control is not about banning guns,” Spiegelberg said. “It’s about common-sense gun regulation.”

Mrs. Andrea Spiegelberg talks at an interview about gun legislation on Jan. 18, 2013. Photo by Katie Hinh. Spiegelberg spoke about working toward guns being regulated like cars: a national registry with compulsory licensing, a physical and written test before being licensed, a background check and practice sessions before being able to own a gun. She was concerned about the availability of unlicensed firearms. I realized that each person wanted the same thing: no more gun violence. The conflict is how to accomplish that. I met four very competent people trying to achieve this by their own means. And the epiphany comes: While I think more regulations should be imposed, I would like the right to carry a gun if I want to. I want my rights ,and I want safety. With the right legislation, I do believe we can have our cake and eat it too.

Different perspectives on gun control

Students support right to guns Guns are a Constitutional right and should not be taken away by Moira McKinney Reporter On the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, students and staff walked through the doors of Sandy Hook Elementary School, oblivious to the horrific shooting that would occur that day. This news broadcasted worldwide, adding to the list of tragic American shootings and leaving many devastated. As gun-related tragedies continue to occur around the United States, the talk of government-enforced gun control increases. Southport students have their own feelings of the control of guns. Junior Charles Wise feels that the right to bear arms is an important aspect of a democracy or free society. He feels that if the government takes away the right to guns, then it is taking away freedoms. “That’s the main reason the Second Amendment was created, just in case people in power got out of hand with power,” Wise said. Junior Kameron Dehner and sophomore Jonathon Hawkins feel more sentimental about their weapons,and see them as an accessory to the sport they each participate in. “I don’t think people should have to regulate their guns because of someone else’s action,” Dehner said. Dehner uses his guns for hunting, which he has been doing for five years. He says guns are fun to shoot and that hunting is a good sport to get into. Dehner says he owns his own personal guns, and his parents and grandparents also own some. Hawkins also owns the guns he uses and enjoys hunting deer. Hawkins believes shotguns

and handguns are not the problem, it is the people who are buying these guns. He explains that he thinks the issue is more about people with mental issues, rather than whether people have the right to bear arms. “Guns can’t fire themselves. It’s people who fire them,” Hawkins said. “People are going to do whatever they want, no matter what.” Wise also believes that certain people Kameron should not be allowed Dehner, to have guns. He says Junior that people who take depression medication or have mental disorders should not be allowed to have guns because many of the mass shootings were performed by people with these types of disorders. Wise and Dehner both explain that people may obtain a handgun as long as they have never been convicted of a felony before they were 18 years of age. These background checks don’t include checking a buyer’s medications or much about their personal background. People who own firearms don’t always go through these legal requirements. Dehner explains that someone can always get a gun off the Internet, steal a gun or illegally buy a gun from private sellers. “There’s always the risk that you can’t stop it,” Dehner said. “You can always get a gun, legally or illegally.” All three students believe that guns shouldn’t be controlled due to poor background checking or illegal solicitation of guns, but rather that background checks should be enhanced and proper stipulations should be carried out.

Peers speak out against guns

Recent tragedies spark debate on how to decrease violent shootings by Vanessa Abplanalp Reporter Sixty-two percent of the American population possesses more than one of these items, according to It also states that for every 100 people, there are 88.8 of these. Americans have the highest gun ownership rates in the world. The Wall Street Journal also states that from 2011 to 2012, shooting incidents increased by 12 percent. With recent issues regarding guns, such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the topic of gun control has largely been debated over, both in Congress and in the public. Southport students and faculty also have strongly-rooted sentiments when it comes to this subject. Mr. Nathan Fishel and senior Dezeray Ferguson share the mutual feeling of enforced gun control. According to Fishel, gun control should entail heavier restrictions on non-defensive weapons and limit the accessibility of guns to citizens. He believes this because, in early America, Fishel says, the presence of guns contrasts with today’s. “When we became a country, the Constitutional right to carry a weapon has been defensive-minded for the private citizen so they can protect themselves,” Fishel said. Fishel says that the Constitution was made amendable for a reason, and now might be time to see if it should be amended. What has transpired, Fishel says, is that weapons technology has increased and that weapons are now developed more offensively than defensively.

Fishel claims that offensive weapons are not for the everyday person. While there are supporters of a movement, there is always opposition. Fishel mentions that the population against gun control fears what precedent would be set if gun control is enforced. “If we have gun control, what will it lead to?” Fishel said. “I think that people in this country have never had ‘gun control.’ But with technology and society changing, just because something has been a certain way forever doesn’t mean it can’t change now.” Regarding the school, Fishel says that it is already doing all it can and the number one plan of attack is to have a plan. Ferguson is another whose belief is for enhanced gun control, though she agrees with the Second Amendment. “We should control who’s able to get them and the extent of the gun power,” Ferguson said. She says that it would be beneficial due to guns being not as accessible. Hence, the amount of tragic incidents would lessen. Dezeray In order to control Ferguson, those who are able Senior to obtain firearms, there should be psychological evaluations and officials looking through criminal records, according to Ferguson. Ferguson believes enforced gun control will be the right way to go. “There won’t be as many (mass shootings),” Ferguson said. Though guns will still be around, control laws are “shooting” to be improved and improve America in return.



January 25, 2013

Former Southport star 1st and 10 with Taylor DeHart to have number retired Sports should ABA legend Dampier to become first to receive this honor at Southport

by Nick Holland Reporter Mr. Louie Dampier was one of those athletes who came around once in a generation. He was a basketball standout at Southport in the early 1960s and went on to play basketball at the University of Kentucky (UK), in the American Basketball Association (ABA) and in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Dampier is the ABA all-time leader in points scored, games played, field goals attempted, minutes played, three-pointers made and threepointers attempted. At UK he was a three-time 2nd-team All-American. He was also the third leading scorer in UK’s history when he graduated with 1575 points. His number-10 jersey is retired at UK. Dampier was drafted #38 overall in the 1967 NBA draft. If that’s not enough, Dampier will also be the first basketball player in Southport’s history to get his/her number retired. He says this is one of the best things that has ever happened to him. “I’ll cherish this moment forever,” Dampier said. “It’s a real honor for the school to do something like this for me.” He says it’s an honor, but does he think he deserves it? If anyone asks him, he’ll tell them no. But to his friends, they believe that it’s the right thing to do. Dampier’s long-time friend and former Southport student Mr. Steve McClure believes that it was only a matter of time before Dampier got this honor. “He made everyone on the court better,” McClure said. “He was never a bragger in school. He will tell you he doesn’t because that’s the kind of person that he is. He was a team player on and off the court. He was one of those people who don’t have to have the spotlight on Mr. Louie Dampier puts up a shot during his NBA days with the San Antonio Spurs. Dampier them ever.” averaged 6.7 points with the Spurs. Photo contributed by Steve McClure. But Dampier believes that despite all of his successes, he was just having fun doing some- school, Blackey Braden, was very similar in ev- stint that followed it wasn’t necessarily bad. It thing he loved to do. ery way to my college coach, Adolph Rupp. The just wasn’t what I expected. No one was having “I didn’t really do anything extraordinary to ABA was really fun, but the NBA just wasn’t as fun. It all seemed too much like a business and deserve this,” Dampier said. “I just went about great as it’s made out to be.” not as much as a place where guys can have my ways. I don’t know if I In the ABA Dampier be- fun doing something they love.” made everyone better, but came one of only two playDampier admits that high school was one of I can see how some people ers to spend all nine years of the best times of his life. So, how will he feel could see that.” the ABA’s existence with the coming back? -Dampier scored 1,057 Dampier has fond memosame team. In his case, DampHe says that despite the magnitude of the points in high school. ries of the time he spent at ier was on the Kentucky Coloprogram dedicated to him, he doesn’t think he -He led the state his senior Southport, but overall, he nels for the entire duration will be afflicted with any emotions outside of year with 673 points, and remembers one game in parof his ABA career. He won humbleness. there was no three point ticular: the sectional final the 1975 championship with “The program is a big deal,” Dampier said. line at the time. game vs. Washington High them when he beat the Indi- “And whatever happens during it, happens. I -Dampier’s number-32 School. Dampier hit the goana Pacers, who had already might step up there and say a few words, but it jersey will be retired at the ahead shot with just under 7 won three times in five years. won’t be anything ground-breaking.” boys basketball game on seconds to go, and his team He played his three years in Dampier knows this isn’t the end of his run Feb. 1. came out with the win. the NBA with the San Antonio in basketball by any means. He plays “his verDampier explains what Spurs. sion” of full speed basketball in open gyms two playing at high levels of basketball was like He remembers vividly the amount of fun he nights a week in Jeffersonville, Ind. Dampier back in the late ‘60s to late ‘70s when he played. had in the ABA compared to the NBA. says that he has more years to go before he “Playing college was very similar to high “The ABA was one of those experiences that will ever decide to hang up his shoes and ball school,” Dampier said. “My coach in high I will never forget,” Dampier said. “The NBA and finally walk off the basketball court.


Wrestler stays successful while adjusting to coaching change

Kauffman makes the most of season after long-time coach moves to another school by Zack Kennelly Reporter

Since his seventh grade year, Mr. Todd Weaver had been senior Casey Kauffman’s wrestling coach. But at the end of last school year, Kauffman found out that Weaver would no longer be at Southport or be his wrestling coach. Due to the teaching salary that the school had offered, Weaver decided to leave because it wouldn’t be enough for his travel back and forth from his home to school every day. “I was extremely upset,” senior Casey Kauffman said. “Coach Weaver was such a huge part of my life. I had literally spent the last four years with him at least a couple times a week. It took me a while to understand that he has to put himself and his family first, which is completely understandable.” But despite the change, Kauffman stays positive and continues to grow with the lessons of both Weaver and new wrestling coach Mr. David Walpole. Walpole is a former assistant coach and wrestler from Perry Meridian High School. Walpole has helped coach in wrestling state finals with Perry Meridian and has the experience and knowledge on how to compete at wrestling’s higher levels. With Walpole’s help, Kauffman is getting new instruction from a high caliber coach, and Weaver sees this as a great thing.

Senior Casey Kauffman (left) wrestles his opponent from Northwest during senior night on Jan. 8. The Cards won, 54-30. Photo by Kaitlin Fallowfield. “It’s never a bad thing to get a lot of coaching,” Weaver said. “He had a lot of great coaching. He didn’t just have me ... He had a lot of quality coaching.” Last season under Weaver, Kauffman finished the season with a 30-16 record. To this day, Kauffman has a 29-7 record under Walpole pending the sectionals wrestling meet this Saturday. Recently Weaver attended one of the wrestling meets and liked what he saw from the wrestling team. Weaver says that he saw a lot of what he had taught Kauffman the past five years along with some new things that Walpole has introduced into practice, which he likes. But, he says it is also hard to let go and not get in the way of the new coaches.

“It wasn’t my program anymore,” Weaver said. “I didn’t want to get in the way. If I were to have tried to keep coaching Casey, then he might not have gotten the things that he’s gotten from Coach Walpole this year. You’re not the coach anymore, so you have to let them do their thing.” Even though at this moment Kauffman doesn’t plan to further his wrestling into college, he says it is still a good possibility he will change his mind. Weaver says he believes that Kauffman would be a wrestler who could develop even more when he is in college. Weaver believes that Kauffman will be able to become more physical and dominate in college with his technique and hard work he learned along the way from both coaches.

be for the love of the game, not for glory through immoral ways

Fans live for their teams and favorite players. We live for buzzer beaters, Hail Marys and homeruns. But today, supposedly, we are now living for more than an occasional liar, cheater and fake. Lance Armstrong was so caught up in being great and staying in the spotlight, he took it into his own hands to take performance-enhancing drugs and lie about it for 15 years. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds did the same thing. All three of these players achieved records and had performances that no one had ever seen before. Both Clemens and Bonds were eligible to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, but both received more than 30 percent less than what was needed to achieve the honor. And then Manti Te’o, from glory to a baffling story that puts him on the lower half of some sort of terrible ending to the most heart-wrenching and feel-good story in college football this year. Even if people think Te’o had a part in this saga, he is still another athlete to fall hard off the pedestal of being a big-time athlete. To fall is an understatement. I felt terrible for him when I found out that two very important people in his life had died in the same day. I thought that Te’o playing in every game after this was a little fishy. But now I am just angered by the fact that he could have known that this had been a hoax and did not tell anyone. Sports are supposed to be all about fun, enjoyment, entertainment, cheering on your team and getting overly upset when they lose. It is all part of the game. Just like the ESPN commercials, “It’s not crazy. It’s just sports.” Anyone who follows a team knows that to be true. I should not have to turn on ESPN or go to and find the top three stories ones that report negative things about athletes. I’d say athletes become crazy and will do anything they have to do, including taking performance-enhancing drugs, to be the best at their sport. That is unacceptable. I believe that the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (the agency that took away Armstrong’s Toure De Frances) and the Baseball Writers Association of America, (committee who votes on the HoF) were completely in the right. These athletes want to do anything they can to win, but do not want to be held accountable when people come looking for answers. Nobody who goes to this extreme extent and gives their sport such a bad rap should be honored. Why don’t professionals just train to be the best instead of having to cheat? It makes no sense. It seems ridiculous because people work their whole life just to throw it away by sticking a needle into their arm. It is plain dumb. I would much rather hear about an Indiana University buzzer beater or a New York Yankee walk off. Hearing about all this nonsense that athletes do to put negative images on their sports is disrespectful and annoying. The solution starts with the athletes and trickles down to the fans. The fact is that athletes have to get back to the way they were as kids, such as, playing the game for the love of the game, not for the fame or the money. That is the big thing. When getting caught up in the fame or spotlight, people lose all their senses as a person who thinks with common sense. For example, teammates and even Armstrong went on record about how much he had changed in the way he treated his teammates from before they saw him take the drugs and after. “I’d say I was both [a jerk and a humanitarian],” said Armstrong in an interview with Mrs. Oprah Winfrey during an interview in 2013 while confessing that he took performance enhancing drugs. “And now we’re seeing certainly more of the jerk part than the activist ... I am flawed. Deeply flawed.” Anyone who is so obsessed with the spotlight and ate up with the thought of being great is deeply flawed. But being deeply flawed doesn’t just hurt the athlete, but it gives the sports a bad reputation. Sports shouldn’t have a bad reputation. They bring forward some of the best memories in people’s lives. Athletes just need to find the right reasons to play sports, so it makes it equally as fun to cheer them on.


January 25, 2013


Free Energy is in dire need of a good cup of coffee by Katie Hinh Features Editor Have you ever had the flu? You know that horrible blood-sucking illness that saps the strength, stamina and tissue supply of any victim that happened to get into the line of a haphazard sneezer? Well, being the start of a new year, it is only fit that I would catch the flu, and just so happened to need to write a review. Upon viewing the lists of upcoming albums, a name caught my eye. It was Free Energy. Well what sick person wouldn’t want free energy? “Love Sign” wasn’t a cure for my viral affliction, but it was a release for my ears. I didn’t know what to expect with an album titled “Love Sign,” and I think my closest guess was just an album with sappy ballads everywhere and not really any variation. You know, like Taylor Swift songs. What I didn’t really expect was an average album with an artist that clearly knew what he/she was doing. To me, the most strikingly good aspect of the album was the good use of instrumentation. The music behind the singer was good, and it was the simple guitar, bass, drums, the

occasional piano and sometimes an orchestral instrument. I have to say, so many artists turn to electric beats and rhythms that I honestly really liked the fact they didn’t overdo the synthesized sound. This also applied to the singer’s voice. He didn’t sound like he was going through huge amounts of auto-tune or special effects (Taylor Swift). Another thing that impressed me was the catchy backup vocals. I usually don’t notice backup singing a lot, but in this album I loved it. All the backing vocals really added to the entire album, like in the song “Jam.” They did a lot of “nana’s” and “ooohhhh’s,” but with the layering that happened with the instruments and the lead singer’s voice, it just made the song and the whole album fun to listen to. Finally, a big plus for me was that some of the songs told stories or were little slices of life, like “Dance All Night” and “Hey Tonight.” And I love it when songs are like that, because it makes the album seem more intimate. And, I mean, I am a huge sucker for good stories. Now, I did like the album, but I did have some problems with the album as a whole. For

Thriller will leave you crying for ‘Mama’ by Breanna Bierod Reporter When you think of a horror movie now-a-days your mind jumps to some cheesy “giant” spider in a city that looks like it’s made of cereal boxes. Because of this, when a movie preview comes up, I can almost automatically write the movies off as bad, old news and probably a joke. I thought I’d seen every possible horror scenario and would never flinch at a petty ghost ever again, and then I saw Mama. The movie hooks you in from the beginning as a strange man drags his two children from their home and madly drives away on a snowy mountain trail. His oldest daughter, Victoria, pleads with him to slow down, only to cause him to crash their car as he snaps around to scream at her. With cuts and bruises, Victoria and her younger sibling Lily escape the car and stumble across an abandoned cabin. From the car radio, we find out this dad just murdered his estranged wife and kidnapped his children with plans to end it all. But they aren’t alone. Something in the cabin takes matters into its own hands. Through Victoria’s impaired vision, the movie reveals some horrid, darkened creature is amongst them. After a rather morbid montage, it is revealed that this mysterious being has taken care of the two orphans for five years. When their uncle Lucas and his girlfriend, Annabelle, rediscover the wild children, they decide to foster them. Since his brother went missing, the children are all Lucas has. Or so he thinks, as the children bring along their savior: Mama. Who is Mama? She may be a remorseful spirit, a possessive demon, a misguided entity or all of the above. The movie does so well to shroud her secrets, and even her appearance, for the

longest time. She can be hideous, beautiful, horrifying, loving and absolutely unpredictable. You will be visually stunned by the quiet darkness, the twitching, snapping ligaments of a misshapen being and a first-person experience of a distraught woman committing a murder and stealing a mortified, crying infant. It’s all so much to take in. Even the audience I was with would heave a much-needed sigh after a tense moment of holding their breath. On the other side, Mama is a mother, of course, and there are some scenes where you are not sure whether your heart is being warmed or if it’s just racing from the tension. One example being, when the camera is placed so you can see a doorway around a corner and then a hallway to the left, Lily giggles while playing tug of war with someone. Victoria is in the hall, so we know it has to be Mama. The scene is disturbingly touching, but suddenly made stressful when Annabelle comes down the hall, and you anticipate what Mama will do. Lily was my favorite character. I couldn’t help but shutter and also smile when Lily reached up her hands saying, “Mama.” Lily was too young to know anyone else besides Mama, and she clings to the spirit. She also has the funniest bad habit of munching on weird things like teddies and jar lids and crawling on all fours while cackling. This movie is not out to simply scare you. It wants to reel you in with the mystery of its bittersweet story, get your guard down when you hear the children sing with this grotesque apparition and then brutally remind you of the wrath of a jealous, possessive mother. And hell hath no fury like a mother’s wrath.


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‘Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters’ January 25 First Lincoln and now Hansel and Gretel... Stay tuned for Elvis Presley Dragon Killer

instance, a real drawback was the lead singer’s voice. He wasn’t bad, but he sang in a style that was distracting to me. Sometimes it sounded like he had an echo, or he was singing way too far away from the microphone, like in the songs “Electric Fever” and “Hold You Close.” Now, before you go off and tell me that singing far away from the microphone is a stylistic thing, I sincerely thought that it wasn’t necessary for him to do that. Another thing was the fact that even though the songs sounded good, they all sounded similar. Like Taylor Swift similar. I liked what they had, but I was pretty sure that might be all they had. I saw very little change and diversity throughout the entire album from start to finish. It kind of just got boring. Free Energy says their genre is rock, but they only mildly tilted my world. I didn’t feel rocked at all. Then, judging by my temperature and my cough, I certainly didn’t get any energy. However, this wasn’t a bad album. It just wasn’t up to snuff in certain departments. It had the stories and lyrics, but not the instrumentation to keep me entertained. It also lacked a good strong singer’s voice. Maybe after Free Energy gets some singing lessons, which probably won’t be free, we can revisit this average band and maybe take it to the next level.




‘Hitman Trilogy’ January 29 Thats right. it’s back, except this time you take out your enemies in HD. Ohhhhh.

‘Love Songs’ January 29 A compilation album of the best DC. It’s your destiny to listen to this.

‘Two Lanes of Freedom’ February 5 Tim McGraw with his latest country album. Songs to include: Trucks, tractors and beer. ‘Dead Space 3’ February 5 Isaac’s back... And so are the nightmares.


Thai Spice will spice up your night and your mouth Thai Spice. From “Tom Yum” soup to “Pineapple Fried Rice” and everything in between, it all by Harshil Patel looked delicious. One thing I did notice was the Business Manager spice-level. It ranged from “mild” to “Thai Hot.” When our server came back for our orders, I It was Monday night. I was bored and hunordered the “Chicken Pad Seuw,” which was flat gry. My mom was questioning whether to eat at Thai noodles with broccoli, Chinese broccoli and “Kabuto” or that Thai restaurant on County Line bok choy. I had chosen the “Thai Hot” because that we’ve been meaning to go to but never had I was very accustomed to spicy food. Shocked the time for. After much discussion, I finally said by the spice-level I ordered, lets go to Thai Spice. It was the waitress asked if was sure, probably one of the best deand I assured her that I could cisions I’ve ever made in my handle it. entire life. If you are not used to spicy Thai Spice is located off Padd Kemau-$11.99 food, I recommend that you of Madison and County line take either the “mild” or even Road right next to Arby’s. Padd Seuw- $10.99 the “hot” spice-level. They are The Restaurant is not hard not kidding when they say Kao Padd$10.99 to miss with the big red ori“Thai Hot,” and it is not for the ental letters that read “THAI Green Curry- $12.75 faint of heart. It packs so much SPICE.” It is a small little heat but still makes the dish Red Curry- $12.75 restaurant, and getting in taste delicious. to the parking lot may be a The pricing at Thai Spice is hassle, but it is worth it. definitely reasonable. For the Thai Spice holds approximately 150 people, amount of food you are given and the price you so if you plan on going there for dinner, you pay, it is just right. My dish was $11.99, and better get there at least 20 to 30 minutes early. boy do they give you a lot of food for just $12. Once you step into the restaurant, you can smell Like all great things, it must come to an the delicious mouth-watering aroma of the food end. From the moment I got there to the mothat is being cooked. I knew from that moment ment I left, everything was just mesmerizing. on, that tonight was going to be a good night. The staff was great, and so are the people who When my family and I got there, we had to wait go there. If you are looking to eat somewhere just over 15 minutes, and time sure flew by fast. new and unique, Thai Spice is definitely worth Our hostess greeted us with a big smile and checking out. seated us to our table, where we were given our menus and the order for the drinks was taken. To my delight, they served Coke products, which meant I could get my favorite drink, “Mr. Pibb.” Although this wasn’t my first time going to a Thai restaurant, I was surprised by how many unique and extravagant dishes were offered at



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{thejournalTHROWBACK} It’s an oldie but a goodie. ‘Valley of the Dolls’ by Sarah Fowerbaugh Reporter

When one thinks of classic American literature, books like “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” or “The Great Gatsby” come to mind. But one of the greatest exposé novels written about the cutthroat Hollywood world remains somewhat unknown to today’s generation. “Valley of the Dolls,” written by Jacqueline Susann and published in 1966, explores the lives of

1966 three women who become addicted to fame, fortune and drugs. Anne Welles, Jennifer North and Neely O’Hara are the three fictional characters that the novel revolves around. These three, though they come from very different backgrounds, manage to find one another and become friends. But as the hard world of production starts to cut away at their soft exteriors, they begin to rely not only on one another, but also on a popular sleeping drug at the time called

Seconals, or ‘Dolls,’ as the title of the book implies. As life becomes harder, the addiction grows and the girls crumble under the stress of their expectations. Although the book is fiction, you begin to wonder how much of it was actually real. “Valley of the Dolls” is a gripping read, full of love, hatred and drama. I strongly suggest giving this book a good once-over, as you might find yourself relating more to the girls than you ever thought possible.

*All photos and images gathered from Google Images.



January 25, 2013

Summer camp teaches valuable lessons and changes lives forever byJulia Weber Reporter “The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know.” -Einstein

If you think walking through the halls of Southport High School is difficult, try running barefoot through the woods. For every time you’ve sworn at occupied parking spaces in the East parking lot while running late for school, I’ve cursed at protruding tree roots and thorny greenbriar bushes that seem to be purposefully mauling my legs. Believe me, I have more than a decade’s worth of scars and one very nerve-damaged pinky toe to prove it. Why on earth would anyone want to keep going back to the middle of some Godforsaken forest for 11 years? It’s called summer camp, and I go back because I love it. I’ve been going to the same camp every summer since I was seven years old, the last three working as a counselor, and it’s been the most consistent presence in my life. Of course, more recently I wasn’t giddily running to different activities—I was initially far more ab-

sorbed with trying, in vain, to find cell service. Sometime between when I was a kid and today, I appear to have gotten attached to the idea that it was far more important to take life seriously than to let loose a little. Thankfully, camp taught me otherwise. No cell coverage, coupled with barely any electricity, absolutely no internet and only cold running water may not seem like the best amenities ever, but it’s not that bad—I challenge you to consistently get hot water for a shower in the swim locker rooms after the swim team practices. Still, I’ll be the first to admit that camp is a little on the rustic side. The three weeks I spent working at camp last summer were essentially spent without any resemblance to the real world, and I think it’s that aspect of camp that made me fall in love with it. Yes, the counselors are some of my closest friends, and I do actually enjoy hanging out with children on a daily basis, but the most enchanting thing is that being at camp means leaving behind any trappings of real life. There’s something delightful about receiving a letter, especially since snail mail was my only contact with the outside world, and there’s something magical about sitting around a roaring bonfire night after night watching the stars come out and listening to some of my best friends play guitar. The only mail I get here in Indy is from Old National telling me my account balance is sadly dwindling, and I have

yet to see more than four or five stars from that it’s alright to be a kid sometimes. It’s impossible to say in how many ways my the Cardinal Stadium. Coming back to school and the real world, with its money worries and life has taken its current course because of the scholastic stress, was a blunt reminder of how camp, but I do know that camp changes lives. camp is my escape. There are times when I feel that if temporarily moving into the library and giving up on sleep altogether in order to pass an AlCamp Palawopec: gebra II final is what it means to 3497 Clay Lick Rd grow up, I’d honestly rather not. But that’s okay, because camp Nashville, IN 47448 makes me realize it’s all worth it. Here at Southport, we’re bom(812) 988-2689 barded with reminders that there’s a real world out there. In fact, by all accounts it seems to be hurtling toCamp Pyoca: wards us. But somewhere between filling out college applications and 886 East County Road 100 S thinking about early internships, Brownstown, IN 47220 we all need to just take a deep breath and realize that it’s not go(812) 358-3413 ing to kill us if we aren’t with our best friend in class, if we don’t get that interview, or an A or even that Happy Hollow Camp: new car. If life is always about getting 3049 Happy Hollow Rd. somewhere, we sometimes focus in too narrowly on the future and Nashville, IN 47448 entirely miss the now. When I step (812) 988-4900 out of the car at camp the first day of summer, I realize all over again


Comic by: Breanna Bierod

by Harshil Patel Business Manager

“Live free or die hard.”

Over the years, marching band has been nothing more than a pastime for audiences around the world. With each band more and more electrifying, we have to question: should this be considered a sporting event that people can visit and view for their very own pleasure? Well, I don’t know about you, but I say marching band should very well be considered a sport and not just an activity. If we look at sports like football, soccer, baseball and basketball, we can see that people everywhere partake in the sport. There are also those who love and enjoy watching them just as much. What makes marching band so different? There are millions of kids and adults who march with their school, whether it be college or high school. In high School football, the players practice as one team for hours and hours, improving themselves so when football season comes around, they are ready to beat the opposing team and win. Now, if we look at the same high school marching band, they are also out in the sun for eight or more hours practicing just as hard, so when marching season rolls around the band is ready to win the first place trophies, just like football. In sports, there are rules and guidelines that the team and school have to follow. Marching band is no different. At the specific competition the band may be going to, there is a set of rules and guidelines that the band has to follow. If rules are not followed, it can result in a penalty or disqualification, which can nearly destroy the future season of the band. Such rules include: Not playing the instrument until told to do so, fighting or

immediate disqualification. In most sports, you either win or advance to the next round or you lose and go home. In marching band, it is a little different. Scoring and judging is based on three judging categories: visual, music and performance. Each judge brings something unique to the table, and the combined score from all three judges decides which band deserves 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Along with placement awards, there are also awards that are handed out to individual sections such as the percussion or guard. Nearly every sport that we have come to love has a professional league like the NFL, MLB and FIFA. These professional leagues allow athletes of a certain caliber to be recruited and allowed to play on the national team. Believe it or not, marching band has an international league, or Drum Corps International. DCI was founded in 1972 as a nonprofit youth organization, where kids above the age of 12 and adults under the age of 21 were allowed to join. A drum corps consists of three primary sections: brass section (excluding trombone), the color guard and the percussion. Being in corps is serous hard work and dedication. The brass instruments weigh around seven to ten pounds, and they have to be carried at “set” position, while the drums weigh anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds. Corps practices outside for 12 hours a day, each day until it’s performance time. This all leads up to the finals here in Indianapolis, where all the corps come together and perform to be judged upon. It’s comparable to the NFL, all the playoffs and games leading up to the Super Bowl. If you look at the definition of sport, it states: “all forms of competitive physical activity which, through casual or organized participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and provide entertainment to participants.” Both sports and marching band are and can be vigorous activities, so shouldn’t marching band be considered a sport?

Media a negative influence on society proven to be a problem in the past though. The country of Bhutan (located in South Asia) finally by Rachael Samm got cable television in 1999. The country had News Editor been very peaceful and isolated from most of the world due to the Himalayan Mountains. PBS described Bhutan as “a country with no “Haha meow traffic lights and no fast-food chains. It has scratch my more monks than soldiers.” tummy .” Though the decision to bring cable television into the country by King Singye Wagchuck was supposed to show how far the As a high school student, I’ve seen firsthand country had come in their advancements in the how television affects our society. We all world, it instead opened a whole new world of remember the “Jersey Shore” phase that struck violence and crime for the Bhutanese people. the lives of many students at Southport. I can Boys from Buddhist families began neglecting remember those days of bright-orange skin their homework to watch World Wrestling and my Facebook feed being blown up by Federation (WWE) shows and later practicing “T-shirt time!” statuses on Thursday nights. their body slamming and punching on the And who could forget the infamous Snooki other boys in the community. Using violence bump that caused small mountains of hair to for entertainment quickly spread amongst the form on the heads of teenage girls everywhere, Bhutanese youth thanks to wrestling shows making our atmosphere re-experience the on television. According to hairspray obsessed the American days of the ‘80s? Psychological What was the “My point is that Association (APA) message in “Jersey website, childhood television shows seem to Shore” exactly? That exposure to violent “Gym Tan Laundry” be becoming increasingly television shows was the only thing like the WWE shows pointless and negative.” that mattered in life? causes adult aggressive Or was it stressing the behavior in both men importance of looking and women. The like an oompa loompa? website goes on to say that though television My point is, “Jersey Shore” didn’t have a positive message in it. Unfortunately, some of violence only has short-term effects on adults, the more popular shows on television aren’t the effects it has on children will be long-term. The APA even found in their research that a positive. Sure, you can argue that there are plenty majority of the media directed at children of good shows out there with a positive contains violence in it. My point is that television shows seem to be message, but most shows on television don’t becoming increasingly pointless and negative. have one. Is the point of “Keeping Up With the Take the popular show “Survivor” for Kardashians” to show America how messed example. The message of the show is to do up families are? Let’s face it, that show is whatever you can in order to win even if it only popular because people like to watch the means stabbing everyone in the back and arguments and drama unfold. The audience lying your way through the game. That’s a even got to see Kim Kardashian’s marriage fall great message right there. There’s nothing apart in just one season. But shows like this sweeter than betrayal. fill the television stations because people are Shows with negative meanings have entertained by them.

Marching band should be considered a sport


January 25, 2013

Through {Rose} colored glasses Become the author you always wanted to be

by Andie Rose Reinhart Managing Editor-of-Content

Brad Paisley once said, “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” Based on this, think about your book. Think about the life that you live and the journey that you, the main character and author, have gone on in your life. If someone found this book many, many years into the future, would you be proud of the story that you have left behind? Our lives are like any great book, and we are the sole authors creating a journey that our main character is constantly traveling upon. Life is a never-ending journey and a never-ending story of amazing lessons, hardships, love and growing. But so often through the course of life, we find ourselves letting our story write itself or allowing others to write it for us. We get so swept up in other stories that we forget about our own, and when we look back at our story, we find that the writing style is not our own. We find that it’s written in a different hand than ours. The story sounds foreign and unoriginal. But this is because we have allowed others to create who we are. We have not taken the initiative to be our own author, to write our own story and to take destiny into our own hands. So this is my challenge to you, Southport. Take life into your own hands and make each day your personal, blank page. Make each year your own personal novel, and create a library with the life that you live. Create a work that you would be proud of. By doing this, you allow yourself to create something amazing and experience something uniquely yours and no one else’s. And since this book is uniquely yours, I cannot tell you how to write. I cannot tell you what will happen, and I cannot coach you through this. But what I can do is show you the writing plan that I have for my life. In my story, I go into the writing process

blindly, not knowing the outcome, the storyboard or the slightest inkling of what this work will have in store for me. But slowly, through the pages I begin to make some sense of the journey, the lessons, the struggles... I begin to make sense of life: what is important to me and what I must do to create a work that I am proud of. Friends/Family: The characters in my book have been ever-changing. They have come and gone, faded in and out through the chapters and sentences. People who I thought were permanent fixtures became nothing but a passing memory, and those who I thought would never cross my path have become those that I trust most in life. My friends and family have played as my rock. They have kept me grounded when otherwise I would have flown away into the abyss. They have been the shoulder for me to cry on. When the enemies have come into my life in the form of hateful words and even worse people, they have acted as heroes and fought away the demons at the door. My friends and family will be the most important fixtures in this book of mine. They will keep me on the right path, urging me on when I get scared and keeping me from faltering in my steps. Love: Any good novel has some type of love story in it. As for me, I hope to find love one day. I hope to find a love that I would be proud of and that others will be proud of. But this is not an easy task, and heartbreak is another inevitable in the novel of life. I will find my strength within these heartbreaks. I will learn that I am so much more than a relationship, and I will grow from the mistakes that I will make in this area of my life. I will learn that I am not defined by a bad relationship. I will keep my head up and my heart open, and a love to be proud of will always find its way in. Conflict: There will be conflict in my story. There will be fights

“I like to read articles in Sports Illustrated magazines.”

{thumbsDOWN} Dust in the hallway

Last semester, seniors.

Of course we don’t need to see.

Louie Dampier

Below freezing temps


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AP classes a smart choice when choosing classes for next year element as well as the AP test, which is administered at the end of the year in order to test the students’ knowledge of the course material . This test decides if the student will receive college credit for his/her efforts. After this test, College Board grades these tests and gives each student a grade of one through five, one being the worst and a five being the best. By law, every Indiana public college must give college credit to those who receive a three or higher on their exam. This college credit cuts down on the workload in college by getting exploratory classes out of the way in high school. It may also decrease the cost

Business Manager HARSHIL PATEL ‘13



Monday marks the start of planning for next year’s scheduling, and students will be facing the choice of which classes to take. The choice of AP, Honors or regular classes should also be on the minds of students during this scheduling time. It is important to weigh the benefits of AP classes to the workload provided by these same classes and the resulting GPA’s rise or fall coming with it. However, the Journal believes that the benefits of taking AP classes far outweigh the drawbacks and that all students can benefit from an AP class on their schedule if they are willing to put in a little extra work. The typical AP classes include a classroom

Entertainment Editor MICHAEL CURRAN ‘13

Opinion Editor JAKE JOHNSTON ‘13

“My twitter feed.”

Theater construction Theater construction Two hour delay

MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Southport High School Journal is to inform the student body of timely events and issues that affect their lives while being a voice for the faculty, staff and community. Journal staff members will observe the same legal responsibilities as those imposed on all news media, thus will refrain from production of material that: 1. Is obscene, according to community standards; 2. Is libelous, according to the legal definition; 3. Creates a clear and present danger or an immediate material and substantial physical disruption of the school. The Editor-in-Chief is solely responsible for all content. Views found in the Journal do not necessarily reflect the opinions the Journal staff as a whole, or of the staff or administration of Southport High School or the Metropolitan District of Perry Township.

Sports Editor TAYLOR DEHART ‘13



Thirty minute classes FTW.

“Greek mythology.”



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What is your favorite thing to read?

Second semester


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between friends, lovers and colleagues. There will be nonverbal fights as well as verbal ones. There will be mild fights that leave me strong and fierce fights that could take the strength out of even the strongest man. But that’s okay. I will learn that it is okay to make a mistake. I will let it happen. Any good reader or writer knows that a story isn’t complete without conflict. But I will not let that conflict ruin the rest of the book. I will deal with the conflict for a page, a chapter or two, but when it’s over, I will learn to turn the page and start anew. (Though this may be the hardest lesson for me to learn.) Growth: In the novel of life, the main character must develop, and this is the most important lesson I have to learn in my writing endeavor. In my writing, I will learn to take everything in stride and learn from my mistakes. I will learn to learn. In life, things get thrown at us, but the true test of a man or woman is how they handle what is thrown at them and how they grow from the experience. I will learn to grow. I will learn to never ever stop learning from my experiences and that nothing happens without a reason. For the moment that I stop learning, I stop living. I am still in the process of writing, and this plan of mine is not everyone’s plan. The most important aspects of life are different for everyone, but one thing is the same for everyone. Your writing is never done and it never will be. I will never stop learning, struggling, growing and creating my life’s work. So far, this is my story: where I was and where I hope to be. What’s yours?


of tuition if the college attended decides price of attendance by credit hour. Lastly, unlike other schools, students at Southport do not have to pay any fees to take an AP test. According to, for each AP test the fee is $89. But at Southport, all fees are covered by the Nimse Grant for Southport students. Not only is it free to take, but starting this year, for any student who scores enough to recieve college credit, he/she will also receive $100. Overall, AP classes will be more work, and the classes will not be easy ones. But, the reward will be one that will be beneficial for years to come.


Students, staff and community members are welcome to write a letter-to-the-editor that will be published in The Journal when space is available. Letters-to-the-editor must be received five days prior to publication date. Submissions should be short and concise, not exceeding 300 words. They are subject to editing for content, grammar and length. All letters must be signed. Personal or unfair attacks of businesses or individuals will not be published. Bring all submissions to room 400 or address an envelope to Mr. Mike Klopfenstein and take it to the Main Office. Submissions also may be e-mailed to The Journal reserves the right to reject any advertisement or Letter-to-the-Editor. Anonymous letters will not be published.



January 25, 2013

Stopping Time for One Acts Students get early directing experience One Act director takes opportunity to mentor underclassmen on directing by Becca Tapp Photo Editor One Acts have been put on at Southport since theater teacher Ms. Barb Whitlock started teaching at the school six years ago. One Acts are short plays put on by a cast and, at Southport, are senior-directed. But every once in awhile a junior, or in this case two juniors and a sophomore, gets the opportunity to help co-direct alongside a senior. Last year, senior Cristian Ayala got that chance, and he wanted to share that experience this year. “I co-directed last year with a senior, and I thought it was a fun experience,” Ayala said. “So, I wanted them to feel the same.”

This year that experience was continued by juniors Katie Hinh and T.J. Buckles, along with sophomore Lily Freese, who helped Ayala direct “Tick of the Clock.” This came about when, according to Whitlock, an extenuating circumstance came up with a senior who was originally supposed to co-direct. “One show was without a director,” wrote Whitlock in an email to the Journal. “And another senior stepped up with two juniors helping.” This experience wasn’t too out of the ordinary for Ayala due to the fact that he is used to being backstage and helping, but Freese was given a different point of view. Rather than being out on stage acting, she was the one helping to call the shots, which she liked. “I would have rather been directing than being on stage,” Freese said. “It was a different experience than it normally is.” Whitlock says that in the end, the co-directing experience will benefit the underclassmen when it comes to directing their senior year.




1. Dillon (sophomore Brad Davis) gets a pie smashed in his face by Don (junior Billy Cross) while time is frozen during “Tick of the Clock,” directed by senior Cristian Ayala, juniors T.J. Buckles and Katie Hinh along with sophomore Lily Freese, on Thursday, Jan. 10. Photo by Becca Tapp. 2. Medusa (junior Nicole Johnson) appears in the Greek court as a witness against Zeus in “Our Big Fat Greek Divorce,” which was directed by seniors Michaela Ullrich and Megan Conlin. Photo by Jesse Roller. 3. Eddy’s wife (freshman Jennafer Weese) prepares to cheat on her husband with the producer (senior Ashley Meadows) during “Cold Reading,” which was directed by senior Samantha Ridgley. Photo by Becca Tapp. 4. Can (sophomore Lydia Upton) talks to Bin (junior Kelci Malloy) about their crush on the compost pile in “Trash Talk” that was directed by senior Jaime Robbins. Photo by Kaitlin Fallowfield. 5. Sam (freshman Brooke Rigney) and Sue (sophomore Emily Grossman) discuss death while wating for Sue’s time to come at a group therapy session in “Cheating Death,” directed by seniors Darrell Wade and Harshil Patel. 6. Zeus (junior Stephen Averitt) pleads his case to Athena about how much his wife, Hera, complains. Photos by Jesse Roller. 7. Bin and Can talk about which of them are better while waiting on the curb for the trash man to come. Photo by Becca Tapp. 8. Death (junior Alex Myers) talks to Ron and Bob about moments in their lives. 9. Campbell (sophomore Sarah Fowerbaugh) gets put in an uncomfortable situation by a customer (senior Travis Waymon) while he questions if the pencil can hurt someone in “We Loathe Our Customers,” which was directed by seniors Emmalee Dixon and Natasha Gill. Photos by Jesse Roller.







Journal Issue Eight  

The eighth issue of the Southport Journal.

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