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JOURNAL November 2, 2012

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{whogets yourVOTE?}

John Gregg Democrat A main focus, if elected, will be on jobs and the economy.

Illustration by Breanna Bierod

Candidates race for state’s top spot

On Nov. 6, 2012, the polls for the Indiana gubernatorial election will open and Hoosiers from all over Indiana will voice their opinion on the candidates running for state governor. The candidates are Mr. John Gregg of the Democratic Party, Congressman Mike Pence of the Republican Party and Mr. Rupert Boneham of the Libertarian Party. Being from different parties, all views of the candidates and the parties that they represent differ. Whether it’s on education and the betterment of students all over Indiana or taxing and how it should be handled. However, one thing all the candidates have in common is that they all are working towards a brighter future for Indiana. Boneham, the representative of the Libertarian party, is all for Indiana’s youth. Boneham started his own youth help organization called Rupert’s Kids. He is also a strong advocate of troubled teens all over Indiana. His goal is to help the kids he can by being a mentor of sorts to them. It’s no surprise that Rupert’s campaign is focused towards improving education and empowering the future of America. Boneham believes that standardized testing, such as the I-STEP, should be gotten rid of to make way for more hands on programs that prepare students for their future, like Southport’s very own Central Nine program that lets students

who are interested in careers such as landscapThe last candidate is Mr. John Gregg of the ing or engineering get hands on experience. Democratic party. Gregg has led a life rich in Boneham believes that it is high time for a education, as he was the interim President of change in the way Indiana is run. Vincennes University for two years. Gregg has “If you want a change, elect a change,” Bone- also dabbled in small business, as he owned a ham said. small soda shop when he was only fifteen. Pence also believes in enriching Indiana. When it comes to government, Gregg bePence is the candidate chosen from the Republi- lieves in a very non-party view. Gregg wants can Party, and he proudly represents it. voters to set aside the concept of Democrats “Growing up, my childand Republicans, and hood heroes were my dad, simply vote based on the President John F. Kennedy views that the voter beand Dr. Martin Luther King, lieves are best for Indiana. Jr. Their work inspired me Ms. Katie Mulhall, to pursue a life of public press secretary for the service,” Pence wrote in Gregg campaign, believes The governor serves an email to the Journal. this to be true. for four years and can “In high school, I served as “(Gregg) wants people the youth coordinator of to try to look past the paronly be re-elected the Democrat Party in Barty labels,” Mulhall said. tholomew County. In the “He thinks like a sort of once. early 1980s, I was drawn middle-of-the-road demoThe governor makes to the Republican Party crat, and he thinks he’d by Ronald Reagan’s conbe a good fit.” $95,000 a year. viction, values and fiscal Gregg believes that policies, and I’m honored when students graduate to have served the people high school they should of Indiana as a Republican member of the U.S. be college ready. He believes that making an House of Representatives these past years.” early childhood education an important priorPence believes that Indiana can quickly be- ity is the first step in increasing graduation come one of the leading states in the midwest rates among Indiana, since “important educaif he is elected governor. His plan, known as tion starts from day one.” the “Roadmap for Indiana,” entails advocating All three candidates want to further Indibalanced budgets when it comes to taxes and ana’s progress as becoming one of the leadimproving the school system all across Indiana. ing states in the Midwest. Each candidate has “We don’t need the federal government to tell specific issues that they want to focus on if us how to build our roads, run our schools or elected. While all of the candidates have pros take over our health care systems,” Pence wrote. and cons, only one of them will be elected on “I believe we need a Governor who will say ‘No,’ Nov. 6 to replace Governor Mitch Daniels as to Washington, D.C. and ‘Yes,’ to Indiana.” the governor of Indiana.

speech team as well as taken part in extemporaneous speaking since his freshman year. “We have to be caught up on everything,” Musser said. “We never know what questions will be asked.” Extemporaneous speakers have been keeping up with anything and everything tied to the election to prepare for the meet tomorrow. During which, they will draw questions and prepare a seven minute speech. They have no insight to what questions they will be asked, so they have to be up to date on all topics, especially the political arena. Musser and other team members meet in the library to gather information every week. During practices they have the option of saving helpful articles to take with them to a meet. Senior Alanna Heath, who has also participat-

ed in extemporaneous speaking since she was a freshman, says that it’s a lot like writing an essay. When one does an essay, a bibliography is required. Rather than completing a bibliography, though, participants cite sources mid-speech. While staying up to date on domestic problems as well as the political arena, judges and contestants alike may form opinions. According to the team, there is a chance that judges will give low scores if they do not agree with a participant’s stance on an issue, which Heath says is one of the biggest challenges. The team doesn’t stop at reading the latest headline news. They also do what Heath refers to as “round tabling” where they sit and answer plausible questions to further prepare for a meet. Unlike Heath and Musser, senior Mitchel Lewis had his first extemporaneous experience just

Mike Pence

The candidates for governor tell the Journal what they will do for Indiana if elected


by Sarah Fowerbaugh Reporter

A main focus, if elected, will be on promoting private sector job growth.

Rupert Boneham Libertarian A main focus, if elected, will be on jobs and spending.


Speech team gets ready for the season by staying up-to-date on political topics Extemporaneous speakers compete in their event by answering political questions by Kaitlin Fallowfield Reporter Is President Barack Obama’s worldwide popularity an asset or a hindrance to his re-election chances? Which third-party candidate has the best chance to act as a spoiler in the 2012 presidential election? Most voters don’t know the answers to these questions, however, extemporaneous speakers on Southport’s speech team do. Senior Tanner Musser has contributed to the

last year, despite lack of experience he says he has learned very much. “A couple years ago, I had a really bad fear of public speaking,” Lewis said. “But (extemporaneous) has helped me do away with that.” The team agrees that extemporaneous speaking has its benefits. Many of these strategies are similar to the presidential debates and how the candidates ready themselves for possible questions. The more recent information they gather the better prepared they will be for questions, and maybe even more prepared to vote. “The political game is changing every day,” Musser said. Come 5 a.m. tomorrow, they will rendezvous at school to commute to Noblesville where their research may pay off.


Foreign Language / News

November 2, 2012

Ram Hruai Tu Hna le An Riantuan Ning Konglam Tawi Election timi thimnak thong na theih ah hin nang zei tin dah na khan sa? Van Dawt Zi Thong Thanh Tu Ram chung ah hin hruai tu phun tampi an um I, cu hna lak I a min a lar deuh mi le ram hruai nak he peih tleih in a biapi deuh mi pawl hna cu President, Senate, House of the Representative le Governor pawl hi an si.


{NangHoCaah? }

United President cu mi tam deuh duhnak in thim asi. Cun president a tuan kho hnga ding cu (1) U.S ah a chuak mi asi hau (2)A kum 35 tal asi hau (3) Cun U.S ram chung ah kum 14 a tlawng leng mi asi hau. President cu state le government ai awh tu asi hlei ah ram le khua pumpaluk khua khannak ah nawl ngei tu zong asi. Ram chung vialte lak ah a lu bik asi caah ram chung, ram leng he ton hmainak ah tuan vo a la tu asi. Congress hnatlak hau lo in hrawi ning, zulh ding le cawn ding pawl kha a nun ter khawh.

President hi vote kho ding hmun hma ah dir law, a ho hi dah na vote lai? (Barack Obama maw Mitt Romney) dah?

Congress sin in bill a phak tik ah lung tlinnak min thut in nihra chung ah a nun ter kho I, a lung tlin lo ah cun “veto” in congress sin ah kherh in a ceih ter kho hna. President nih U.S chung ah rian khanhnak nawl tampi a ngei.

U.S Senator

U.S senate pawl cu congress pawl I an cung ah a um mi an si. Cun U.S I hlut daw (bicameral congress) cung zong ah a um mi an si. Senate pawl cu azi ci mi bills thar a chuak mi a ceh khan tu zong an si rih fawn. State pakhat cio nih senate pahnih an ngei. Indiana zong nih pahnih a ngeih ve hna I, republican in Richard Mourdock le democrat in Joe Donnelly an si. Senate a si hnga mi nih cun (1) kum 30 asi a hau (2) U.S citizen a tawm bik kum 9 le (3) a thim tu state I an phunglam a theih le a zulh a hau. Mah pathum hi tlin lo ah cun senate si khawh asi lo.

U.S Representative

U.S representative hi hlut daw pahnih (bicameral legislature) timi inn pahnih hna lak ah a tel mi phoih khat an si ve. Mah Inn hi “the House” an ti I,pakhat deuh tu cu Senate an ti. Mah Inn nih members 435 a ngeih hna I mah chung I a lu bik cu Speaker of the House hi asi. An rian cu U.S congress chung I a um mi

minung le an district pawl hrang ah a um mi an si. Cun bill kong lei zong ah nawl ngeihnak a ngei ve mi an si. Mah lawng si lo in tax laknak lei in siseh, office I rian tuan mi pawl phuah khawhnak nawl le, president a thim tu electoral college pawl an um lo ah cun president thim khawhnak nawl tiang a ngeih mi an si. State kip nih ram kosa in a dir mi (representative) pawl an ngei cio hna. Mah kong lei ah a min a thang bik mi California nih 53 kosa a ngei I, Indiana zong nih 9 a ngeih ve.


United States ah hin Republican 29, Democrats 20, le Independent a tlai tu office governor 1 hna hi U.S governors pawl then ning an si. Governor pawl an caan (term) hi Alaska, Hawaii, le Kentucky ti dah lo cun January thla ah an term a dih tawn. Cun governor cu an mah le umnak state cio chung ah a lu bik an si. An nih cu palik vialte cungah nawl a ngei I federal nih governor cung nawl a ngeih khawhnak lam pakhat cu federal nih an ngeih hruai ning phunglam he a peh tlai mi by law ning lawng in a si. Governor cu ram hruainak a khel tub u (politic) le state hruai nak ah a lu bik an si.

“Obama ziah ti cun a tuan bal ciami cu ruah nak tha a ngai deuh lai.”

“Obama, yah ti cun Romney hi kum khat ah $2 billion military caah hmanh a tim. Cun a big business lawng a focus hlei ah insurance policy thlen a tim.”

Freda Sung,

Par Tin Sung,

“Mitt Romney ziah ti cun minung kan himnak caah zumh awk thlak asi deuh.”

“Mitt Romney ka vote lai. Ka duh ruang ah si lo in Obama hi cu ram than chonak a rak chuahpi lo.”



Sang Za Hmung, Senior

Van Tha Ceu, Senior

The 2010-2011 Anchor’s theme was “Define.” Photo by Becca Tapp.

Southport publication winner at IHSPA convention

2010-2011 edition of the Anchor awarded the Indiana Hoosier Star award by Michael Curran Entertainment Editor Four Southport publication students recently attended a journalism convention at Franklin College. While there the students received Hoosier Star awards for the 2011 Anchor “Define” and the 2012 Journal. The Journal received an honorable mention while the Anchor received the prestigious Hoosier Star Award. The yearly contest is sponsored by the Indiana High School Press Association. Awards are given to the top publications in the state. Also receiving the award in Southport’s yearbook division were Hamilton Southeastern and Columbus North. The judge who rated the Anchor commented on how well executed it was and noted that it had smart concepts. “It’s really exciting, but I’m not really surprised,” Holly Hightower, Editor of the Anchor in 2011 said. “We had a really talented and skilled staff and Mr. Hanley was great. It’s exciting, and I think we really deserved it.”

Southport transitions into construction The beginning of extensive remodeling to Southport is radically changing the routines of students and teachers alike. Classes have been relocated and lockers have been taken out of the walls and placed in new locations such as the cafeteria. Some of the classes that have already moved are now located in the library. The library itself has been stripped of computers and books. Dividers are throughout the library in order to make seperate rooms for each of the teachers. The next step in the construction is boarding up windows in the math, social studies and english hallways that overlook the courtyard. Construction has many more changes to come. Stay updated with the latest renovations and changes by reading the upcoming issues of the Journal.





1. With the start of construction, both Ms. Julie Sessions and Mrs. Jessica Walpole’s English classrooms have been relocated to the library. Any teacher who is moved from their classroom is likely to be moved to the library. Photo by Becca Tapp. 2. Construction has started, and workers are at work in the two English classrooms. Photo by Becca Tapp. 3. Students go about their business during their lunch period while students access their lockers. Some students with lockers in Literature Lane have been relocated to the cafeteria due to the construction. Photo by Jesse Roller. 5. Since classes will take place in the library, the computers and a few books have been moved to room 267. This will be the location of the library during construction. Photo by Becca Tapp.



November 2, 2012


Southside H.Y.P.E Helping Youth Prepare for Eternity Southside Church of Nazarene

2447 E. Thompson Road Indianapolis, IN 46227 (317) 784-1373

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Student Life

November 2, 2012

The push for higher grades Southport is encouraging its students to take more challenging classes by Jake Rose Reporter Over the past couple of years, Southport High School has made a large push for students to engage in higher educational learning. Southport has introduced many classes that students can take if they are interested in gaining higher educational knowledge. All of these classes are considered “weighted” because they generally require more effort and time from the student than a regular class would. There are benefits to the extra effort though, because an A in a weighted class counts as a 5.0 towards a student’s GPA as opposed to a normal class counting as a 4.0. Weighted classes come in a few different types: IDEA (Increasing Depth and Educational Ability) Program, Honors, Dual-Credit or Advanced Placement (AP). The Honors and IDEA classes are for students who want to pursue a higher education and still receive a high school credit. However the AP classes are for students who want to get a higher education at a college level while still in high school. The IDEA program is different from the honors and AP programs because students get tested into it in their second semester of first grade. Students can also be introduced into the program by a recommendation from their parents, teachers, students or themselves according to the Perry Township website. Students who test into the program take more challenging classes throughout their school career, unless they fail the advanced classes they are taking. In that case, the student would be removed from the program and put into a regular class, with a lighter work load, so the student could hopefully succeed and pass. Junior Donna Knight has been in the Idea program since she was in first grade and has been successful in the program. Knight was asked if she thought the idea program was fair or not for non-idea students. “I would say yes because you do get tested into the program,” Knight said. “It wouldn’t be fair for those who need more of a challenge to be in the regular classes, because they wouldn’t be learning as much.”

According to Perry Township, the program has evolved to affect 6 to 10 percent of students in grades two through 12 in the township area. The IDEA program has a companion program, FastStart, which is an advanced course for students in kindergarten and first grade. “It’s fair because those people who aren’t in the idea program aren’t taking as challenging of classes, so they are able to learn as fast and as appropriately as they need to be.” Knight said. Students who want to be in the top 20 percent of their class will have to take weighted classes, because an A in that class will count as a 5.0 towards a student’s GPA. If a student takes no weighted classes and gets all A’s in the regular classes, that student will have a lower GPA than a student who takes weighted classes. This is true because an A in a non-weighted class counts as a 4.0, so it won’t raise the student’s GPA as high as one of the weighted classes would. Students interested in taking these weighted classes and also interested in receiving a college credit should either take a dual-credit course or an AP course. Dual-credit courses offer both a high school credit and a college credit, which is beneficial for students who still need credits to graduate but want to also get college credit. One of the dual-credit classes Southport offers is ACP English W131, taught by Ms. Sara Khone and Ms. Julie Breeden. This class provides a higher understanding of how to write across all content areas at a college level. “I enjoy teaching the Dual-Credit class very much. I’ve learned a lot from the training at IU over the summer ... from teaching W131” Khone said. “I’ve learned a lot about teaching and certainly incorporating what I’ve learned into thinking about how to teach my sophomores.” Khone and Breeden attended a two week class at IU over the summer so they could expand their teaching knowledge. They did this so they could teach their classes to the best of their ability. These classes are offered at IU over the summer to teachers who are going to teach classes in which students will receive a college credit. The AP program is administered by the College Board and gives students the opportunity to earn college credit by passing the end of the year exams. The purpose of AP courses is to prepare students to pass the AP exams at the end of the course. If a student passes the AP exam, they will receive a credit for IU for the course. The students who pass will also receive $100 because of a grant the school received last year. The transferability of credits depends on the class, and any student with questions about them should contact their guidance counselor. Students interested in taking a higher educational or a weighted class should talk to their guidance counselor, or one of their teachers.

Weighted classes and GPA affect thoughts over student class rank by Caitlin Dye Reporter Class rank has been in place as far back as any of the faculty at Southport High School can remember. It is used to help a student determine what place they have in their graduating class. The student with the highest GPA, figuring in all of the weighted classes they’re taking, will get the first spot in their class. However, weighted classes are crucial to a high class rank. Weighted classes count as a 5.0 on the GPA scale, while non-weighted classes only count for 4.0. This means that an “A” in a non-weighted class only equates to about a “B+” in a class that is on a weighted scale.. A student could have a perfect GPA with non-weighted classes, but because weighted classes count as a 5.0, their class rank may fall. Some see this as unfair, but others see it as friendly competition. “I think that, especially in my classes, it gets too much attention and it makes students too competitive,” junior Eliza Bracken said. “It becomes stressful. I don’t like a lot of competition, so it kind of leaves a bad

taste in my mouth.” Some high schools, like Libertyville High School in Libertyville, Ill. got rid of class rank about two years ago. “We felt that getting rid of it would help the students in the middle of the ranks to have a better chance of getting into the school of their choice.” Registrar Mrs. Carol Tate of Libertyville High School said. Some students like the competition that comes with class rank. They take as many weighted classes as possible to boost their class rank. “[Class rank] makes me choose a harder schedule, that will push me, and give me a higher GPA,” Senior Jacob Smith said. “I kind of like it.” Students like Smith who try to take more weighted classes to boost their GPA generally take very few or no classes that aren’t on a 5.0 scale. Smith, for example, is taking only classes that are weighted to help boost his GPA as much as possible,. Ultimately, this will raise the GPA, assuming that the student receives good grades in that class. As for colleges, class rank isn’t very important in determining whether or not to accept someone, according to the University of Indianapolis. “I look at grades and what classes they’re taking. I don’t factor in class rank when making decisions on who to accept.” Admissions Counselor at University of Indianapolis Ashlyn Shaffer said. Class ranking isn’t a requirement of

the Indiana Department of Education, the department allows schools to decide independently whether to use class rank or not. They feel it is an individual school’s job to assess their unique situation and judge as they see fit on whether or not to use the class ranking system. However, class rank has been a part of Southport High School for a long time, and some feel that changing it might upset the I think... balance of the school. it gets “Class rank is a too much tradition, basically. It would eliminate attention, some of the competiand it tion, but people would wonder, ‘Well I want makes to know what rank I students am.’ because we’ve had it for so long. It too would probably be a competitive problem if we got rid of it,” Bracken said. “I Eliza Bracken, think it would be better jumior if you were starting a school, you would start off without it, instead of taking it away from a school that has had it for years.” Regardless, there will be different opinions at Southport regarding the relationship of weighted classes, GPA and class rank.

GPA, weighted classes and class rank spark different opinions among students

Southport and other high schools in Indiana offer one or more of these forms of higher education.

* offered at Southport

{advanced * PLACEMENT} OFFERED TO Grades 10-12

CREDIT Possible college credit at the end of the course CLASSES Multiple classes in all general subjects BENEFITS High school and college credit



OFFERED TO Grades 10-12 CREDIT At end of course, the college credit may be purchased CLASSES Literature, Composition, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, U.S. Government and U.S. History BENEFITS High school and college credit

{international BACCALAUREATE} OFFERED TO Grades 11-12

CREDIT International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma CLASSES An extensive study within six different subject groups BENEFITS University recognition, IB Diploma

{collegePREP} OFFERED TO All grades CREDIT Possible high School credit CLASSES Various subjects with a collegiate focus BENEFITS Preparation for college classes and college workloads


November 2, 2012

Searching for Spirits Mr. Chris “Chief” Lawson, co-founder of Special Paranormal Investigation and Research Indiana Team, looks through his laptop to find recordings of electronic voice phenomenons on Oct.28, 2012. Photo by Katie Hinh.

These guys live to locate the dead

by Tori Updike Reporter “Make a noise, and let me know of your presence,” Mr. Chris “Chief” Lawson, founder of SPIRIT (Special Paranormal Investigation and Research Indiana Team), said. Utter silence followed as everyone in the room held their breath in anticipation and strained to hear if anything otherworldly was present. The vast and pitch dark room loomed, but no sound was heard and no image was seen. “Any noise will do,” Lawson continued, undeterred. More silence trailed. Suddenly, a short series of faint clicks was heard. Lawson immediately tried to debunk the cause of the noise, but no one in the room was responsible. Another series of clicks was heard and a sequence of faint footsteps shortly followed, before the silence resumed and the chill in the air disappeared. Only Lawson, two reporters and one other person were in the building at the time and they were all in the room with their presences accounted for. Creeping around dark, creaky buildings with the feeling of being watched may sound like a horror movie, but it’s just a typical night on the job for Lawson and his team. The previous account, while unnerving for the reporters, was similar to one of their usual sessions. However, SPIRIT isn’t the only team of paranormal investigators that

roam Indiana’s haunts in the dead of night. always had an interest in “what’s out there.” They are just one group among the many in Sophomore Logan Ayers of the newly Indianapolis who constantly delve into the formed Southport Paranormal Research conceptually misunderstood science of the group has been interested in finding out who extrasensory. Other groups, such as RIP (Re- or what is responsible for the feeling of being searching Indy’s Paranormal) and SOUP (So- watched and created the group for the sake ciety of Unknown Phenomenon), share Law- of research. son’s passion for the paranormal. While the However, they all want to know answers to the groups specialize in different areas, they all questions they have that no one else can answer. share one important characteristic: they are Paranormal investigations and the unall looking for answers. known can seem scary to some. For Craig Some people in paranormal investigation Smith, ghost hunting is a science and not groups have either grown up in haunted homes something to be feared. or have known people who did. Lawson’s in“We want to further the field of this science terest was sparked when his father told him a so it no longer is looked at as a bunch of quacks story of seeing Lawson’s running around in the grandmother the day dark with cameras,” after she died, and he’s Craig Smith wrote in You’d like to know that been searching ever an email to the Journal. when this life ends, that since. “Once you do this for “I think deep down a while, you no longer there truly is something my reasons are like a lot run away from someon the other end, of other people’s,” Lawthing happening; you son said. “You’d like to start running towards Chris Lawson know that when this life it and chasing it like a Co-Founder of SPIRIT ends, that there truly is normal reflex.” something on the other Lawson has had a end ... For me, it’s knowing that void out there long history of investigations and the last thing that exists and knowing what’s on the other that frightens him now is ghosts. side of it.” “People with guns bother me a lot more than Mr. Craig and Todd Smith from the group the dead,” Lawson said. “Once you understand SOUP grew up in a home where many strange ghosts, it’s not so scary.” things happened. They were led into paranorWhile many of these groups have such differmal studies by attempts to find answers to the ent methods, their goal is the same. They all want many questions that had been raised by the to seek out the answers they and others need. phenomenon they witnessed at home. “If I can help someone who is having probMr. Nick Penniston, another member of lems or is scared, then that makes me feel SOUP, is driven to help others answer the ques- better,” Penniston wrote in an email to the tions they need. Journal. “We are here to help those who need Ms. Heather Hughet from the team RIP has help with the unexplained.”

Many local Indiana paranormal groups look for what happens after death

Local psychics help community Though psychic abilities differ, the goal remains the same: Help others by Vanessa Abplanalp Reporter A teenage girl with the unusual ability to see what the future holds at unexpected moments like in “That’s So Raven,” the son from “The Shining” that can view horrific events that have happened and Madam Zeroni from “Holes” that told a young man his future are all major ways that psychics are pictured today. However, there are many different fields of psychics, and crystal balls are no longer needed. There are local psychics here in InMs. Natalie Black dianapolis who put their skills out there, Psychic ready to help those who seek it out. Inner Path is a store located in Indianapolis that specializes in tarot cards, crystals, books on psychics, figurines , stones and even gifts such as incense. Mrs. Natalie Black is a psychic consultant and

priestess at Inner Path. “A psychic, for me, is someone who serves as an intuitive spiritual counselor,” Black said. “They can help you get through different blockages in your life that are getting in the way of your true will. I believe that everyone has a purpose.” Black was raised pagan and embarked on her psychic endeavor at 16 years old with her first deck of tarot cards. She read and studied them and has been reading professionally since 1998. Black views her work as that of any other priest or priestess that one could go to. Her work involves the goddess Athena Mr. Justin and guiding others. Hayden She believes that her Psychic purpose is to aid others with finding their purpose. “I help people get in touch with their guides, their guardians, their gods. My personal goddess that I work with as a priestess is Athena, the lady of wisdom,” Black said. Mr. Justin Hayden is also employed at Inner Path as an intuitive spiritual advisor. Hayden says he connects with the spiritual world and believes everyone else does, too. He was brought up Catholic and his own

spiritual journey began as a child when he became his grandmother’s mouthpiece after an incident that left her unable to talk. He didn’t think anything odd of it, but being communicated through someone plays a major role in what he does now. “It’s a little bit of trust, a lot of faith and just understanding and deciphering,” Hayden said. “It’s kind of like being a detective. You follow those clues. They lead you to the next step in your life.” Some misconceptions, Hayden says, are that people think they worship the Devil and tell them when they will die. Some psychics don’t like to call themselves psychics because the title has been given a bad name, as witches have been, according to Hayden. His work has been thought of as unholy by others, but he has also had many other religious clients. “It is not up to me to tell someone else that they’re wrong in what they believe,” Hayden said. “I do not believe that I have to have a priest or a rabbi or a minister to talk to God for me, to forgive my sins from God.” Both Black and Hayden use the abilities they possess to assist and guide those who desire help and find direction in life.“Seek it out,” Hayden said. “Let the answers that you find lead you to the next step.” Inner Path is located between US-31 and E Stop Ten Road. The address is 7673 Shelby St. Along with psychic readings the Inner Path also has a variety of different classes that anyone can sign up for.


{toolsofthe TRADE} All jobs need tools, right? But what about hunting for signs of things that go bump in the night? Mr. Chris Lawson, cofounder of Special Paranormal Investigation and Research Team let us in to his “tool kit” to show us just three of his paranormal tools.

{straight LEVEL}

Levels are imperative to an investigation to make sure investigators aren’t just getting the “fun house effect.” If stairs are tilted even slightly, a person can feel like they are falling or even that they are being watched. So nothing paranormal, just bad architecture.

{electromagnetic fieldDETECTOR}

An electromagnetic field detector is extremely important for detecting spirits because it is believed that spirits give off electromagnetic waves. However, not everything that gives off these waves is paranormal. Technology and wiring are notorious for giving off these waves and giving false readings.


Not only are flashlights essential for seeing into the dark corners of musty buildings, but if you happen to run into a ghost they can provide a great source of energy, for them. It is said that spirits need energy to communicate and a battery in a flashlight can be the perfect source of it’s energy.



November 2, 2012

Inside the mind of one of Southport’s best runners by Zack Kennelly Reporter Junior Clayton Bowie has become a lead runner at Southport. Bowie placed 14th out of 100 runners in the county meet, fourth out of 79 runners in the sectional meet, fourth out of 74 runners in regionals. Bowie then moved on to semi-state. Yet in order to accomplish such a great season it has to go back to his practices and how he prepares himself mentally for the race. “During the week about every other day we have a really hard work out, and I really push myself to do really well because I want to do really well in the race,” Bowie said. His best finish of the season came in the regionals, where he placed fourth out of 74 runners. His time on the 5,000 meter race was 16 minutes and 19 seconds. Just imagine the difficulty to keep calm and stay focused on coming off of a fourth place finish in the sectional meet, moving onto regionals and being able to compose himself to be able to place fourth yet again, only with a better time. One week before: “A week before the race, right after sectionals I kind of just forgot about it. Mostly what I wanted to do was keep my momentum going because last year I kind of died before sectionals and regionals,” Bowie said. “Through the week I did easier stuff with intervals that would keep me at a steady pace.” One day before: “The day before the race I really thought about how I didn’t care about what my time is. I just wanted to make sure that I finished within the top 15. I want to Clayton Bowie, stay with someJunior one and make sure I stay up in the front,” Bowie said. One hour before: “What’s running through my mind before the race is just go out fast and keep out to the front, but don’t try to kill yourself at the beginning of the race,” Bowie said. ”I just kind of stick to myself and try to hang on to the guy in front of you as long as you can.” The start of the race: “I go out hard and I’m trying to get out to the front of the pack,” Bowie said. “Sometimes you have to kind of shove people to get out into the front, so if I have to I’m pushing people over.” The final Kilometer: “Getting to the end of the race, the final K, I was hanging with a guy and the leaders were way up there and we didn’t have enough time to try to catch them coming down the final stretch,” Bowie said. “I was thinking I just had to out kick this kid, you’re almost there, and that’s exactly what I did.” Bowie placed fourth in the regionals meet and went on to compete in semi-state. After high school Bowie plans to continue running and try to get scholarships to run at various schools. To end his season, Bowie finished 44th out of 100 at the semistate meet.

New coaches bring high-level experience

Newly-hired boys basketball coaches use personal experiences for coaching tools by Nick Holland Reporter Former Mr. Basketball, McDonald’s All-American, Division I athlete, professional basketball player and now Southport assistant coach Mr. Chris Thomas believes he and the other new members of the varsity basketball coaching staff bring an advantage with them this year. “We have won at every level,” Thomas said. “So I don’t see why we won’t be successful here.” The boys basketball coaching staff has been completely revamped this year. New head coach Mr. Kyle Simpson had to build his new staff from the bottom up. He has now hired two former Division I players in Thomas and Mr. Bil Duany. Simpson knows that his staff will have a positive impact on the team. “They bring a great energy to the team,” Simpson said. “Plus the experience they bring will really help this team be better as a whole.” Simpson has known both Duany and Thomas for more than 12 years. These relationships helped make it possible for him to land both coaches. Simpson met Thomas through longtime Bloomington South basketball coach Mr. J.R. Holmes. Thomas won Mr. Basketball in 2001 when he was at Pike. He also made the Indiana All-Star team that year, which was coached by Holmes and Simpson. Thomas went on to play at Notre Dame and wound up being 22nd on the all-time leader board for assists in the NCAA. He then went on to play professional basketball in Europe, playing for teams in Israel, Poland and Spain. Thomas recently came back to the states in order to be with his newborn son and family and to “give back to the community.” He says he knows he will be a good fit for the team and that he can make a difference. Thomas also knows that this opportunity will allow him to be close to basketball and still satisfy his obligations to his family as well. “I know that with my experiences I can not only be a good coach,” Thomas said. “But I can be a good reference for these kids as well. I’ve had great relationships with coaches all my life and I want to be that for these kids. I want to be that person that can not only give advice on the court but off the court as well.” Simpson met Duany when he was in high school at Bloomington North. Duany played

Basketball coaches Mr. Bil Duany, Mr. Ben Danner and Mr. Kyle Simpson look on during open gym on Monday, Oct. 29. Photo by Rachel Patterson. against Bloomington South, which is the team Simpson was assistant coaching with Holmes. Duany played at Eastern Illinois before returning to Indiana to coach in the American Athletic Union (AAU) circuit with long-time friend Mr. Mark Adams. Duany feels that his many experiences as not only a player but a person as well can have a positive impact on the team. Duany is also very excited to coach with Thomas because he “is an incredible player that brings credibility to the program” and “will help show these guys that everything that they are doing isn’t for nothing.” “I believe the life skills basketball has taught me over the years will help mold these athletes into not only good basketball players, but good people as well,” Duany said. “I am really going to stress having an attention for detail to these guys. We need to finish the job and make sure that every detail is executed well. (Thomas) will also help us teach these guys even more because there is so much to be learned from him and all his experiences.” But despite all the successes of the coaching staff, they know that just because they were a successful player, that doesn’t make them a successful coach. The team is also extremely young this year. They lost six seniors last season, five of whom who went on to play Division I sports. The team has to replace more than 57 points per game. But Simpson is still confident in his coaches’ abilities to make this program successful. “I’m very confident in (Thomas) and (Duany),”

Age: 34

Age: 28 Born: London, England

Born: Vincennes, IN High School: Milan

Kyle Simpson,

Favorite basketball team(s): Lakers and Pacers

Basketball Coach

“(The coaches) bring a great energy to the team,” Simpson said. “Plus with their experience, (hiring them) made sense.”

Simpson said. “I know that they will help me improve this program day by day and help make this team into what we know it can be.” Players feel that this team is headed in the right direction now that the coaches have begun to implement their policies onto the team. Sophomore Demari Davis, who played varsity minutes last season, knows that these coaches will help make the program successful. “They all know what they’re doing,” Davis said. “They have all had a lot of success in basketball and they each have a lot of experience.” Davis believes that more of the team has bought into the program this year. Not only because of the coaches’ constant presence and guidance every day, but he feels that he and his teammates can relate to the new coaches much better than last year. “They are overall more involved with us,” Davis said. “They will come pick you up if you want to go hoop. Or they will help you with anything you need, on the court or off the court.” Davis feels like he relates with coach Duany the most. He said he feels that he relates with him the most not only because they play a similar position but also because Duany is “really funny” and “gives me good pointers.” The coaching staff in the end hopes that it can mold these athletes into not just Mr. Basketballs, McDonalds All-Americans, Division I athletes and/or professional basketball players, but good people as well.

Age: 30 Born: Indianapolis, IN

High School: Bloomington North

Bil Duany,

Basketball Coach

Favorite basketball team(s): Knicks and Pacers

“Just because you played for a long time does not mean you know everything about basketball,” Duany said. We are going to play successful here.”

High School: Pike Chris Thomas, Basketball Coach

“I have had good relationships with my coaches all my life,” said Thomas. “I want to be that coach. I care about the kids and make them into good people.”

1st and 10 with Taylor DeHart

Will Indiana’s recent basketball success move to Southport? Single-class basketball. Those were the days when the gym was packed during every game. Basketball was huge in Indiana. Ever since the IHSAA changed the system to a four-class tournament after the 1997 season, attendance and passion have dwindled from the games. At the 1990 boys basketball state championship game, there were over 40,000 people in attendance. Since then, the attendance has dropped over 18,000 people per championship. In 2012, the championship weekend brought in the lowest attendance in history, only reaching 22,820 in four games. But, with the resurgence of all levels of basketball in Indiana the past few years the game in this state looks to be on the rise. It all starts at the top. Professionally, the Pacers have not been in contention since 2000. But with pick-ups of young and talented players, it looks as though the Indiana Pacers should have a bright future ahead of them. With the talent they have, they should be in contention with Miami at the end of the season for the top spot in the east. Collegiately, Indiana University is at the top. I.U. is not to be messed with this year. Bringing back four out of the five starters and picking

up a ridiculous 2012 recruiting class make I.U. the favorite not only in the state but in the country. Purdue, who has lost a few key players but with the new additions to the team such as top 100 recruit AJ Hammons, should be up to fulfill the average standards that have been set for the team. The 7-footer should help the Boilermakers stay competitive in a “rebuilding year” in West Lafayette. But has the resurgence has had a direct translation on Indiana high school basketball and, specifically, Southport Basketball? High school basketball is where Hoosier Hysteria was originally created. Yes, the splitup of classes really hurt the atmosphere but I still believe that there should be huge hype surround high school basketball. Even some past players have seen the change in basketball attendance. “Basketball was king,” said athletic director Mr. Pete Hubert, who played at Eastern Hancock High School from 1973-1976. “It didn’t matter if we played a big school or little school, the stands were packed. It was awesome.” Indiana used to live and breathe basketball. Huge crowds use to file into even bigger gymnasiums just to catch the game of the week. I

want those times to be around for my senior year of high school. Southport, we need to lead this uprising. The past few years Southport has struggled. We have been under .500 for five of the past seven years. We are bringing in new coaches and young players who can really amount to something special. Friday night games should no longer be a social event where only a few people come. Basketball games should be sporting events where a few thousand people come. We are blessed to have the 11th biggest high school gymnasium in the United States, and in my years at Southport we have never even come close to filling it halfway for a game. I see pictures of semi-state games and just wish that one time a Southport basketball game could have that sort of atmosphere. We take the Fieldhouse for granted. Every time I walk into that “museum” I think about how lucky I am to be able to walk through it every day. It is incredible. We need to fill it up. It starts with a good solid team and ends with a huge fan section that lasts throughout the whole season. It can be done, and it would

be incredible. I cannot think of a better way to close out high school basketball for me other than seeing a great atmosphere at a game. Having a big crowd and a good home court can win games for teams. As of now, we don’t take advantage of the home court. Having a good home court wins games for teams. We need to make some history and make this basketball season the best so far.


November 2, 2012


Bethesda delivers another honorable game by Andie Reinhart Managing Editor of Content Look out fans of Assassin’s Creed, Madden and HALO. “Dishonored,” created by Arkane Studios and published by well-known video game company Bethesda Softworks, could in fact be one of the biggest games of the year. You are Corvo Attano, Lord Protector of the Empress of Dunwall, a fictional city that is a mesh of steam punk and Oliver Twist era London. Dunwall is rife with a disease called “The Plague” that is carried by the rats of the city. The rats run rampant, infecting the population. It has already decimated half of the city and there is no known cure. The game begins with Corvo arriving back home in Dunwall after returning from the task of propositioning the neighboring cities for help in defeating this plague. Upon arriving home, Corvo witnesses the Empress’ murder and the kidnapping of her only daughter and heir to the throne, Emily. Corvo is then framed for the murder, thrown in jail and sentenced to execution. So, in typical Bethesda fashion, the player starts out this game as a prisoner who, by a simple twist of fate, is released and left with an anonymous note. The game then ensues as the player joins a band of “loyalists.” These loyalists remain loyal to the empress and her throne. They want justice for the city. They wish to eliminate the men who assassinated the empress, find Emily and put her on the throne. In order to do this, Corvo becomes an assassin for these loyalists. To top it all off, a mysterious man named “The Outsider” visits Corvo in his sleep and bestows upon him the powers of The Outsider. This gives Corvo powers such as Bend Time, Blink (a way to teleport from rooftop to rooftop with stealth), Possession and Shadow Kill (which turns assassinated targets to ash). Corvo must use his powers of stealth, strength and magic to avenge the Empress, clear his name and put Emily in power.

Taylor Swift’s album ‘Red’ passes with flying colors

Taylor Swift’s new CD, “Red,” recently came out, two years after her last album was released. The regular edition contains 16 songs, and there are three extra tracks included with the deluxe edition of the CD. The first song on the CD is called “State of Grace” and is not one I felt compelled to listen to over and over when I heard it for the first time. Honestly, I feel like this CD could have and should have started with a catchier, better song. The first song is the one that people hear first when they play the CD or listen to samples on iTunes, and while this one isn’t a bad song, it’s nowhere near the best on the album. A big thing I noticed when listening to this CD is that the songs generally fit into one of two categories: soft and sweet or rocking. And by rocking, I mean using some bass and obvious computer effects. “I Knew You Were Trouble.” and “Red” are just two of the songs that show off this style in her new songs. Personally, I think that this style works pretty well in most of the songs it’s used in. However, it also causes a problem with some of the songs. My main problem with this CD is that some songs, including “Stay Stay Stay,” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “I Knew You Were Trouble.” sound so much crisper than the rest of the songs. The lyrics to the title song, “Red,” are much harder to make out than I would prefer them to be, partly because the rock music that they’re set to seems to overpower the words. A crisper song is a better song in my opinion, especially when other songs on the same album are already crisp. My favorite song of the album, “Stay Stay Stay,” is completely different from every other song on the album. It’s a happy diddy with a ukulele as one of the main instruments. I was surprised when I realized that no other song was as peppy and cheerful as this one. Honestly, peppy songs like this are why I originally started listening to Taylor Swift years ago. I wish “Red” had at least one or two more songs like it. It would be nice to have some more happy music on the CD, since it’s mostly angry or sad songs. This album consists of a handful of really good songs and a bunch of okay or pretty good songs. I wouldn’t say that it has any really bad songs, but this CD has a few really good songs that it depends on to make it great. It’s for that reason that I have to say that “Red,” although fun to listen to and with some songs I love, is not my favorite Taylor Swift album.

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wall, showing the decay and disease’s effect on this once flourishing city. But aside from the setting graphics, perhaps the most breathtaking aspect of the graphics are the plumes of smoke that emit from a character’s mouth as he smokes a cigarette. The effect of the smoke slowly transfusing into the air with perfect detail are a testament to the game’s mission in the graphics department: simply artistic and executed impeccably. The battle system and play are smooth and flow seamlessly into the other actions of the game. The game offers such movements as drop assassinations, beheadings, jumping from rooftop to rooftop and so much blood and gore that any video game junkie would be proud to see the blood splatter against the screen. The movements are in no way clunky and so original that there is absolutely no mistaking the movements of Corvo Attano for anyone like Ezio Auditore or the Master Chief. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this game. Arkane Studios did not disappoint in this endeavor. Corvo’s story is able to move players as well as any book or movie would ever be able to do. The artistic genius that has resulted in “Dishonored” is something to be said for any work of art, not just a video game. It is a testament to not only the beauty and complexity of video games in this day and age, but a testament to art itself.


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{releaseRADAR} ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ Today

Bowser, Eggman and the ghosts from Pacman. What more could you want?

‘Ang ry Birds: Star Wars’ November 8 Angry Birds meets Star Wars!

‘Halo 4’ November 4 Master Chief is back in action!

‘Merry Christmas, Alex Cross’ November 12 The most intense Christmas Eve you will ever experience.

‘Breaking Dawn Pt. 2’ November 15 We all knew this was coming. Let’s just get it over with.


‘Pitch Perfect’ is like music to the ears by Katie Hinh Features Editor

by Stefanie Maier Graphics Designer


The game is a first person role-playing game. It plays as both a first person shooter and stealth game while entwining role playing game decision making with the original RPG format. It allows the player to play as Corvo and make decisions that affect the rest of the game. One small decision could change the outcome of the entire story, which comes into play with the multiple endings of the game that require multiple playthroughs to see and experience all of them. I, personally, love this type of game. It puts the control in the player’s hands, really allowing one to get into the story and personally connect with the characters. You are Corvo, and you create a personal connection with who he is and what is driving his life. It is in the player’s hands to decide whether Corvo is a blood thirsty assassin out for vengeance and destruction or an innocent man framed for murder and looking for peace within himself and within the city. This is accomplished by the multiple ways of playing each level. In each mission, there is a nonlethal and lethal option for each target, and each one affects the story and Corvo’s character. These multiple options are further a positive aspect of this game in the idea of “replay value.” Replay value is perhaps one of the most pivotal aspects of a game, and “Dishonored” nails this with perfection. The graphics are cel-shaded. Every screenshot of the game looks as though it is straight out of a watercolor painting. Small details are not bothered with, but the big picture looks beautiful and artistic. Though this isn’t the top of the line in graphics technology, it fits the atmosphere and the story perfectly. The graphics capture the dirt and grit of Dun-


I can’t sing at all. I sometimes like to think that I’m a rock star, but as soon as I get out of the shower, the cold reality hits me. Now, although I am not musically talented, I do on occasion like to watch other people (celebrities) show off their vocal music talent. So when I went to see “Pitch Perfect” I was incredibly entertained. I left the theater laughing and with musical pop song mash-ups ringing through my head. “Pitch Perfect” starts off with a somewhat stereotypical teenage girl named Beca, played by Anna Kendrick. She is oh so misunderstood. So much so that she wants to be a DJ in California and not go to college. You know, like most teenage misfits. After being brow-beaten into a prestigious college, Barden University (which she got into through her father’s connections,) she eventually is persuaded into joining an all girls A Capella group. This is where “Pitch Perfect” hits the mark. At Barden there are two main A Capella groups: The Barden Bella’s and the Treblemakers. I know it sounds corny but bear with me, it gets better. So after Kendrick joins the Bella’s she immediately clashes with the leader of the group named Aubrey, played by Anna Camp. Aubrey is trying to perfect the group after their amazing fall from grace after she blew the competition, and by that I mean chunks all over the audience. Unfortunately Aubrey’s efforts go un-

noticed and the Bella’s go the opposite way. by David Guetta and even some older ones All the while Beca and Aubrey are fighting, like “Turn the Beat Around” by Vicky Sue Beca has a job at the college radio station in Robinson, all performed with only vocals, no hopes of getting a chance to one day play back up music and no other sounds. I have her own DJ mixes never wanted to be able to on the air. While sing more than the minute working there, Beca I left the theater after this meets Jesse, played movie. by Skylar Astin. As Also, the cast of “Pitch Beca and Jesse get Perfect” is right on key. One of the categories to know each other Rebel Wilson plays a lovshown during the riff- able foreigner that calls you can almost feel the spark of college Fat Amy. The name off in ‘Pitch Perfect’ is herself love and the spark of says it all. Fat Amy might dissent between Beca ‘Songs Ruined By Glee.’ have been my favorite charand Aubrey. And the acter throughout the entire best part is, Jesse’s a movie. She said some of Treblemaker, making the most hilarious lines in him completely off limits and an enemy to the a movie I have ever heard, while it still beBella’s. ing PG-13. She was the girl that brought the As competition grows closer, the Bella’s movie together because she brings in humor have a rocky road to the finals, where Aubrey and makes a seamless transition from serious tossed her cookies and barely made it in, to funny. their saving grace being another team forced “Pitch Perfect” was almost a perfect movie, to forfeit. The tension between Aubrey and and it made me feel like I could finally take Beca explodes. Jesse and Beca inevitably have my singing skills out of the shower and onto a fight, like all romances. Then of course at the stage. The sad truth, though, is that I still the climax of the movie, Beca and Aubrey rec- cannot sing and I will never actually be a oncile and the Bella’s are even stronger af- rockstar, but the good thing is that this movie ter the fight. With only the finals against the hits the right note, even if I can’t. Treblemakers left. Now I won’t tell you the ending result of the final competition, you’ll just have to go see it, but I can tell you this movie is worth spending eight dollars on. “Pitch Perfect” had hit songs like “Titanium”



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Scotty’s Brewhouse is brewing up a storm by Breanna Bierod Reporter Beefy burgers, big screens and bacon bits are all at the new Scotty’s and they are awesome! This restaurant rocks! I don’t know any other place with a Zucker Burger, a burger with “toppings (that) may change at owner’s will, without notice,” along with TVs at every turn and the choice to load all your potato-related sides with melted cheese and delicious bacon, the life-source of most human beings. When you walk in you immediately get the sense that the brew house is a friendly, lively place. People laughed, chatted and seemed generally happy. The waiters/waitresses were

pretty friendly too. They all were attentive, considering there’s an infinite number of them that pop up out of nowhere right when you need them, or when your mouth is full and they feel like asking how the food was. Some were a little inexperienced, but what restaurant doesn’t have a couple of newbies? What I think is most important is the food. My ginormous, juicy bison burger didn’t take long to arrive, and even if it had taken hours and I had to run a marathon or be forced to watch the elderly play extreme bingo, it still would have been worth the wait. Their burgers are buttered, toasted and cooked to perfection, just the way they should be. I ate mine shamefully fast, even though it was about the size of my own head. It almost brought me to tears when it was gone. In other words, their food

is amazing. Of course, there aren’t just burgers. To start you off there are chips and dip, fries and onion rings. The menu includes chicken, soups, salads, low-calorie choices, gluten-free choices, turkey, wraps, tenderloins and deserts (if you even have room left). And it wasn’t a lie when I said they would load your waffles fries, tater tots and other sides with tons of cheese and bacon. You’re going to need a few boxes to cart their huge helpings back home. Your stomach will fill up just looking at it. I’m sure I missed plenty more items, too. Keep in mind, most items average a little over $10, not including add-ons and drinks, so you can’t go too wild. If you’re ever thinking of new place to bring your family or friends whether it’s for a special occasion or just a change of pace, try Scotty’s Brewhouse. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with it.


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November 2, 2012

Learning foreign language important by Moira McKinney


“I think olives are appealing, Vanessa.” There are roughly about 6,500 spoken languages in the world today with about 2,000 of those having fewer than 1,000 speakers. From the widely used universal languages to the hardly known native languages spoken by diminutive indigenous tribes to the 232 extinct languages, not one single language can fully grasp all the expressions there are to convey the human experience. Language is a building block of civilization. Obviously, without languages we wouldn’t have a way to communicate with each other or connect to each other. It’s important that people learn foreign languages in order to stay connected with this vast world and to improve brain function and abilities. Many languages are closely related, having come from the same language family base. The differences of the languages show us how communication has blossomed and led us to the multitude of languages that exist today. However, as similar as languages may be, each and every one is still different. Each has its own uniqueness, its own grammar, structure and style. Many languages even have their own “untranslatable words.” In the novel “Shame,” Salman Rushdie’s narrator states, “To unlock a society, look at its

untranslatable words.” While a word may exist in one language, it may not have a literal translation word in another. There are many words that are referred to as untranslatable words. However, it’s not that these words can’t be closely explained in another language, but the essence and the deep rooted meaning of the word is lost as it crosses from one language to another. This is often due to different social and cultural contexts that have shaped how the word has been used. Yet, no language can be comprehensively translated to another. All translations are rough, but close, estimates of what is being said. The basic meaning is kept, but how it’s actually said, explained and even understood may be completely different in one language to another. It is because of these differences in the languages that we should study another besides our native or firstlearned. This way we will be able to relate and converse with someone else whose culture and lifestyle is different from our own. Learning a foreign language has become an important aspect in the curriculum of schools all around the globe. According to Eurostat, in European education, learning at least one foreign language is compulsory in every country. In 1996, the American Association of School Administrators identified that knowledge of foreign languages would be one of the most important skills that students will need to develop in order to prosper in the 21st century because of the global connection of the world. Not only do learning new languages connect us, but it’s beneficial to the human brain. Several studies prove that people who are competent in more than one language outscore those who are one language speakers on tests of verbal and

{untranslatableWORDS} Sobremesa (Spanish): The time spent after lunch or dinner talking to the people you shared the meal with. Chantepleurer (French): Singing and crying at the same time. Kummerspeck: (German): Excess weight gained from emotioncaused over-eating.

Information from

nonverbal intelligence. There are many studies to show how the test scores of students taking a foreign language are higher in most test areas than students who do not take those language classes. In the book, “What Really Matters in Second Language Learning for Academic Achievement?” mastering the vocabulary of a second language enhances student comprehension and abilities in reading, writing, mathematics and other subjects. Foreign language learners consistently excel in core subject areas on standardized tests, often significantly more than non-foreign language learners. According to “The Impact of Second-Language Learning on the Development of Verbal and Spatial Abilities,” bilingualism fosters the development of those verbal and spatial abilities. Spatial ability is a category of reasoning skills that allows us to think about objects in three dimensions and to draw conclusions for those objects from limited information. Verbal ability is the cognitive ability to use and understand a language. It has many components like language proficiency, oral communication, verbal communication, verbal memory, verbal rea-

soning, writing skills and written communication. Children in foreign language programs have shown greater cognitive development, creativity and divergent thinking more than monolingual children. Studies repeatedly show that foreign language learning increases critical thinking skills and flexibility of the mind in young children. These skills improve native language skills. Foreign language learners have stronger vocabulary skills, improved literacy, enhanced listening skills and memory. Learning another language obviously has many benefits to improving our skills and abilities, therefore increasing our brain activity. Which, as found by researchers at York University in Canada, shows a slower decline in mental powers with age. In short, bilinguals are mentally sharper and quicker responders. Being bilingual may protect against mental decline with aging. With as many languages as there are on the planet, why should we stick to just knowing one out of thousands? With practice and an open mind, learning another language will only benefit the learner and the world around us.

Driving privilege should Problems from divorce be taken seriously long-lasting she can take you to little Johnny’s house. Never again will you have to beg your mom to take you to the store to get that miscellaneous item by Michael Curran you swear that you need. All of these things Reporter are on you now, and that’s something that we sheltered children of America never really get to experience until now. “I live This also means that a lot more trust is vicariously put into you by your parents and the people through myself.” around you. Just because you now have the opportunity to go somewhere or do something, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. This is one of the things that separates a mature A pinnacle moment in your life is that day person from an immature one. Like the uncle when you finally get that tiny piece of plastic from Spiderman said, “With great power comes that means you no longer have to rely on your great responsibility.” parents to take you places. This tiny piece This misuse of trust is one reason why stricter of plastic gives you the power to go where regulations are being put on teenage driving. ever you want, whenever you want (before And now this sacred time in our lives is dusk, of course.) Also at risk. According to accompanying the a USA Today/CNN/ card is a trust to do Gallup poll in 2004, the right thing and a 60 percent of adults very dangerous death The laws for driving age differ in favored a driving age of machine that is the 17 or older. Meanwhile, cause of thousands of each state. Below are some of surveys of parents deaths per year. in Minnesota, North the different laws pertaining to Driving, in my Carolina and Rhode opinion, is one of the the driving age. Island showed that 33 first steps a person percent to 50 percent South Dakota: 14 yrs. 3 months can take towards of parents favored the adulthood. Nothing New Mexico: 15 yrs. 6 months older driving age. else you’ve experienced Many states up until now has given Virginia: 16 yrs. 3 months have already put you the power to make up hypothetical Connecticut: 16 yrs. 4 months decisions that directly roadblocks and new affect not only yourself, Indiana: 16 yrs. 6 months guidelines to hinder but everyone else teenage driving. This is around you too. There’s New Jersey: 17 yrs. because, according to a reason why you have USA Today, 10 teens die to wait to drive one of Information from: every day in vehicles those screaming death driven by themselves machines, but when the or other teens. opportunity is finally So, the only question left now is “What can given to you, it’s a testament to your maturity we do to make sure we don’t lose this amazing and the trust that authority figures and parents privilege that has been given to us?” Well, my have put into you. faithful reader, the answer to that question is Of course, with this tiny piece of plastic, gone a simple one. Act like an adult and make well are the good old days of waiting for parents to thought-out decisions. Especially while driving take you places. No more will you have to sit because not only is your life at stake, but so is through your mother’s boring soap opera before the life of everyone around you.


by Caitlyn Jones Reporter

“Tanner and Jessica are so cute.” I have never seen my parents together, and ever since I was a baby they have been divorced. I am only able to see my dad during every break during the school year. Being able to visit him used to be the best time of my life because I hardly ever got to see my dad and he was like my best friend. It would take 311 miles just to be able to see my dad. Three hundred and eleven miles might seem long, but for me, they flew by because I was so excited to see what my dad had in mind for me in that break. But now that I am becoming older and maturing, my preferences have changed about visiting my dad. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad. I just dread that in order to see my father I have to go 311 miles away because my parents are no longer together. It is not a shock nowadays to see couples file for a divorce. It is just something that happens in life that a lot of couples face. Not everyone gets along, and spending too much time with someone may cause arguments to happen more often, especially if there is a child involved. Although I understand why parents get divorced, I don’t think they realize how much that divorce can affect their children. I have found myself getting stuck in-between my parents and being forced to choose sides. No child should have to experience that, but in many cases, they do. “Divorce ... can strain parent-child relationships, lead to lost contact with one parent, create economic hardships, and increase conflict between parents,” wrote Robert Emery PhD. in his article titled “The Truth about Children and Divorce.”

In my situation, I can relate to what Emery says about how children can lose contact with a parent. Since my dad lives so far away, it is hard to keep in contact because he is busy with work. I fully agree with Emery when he said that divorce can really affect a child’s relationship with a parent. My dad doesn’t understand that I am maturing and wanting to stay in Indiana for my breaks now, while on the other hand, my mom understands because she has experienced what I am going through. In light of all of these problems that divorce brings, it is not just a simple task for children to get used to. It takes time and it is a very traumatic experience. The Indianapolis Star says that about one million children go through their parents’ divorce every year. That is one million more children going through a heart break, which no parent should ever want to see their child heart-broken or depressed. With going through divorce, there are a lot of emotional problems children may face as well. According to “The Psychological Effects of Divorce on Children” by Michael Shaffran, divorce can cause a lot of stress on the children. That stress can lead to dangerous behavior. Kids may develop anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and the girls may have a higher chance of becoming pregnant. The children may be so emotional torn that they may make suicide attempts. Most of the time, children tend to blame themselves because they think it’s their fault that their parents are separating. I am not saying divorce is bad, because I understand why some people file for a divorce. I know a lot of parents try to work things out, but it just doesn’t work. Not everyone will get along which is fine, but I don’t think parents really take the time to think about how their decision of getting a divorce will affect their children. If your parents get a divorce, you are not alone. I have been there, but I do hope that if your parents are going through a divorce, that they don’t live 311 miles away from each other like mine do.


November 2, 2012

Through {Rose} colored glasses Find a place of peace amidst the ruckus of life where he could confront life’s truths and learn from the world’s greatest teacher, nature. In our lives, we use the term Walden a little differently. In today’s society, technology has become a permanent fixture in life, and a place untouched by technology and the influence of society is almost impossible to find. But, though the idea has evolved with the times, the lessons learned are the same and the importance of having one is just as strong as it was all those years ago. A Walden is just a place to be yourself. It’s a place to feel at ease. It is our place of peace. It is the place where we may tune out the racket of life’s day-to-day grind and become who we are and who we want to be. It is the place where we are able to truly be ourselves on our own terms, whether it involves solitude or not. With that said, now think about it. Think about your Walden. Do you have one? Your Walden could be your room. It could be the time that you have to sit on your bed, read a book or listen to music. It could be playing video games. It could be as simple as a park bench or a blog where you may let out your heart and soul to cyberspace. It could be as simple as taking a walk and as complex as a remote little town in the middle of Illinois that your family has grown up on for a century. Regardless of where it is and what you are doing, the idea is the same. It is the time and place where we get to be unabashedly ourselves. It is where we feel at home. Where we feel simply and utterly at peace. As for me, that little farm town in Illinois

by Andie Rose Reinhart Managing Editor-of-Content “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and to see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” On July 4,1845, a man named Henry David Thoreau began what would become one of his most influential contributions to American literature and culture. This contribution would be the work titled, “Walden,” which most every high school student knows of and has read. Thoreau lived simply and independently in a little cabin that overlooked Walden pond. This journey was Thoreau’s journey in search of truth and knowledge of life and nature. This place was solitary and remote, giving Thoreau time to think, be alone, reflect, live and write. From this man’s work and journey we do not just get an amazing piece of literature. Thoreau had something in this idea, and it is something that we can and should translate into our own lives. It is the idea of a “Walden.” So what really is a Walden? Thoreau’s Walden was more than just a solitary place with a pretty view. This place was his retreat. It was the place where Thoreau was able to find himself and be the purest, rawest version of himself. This is the place


“In the theater, because you can be a different character.”

Where is your happy place?

Mrs. Stacey Matlock, Physics Teacher




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Students: Hooded sweatshirts are a privilege hide ear buds and avoid getting into trouble. Teachers also encountered the problem of students not listening and keeping the hoods up when asked to take them down. Other students would also use the hoods as a way to hide from teachers. The remainder of this semester is a trial period for hooded sweatshirts. If students wear the hoods up and it becomes a problem, administration will take away the privelege at the beginning of next semester. “What we’re looking to see is can kids wear the hoodies without the hoods up,” Boone said. “Really that’s what makes them inappropiate.” It’s up to the students to monitor each other’s behavior in order to keep the privilege. The idea is that, students got the sweatshirts taken



{journalADDRESS} Rolling out of bed in the morning and just throwing on a pair of jeans with a hoodie used to be a problem for Southport students. As of Monday Oct. 29 students are now allowed to wear hooded sweatshirts. After a year without the privilege, superintendent Dr. Tom Little and administration decided to allow hoodies at both high schools. Little had a meeting with student leaders from both Southport and Perry Meridian where both groups voiced suggestions on things to change at the high schools. Hooded sweatshirts were first taken away due to student conduct. According to assistant principal Mrs. Amy Boone, issues with hoodies occured when devices were not allowed. Students would wear their hoods up to

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Zombie apocalypse is coming.

is my Walden. My grandfather grew up there, in a small town called Stringtown, Illinois. The town consists of a church, a few houses, a town hall and gravel roads. That’s really all it is. It is the definition of a small country town. Every year my extended family gets together for a reunion at the old family home in Stringtown, and we camp out on the front lawn, play Cornhole (which gets super competitive in my family), have a hay ride and relax around the bonfire into the early hours of the morning. This year, I decided to try something different with this reunion. I put my phone away, because for me, I knew that I would not be myself if I had been engulfed in my phone all night. So I turned it off, breathed in the fresh country air and decided to spend the time I had been given with my family. This year more than ever, I truly felt at peace, and I truly found my Walden, even amidst many people. I find my peace and happiness in Stringtown, Illinois, and when I leave that place I feel as though I am more of a person than when I arrived, and I have a little bit better of a grip on this amazing thing called life. The point is, your Walden is what you make it, and there are no rules for exactly what qualifies as a Walden. It can be anywhere. But to find one is to find peace. It is to find that place where you feel safe, and the problems of this world cannot find you. And it is so important to find that place of peace amidst the ruckus of life. So I challenge you to take that time out of your life to be at peace. Find your Walden. Find that place where life is good and life is beautiful. As Thoreau put it, front the essential facts of life. Learn what it has to teach you. For if you don’t, you may discover too late in life that you in fact have not really lived at all.


away, but they also spoke up to get them back. The students are not entitled to any privilege pertaining to dress code. School is a learning environment, and if hoodies become a distraction or safety hazard, school authorities have the right to take them away. “The ball is in the student’s court whether or not they’ll stay around,” Boone said. “They keep the hoods down, they’ll stay. They pull them up, they’re going again.” It’s time for the students to step up and be mature about the current situation. If a student sees their peer with a hood up during school hours it’s suggested to politely ask to pull it down. The privilege of wearing hoodies depends on the hoods of the students.

Students, staff and community members are welcome to write a letterto-the-editor that will be published in The Journal when space is available. Letters-to-the-editor must be received five days prior to publication date. Submissions should be short and concise, not exceeding 300 words. They are subject to editing for content, grammar and length. All letters must be signed. Personal or unfair attacks of businesses or individuals will not be published. Bring all submissions to room 400 or address an envelope to Mr. Mike Klopfenstein and take it to the Main Office. Submissions also may be e-mailed to shsjournal@class. The Journal reserves the right to reject any advertisement or Letter-to-theEditor. Anonymous letters will not be published.



November 2, 2012

ounds of outhport Plucking the strings of interest Senior Travis Waymon continues to play the violin and hopes to pursue a career in the art by Jesse Roller Photographer Where can you find Southport’s musicians? To do this, one only has to listen. From the Advanced Symphony Orchestra comes a violinist who brings to the sound not only his exceptional skills but also his leadership. Senior Travis Waymon has been playing violin since the summer after his fourth grade year. He had always been interested in music but was especially drawn to the violin after listening to the solo from one of his favorite musicals, “Fiddler on the Roof.” Now, he is hopeful to major in Violin Performance at Butler University. Waymon wasn’t intending on playing violin for the rest of his life when he first began playing. After taking lessons between his eighth and ninth grade year, he started to enjoy playing more. “At first, I didn’t even want to really take private


lessons,” Waymon said. “But then I took a couple and they kind of grew on me.” His newfound interest in his violin has become apparent in his performance both in and out of the classroom. According to Ms. Elizabeth Levin, the orchestra teacher, “Because he takes private lessons he’s capable of a lot of technical things that most students that don’t take lessons can’t do.” Though Waymon contributes to Southport’s music program, he also participates in musical functions outside of school. Other youth orchestras that Waymon has been a part of are the New World Youth Symphony Orchestra, the All State Orchestra and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra through the SideBy-Side program. “That gives him some experience that the other students don’t have,” Levin said. “He’s played music that’s a lot more difficult then we play on a regular basis.” With the future well ahead, Waymon is still progressing in his abilities. Even though he plays violin in and out of school, he keeps a goal in mind. “I still have a lot of work to do to get to where I want to be,” said Waymon. “But that’s what the next couple of years are for.”





1. Senior Travis Waymon practices violin at pit practice on Tuesday, Oct. 23. Waymon has been playing violin since the summer before his fifth grade year. 2. Students sit in Mr. David Copeland’s third period band class on Thursday Oct. 25. The intermediate band is currently working on sight reading. Photos by Jesse Roller. 3. Students play in their eighth period band class Thursday, Oct. 25. The eighth period band class is called the Jazz Band. Photo by Rachel Patterson. 4. Students play the bass in the second period orchestra class on Friday, Oct. 26. There are four bass players in the Symphonic Orchestra. 5. Senior Kayla Hofmann plays violin in her second period orchestra class on Friday, Oct. 26. The class was preparing for their Halloween concert that occurred this past Tuesday. Photos by Becca Tapp.




6. Sophomore Yesenia Jimenez warms up in her second period choir class on Friday, October 26. The choir class is the Advanced Women’s Choir. 7. Senior Joshua Johnson sings with classmates in Mrs. Emily McDuffee’s eighth period choir class on Monday, Oct. 29. The choir is working towards their concert on Dec. 7. Photos by Becca Tapp. 8. Sophomore Alex Green plays the saxophone in his third period band class on Thursday, Oct. 25. Photo by Jesse Roller.

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