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JOURNAL November 24, 2010

Issue 6, Volume LXXXIX

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Advisory panel proposes further budget cuts for township Over the last few months, the Perry Community Advisory Panel (PCAP) has been reviewing the township’s education budget and deciding upon the best ways to handle the $10 million deficit. PCAP is a diverse group of people from the community that want to help the school district. On Nov. 22, the panel presented their proposals and discussed the best ways to handle the current fiscal situation. Superintendent Dr. Thomas Little has been working with PCAP in finding these solutions. He believes that the panel represents the district well and can get the budget worked out. Each year, the school district loses its desegregation budget and suffers from state funding cuts. This year, the school has been running at a budget of about $89 million. Next year, it is expected to be at $81 million. Little wants this panel to educate the community so they can see what an $81 million budget school district would look like while trying to handle the needs of almost 15,000 students. Eventually, voters may decide on a funding referendum. “It’s really an education process for the community and to see if this is the kind of school district that they’d want to support,” said Little, “or if they’d support considering the referendum...down the road.” PCAP has discussed eliminating a neighborhood school and the 6th grade academies, cancelling the Edison schools contract, eliminating elementary art, music and physical education, proposing a general fund referendum and combining the two high schools. Possibilities like these have not been decided upon and are still in the discussion phase. According to Perry Township’s website, the school board made about $8 million in cuts to the 2010-11 General Fund Budget in the last year. This includes layoffs of around 10.5 administrative positions, 73 teaching positions and 22 support staff positions along with educational and extracurricular programs such as math lab and summer band. While these cuts have helped, the district’s funding continues to get worse. Little and the panel have been cautious going into the meetings. The superintendent says that it is a priority to stay away from affecting classrooms as much as possible. “We’re all concerned about maintaining the quality education that we have in place,” said Little. “We all want to preserve that. You want to carry on with what you’ve got. The pain we went through cutting the programs we did was awful. It was devastating to cut the programs for the students that were outstanding.”

Teachers by Jonathan Goodwin Reporter


The staff of Southport has been engaging in a charitable cause for nearly a decade. Throughout the year, Southport provides a holiday meal for Thanksgiving to struggling families in the district. Names of families are submitted that may need some help around the holidays, and the families are contacted and asked if they would like this gift. After all of the arrangements are made, teachers, class officers and deliveries make these deliveries possible. Every year, the staff helps out an average of twenty-five families for each Thanksgiving. At the start of every school year, each staff member can donate $20 to “dressdown” on Fridays, meaning that they can wear jeans and a Southport shirt. When Thanksgiving comes around, assis-


The latest act made by the school board is far from the first budgetary decision our township has had to face recently. But how did we get into this crisis? Where did the money go? This graphic aims to illustrate Southport s financial worries on three levels: on a state level, a county level, and a state level. Information is based on 2008-2009 tax information from Graphic by Lucas Sweitzer.

{stateWIDE} For every dollar the state receives from taxes, this is where the money is appropriated. County


City / Other Town



$0.16 $0.11

In spectrum of the entire state, spending on education in Indiana has dramatically increased in the past couple years. However, facing statewide budget deficits that needed to be balanced, Gov. Mitch Daniels announced a series of budget cuts including $300 million cut in K-12 education.

Funding for Perry Township schools comes out of the County category. The Education category is used for higher institutions. This can be misleading for many and make it appear that K-12 education receives more money than it really does.

{countyWIDE} As more tax levy dollars move away from education and into special costs or other expenses, Marion County is putting a larger emphasis on debt services. 2008 Other Other budget 11% 16%

County 15% Special 22%

County 13% Education 52%

2009 budget

Marion County s budget has been able to stay above the rate of inflation since 1998. In more recent years, the amount of money our county receives through taxes has continued to increase until 2008. Now, because our county cannot expect to be receiving more tax dollars anytime soon, the the cuts have begun - most evidently in education.

Education 44%

Special 27%

{townshipWIDE} From 2007-2008, Perry Township had a funding increase of 4.8%. From 2008-2009, we had a funding decrease of 37.3%. Then, in 2010, funding was cut another 25.3%. Funding (in millions)

by Corey Mills Reporter

Daniels first suggested that the $300 million cut should come from the 39 cents of every education dollar in Indiana spent on extracurriculars - sports, clubs, other school activities outside of the core requirements for graduation. Perry Township will have to adjust to this new shortfall.

80 70 60 50 40 30 20



tant principal Mr. Gary Mahoney negotiates with Kroger to get the food at a reduced cost. Then, teachers, class officers and community members volunteer to make up the baskets and deliver them. “It’s a great feeling,” said Mahoney. “I love doing it every year.” According to Mahoney, the staff manages to raise around $2000 each year. This year’s Costume Day raised an additional $200 for the cause. Southport has been helping families for nearly 10 years. One teacher who has given a helping hand with this effort is business teacher Ms. Terrie Mahin. She has chaired Southport’s Social Committee for over thirty years. Mahin feels that helping these families sets Southport apart from other school communities. “It’s so heartwarming,” said Mahin. “A lot of schools don’t do things like this. It’s really






neat to see the student leaders go out and just know that they’re making a difference.” Junior Becca East has helped distribute the baskets each year she’s been in high school, having been a class officer each year. East really enjoys lending a hand in this cause and would participate in this charity even if it wasn’t required. “I do it to help people,” said East. “It’s good to give these people a holiday meal. When they smile, it makes me smile.” East feels her contribution really makes a difference in the community. She thinks it certainly matters to the people they help, even if no one else really notices. Mahoney, East and Mahin look forward to helping out the families in the Southport community once again this year. Thanks to their and others’ efforts, many families will be able to sit around the dinner table and have something to be thankful for.




Science teacher Christopher Finkhouse teaches his class in his dressed-down outfit. Finkhouse payed the $20 to help those in need. Photo by Jonathan Goodwin

News Briefs by Jonathan Goodwin

Local: IPS due to approve new schedule

National: KFC to reward best ‘tweet’

Global: Germany on terrorism alert

The Indianapolis Public Schools system is due to approve a new calendar for the school year. So far, five of the seven members of the IPS school board have voiced their support for a new “balanced” schedule. The new timetable shortens the summer break from ten weeks to eight weeks, adds in a week of vacation for Thanksgiving, and allows for two-week vacations in October, December, and March. The number of school days will remain the same, though. School Board President Elizabeth Gore stated that the board has tweaked the schedule as much as they could to meet the wants and needs of the parents. These changes include making YMCA and Boys’ and Girls’ Club programs available during the breaks.

Restaurant chain KFC announced a scholarship campaign that will award $20,000 to whomever makes the best post on the popular microblogging Twitter. The post must be less than 140 words and explain why the user deserves the scholarship, which goes toward any high school senior planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree. “KFC is asking college hopefuls to tweet why they exemplify Colonel Sanders’ commitment to education and enriching their communities, and why they are deserving of a college scholarship,” said a KFC spokesman. The post must include the hashtag #KFCScholar and be completed by November 26. KFC officials are very hopeful that using a new medium such as Twitter will encourage higher education and reduce student debt.

German officials have tightened security at train stations and airports after evidence of a militant plot emerged last week. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere stated that details of the plot emerged after postal bombs were sent by suspected Greek militants to leading German officials, including Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to the minister, the threat level has risen in Germany. “There are grounds for concern, but not hysteria,” said de Maizierre. Al-Qaeda leader Younis al Mauretani was implicated in operations targeted at Europe and the US. One of the many scenarios included armed attacks in Germany simulating the 2008 attacks that took place in Mumbai.

Information from

Information from

Information from

Southport’s bullying hotline: (317) 789-4880


November 24, 2010

Foreign Language

The following stories are in Spanish and Chin. For the English translations of the stories, visit

Estudiantes hispanos se mantienen lejos de actividades extracurriculares

Black Friday ni ah phaisa tampi miak khawh a si

by Jessica De La Cruz Reportera

by Rosy Liantu

La alarma suena a las seis de la mañana. Una llamada de aviso que empieza el día lleno de actividades como la escuela, trabajo y quehaceres. Cosas como las mencionadas y actividades extracurriculares forman parte de la estructura de las rutinas diarias de adolecentes. Sandra Paliero, estudiante del tercer año, pasa por esta rutina diaria con la excepción de involucración en actividades extracurriculares. Hay varios otros estudiantes Hispanos que están en situaciones como las de Paliero que los impide de estar involucrados en actividades después de la escuela. Cosas como trabajos, conflictos con transportación y tal vez ciertas responsabilidades son obstáculos para muchos estudiantes. Recientemente Paliero adquirió un trabajo en Moe’s Grill para ayudar a sus padres con las finanzas en su casa. Ella no tiene mucho tiempo libre para participar en clubes o deportes. “Estoy ocupada porque tengo que ir a trabajar y tengo que hacer la tarea antes de ir a trabajar,” dijo Paliero. “También le ayudo a mi mamá a limpiar la casa y luego ir a trabajar.” Paliero empezó a trabajar este año cuando cumplió dieciséis. Antes de tener un trabajo no estaba involucrada en actividades extracurriculares por otro obstáculo. “Antes no tenía tiempo y no tenía alguien que pudiera venir y recogerme,” dijo Paliero. “Pero mis padres querían que estuviera en mas clubes en la escuela.” Restricciones como las con que Paliero encuentra sólo son algunas de muchas otras que impiden a otros estudiantes de estar involucrados. “Podrían tener que cuidar a hermanos porque sus padres trabajan y no hay nadie más quien lo pueda hacer, o tal vez tengan un trabajo después de la escuela para cubrir los gastos,” dijo la trabajadora social de Southport, la señora Jorie Oskay. “Tal vez no hayan identificado algo en lo que estén interesados y no tengan nadie en casa empujándolos en la dirección para estar involucrados.” Involucrándose en actividades después de la escuela es beneficioso para los estudiantes (según estudiante de segundo año Crystal López). López participa en clubes

Black Friday cu Thanksgiving I a thaizing I ca cawn ni nga ni khi a si. Cu Black Friday a phanh tik ah, hi U.S. ram chung I dawr ngan pipi pawl an za te in zingkaa dei lei in an dawr an awn tawn. Hi ni ah hin, dawr kip nih thil an manh tuk I phaisa tampi an ngah, cu ruang ah Black Friday tiah an auh nak a si. Black Friday hi holiday cu a si lo nain, minung tam pi nih dawr kal duh ah holiday tiah rian tuan lo in an um tawn. Hi nih hin dawr a kal mi minung a karh ter deuh chin. Black Friday cu kumpi kum khat chung ah dawr a kal mi an tam bik ni tiah ruah dih a si. Black Friday a phanh tik ah, dawr kip nih thil man an thumh nak vialte le a lak in thil ngah khawh a si mi vialte kong cu internet in websites ah thlah cia dih a si. Hi ban tuk an thlah tik ah, minung tam deuh nih thawngpang an theih I an dawr ah thiltam deuh an va cawk tawn. Minung tampi cu zingka dawr an awn hlan pi in an va hngah cia tawn. Thil tlawmte man in ngah duh ruah ah zan ih nak thil puan in an va hngah tawn. Cheukhat dawr ngan deuh pawl Sears, Best Buy, Macy’s, Wal-Mart le Target ti ban tuk chin chih cu zantim nazi 12 hrawng ah an dawr an awn caan zong a um tawn.

Thawngtheih ter tu

Estudiante de segundo año, Crytsal López ha participado en Color Guard por dos años. Foto tomada por Brandon Bushong. tales como Green Earth Society, Best Buddies y Color Guard. “Actividades después de la escuela son buenas porque te ayudan evitar problemas y te dan muchas oportunidades para hacer cosas nuevas y hacer amigos y otras cosas,” dijo López. López está consiente que varios estudiantes en Southport no están involucrados en actividades después de la escuela. López piensa que algunos de los estudiantes no participan porque tienen trabajo u otras cosas más importantes que no les permiten unirse a clubes. Según Oskay las actividades que la escuela preve son más beneficiosas que los estudiantes creen. Estar involucrado permite que estudiantes encuentren un lugar en la escuela en la cual estén cómodos. Estudiantes pueden experienciar cosas nuevas y pueden evitar problemas. “Pienso que ayuda a los estudiantes encontrar su nicho y conocer a nueva gente, ya sea otros estudiantes con intereses similares o para conocer a otros adultos que podrán ser una fuente de apoyo para ellos,” dijo Oskay.

Come to The Driving Academy! SIGN UP FOR YOUR CLASS TODAY! November 29 - December 14 December 15 - December 30 January 3 - January 18 Class times: 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday Course includes: 30 Hours Classwork 6 Hours Car Instruction

- Opportunity to Waive Drive Test


re | G d a s Ro 6 w 1 o 00 ead 34M 5 n ) 7 ia (31 erid M 5 301


, ood


46 iana

Vawlei cung fimthiam nak in an ser mi meitha lei he aa pehtlai mi pawl hi Black Friday tik ah mitam deuh dih an cawk tawn. Hngakchia lentecelh nak pawl zong dawr kip nih an manh ngai fawn. Cu ruang ah mi cheukhat cu inn ah dai te in um an duh deuh tawn. TV chung ah thawngpang theih tertu pawl nih hi ban tuk kong hi theihter lengmang a si. Mi cheukhat cu hi ban tuk ni ah thil tha tha phunphun in an cawk hi a hnu ah a man ning te in an zuar than tawn. Computer pawl, laptop pawl, TV, Video game pawl le baisakup a phunphun pawl hi mitam deuh nih an tlaihchan deuh tawn hna. Hi ban tuk nak in, thil thar deuh a chauk thar mi pawl hi an min a thang chin deuh rih; e-book reader ti mi pawl le, smart phone ti mi pawl le cun, video game a thar a chauk mi pawl hi an man a fah tuk caah hi ban tuk thil man an thumh lio ah hin mi tamdeuh nih cawk an I timh cio. Cu ban tuk ruang I mit kuh vuai lo lio ah hin, Black Friday hi a chiatnak tlawmpal a um ve. Thil a caw mi pawl nih dawr chung an luh tik ah, thil ngan deuh mi le man fak deuh mi pawl an I thim dih cio hna. Thilman an thumh tuk caah minung tampi cu dawr kip ah luh dih a si ko nain phaisa tlawmte long an hmu ve. Cun, mi an tam tuk ruang le thil an I cuh tuk ruang ah khawn den nak le fahnak a tong mi zong an tam pi ve. Hi ban tuk ah hin kal na duh ve a si ah cun, midang ca zong ah Christmas laksawng thatha man fawi te in na cawk khawh dih. Cun, phaisa tam dih lo in na duh mi thil thatha na ngah khawh thiam thiam.

A tang lei hi 2009 Black Friday lio i dawr pawl nih phaisa an hmuh mi an si.

Dawr kalnak cazin

41.2 195 32.2 50.9

Billion phaisa an manh mi Million dawr a kal mi Phaisa % lentecelhnak an manh mi Phaisa % thil puan ah an manh mi

A tang lei hi 2010 Black Friday ni i dawr an awn nak ding caan pawl an si.

3:00 a.m. Kohl’s Old Navy

4:00 a.m. Sears Target hhgregg JCPenny

5:00 a.m. Best Buy Kmart Greenwood Mall

Student Life

November 24, 2010




Original school fight song makes Southport unique

Solution to vandalism becomes school tradition by Cecilia Salas Reporter

To Southport High

by Natalie Ullrich Student Life Editor In the summer of 1932, Southport senior Doris Shannon (Schlensker) wrote a piece of music. She brought her final product to her band director that fall for help scoring the song. The song was used immediately, and ever since, spirited Southport supporters have been singing “Hail Southport” at the top of their lungs. Southport was once among the numerous high schools that adopt Doris Shannon college fight songs, but times were 1933 senior picture changing in the 1930s. The school had moved from its original location, at the corner of Southport Rd. and Madison Ave., to a new building (what is currently the Perry Township Education Center), and pride was on the rise. According to Schlensker’s daughter Sharon Hedegard, Schlensker thought it would be cool for Southport to have an original fight song, so she took it upon herself to compose one between her junior and senior years. It has been in use since the 1932-33 school year. While “Hail Southport” is part of many school events, it is most commonly associated with the Marching Cardinals. Drum Major senior Seth Worland says that the marching band performs the song so much that it can seem like a burden at times. His new Drum Ma165 random students were jor position gave asked if they could recite the him a new perfirst few lines of “Hail Southspective though. “When you’re port.” Here are the results. up conducting it you get this sense of pride,” said Worland. “It shows that Southport kids have initiative. We can write our own creative school song. It’s like our identity.” Even after 78 years, the song has stayed very close to the way it was originally written. The only real difference was added by the public. “The ‘I Love You’ that people sing in the middle was not in the original score,” said Hedegard. “(Schlensker) hated it.” “Hail Southport” represents Southport, even outside its community. The song was featured in the movie “Hoosiers” that came out in 1986. Schlensker signed a waiver for its use and is mentioned toward the end of the movie credits. A few years later, when Southport celebrated its 100th birthday, Schlensker was featured in the parade in honor of her song. The song has remained a prominent part of Southport’s history, but it was also a special part of Schlensker’s life. According to Hedegard, the organist at Schlensker’s funeral in 2003 incorporated “Hail Southport” quietly into the end of the service music. Only those who knew the song noticed it was even there.




56 109

With graffiti on walls, the breaking of windows and a lack of spirit, Southport was ready for a pick up. It was the late 70s at Southport and vandalism had become an issue. One day in 1978, when a group of students brought in a huge rock, the problems began to dissolve. Soon students began using the rock as a way to channel mischief. Instead of defacing other school property, students would write and paint on what is now referred to as “The Rock.” “It originally started to diminish damage being done to the building and it really was just amazing,” said former principal, Dr. Lloyd Bodie. “It just cleared up and then it became kind of a tradition.” This tradition wouldn’t exist though if it weren’t for former student Mr. Kevin Wheeler and his friends. Wheeler was among the group of people who brought the rock to the school’s front lawn. They found this boulder in a classmate’s yard, but soon it became more than that. According to Wheeler, he and his friends were motivated to bring the rock because of all the graffiti that had been showing up on the football stadium wall. With the help of a very large tow truck, they were able to get the rock to Southport. It soon became another way to show school spirit. As seniors, Wheeler and his group wanted to be remembered and the rock was an effective way of doing that. ‘‘At the time we were just silly teenagers not knowing much better, other than we wanted to leave a positive mark on the school,” said Wheeler. Wheeler and his friends weren’t the only graduating students to utilize the rock. Other students followed in their footsteps, painting their graduating year on it. Not only has Southport used the rock for channeling frustration and displaying the graduating class’s number, but it has been used to awaken school spirit. There is always extra paint on hand to make sure the rock is red before games. The school has even had functions focused on the rock. One of these functions is Rally Around the Rock, a gathering of the marching band, cheerleaders and fans during football season to get pumped up before home games. Southport’s rock became so popular that its tradition grew outside of the school. Soon Perry Meridian acquired a rock as well. This ignited a series of rockpainting wars. Since Perry got its rock, Southport students have gone over and painted it red, while at the same time Perry students paint Southport’s blue. Other schools have joined in on this also. Teams from other schools decorate Southport’s rock before important games, but someone always goes right back over it with handy red paint. Over the past 32 years, the rock has come a long way. It went from being a hunk of earth in someone’s yard to a tradition that the members of this school cherish. It has provided not just a way to redirect the abuse to school property but to raise the spirits of the students and staff of Southport in a way that will live on forever.

{paintDEPTH} After 32 years of painting the rock, how deep are the layers?


inches at most shallow point.


inches at deepest point.



{theSPOTLIGHT} with Mrs. Denise McClanahan

Shedding light on notable Southport students, staff and alumni.

Former Southport teacher sponsored booster club by Ashlyn Bridgewater Reporter Being thrown into high school as freshmen, students do not come pre-programmed with school spirit. It’s something that has to be instilled in them. The Booster Club is the group behind that enthusiasm. Mrs. Denise McClanahan accompanied Booster Club on its mission to inspire school spirit in every student, teacher and parent. Southport’s Booster Club and McClanahan were partners for 14 years. The Booster Club is behind the promotion of sports and clubs. The officers are responsible for the funny videos we see on the announcements, the Cardinal mascot, banners and pep sessions that boost school spirit. According to McClanahan, school spirit is so important because high school is only four years of a student’s life, and it should be the best four years. It’s a time for students to express themselves and be involved. School spirit is something everyone can do and everyone can be good at. McClanahan feels that the school song is a big element of school spirit. “The school song was huge,” says McClanahan. “It was actually taught in class. It was

a freshmen orientation class. One of the very first things was to memorize the school song.” McClanahan started as president of Perry Meridian’s Booster Club while she was a student and was passionate about what she did. Being supportive and enthusiastic about what the students did intrigued her. What caught her eye and made her want to help Southport was when she first saw the famous flying cardinal during a football game. She was positive that she had ideas that were just as creative. The whole point of the Booster Club is to inform its peers of what is going on. The club organizes dances and pep sessions for each sports season, designates floats for homecoming week, spirit week and handles any promotion that goes on for school events. It takes more than just a few good ideas for Booster Club and its mission to be successful. “By the end of the year (Booster Club officers) get no credit and they spend a ton of time (at events) doing stuff for other people,” said McClanahan. “It gets tiresome to keep dressing up. How many people go up and say ‘good job cheering’? You’re like ‘all that work and nobody knows?’ That’s the hard part.” The idea of Booster Club has evolved a lot

over time. When McClanahan sponsored the club, it was in charge of everything. Making signs and t-shirts used to add to the list of things it had to do. Now Mrs. Marcy Pennington’s class is assigned the shirts and signs. According to McClanahan, her officers were known for the pep sessions they hosted. Her groups are the ones to thank for the impersonators pep sessions: Cher, Michael and Janet Jackson, Indiana Jones (and the infamous rock that chased him) and Batman (who repelled from the ceiling and faced his nemesis, the Joker). The officers also brought Elvis back from the dead to wish the teams good luck. “We literally made the (Indiana Jones) rock,” said McClanahan, “and it started at the top of the field house and my guy was running and it rolls over him and he jumps up and cracks his whip and everybody was like ‘Oh my God! It’s Indiana Jones!’” Unfortunately as time has gone by and student’s priorities have changed, McClanahan is afraid that the student body is too focused on instant gratification. It’s becoming more of a challenge to get students to support something when they do not get anything out of it.


November 24, 2010


REVIEWS Kid Cudi’s

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’ by Corey Mills Reporter Call of Duty (CoD), the blockbuster first-person shooter series, is back with its newest game “Call of Duty: Black Ops.” Released on Nov. 9th, the seventh game in the series is made by Treyarch. While it may not be the same group that made the popular Modern Warfare 2, Treyarch isn’t new to the series. “Black Ops” is the third in the CoD series they’ve developed, but they have truly outdone themselves this time. “Call of Duty: Black Ops” is a sequel to “Call of Duty: World at War,” but the only things that make it a sequel are the time period, which is set during the Cold War in the 1960s and two returning characters. Despite the game feeling more like an update of previous installments instead of a full blown sequel, this game is a very welcomed update on a beloved franchise. The Cold War is a tense period. The United States of America is on the brink of a full scale war with Soviet Russia. Your first mission is a trip to Cuba to assassinate Fidel Castro, Cuba’s communist leader, during the Bay of Pigs invasion. This is easily one of the most exciting first missions of any video game I’ve ever played. The mission seems to be going well, but things take a turn for the worse. Mason is captured, brainwashed and interrogated over a two year period. This is how the campaign starts off. The interrogation triggers flashbacks of events which are the actual missions that you play through. While not being the most innovative way to tell a story, it is unique and a good change for the series. It’s easy to get lost in the flow of the story. I was lost in the mind of Mason for multiple hours. It was as if I was watching an incredibly good movie complete with all of the necessary explosions and twists. The graphics only add to the beauty, with interactive and mesmerizing environments. While impressive, the campaign has two flaws. The first issue is that the game has

some glitches and a few design errors. Some issues that happen are teleporting allies, and enemies and dead bodies clipping through walls. However, neither issue takes away from the overall streamlined experience. Other issues such as a mission that fails to tell you what to do are problematic, but these issues aren’t hard to move past. Most of the CoD games have had at least a few early glitches, but will usually be patched as time goes on. The other issue is that the campaign is only about six hours long. It’s not surprising that it’s not that lengthy of a game, but for a series that has progressed so much and has so many expectations, a longer campaign would have been favored. The campaign’s quality makes up for its length, but it will hopefully last longer in future games. The most popular aspect of the series has always been its multiplayer option. “Black Ops” takes a few steps forward with both the local and online experience, and has many large changes compared to “Modern Warfare 2.” It offers a few new modes and online options such as “Combat Training,“ a new mode for people new to first-person shooter multiplayer where you play a regular multiplayer match with the difference being that enemies and allies are computers. This is one of many changes for the better. Another change is the more balanced game play, which is a relief for many that hated the imbalance of some of “Modern Warfare 2’s” features. Changes to leveling online are drastic. No longer do weapons, perks and other load-out options unlock themselves. Players must use the new currency system called CoD points. “Wager Match,” a new multiplayer mode, adds an interesting way to earn points. This mode is split into four smaller game types, which each offer a thrilling way to earn some extra CoD points. Overall, “Call of Duty: Black Ops” is a great game. I’d highly recommend for any lovers of the series or the first-person shooter genre in general.


‘Man on the Moon II’

by Cara Hinh Reporter Kid Cudi’s sophomore album, “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager,” is something different, and doesn’t fit neatly into any single music genre and is certainly an acquired taste. When listening to the album it cannot be denied that Cudi has got some talent. Some of the songs on Cudi’s album are extremely repetitive and borderline annoying. However there are standout songs that are a reminder of Cudi’s previous work. Songs like “Erase me,” which features Kanye West, is a shining star among songs that will easily put off new Cudi listeners. In the song “Marijuana,” Cudi talks about his need for the drug to keep him calm and

leveled, but in the song “Mojo so Dope” he talks about how people need to care about their lifestyle. While what Cudi really wants to tell the public is unknown, the song “Mojo so Dope” is one of the better songs on the album, with lines that can easily stick in your head for days, even if the true meaning behind any of his lyrics is unclear and unknown. Even if Cudi knows exactly how to make catchy lines, he tried a little too hard to make the album relaxed, and becomes nearly incomprehensible. He gets so lost in sounding vague that no one can find a meaning in the songs. This album can’t compete with his first, musically, or lyrically, but will keep original Cudi listeners at bay and waiting for more, but he probably won’t gain anymore listeners with this album.



by Adrienne Wagner Managing Editor of Content Jay-Z leaves no question unanswered as he walks us through his lifetime in his new memoir, “Decoded.” Knowing little prior knowledge to his life, this book not only made me aware of all of the views he has, but also dove deep into each subject to discuss the background and reasoning behind his lyrics, philosophy and lifestyle. He manages to share all of this with the reader, while entertaining them at the same time with eye-appeasing graphic illustrations, fascinating typography and intriguing photos. As if his story isn’t already interesting enough, the layout of the book makes it that much better to read. Broken into four distinct parts, Jay-Z discusses his childhood life on the streets of

Brooklyn, his ambition to become the best, his views on political importance and an overall reflection of his success. The life of a cocaine dealer slowly transitions into one of a superstar. This book covers everything in between. Dispersed throughout the actual text lies the lyrics to 36 of his songs, dissected phrase by phrase, explaining the direct inspiration behind his word choice and topic. When the final page is turned, not only does the reader have an understanding of Jay-Z’s life, but also the music that so clearly defines him. Jay-Z puts himself, and all of his baggage out there, with this publication of his life story. It’s a beautiful, autobiographical combination of photos, lyrics and story. Although it’s over 300 pages long, it’s an entertaining read for any audience, Jay-Z fan or not.

‘Morning Glory’

by Jennifer Virden Reporter

“Morning Glory” tells the story of a young producer Becky Fuller, played by Rachel McAdams. After a change in jobs, she must improve a struggling morning newscast’s ratings, but is slowed down by blooming relationships and a stubborn news reporter Mike Pomeroy, played by Harrison Ford. Rachel McAdams played an extremely quirky character, and she didn’t disappoint. The way she brought out all of the quirks made Becky Fuller a very likable character, and it had me rooting for her to become the best producer that Daybreak had ever seen. The only issue I had with McAdams is that she seemed to really not like wearing pants. Almost every time she wasn’t at the studio, she was only wearing underwear and a shirt.

Musical montages were strewn throughout “Morning Glory” way more than they should have been. The first three or four were kind of necessary, but after that they just became comical. After every seemingly important moment, McAdams was seen running in slow motion around the streets of New York. The plot of the movie was slow-moving, and I was bored for a majority of the beginning. I wasn’t completely sure of the point until almost half way through the movie. Although once it finally got going, it was pretty decent. It wasn’t spectacular, but I’d still suggest seeing it, especially for fans of McAdams. “Morning Glory” was overall just an average movie. Everyone lived happily ever after, and everything came together decently. I just wish the beginning was as good as the end.

by Karalie Hensley

{comingSOON} November 24 - December 15

Graphic by Wes Keown & Lucas Sweitzer.


Starring Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi



Starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie

Starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor


DEAD OR ALIVE by Tom Clancy

for Nintendo DS


by Michael Jackson
























November 24, 2010


Aspiring writers let their creativity shine through ate, to build without tearing down.” NaNoWriMo’s website offers their writers a place to share ideas with others and to keep track of the amount they have written. The site also offers a place to make donations for those wishing to help keep the program going. Writing activities like these open up the doors for all ages of writers. Writers are able to view their work as a form of self-expression. Students passionate about writing find ways to put their inspirations into their books, stories or poems. Students put time and effort into their work and some plan to work at writing the rest of their lives. Senior David Romine has been writing in his free time since the fourth grade. He is currently working on three differ-

by Tanna Carpenter Reporter

National Novel Writing Month, better known as NaNoWriMo, has developed into a world-wide month long event in the world of writing. NaNoWriMo was developed in the hopes of encouraging writers to set a goal of writing a novel in a month, starting on Nov. 1st. The organization started in 1999. Groups have formed within the organization that meet up with one another throughout the month to discuss writing and the novels that they are working on. In 2009, there were 165,000 participants and of that number, over 30,000 participants were able to submit their writings by midnight on Nov. 30th. According to, this approach forces writers to take I don’t really know when it happened, risks and write “on the when everything became real, but I know it fly.” changed everything. I guess they were alAccording to nanowways there; the shadows flitting at the edge, “By forcing of your vision, the odd chill walking alone on yourself to write so an otherwise warm night, that intense feelintensely, you are giving ing of something being there that wakes you yourself permission to up breathless at night. by David Romine make mistakes, to forgo the endless tweaking and editing and just cre-

ent books among other works. He recently submitted a few chapters of It was raining that night. The lightning was one of his books to the lighting the darkened sky. The rain was Author House publishhitting everything in their path. She was running as fast as she could. Her feet were ing company and was bloody and scarred: her body soaking wet. told that it will be pubHer heart was racing inside her chest. She lished this fall. Romine had to find a place to rest, to hide. But she says he spends a lot of will not be able to rest. his spare time writing by Titianna Folson and working on different types of novels. He says that his inspiration “Bloodlines.” Her inspiration for the story for writing comes from his came while watching a movie about vaminterests in science fiction as well as from pires and werewolves. Folson’s creativity the books he has read. “I’m a little bit of a nerd,” said Romine. “I went from there and the storyline about a mixed vampire-werewolf child was formed. can get inspirations from games I play like “I love every part of writing,” said FolDungeons and Dragons.” son. “(I like) the imagination, the descripRomine said that he puts most of his tion, everything. I just love it all.” time into his writing and on his latest In the future, Folson plans on attending book. The story is a suspense novel that he Ball State University and becoming either has written in first person. Romine plans a writer or a screenwriter like one of her to keep writing with him throughout his favorite authors, Stephen King. life even though he plans on becoming a Writers are given the opportunity to high school English teacher. He hopes to take small pieces of work and turn them continue writing and publishing his work into something great. Writer’s stories or as a part of his career. novels become a direct reflection of their Sophomore Titianna Folson also shares inspiration and expression. a love of writing. Folson has been writing stories since she was in the sixth grade and has just recently finished a story called

Q&A with author JD Phillips Interview Conducted by Cara Hinh Reporter JD Phillips is a local author who has published a variety of award-winning stories and five novels. Q: When did you start writing? A: I started writing when I was nine, but I didn’t write any novel-length stories until I was in high school. Q: Who motivated you to become a writer? A: I don’t really remember there being any particular person, though my parents encouraged me a lot once I started writing. I was always telling people stories to see if they’d believe me, so I guess putting them down on paper just seemed like the natural thing to do. Q: What is your biggest inspiration when writing? A: There’s usually a certain image, thought or emotion I’m hoping to convey. My main goal is to tell a good story with memorable characters, but I’m always hoping to move people and maybe make them think, too. Q: Do you work on one book at a time, or do you multitask? A: I only work on one book at a time, though if I know it’s going to be part of a series I’ll take notes and build on the outline for the one to follow as I go along.


Q: What’s your favorite subject to write about? A: All of my novels tend to revolve around themes of love,



life, and death. Just the basic cycle of life and the different journeys people take to get from point A to B. That being said, there’s usually something supernatural or just plain creepy going on as well.

Kurt Vonnegut (1922 - 2007)

Q: What helps you get past writers block? A: My philosophy is that if it’s meant to come it will come. If I have an idea that isn’t working I’ll put it off to the side and sit on it for a while. Usually something will come to me at an odd moment that makes it all fall into place. If not it’s probably time to switch to a new idea. Q: What kind of music do you listen to while writing? A: I create a homespun soundtrack with songs that make me feel a certain emotion or remind me of a character for each book I work on, and listen to it often as I write. The songs can range from anything to bands like Dir En Grey and HIM, (to) composers like Kerry Muzzey or video game soundtracks such as the Silent Hill series.








8 5

Meg Cabot (1967 - Present)

John Green (1977 - Present)

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring writers? A: My advice is to always follow your heart. Write what you love to write about in the way you enjoy writing about it. Be passionate and don’t let anyone discourage you from using your own voice. While it would be great to become the next big name bestselling author, the success would feel fairly empty if you weren’t being true to yourself in the process.

8 9


7 7




3 3













6 6


5 2

5 9

For more from the featured authors, go to


8 4



9 6


9 2

1 4





1 1


November 24, 2010



November 24, 2010



Taking small steps to a better lifestyle

{healthierSOLUTIONS} problems 47 77

percent of students don’t sleep more than eight hours.

64 48

percent of students usually don’t eat breakfast.

percent of students eat while being distracted.

percent of students prefer sugary drinks over water.

solutions Eating in the morning gets metabolism going, which is healthier. A quick breakfast with carbs and protein is good. Teens who get only six hours of sleep are twice as likely to be obese. Sleep is what your body needs to function correctly. Focus on food while eating. Take a ten-minute break for meals, and avoid bottomless bags for snacks. Switch to water. Drinking ones less sugary drink a day can make a ten-pound difference in one year.

LUNCH pick


TRADICIONAL TIP: Rather than going out to buy McDonalds for lunch, try packing a ham sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce and tomato. WHY: Fast food is more likely to make a person tired.

by Tanna Carpenter Reporter

Questions were asked to 145 Southport students about habits that could hinder their health, and these are the results. The information for the solutions is from Seventeen Magazine.

TIP: Instead of eating a bagel with cream cheese along with coffee, try eating wheat based cereal with milk. WHY: Whole grains speed up a person’s metabolism.



pic k

tain his health. offers dieting tips for those looking to make their diets healthier. One key point they address is moderation. All bodies need protein and fat intake. Eating the more unhealthy foods in moderation The South Beach diet, Weightwatchers, Slim-Fast are all products that has effective results. A good way to limit yourself to smaller portions is have promised to have you at your desired weight in a timely manner. buying less of those foods and serving the portions on smaller plates. There is constantly a change in the dieting world and there is always a Although eating less seems like an obvious change, it is often one that is new “in” diet that promises a healthier body and the loss of weight. But over looked. the newest diet pill or meal plan may not be the only solution for someAnother tip given is the addition of fruits and vegetables to everyone looking to live a little healthier or drop a few pounds. day meals. Fresh fruits and vegetables are usually the best for you, and According to websites like, small changes in your it’s best to avoid fruit juices, because they can diet over a consistent amount of time can contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar. Fruits and produce outcomes that will not only show up vegetables are usually rich in vitamins and are on the scale, but in the way you feel about your a recommended choice for a healthy snack. The body. Little additions to your diet like an apple color of foods can also be important because a day or switching to whole-grains can add a fruits and vegetables with richer coloring tend significant amount of time to your life-span if to contain higher concentrations in vitamins done over time. and minerals. Math teacher, Mr. Jack Williams was able to Art teacher, Mr. Anthony Pernell, has also lose around 17 pounds over the summer due to made changes in his diet in order to help to a few simple changes that he made in his diet. better his health. Pernell diet includes eating “I don’t want to make it sound like I’m some several small meals a day, instead of just the sort of ‘health guru junkie’, because I’m not,” few larger meals that most eat. said Williams. “For me it’s not about the ability “It makes me feel better,” said Pernell. “I Mr. Jack Williams Mr. Anthony Pernell to lose weight but the will-power to continue to have more energy. Math teacher Art teacher work at it.” Pernell says that his style of eating is not Williams said that a large portion of his due to any kind of dieting but more to keep weight loss is due to an increase in exercise. Williams also eliminated the feeling of being full. Pernell said that he got the idea from an article foods containing a lot of sugar and carbohydrates in his everyday meals. he read in a magazine and that it is actually a technique that bodybuildKnowing the difference between good carbohydrates and bad carboers use. Pernell says that eating fewer, larger meals makes him more hydrates is important in changing your diet. Good carbohydrates can likely to feel tired and his diet helps to prevent this. include whole grains, beans and vegetables. Bad carbohydrates such as Little changes within someone’s diet can effectively change a perrefined sugar or foods that have been stripped of nutrients will only add son’s health if they are applied consistently over time. Whether the to calorie intake while doing little to help the body. change is adding certain food groups or subtracting the unhealthy Although Williams’ lifestyle adjustments have not been a complete foods, a person is able to help themselves become healthier simply by change, he continues to keep exercise as a part of his routine to mainwhat they are choosing to eat.


La dieta americana pose como amenaza para mexicano-americanos

por Jessica De La Cruz Reportera

Los Estados Unidos a veces es llamado “el mosaico” porque gente de todo el mundo emigra a este país. Ellos se traen partes de su tierra natal y en eso está incluida la comida cultural. Las comidas en otros países diferencian bastante en la nutrición y en el efecto que tienen en la salud de uno. Estudiante de primer año, José Torres, se mudó a los Estados Unidos hace un año y se está adaptando a las comidas aquí en este país. Torres cree que la comida típica americana no es tan saludable comparada a la comida tradicional de México. “Aquí en América tiene comida rápida y muchos restaurantes,” dijo Torres. “Tienen más calorías y es grasoso, hay cosas como papas fritas. Allá en México, yo creo que no comemos de esa comida.” Según Dr., un tercio de americanos consigue el 47 por ciento de calorías de comida des nutritiva. En una encuesta patrocinada por la ADA (American Dietic Association) fundación en el 2008, un porcentaje de gente estaba consciente de la nutrición de la comida que consumía mientras mucha otra gente no sabía. Mucha de la comida de restaurantes de comida rápida es procesada y es frita, creando una comida que engordará más. Muchos de los estudiantes mexicano- americanos piensan que la comida americana engorda más. Pero cuando se habla de comida americana, se refiere a las comidas de restaurantes rápidos. Las comidas rápidas no son

lo único de que consiste la dieta de un típico americano y varios estudiantes hispanos no ven eso. “Compro la comida americana solo los domingos por la salud, para estar saludable y no estar gordos” dijo estudiante de primer año, Alexis Alonso. La consultante nutritiva, Laura Senkowski, confirma que las comidas en México son más nutritivas que las de aquí. “En América todo es procesado, y lo que comemos es procesado con químicos y hormonas. Todo es modificado genéticamente, por eso la salud es un gran problema en nuestro país,” dijo Senkowski. “La salud es un problema de billones de dólares en América pero no es un problema de billones de dólares en otros lugares porque la gente vive vidas diferentes. No tienen las regulaciones de la FDA que aprueban y desaprueban de cosas.” La razón por la cual la comida mexicana tradicional es más saludable tiene que ver con el clima y el lugar del país. Muchas de las comidas en los Estados Unidos como frutas y verduras vienen de México. Según Senkowski, mucha de esa comida es procesada para que no se eche a perder. La gente en México tiene acceso a comidas más frescas para hacer sus comidas comparado a los americanos quienes tienen que preparar sus comidas con comida procesada. Cuando una persona se muda a los Estados Unidos ellos se tienen que adaptar a las comidas de aquí. Podrían comer comida tradicional en casa, pero la comida que consumirían sería procesada con químicos haciéndola menos saludable. Después

de un tiempo la gente se sumerge en la cultura y sus hábitos de comer son influidos con la cultura americana. Para no caer en los hábitos de comer comidas insaludables, es necesario tratar de comer en casa para empezar. Eso prevendrá de comer en restaurantes de comida rápida. Comer en casa dejará a uno a preparar comidas saludables que será benefíciate para la salud de uno. Alejándose de comidas que no son saludables y comiendo en porciones también ayudará a mejorar nutrición.


TIP: Instead of eating fried chicken, try eating grilled chicken with a sauce such as barbeque or ranch. WHY: This will give the food more flavors with less oil and grease, and is a good supply of protein.


For an English translation of the story, visit

comida comida TRADICIONAL VS. TRADICIONAL AMERICANA MEXICANA La comida tradicional americana es menos saludable que la comida tradicional mexicana. Abajo hay un comparacion.

Queso macaron








11.07g *por porción



Informacion de

ck it pi

Small differences in diets provide healthful results for teachers


ing better choices for myself,” said Conklin. Conklin likes working with Enterline and she even finds it fun. Her optimistic attitude and endless motivation towards working out and making healthier decisions can be credited a lot to Enterline. “She tells me that I can do this,” said Conklin., “even though it’s hard right now. She tells me that I can do it and that I have to do it.” The encouragement, motivation and the way Enterline pushes Conklin are some of the main reasons why she works so hard. Telling her that she can become healthier and that it’s only hard for right now keeps her moving, making better decisions and seeing changes. After starting the afterschool sessions with Enterline, Conklin has noticed some differences. She said that she’s noticed the weight difference in her face and in other parts of her body. Since she began working with Enterline, she’s losing even more weight than ever before—over 25 pounds lost since the beginning of this year. Those aren’t the only differences Conklin has noticed. She has also noticed a change in her self-esteem and confidence. Conklin says that she’s more open to people and happier. “I feel healthier. I feel better now that I have lost weight,” said Conklin. “I know I have a lot more to go, but I already feel better.” Conklin knows the future with making healthier lifestyle changes will be hard, but she doesn’t have any worries about it. She’s excited and ready for the changes in store for her. “She has a lot of determination and she’s been working hard,” said Enterline. Conklin advises anyone who is considering changing their life to become healthier get started today and do it. “It’s hard and you might feel like it’s hard,” said Conklin. “But if you have the right people (like Enterline), it’s great.”


Miss Leah Enterline shows freshman Callie Conklin the correct way to perform her next exercise on Monday, Nov. 1. Enterline has been helping Conklin to lead a healthier lifestyle for the past several weeks. Photo by Brandon Bushong.

For the past five weeks, she’s spent every day working hard to make herself better. From walking at the top of the fieldhouse to eating healthier, freshman Callie Conklin has made the decision to turn her life around. Conklin is a student of Miss Leah Enterline’s freshman physical education class. On different occasions towards the beginning of the year, she had asked Enterline to do alternate activities in class because some of the activities, like running and basketball, were too hard for her to do. When the seating chart was made at the beginning of the semester, Conklin asked for a seat at the bottom because she felt clumsy and awkward going up the stairs with only one rail. A couple of weeks into the class, Enterline approached Conklin about her problem and asked if she’d like to work out together after school. “I offered her any outside help I could give to help her lead a healthier lifestyle,” said Miss Leah Enterline. “And she was all for it.” Enterline is the head girls’ varsity basketball coach and, with the season starting up, was already busy. She jokes that she won’t have free time until the spring, but she is still willing to help Conklin better herself. Enterline knows how dedicated Conklin is to becoming healthier and how much she needs help. Conklin has always had to battle with her weight and, she says, that she has always been heavier. Since last year she has been seeing a weight doctor once a week, but now she has been seeing the doctor every two weeks. Although she had been seeing the doctor for the past year, Conklin says she’s the one who recently made the decision to work as hard as she can to lose the weight. “This is high school, prom, friends, fun,” said

Conklin. “My mom said these were the best years healthier. Contrary to popular belief, running isn’t of her life and I don’t want my weight to hold me the only exercise that accomplishes this, either. back from that.” Conklin, who doesn’t like running, does other In the future, Conklin plans to achieve many things to keep her heart rate up. From exercising goals. Next year she’d like to be a football trainer in the field house, weight room and pool—Enterand she’s really line makes sure to keep excited for prom Conklin moving and dress shopping entertained. in two years. Her The two also work aunt also gave her together with nutrition some clothes from on top of physical fither high school ness. Enterline believes days and Conklin that nutrition is another hopes to fit into important factor in the clothes at some Conklin getting healthWith the holidays approaching, staying fit might point. Her main ier. She finds nutrition be a little bit harder. The temptation of food goal, however, is to easier to manage than everywhere can have bad effects. Here are some just become physithe physical aspect. ways to avoid the holiday pounds. cally healthy. “We talk a lot about Conklin believes what’s good to eat Be flexible with workouts. Plan an extra workout if that working out and what’s not,” said something gets in the way. has been the most Enterline. “I also have Mix workouts up. Don’t get bored. important part of her keeping track of her lifestyle change what she’s eating on a Walking is an exercise that can go anywhere. That’s and, coincidentally, food log.” an advantage, so use it. it is also her favorite Conklin is used to part. She likes feelcooking her own meals, When it’s freezing and it hurts to even breathe ing the progress so she knows exactly in, it’s probably too cold. Don’t push it. that she makes as what is being put into she works out. each meal. A typical day “Cheat days” are more understandable during the “(Enterline and for Conklin, meal-wise, holidays. Don’t allow it to happen too often, but it’s I) started out with a normally consists of a not the end of the world. lot of walking,” said piece of toast or eggs Information from Conklin. “Then we for breakfast, fruits did some stuff with with some sort of a medicine balls and sandwich for lunch and now I’m also doing some stair laps.” a form of chicken with veggies and fruit for dinner. The workouts that Enterline sets up for Conklin She is very careful with what she eats because she vary but all have one major thing in common: raismust burn more calories than she consumes to lose ing her heart rate. Raising the heart rate, Enterweight. line says, is the most important part in becoming “Everything is about making me better and mak-


by Brittany Hemphill Reporter

Choosing what to eat is essential to creating healthy habits. Below are some quick tips for meals and a snack. Information compiled by Noelle Straub, graphic by Lucas Sweitzer.


Teacher seeks to help student with fitness, nutrition

{skipIT} or {pickIT}

TIP: Instead of eating fries and a soda, try pretzels and water. WHY: The pretzels give a healthy dose of sodium, without the carbohydrates and fats.


November 24, 2010


Lil Wayne not a good role model due to criminal offense by Jennifer Virden Reporter “Remember that time when Dustin sat on the cat?”

For the past eight months, I’ve seen “Free Weezy” shirts everywhere I go. Some just have the words written in bold black letters, but my personal favorite is definitely the one with a giant picture of Lil Wayne’s mug shot gracing the front. It’s just so classy, right? On March 8, the popular rapper, Lil Wayne, was sentenced to a year in prison for criminal possession of a weapon, and on Nov. 5 he was released four months early. Since the day he was locked up, his fans have been insisting that he be released by sporting their shirts and protesting. Even now after his release, people still wear the shirts. The day he was released, I also saw way too many celebrations on Facebook and Twitter. The love people have for him just doesn’t make sense. What he did was illegal. He deserved to serve his time just like any other American would have to. I don’t understand why everyone seems to think that he’s so special. This is the case for almost every celebrity. Just because they’re famous, everyone gives

them special treatment. Any bad thing that they do is just ignored like it’s no big deal, and they’re very rarely punished at all. Celebrities need to realize that they are looked up to. They are role models for so many young people. Just because they can do something bad without much punishment, doesn’t mean they should do it. Do we really want kids to get the idea that possession of a gun isn’t a big deal? With all of the publicity this incident caused, Lil Wayne gained fans instead of losing them like he should have. There were a ridiculous amount of people supporting him by wearing those “Free Weezy” shirts, and I don’t get it. Also, he was allowed to record part of a song with rap artist Drake while serving his time. That’s definitely special treatment. If I were in prison, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t let me record music. Instead of being punished while in prison, he was rewarded. Putting Lil Wayne in prison is useless if it doesn’t teach him a lesson. Back in 2007, he was arrested for possession of drugs. Obviously his punishment wasn’t good enough the first time if he committed a crime again. Since his time in jail was so simple again this time, it probably won’t stop him from committing another crime or repeating the same one. He should have been punished just as harshly as any other average American would have been. He shouldn’t have been glorified. Celebrities know that a spotlight is put on every little thing that they do. They know


The following is a compilation of celebrities that have been to jail, their mugshots and the crime that they committed.

Mel Gibson Suspicion of drunk driving

Lindsay Lohan Drunk driving and possession of cocaine

Chase Crawford Naomi Campbell Possession of marijuana

Throwing a cell phone at an assistant

Graphic by Rachael Dillon. Info and images from

that kids look up to them. If celebrities such as Lil Wayne have the privilege of being famous, they shouldn’t take advantage of it by negatively influencing people. Lil Wayne’s music is also a big issue. He’s known for being such a great rapper, but I’m not impressed with his vulgar lyrics about sex, drugs and weapons. Children listen to this music, thinking that the things he says are alright for them to say and do. Then he does those same things that he promotes in his music, giving people another reason to think that those things are alright. I definitely don’t want my future children mimicking the

things he says in his music, and I don’t think any parent would want their children acting the way Lil Wayne does either. Celebrities these days just don’t understand what being famous entails. Someone as famous as Lil Wayne will always be looked up to. Many people will always want to mimic his every move. As long as he’s in the spotlight, he needs to clean up his act. With role models like him, I’m scared to see the future of our younger generations. Lil Wayne is a criminal, so I wish he wasn’t freed so early. Someone should make shirts insisting he be put back in jail instead.

Hallway survival guide: Involvement with musical produces many benefits ‘10-’11 Southport edition by Brandon Bushong Photos Editor “It flew into my pants and now I have a banana stain.”

The halls of Southport High School are a dangerous place. With more than 2000 students roaming the corridors after every period, things get a little tense and sometimes violent. With so much going on, between fights, hallway loving and general tomfoolery, it can be hard to keep your composure. Luckily, there are people who have learned how to deal with it. Most seniors have four years of experience in the tiny tubes we call hallways. With four years of experience under my belt, I’ve compiled some tips as to how to make the trip between classes the most efficient.

gate with your friends at your locker, that’s fine. But if there is another congregation directly across the hallway that is almost running over into your group, that’s not okay. Distribute congregations throughout the hallway so we can maneuver around them. It’s a lot easier to walk around one group than trying to walk through two. We’re not playing “Red Rover,” no matter how fun that would be. Tip 4: Move it. Just keep walking, please. The intersection is backed up enough already. We don’t need another obstacle to dodge. Stay on your side of the hallway. We don’t need a proverbial “fish swimming upstream.” We need conformists, at least in this aspect of life. Keep to the right like almost everyone else, but be aware of your speed. Don’t walk too slowly, because when I’m running late, I don’t want to be stuck behind Pokey Joe trying to keep his pants up. But make sure you don’t run. I don’t want to be afraid of being plowed over when I turn the corners while the music is playing. The hallway music is here for a reason, and that reason isn’t for us to mosey through the hallways and enjoy the tunes. Get moving! We seniors worked hard to get it back, so use it. Tip 5: Don’t make hallway love. The most important rule on the list is also the most annoying presence in our school’s hallways. I don’t care to see what couples do when no one is around, and I’m sure that most of my peers would agree with that. Wake up and realize that there are hundreds of people watching. The hallways aren’t a private place, so get a room, preferably one at home.

A journey through Southport’s hallways isn’t a walk in the park.

Tip 1: Shut up. Everyone has experienced it. You’re walking through the halls, maybe enjoying a little bit of conversation with a friend, when all of a sudden you hear someone screaming their favorite curse word, followed by a series of loud laughter. News flash to the screamer: It’s not that funny. It’s actually pretty annoying. Stop interrupting my conversations! Tip 2: Brush it off. If someone bumps into you as they pass by, there’s no need to get worked up about it and “bump back.” Just brush it off and keep on walking. A lot of fights stem from these accidental run-ins, and the last thing we need right now is more fights. Tip 3: Distribute. If you feel the need to congre-

A journey through Southport’s hallways isn’t a walk in the park. To survive, students must know how to maneuver through the hundreds of other students navigating the halls in each passing period. Keep these tips in mind and I’m sure you’ll have a successful year.



The Slipper Fitting

Losing Your Voice

Bravo to everyone in musical!


Who can resist those soapy spheres of wonder?!


Two days of break? Food? Heaven.


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“Sloppy. Freakshow. BABIES!”

“Being a part of something special makes you special, right?” This quote was said by Rachel Berry on the hit show “Glee,” after showing great dedication, as well as disappointment, towards her fellow Glee mates. Like Rachel, I too became very dedicated to an after-school extra-curricular activity. This extra-curricular activity for me is the musical. Being a part of musical has multiple benefits that will allow me to become successful in the future. According to, 75 percent of adults and teens suffer from speech anxiety. During my sophomore year, I took speech. Speech is a mandatory class at Southport and although I received an acceptable grade, I was not completely comfortable with speaking in public. It wasn’t until I decided to audition for the musical that I finally became at ease with public speaking. During the audition, everyone was in the same boat. Everyone had to sing and a few had to act. I believe that these factors allowed everyone to be more confident. Public speaking is inevitable when applying for jobs, hosting events, etc. While in college, public speaking is an essential matter that would surely assist anyone in the future. Aside from improving my public speaking skills, musical has further revised my time management proficiency. Before I became a part of the “Cinderella” cast, I never stayed organized. I’m involved with multiple afterschool activities and attempting to work around my conflicting schedule is anything but simple. Musical has forced me to get my priorities straight regarding homework, studying and most important, practicing. I now stick to a strict schedule that differs depending on when my cast (Wand) practices.

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Injured Colts Players Get well soon guys! We need you!

It’s good to be proud of yourself!


by Nicole Straub Photographer

When the Slipper cast rehearses, I complete my homework. Sometimes it becomes difficult maintaining everything but looking towards the future provides me with the perseverance I need to work hard. Probably the most influential way that musical has benefited me is showing dedication and love for something. Because I have a lead and am working with over 20 people, other cast members depend on me to be present. We’re like a team, and without all the players we can’t excel and perform. As entertainers our job is to keep people entertained and if we’re not doing that, we’re not doing our job to the best of our ability. When you show your devotion to something that is important to you, people will follow by your example. Once you become part of something special, all these things get put into perspective. You realize that you as a single person, and part of a bigger whole, have people relying on you. This makes you want to strive for perfection, to push yourself and to do everything in your power not to let anyone down. Isn’t that what being a part of a team is all about? As stressful and overwhelming as it all may sound, something very important always stays in the back of your head. YOU LOVE IT, whatever IT may be depending on what your involved in. Personally, being on stage is home to me. It’s where I’m most comfortable and more importantly, it’s where I’m happiest. It’s also where I discovered what I plan to apply for in the upcoming school year for college. All of this because I decided to participate in an afterschool activity. Musical has numerous benefits that will allow me, as well as those involved, to achieve our goals. Being involved with any extra-curricular will obviously look good on college applications, help maintain organization and gain useful skills essential for the future. It has taught me how to work together as a team and to stay dedicated to something you love. I follow Rachel Berry’s quote and encourage others to follow it too. There are plenty of after-school extra-curricular activities for any student attending Southport. Being a part of something makes me special and can make you special too.

Cold Without Snow

It might as well be a fluffy wonderland if it’s going to be cold!

Alex Myers Everyone, I’m about to attempt to time travel back in time and change history. You’ll know I’ve succeeded if Germany loses world war 2 and Wednesday comes after Tuesday. Griffin Rudisill ”Griffin stop doing that or I’ll tell your father.” –TEACHERS

Stephen Gearhart remember that time that _______________ happened? yah, me neither/too.

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Delaney Skutt Be yourself. Everybody else is taken.


I d e a l s Awkward

of an average AMERICAN


Friday approach unreasonable, embarrassing

full effect until 2002. As time has shown, we’ve become increasingly greedier, and each new technological discovery has led to another product. For the past decade, the Friday following Forbes magazine even claims Black Friday Thanksgiving has marked the glorious and unfortunately correct portrayal of the stereo- has expanded to include the entire month of November. From a business perspective, they typical American: cheap, fast paced and out say, there is no loss. for blood. The media gets a story, shoppers get a Black Friday, as it discount and retailers has come to be known, generate consumer trafallows retailers to mark {shoppingDISASTERS} fic. But is this really an their products down to all win situation? As a just “slightly over-priced,” spectator to this gloriSince 2008, there have been luring in shoppers in ous event, I’d have to three recorded deaths related the early hours of the disagree. When the locks to Black Friday, one at a Walmorning, cold, angry and to store doors unlock, all Mart and two at a Toys’R’Us. ready to spend money. cards are on the table. Mixing sales with sleep Quiet housewives suddeprivation and dealA Wal-Mart employee denly become designer hungry customers is a was killed in Long Island after purse predators, prorecipe for disaster. being trampled to death at fessional businessmen There are many theo5:00 a.m. officiating a line. quickly dive into the best ries as to exactly where technological superthe name originates from, saver trap and teenagers Two men were but most agree it stems scramble to find the best from the idea that stores arguing while waiting in a of the cheap MP3 playwish to be “in the black,” line in Toys’R’Us, which led ers. as opposed to the red. to the two of them shooting In these first few This “holiday” most likely each other to death. hours of the morning, began in the 1930s. true character is reInformation from President Roosevelt even vealed. Unfortunately moved Thanksgiving up the crazy interviews and a week in order to extend herds of cold customers isn’t the extent of it. the Christmas shopping season, hoping that People have become so swept up in the spirit the extra seven days would give retailers a of the day that violence has often become better opportunity to increase revenue durcommon. In Long Island, just two years ago, ing the Great Depression. Although it was a Walmart employee was trampled to death more widespread in the 1970s, it didn’t take while trying to unlock the doors to the store.

by Adrienne Wagner Managing Editor of Content

No amount of money can ever bring that employee back. Stores have begun to take precautions, but the fact of the matter is still embarrassing for the public. We are not animals, yet on this one night we sleep outside, huddle together for warmth and charge the entrance on the weakest link, the poor employee that gets stuck unlocking the doors. Recent steps to making procedures run smoother have been put into action such as stricter security throughout the lines of people and even online deals, allowing sale-finders to search for slightly less extreme savings from the comfort of home. But are these things necessary? The barbaric monsters we become right after we eat that last piece of pumpkin pie have gone too far. Although the precautions will help keep people in line, perhaps we should simply consider remaining civil. The holidays aren’t about the latest gadget, or the $50 saved on something that becomes obsolete in three months. The spirit of giving is important, but this embarrassing approach is just too much.



November 24, 2010


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by Karalie Hensley

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The Southport Address is an editorial written based on the consensus opinion of seniors Holly Hightower (Editor-in-Chief of The Anchor), Katja Krasnovsky (Bureau Chief of the News Bureau) and Shivani Parikshak (Editor-in-Chief of The Journal).

{SKIP-A-FINAL INCENTIVE NEEDS EVALUATION} The holiday season has arrived. Along with this holiday season comes the time of continuous sneezing, coughing and sniffling. Southport students are seen performing these holiday traditions in the classroom, the hallways, the bathrooms and basically everywhere else in the school. But wait. Why are students coming to school sick? Could this be because of the Skip-a-Final Incentive? It’s understandable that students want to be able to skip a final at the end of the semester. Not having to take just one final can take a lot of stress off a student. However, it is unfair for students to have to come to school every single day in a semester just to skip one final. Although maintaining a respectable attendance is an extremely important goal in Southport, an incentive allowing students to skip a final should not be the driving force to

reach it. If sick students are attending school in order to fulfill the requirements to skip a final, they are in exchange spreading germs to other students who could potentially become sick as well. Does this mean that attendance is more important than having a school filled with sick students? If this is true, Southport’s Skip-a-Final Incentive needs to be reevaluated and changed. Other schools, such as Whiteland High School, have found an incentive based on grades to be beneficial. If Southport were to adopt this incentive, students would be able to skip any final in a class in which they had an A. This would therefore encourage students to work harder to earn an A in a class, rather than stick with a lower grade. On the other hand, this new incentive would overstep the pizza party incentive that already awards students with good grades.


A solution school administrators could consider would be to make the pizza party incentive coincide with attendance rather than grades. This would reduce the amount of students coming to school sick and also increase the chance of other students being recognized each grading period. Also, because this new incentive would allow students to skip more than one final, school administrators may argue that finals week would just be free days for many students. However, these few days would serve as a reward to students that worked hard to achieve good grades. School administrators need to realize that the current attendance incentive is not advantageous, especially if students are coming to school sick just to skip one final. Changing the attendance incentive to reward grades needs to be seriously considered.

What’s your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

“I love seeing my crazy family and eating all the food.” - Freshman Savanna Hickle

“I love food and having a break from school.” - Sophomore Kayla Walker

“Food.” - Junior Sam Thompson

“I love my dad’s homemade pumpkin pie.” - Senior Alex Fuller



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November 24, 2010

Photos (Top left) Sophomores Harshil Patel and Marley Schueler perform with the chorus during a dress rehearsal. This is the first year that both Patel and Schueler have been on the musical cast. (Right) Cinderella (senior Rachel Case) sings “In My Own Little Corner“ during a dress rehearsal. Case was the Cinderella for the Slipper cast. (Below) The Prince (senior Ross Mappes) and Cinderella (senior Katja Krasnovsky) sing “Ten Minutes Ago” together. Krasnovsky’s mother also played Cinderella in 1978. (Bottom left) The Stepsisters (sophomore Jaime Robbins and senior Sam Doughty) argue in front of their mother (freshman Cathy Watness). Watness was the only lead to perform in both casts.

A Tale



Cinderellas Southport’s theater and music departments presented this year’s musical, “Cinderella,” last weekend. Two different casts were selected after the auditions in September, with a different person playing each character in the script (with the exception of the Stepmother). Both casts performed two shows throughout the weekend so that all of the performers had an equal chance to display their singing and acting talents.

Photos by Brandon Bushong, Kaitlin Fallowfield & Becca Tapp.

Want to see


from the


(... and the rest of the musical)?

Visit for an extended gallery from last weekend’s “Cinderella” performances and the dress rehearsals that took place in the week before.

(Left) Charles (senior Evan Wire) places the glass slippers on the feet of Cinderella (senior Katja Krasnovsky) before she steps into the carriage. The carriage was built by senior Dustin Lapkovitch and his father, Rick Lapkovitch. (Above) Cinderella and the Prince (senior Rachel Case and junior Matt Lytle) dance during their ballroom scene. Both Case and Lytle had to balance their time between basketball and musical practices. (Right) Lionel (junior Louis Gregory) and the chorus conclude the song “The Prince is Giving a Ball.” Together, there were 35 members of the Villager Chorus and the Ballroom Dancers and 17 members of the main cast.


November 24, 2010


in the BANfield of sports

Super team not looking so super to me by Joey Banfield Reporter

In July 2010, everyone watched as Lebron James and Chris Bosh announced they would be going to the Heat for six-years. This brought great thoughts to Miami fans of finally a “super team” in South Beach. An undefeated season isn’t an easy thing to achieve. Realistically, it can’t be done, at least in professional basketball. The closest (ever to an undefeated season) in the NBA was the 95’-96’ Bulls, who only lost 10 games. When Lebron James and Chris Bosh took their talents to South Beach and joined Dwayne Wade on the Miami Heat, that’s what they were supposed to be, undefeated and perfect. At least in their fans’ eyes. Heat nation went insane for the thought of James and Bosh coming to the Heat, so much that the Heats’ ticket sales team all got fired. Why? Every seat was sold out for the whole season, because everyone thought that the “super team” was being built. No more sales staff needed. A bar in Miami was so confident in the Heat that they stated they would pay for everyone’s bar tab the first time the Heat lost. Unfortunately the first game, a loss to the Boston Celtics, cost the bar $4,000 in drinks. But this idea wasn’t completely off track. It wasn’t completely wrong for fans to think highly of the Heat. I mean, let’s give credit where credit is due. James, Wade and Bosh are three insanely good basketball players, and their stats show this. James was so good, the league snatched him out of high school. And he will be one of the last to ever do that. He’s played over 550 basketball games and

started all but one. Wade has eight individual NBA awards and Bosh has over 4,800 rebounds. All three of these guys have over 10,000 career points. But the mishap here is that it’s just not working, at least not yet. With 10 games played the Heat was a mediocre 6-4 team. Two out of the five home games were losses, and half of the losses were to the East’s powerhouse, the Boston Celtics. For a “super team,” the start of the race isn’t turning out so super. The best team in the modern basketball era, record wise, the 95’96’ Bulls, had an outstanding regular season record of 72-10 and home record of 39-2. The Bulls featured the trio of Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman. But that’s the question. Can Miami be as good as the 95’-96’ Bulls? Probably not. The Heat’s trio still want to be the stars of the team. That’s their biggest flaw and it brings them down substantially. Three different styles of play and three superstars on the same team just isn’t going to cut it. If you take a look at the numbers this year, Lebron isn’t shooting like Lebron. All of his field goal and three-point stats are as low as when he came into the league as a rookie. Some are even lower. Wade’s field goal stats show just the same. His assists, which should be where he shines as a point guard, are lower than they’ve ever been. Bosh’s points, rebounds, assists and field goals are down considerably from last year. In the final equation though, what does every good sports team have leading them? Not a captain, a coach is leading them. Good coaching is what it all boils down to in the end. The Heat just aren’t getting coached right, because if they were, they would know how to work with each other.

(317) 888 . 6441

sportsplus Specializes in team equipment, uniforms, screen printing and embroidery.

Erik Speolstra isn’t a bad coach in any way. He made it to the pro’s, which shows his ability, but the problem is he’s just inexperienced and he isn’t the right guy for this situation. A coach with only three seasons under his belt should not be coaching three Olympic athletes. He hasn’t shown yet that he can handle this much talent. Realistically they have only shown two plays: Pick and roll with one of Bosh setting a pick for one of Lebron/Wade and a post up 12 feet out with Lebron, Bosh or Wade. In the end, the Heat aren’t what they can be. At least yet. The fans of the NBA need to stop putting the Heat on the highest pedestal possible and realize that fact. Maybe after a couple years together they might be close to a perfect season, but certainly not yet. If Spoelstra keeps with what he’s doing they definitely don’t have a chance. Maybe, with more experience, he might lead them to a championship. And when the season comes, if the season comes, when that happens, they will be playing together, as a unit.



200 E. Main St. Greenwood, IN

1 2 3 4

With junior Brian Boucher.

1. Take down. - Lower your stance and take a shot at your opponent. Take your opponent down to the mat and try to stay on top. 2. Break down. - Once on top of your opponent and in control, break them down so that they are completely flat on their stomach on the mat.


predict the score of the Decatur Central boys’ basketball game



Photos by Becca Tapp.

3. Turn. - Slowly start working in your turn. Make sure you stay tight and roll your opponent over onto their back. Be ready in this position before going for the pin. 4. Pin. - Secure the opponent tightly on his back with both shoulder blades touching the mat.

Winner of the Sectional Championship game prediction:


Predict the score of the Southport vs. Decatur Central season opener game. Turn it in to room 400 by last period today. The winner gets his/her picture and a quote in the next issue of The Journal.

prediction: 24-28 L actual score: 27-31 L “It was a tough loss but we had a great season. Good job Treavor.”



November 24, 2010


Bobby Blackwell #11 6’4” Forward 4.0PPG

Tyler Dipatrizio #3 5’11” Guard

Michael Ramey #23 6’5” Guard/Forward 17.6PPG

Kewan Davis #22 6’7” Forward

Kellon Thomas #5 5’11” Guard 17.1PPG

Returning players hope to step up their game

by Taylor DeHart Reporter

Less than one in 35 high school basketball players (3.1 percent) will go on to play basketball at an NCAA school. Beating those odds is what juniors Mike Ramey and Kellon Thomas are hoping to do in years to come. Although these two players are each drawing interest from several different Division I colleges, head coach Mr. Wes Peek believes that more of this year’s Cardinals than just Thomas and Ramey have a possible shot at playing at the next level. The Cardinals only lost two starters from last years’ 5-16 team. Of the three returning starters, most of the hype for this season surrounds Ramey and Thomas. Ramey and Thomas combined for almost 35 points per game last season. Expectations for this year’s team are coming from a lot of places, but Ramey believes that it just comes with the age of the team. “I think that expectations are so high because everybody was so young last year,” said Ramey. “We are more experienced also.” Although Ramey and Thomas are a big part of the team, other players have to step up and make the team complete. Junior Kewan Davis made the transfer from Lawrence Central to Southport over the summer. According to Peek, Davis, a 6’7” forward, is a very good

athlete that will give Southport a different aspect of the game that the team has not seen in a while. “Kewan is a freak athlete that we haven’t had,” said Peek. “He plays well above the rim and we didn’t have anybody last year that could go above the rim and make plays. We are very fortunate that he moved into the district and now goes here.” Returning players that will have a big impact on the season are senior Bobby Blackwell and juniors Cameron Smith, Shane Young, Tyler Dipatrizio and Shounton Habersham. Both Smith and Young are 6’5” forwards who have stepped up over the summer and will play big roles as forwards off the bench. Blackwell is a 6’4”senior who averaged 4.0 points per game last year. According to Peek, he has good experience and has great leadership. Habersham, who is a 6’3” forward, is injured right now

but Peek is confident that he will be a big Southport, they are getting to know him better and what he expects from the team. contributor once down low he gets back. According to Peek, the expectations for the “We have kids that have been and played team should be high together all summer,” because of all of the said assistant coach returning players. Chris Hawkins. “They know the system and “We have about eighty percent of our have been through it for Statistics from the boys’ scoring back and ninety a year and everyone is basketball 2009-2010 season. percent of rebounding comfortable in it. Also, back,” said Peek. “I team chemistry is great think when you have and everybody likes PPG REB FT% STEALS each other.” the much returning, expectations really The team opens the 57.6 29.8 64% 5.9 should be high.” season tonight against The team also has Decatur Central. The game is at Decatur been building chemistry between each other and Central and starts at 7 p.m. Last season, Southport opened the has great confidence in one another. They have been working out sense the summer 2009-10 season with a win against Decatur and in the second year of Peek’s job at Central, 68-48. Decatur Central went on to a 6-14 overall record. Peek said that he likes what he has seen from his team in practice and is excited about the season to come. “From what I’m seeing in our guys so far, I have great confidence that they are going to perform well,” said Peek. “They haven’t shown us any reason to think otherwise. I am confident in our guys, I think they are confident in what they can do and I think in year two they are more confident in what we do and how we do it.”








Zoey Freese #23 5’8” Guard/Forward 3.6PPG

Grace Clark #25 5’9” Forward

per game and 2.8 steals per game her junior year. Ali is looking to possibly playing college basketball ball next year. According to Walker, she really wants to have the University of The Southport girls basketball team had Indianapolis consider her in playing for their a tough season last year and are looking to team, but she also has had a few other offers. rebound. With all of the St. Francis University, seniors at their best, which is an NIA school, exactly how good will is very interested in havthe lady Cards be this ing Walker play. Walker year? is definitely planning on There are two seniors Statistics from the girls’ playing college hoops, that have been domibasketball 2009-2010 season. but has yet to decide on nated on varsity since a school. Ali dropped 30 freshman year. Seniors points in the lady Cards Ali Walker and Chelsea PPG REB FT% STEALS first game against CenBrothers have put up ter Grove on Tuesday, 46.9 24.7 61% 9.7 major points, assists Nov. 9. and rebounds ever “I would love to play since stepping on to the basketball in college,” fieldhouse floor in ninth said Walker. “But it is grade. There are also three other seniors not a for-sure thing because I want to stay on the team this year who are Rachel Case, really close to home.” Kirstie Pieper and Libby Kemp. Another key returner for the girls’ team is Ali Walker led the team with 14.5 points senior Chelsea Brothers. At six foot, Brothers

by Matt Lytle Reporter


Chelsea Brothers #14 6’0” Center 7.0PPG

Ali Walker #13 5’8” Guard 14.5PPG

starts at center and looks forward to having much success this year. Brothers led the team last year with 2.7 blocks a game. She also averaged seven points a game, third on the team. In the future, Brothers has college on her mind. With success in both volleyball and basketball, she definitely intends to play a sport in college, but is unsure as to what one. “Really, I plan on playing volleyball in college,” said Brothers. “If I go small enough, then I could possibly play basketball.” The seniors have all had much experience with each other since second grade. An AAU team was started by Mr. Dan Burkman in which Brothers, Walker, Case, Kemp and Pieper have all played on. In the year 2004, the girls went to the state championship game as fourth graders and played Fishers. Pieper had the ball and gave it up to Walker who nailed a three to put them up by one. That amazing shot led the team to a state championship victory. A few years later, when the girls were in eighth grade, the same AAU team won state. That was the last year



the team played together. “When you looked at us, we weren’t exactly the most athletic group,” said Brothers. “It was our chemistry that really helped us get through it all.” Last year, the lady Cards had a 9-14 record which was a .391 winning percentage. They fought hard through Sectionals. Going into the tournament, the team was ranked last in the pool. The lady Cards blew through Sectionals by beating rival Perry Meridian who had beaten the lady Cards earlier in the regular season. They finished up in the Sectional championship game by playing conference foe, Franklin Central, who came out with the victory by winning 36-33. According to Walker, expectations are high for the team this year. Though they have started out with a 0-2 record, the girls have buckled down and are ready to strike back. The seniors on the team have much talent, history and chemistry on and off the court. The team is getting closer to building chemistry, not just within the seniors, but throughout the entire team.

Bria Wright #10 5’9” Guard/Forward 8.0PPG



Issue Six  
Issue Six  

Issue six of the Southport High School Journal, distributed November 24, 2010.