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SHS I K E Y C L U B Official Newsletter of Mansfield Summit Key Club

February 2013

T­O District

In This Issue... • Updates

• D­con info! • your new officer elects!

• Valentine's Day Cards

• Frog fest

UPDATES... A Message from the President (:

Hello everyone! Usman here, this years current president! As the fall of my term comes to a near, I reach a bittersweet moment. I loved the past year, both the high points and the downfalls. It's difficult to move on, but as I look at the past year, I see something positive. and I hope you do too. I can't wait to see what the next board will do in the upcoming year! - Usman Hyder

A Few Words from Your Editors (:

Hey fellow Key Clubbers! We hope you guys had a fantastic Valentine's Day and were able to spend it with the people you love! We would like to congratulate all the new officer elects and give a round of applause to our current board, especially Usman Hyder, for all the success that we have had this past year. We hope you guys are contiuing tp volunteer and be ready for all the things that are coming up not only now, but next year as well! Happy Volunteering! - Melanie Louv & Elizabeth Hang


Remember to go to the Eliminate Water Balloon Fight this Friday March 15th from 3足4 at Summit High School! Bring water balloons for hours!

This year's district project is called the B.R.O. (Brothers Reaching Out) Project and the main purpose of it is to fundraise and/or serve to Children Miracle Network hospitals in your local area. Different project ideas include making coloring books or creating ar ts and crafts to deliver to young patients in the hospitals! You can raise money by having lemonade stands (like Alex's Lemonade Stand!) or having bake sales! Either way, you are still serving to patients who are in need and the impact is everlasting.

Your New Officer Elects!!! Your New Officer­Elects For 2013­2014!!! President ­ Junior Sanchez Vice President ­ My Lam Treasurer ­ Kristin Joseph Secretary ­ Giannina Pachas & Elizabeth Hang Historian ­ Whitney Nguyen Webmaster ­ Melanie Louv Parliamentarian ­ Sarthak Gupta Activities Director ­ Dalfin Hammond

The Impor tance of Volunteering by Christine Nguyen Volunteering benefits not only the community, but the volunteer as well. It is important to volunteer because it brings a plan to action and a community together. Volunteering can build more than houses or soup kitchens—it can build social skills as well. Volunteers learn to work together towards a common goal. While they are laying bricks down to build a house, they are also improving their communication skills and their ability to work with others. A small amount of time given can help so many people, whether it is an hour of handing out food at a local food pantry or an hour at an elementary school’s carnival. It gives people hope that there are kind people out there who care and work to make their community the best it can be. It can inspire people to lend a helping hand to those in need and make the world a little better every day. The community has given so much to its members, so it is important to give back.

Sometimes families lose their homes in a natural disaster or an accident, like a fire. Along with the house, they have lost all of their precious belongings, and something more important—their hope. A team of volunteers can donate their time to rebuild the house and provide for the family until they are ready to be self sufficient again. The kind gesture can show the family that there are people who care and are willing to help them in their time of need. It can restore the family’s hope and maybe even inspire them to pass it on and help another family.

D­CON Important Information!!! • Food will be provided Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, and Sunday morning.

• We will likely be going out to eat Thursday night(Whataburger), Friday lunch (in the hotel Food Court), and Friday night.

• All Breakfast will need to be provided by you(No free breakfast at hotel). • DCON is from Thursday evening to Sunday noon.

• DCON is a very professional event…..we must act appropriately at the appropriate times. • $105 is due by March 1st

• You must fill out the Medical release form in order to attend DCON (in packet)

• You also must have 50 hours by April 3rd(severe consequences if not met) • BRING Key Club shirt

D­CON Dress:

• Guys: 2 professional outfits(jacket and tie MANDATORY) • Girls: 2 professional outfits, 1 formal outfit • Causal outfits for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

What to Bring!!!

• Food for breakfast and snacks(last year, I brought 5 boxes of protein bars….I ate them all) • Money for going out($30-$40 in case) • A carry-on with all clothes and toiletries (try your best to keep space minimal) • Key Club shir t • Camera (you WILL take pictures!) • Yourself! You will indeed enjoy yourself at DCON

PLEASE look at this for more information de%20to%20Convention%20Dress%20Code.pdf

Valentine's Day Cards! by Usman Hyder Summit High School's Key Club loves to help kids and the elderly. We love to feel that soft and gooey feeling in our hearts when we give someone something. This is the reason why Summit Key Club made cards the day before Valentine's Day to pass out to two different groups. The first group are fourth足graders at the local elementary school. I go to the local energy school called DP Morris every single day in order to help a teacher assist the kids in the classroom. It is a really fun job and I find it really entertaining because I love helping kids. That's why I decided to have the Key Club make cards for them. The cards had many notes and funny jokes about Valentine's Day and it was a blast for the key clubbers to make them. We brought in markers and spent an hour after the regular meeting making the cards. We also spent that time making cards for a different group of people. The next group of people were the elderly at the local nursing center. These elderly people play bingo every month and our Key Club always goes and helps them out. We made many cards with jokes and pictures and stickers to give to these people also.

When I handed out the DP Morris Elementary kids, all of them came out hugging me because they were so excited. They even wrote me a card and the Key Club a card about how thankful they were for the Valentine gifts. When I gave the elderly the cards, all of them started screaming and shouting. This was so endearing to watch because they hardly ever say anything. Knowing how excited they were about something so small and something that so little time shows how much you can do with an hour. It makes your heart happy to do things for other people even if it doesn't cost a thing. Photos of other cards are on the cover of the newsletter.

Frog Week & Frog Fest! by Whitney Nguyen Frog fest was amazing thanks to everyone who came out to participate at the bake sale. It was from 10­12 at Summit High School. Key Club had so many people come out to help raise money for Bethany, the girl who our school chose to raise money for from Make­A­Wish. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to bake something for the bake sale. There were so many tasty treats at our booth. We had different types of goods: cookies, brownies, and cake pops! Thanks to the bake sale, Summit Key Club was able to help Bethany achieve her dream of going to Hawaii with her family. Not only did Key Club help out, but so did the whole school. From StuCo to the student body, everyone found ways to donate to make Bethany’s dream come true. There were lots of ways that we raised money. One way was collecting change on the stage. The assistant principal who had the most money in their jar by the end of the week had took a pie straight in the face during the pep rally. Towards the end of the week during the pep rally, StuCo walked around the gym collected anymore last minute donations. This was more of a group effort and we couldn’t have done this without everyone’s generosity and participation. It just makes me so happy knowing that everyone is willing to do everything that they can to help Bethany’s dream come true.

"I always love helping out at Frog Fest because I know that selling cookies helps out the amazing child!" - Usman Hyder

"It was a good experience and I'm glad the money went to an amazing cause!" - Ashley Neace

"It was awesome! The whole Summit Jags par ticipated to help out Bethany and it was so hear ttouching!" - My Lam

Contact Page Usman Hyder President

Sarthak Gupta Historian

My Lam Secretary

Ashley Neace Activities Director

Elizabeth Phan Vice President

Diem Tran Secretary

Junior Sanchez Secretary Kristy Joseph Treasurer

Melanie Louv Editor

Elizabeth Hang Editor

Whitney Nguyen Historian

Ms. Gutierrez Club Sponsor Christina Koo Lieutenant Governor

We hope you enjoyed the newsletter! If you have any comments, questions or concerns, feel free to contact Melanie Louv or Elizabeth Hang.

Meet Your Officers!

Usman Hyder

Elizabeth Phan

Junior Sanchez

Kristy Joseph

Sarthak Gupta

Whitney Nguyen

My Lam

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