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Starkville High School

JACKET BUZZ Volume XXV, No. 4 • april 21, 2017


Infrastructure Project

New project takes place at Millsaps Vocational Center By Latham Blake Jacket buzz staff

New SCOSD school set to make debute January of 2019... Page 2

Golf is victorious with two personal bests... Page 5

Tennis sets out for first 6A State Championship title... Page 7

On March 30, 2017, the students in Mrs. Adair’s engineering class were challenged with the task of finding and solving problems in their local community. On Tuesday, April 11, 2017, Herman Peters, the director of Starkville Parks and Recreation, came to talk to Mrs. Adair’s engineering class. He explained how Starkville Parks and Recreation is replacing the old equipment at McKee park and at Moncrief park with brand new equipment. They are putting in a walking track around the Sportsplex, and need new water fountains to go with it. Walker Harris, a junior at SHS, had an idea for a water fountain that made water from evaporation in the air. “That’s not a bad idea but more than likely it will get stolen,” says Peters. He stated the type of water fountains that evaporate water are price ranged from $1200-$5000. Mr. Peters explained how the Sportsplex is getting more softball fields, but parking will be

Photo by Anna Byrd/ Jacket Buzz Staff Starkville’s mayor, Parker Wiseman explaining to the engineering class at Millsaps Vocational Technical Center about what the Infrastructure Project is about and what they will need to do help their local community.

very limited if new fields get put in. With this problem there is also another: parking lot speed demons. SHS junior, Joah Poole, suggested that speed bumps should be put in the park-

ing lots. “This will slow down the thru traffic in the parks”, Joah noted. The class has until April 30th to propose a solution to one of the problems.


The Jacket Buzz

April 21, 2017

Students earn discounts by staying off of their phones by Camryn Dawkins jACKET BUZZ STAFF

In 2014, Mitch Gardner and Rob Richardson developed an app which promotes college and high school students to stay off their phones. Students download the app “Pocket Points” on their iphone or android app. The app is no cost. “It helps me pay more attention and stay off my phone for longer periods of time while in class,” SHS Senior Sam Snell says. Rewards such as discounts from restaurants and clothing stores are paid for through the points that are earned

throughout the day. When you open the app, you sign up with an email. You then select a school that you will be attending. After you set up your account, you begin to earn the pocket points. On Tuesdays, app users receive double the points. “Tuesdays are my favorite day because I earn double the points for half of the work,” Snell says. Users can collect rewards from BIN 612, Bully’s Burgers and Wings, Campus Book Mark, Casa Bravo, Cobo’s Boutique, and many more local businesses. Not only can students earn rewards, but so can teachers.

Chemistry teacher Ms. Kelli Dawkins says, “ I use pocket points for discounts at my favorite clothing stores.” Ms. Dawkins went on to explain how “Pocket Points” is a successful app because it allows you to gain when you stay off of your phone. “It’s a good app to use because it doesn’t drain your phone when the app continuously runs to earn points,” Dawkins says. Wouldn’t you want to earn points and discounts while staying off your phone at school? If so, get the “Pocket Points” app today for free.

Photo by Maggie Miller/ Jacket Buzz Staff

Student is signing into the app to begin earning points to earn free products from local shops and restaurants in Starkville.

New Partnership School set to be opened in 2019 By Haley Fye

Jacket buzz staff January 2019 is proposed to be a big month for Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District and Mississippi State University. For the first time in Mississippi’s history, Mississippi’s largest University and the local school district will partner to educate approximately nine hundred sixth and seventh grade students on the campus of Mississippi State University. David Baggett, assistant superintendent, says this will be “one of the most unique schools in the country.” The goal of this new facility will be to benefit both the school district and the University. Currently, Armstrong Middle School and Starkville

High School classrooms and hallways are overcrowded. This new school will create more space in each building of the SOCSD. In this transition, sixth and seventh grade students will attend the partnership school on campus, eighth and ninth grade at Armstrong, and tenth through twelfth grade at Starkville High School. Their hopes with this joint school residing on the campus of MSU, will create an environment for hands on activities and side by side learning with the education major students at MSU. Baggett says the classrooms will be designed with windows and listening systems for MSU education students to listen and get a visual representation of instruction in a real

classroom. MSU students will learn new things in their classes and almost immediately be able to apply it to the sixth and seventh grade students. “Our staff will be able to work handin-hand with MSU Professors on developing better curriculum and strategies for kids,” says Baggett. “They will be able to collaborate on a daily basis on how to improve curriculum and instruction.” This school will provide constant research for SOCSD and MSU Administration on how to better classroom learning time. Baggett also mentioned that there are students in the school district that live in Starkville and have never been on the campus of MSU. “With this partnership school, they’re not only getting the opportu-

nity to go to school on campus, but also to go on field trips to plays, museums, South Farm, School of Engineering.” The students will be able to get out and engage on the campus. The SOCSD has high hopes and expectations for the next big thing in Mississippi. With funding from the Mississippi Legislature, and generous donations from MSU, including five million dollars and close to forty-three acres of land for the site of the school, the SOCSD will only have to pay roughly half of the normal cost. The ground breaking for this new facility is hoped for sometime next month with an estimated finish in January 2019.

Submitted Photo/ Jacket Buzz Staff

David Bagget is the assistant superintendent of the SOCSD.

April 21, 2017

The Jacket Buzz


Voting opportunities not to be discounted By Anna Byrd

Jacket Buzz Staff This year spring in Starkville has been busy. If you read the paper, or watch local news you may be aware of the upcoming mayoral election. This means some seniors who are 18 are eligible to vote. There are three candidates running for Mayor: Johnny Moore, Lynn Spruill, and Damian Poe. If you’re 18, please consider it your duty as a citizen of Starkville to cast your vote. The primary vote is May 2nd, run-off is May 16th, and the General Election is June 6th. If you are 18 you can register to vote at the city Courthouse or at City Hall in the clerks office. Voting locations vary based on

your residence, which are as follows: Ward 1 - National Guard Armory, Ward 2&3 - Starkville Sportsplex Administration Building, Ward 4 - Needmore Center, Ward 5 - Fire Station No. 3, Ward 6 - Mt. Pelier Missionary Baptist Church, and Ward 7 - Oktibbeha County Courthouse. Starkville Mayor’s Youth Council Program Director, Markeeta Outlaw, says, “It is extremely important for young people to get involved with the voting process. For 18 year olds, It is their first opportunity to be heard within the realm of the political process. But, as important as it is for young people to vote, it is equally important to cast an informed vote. Knowledge is required when making intel-

Prom night around the corner Maggie Miller

jacket Buzz Staff The 2017 Prom date has been rescheduled from April 1st, to April the 29th. The theme of this year’s prom is “Far, Far, Away”. The decorations will feature a waterfall and hanging vines, along with other mystical landscaping. There will also be a chocolate fountain with fruits, graham crackers, and your favorite sweet treats to dip into it. The DJ for prom this year will be from GTR Productions. The t-shirt design is the image to the right. This design was entered by Sophomore, Kaylie Beth Hobart.

ligent, informed decisions. ALL voters, young and old, should familiarize themselves with the a) voting process, b) the duties and responsibilities of each position, in addition to, c) the abilities, capabilities and qualifications of the candidates and their views and philosophies regarding those issues as these relate to the desired office. Whereas It is important that our newly eligible voters exercise their rights, it is equally important that they do so responsibly. So, to you Submitted Photo/ Jacket Buzz Staff ‘newbies’, Get knowledgeable, Above is a map of the wards for the Mayoral ElecGo VOTE!!! This applies to you tion. ‘Old Hats’ as well!”

Senior Week Schedule May 15th · Senior Walk in Cap and Gowns at all SOCSD Schools (8:30 a.m.) · Senior Awards Night (6:00 p.m.) – SHS Gym May 16th · Aloha Skating Night (5-7 p.m.) – Skate Odyssey *Luau Theme – Cost $5.50 May 17th · Senior Cinema @ YJ Stadium (8:00 p.m.) o Senior Video – approx.. 1 hour o Popcorn and Drinks o Bring Blankets May 18th · Class of 2017 Senior Fest o Snow Cone truck, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Drinks o Kickball, Tug of War, Corn Hole, Photo Booth o Henna Tattoos, Face Painting, Color War (Color Powder) – Wear old/cheap WHITE clothing.


Page 4 The Jacket Buzz April 21, 2017

Tips for graduating seniors For those of you who will be graduating next year (20 credits by August 2017), here are a few things you may want to consider: 1. Focus on the ACT, don’t worry too much about a certain score, just work to improve the one you have. Work on it this summer or early in the fall before you begin college applications. 2. Make a list of potential colleges you want to consider. Think this through and talk with your parents or counselor about it. Remember to include your major of interest in this search. 3. Carefully narrow your search of colleges and then work on your applications. Be prepared to pay an application fee, write multiple essays, and ask Anna Byrd Columnnist teachers for a strong letter of recommendation. Do not assume they’ll write these for you, ask nicely. 4. After you apply to college, work with your parents to complete the FAFSA. Federal aid money may contribute greatly to your decision. College is expensive, like really expensive. 5. Apply for local and private scholarships early. Getting decisions back from them may help solidify your college of choice. It’s easy to put it off, DON’T. 6. Once you’ve heard back from the colleges and scholarships you applied for, compare your options and get ready to make a decision. 7. The spring semester of your senior year will go by the fastest! Plan ahead, you’ll have to: pay for senior fees, any cords, stoles, or medallions you may be receiving, and other spring deadlines. 8. These deadlines may include sending your counselor community service hours for MS Scholars Diploma, Dual Enrollment transcripts, sending a copy of your college acceptance letter, or sending in all the scholarship money offered to calculate an accumulative amount of scholarship money for your class. 9. While deciding on your choice of college, may seem like the end, it’s actually just the beginning. You will need to accept your scholarship and enrollment offer, apply for orientation, housing, and begin to establish a relationship with your advisor. Don’t forget to do these things, they’re all important. 10. Don’t forget to enjoy your senior year, you only have one chance to do it, and I promise, you’ll want to do it right!


Leadership Team Editor in Chief: Maggie Miller Faculty Advisor: Angela Hobart

Carringtion Ashford Latham Blake Anna Byrd Camryn Dawkins Lawson Joy Dumas Asia Ellis Haley Fye Will Hardy Kaylie Beth Hobart Maggie Miller Katelyn Peeples

Tebow bill oposes high school athletics The State of Mississippi is currently proposing the “Tim Tebow” Bill. The Bill is named after former University of Florida and NFL quarterback and current minor league baseball player, Tim Tebow. When Tebow was in high school, he was homeschool by his parents, but by law in the State of Florida, he was allowed to participate in sports at Nease High School in Ponte Vedra, Florida. This bill, if passed, would allow any home schooled students who live within the limits of school to participate on high school athletics. Many believe that home schooled students need to have equal opportunity to play sports. Personally, I think that this law is a bad idea. I think that someone who wants to play sports at a school, must attend that school. Having student athletes that are not student at the school

bryan richey columnist

they play for defeats the whole purpose of high school athletics. While I understand that these people want equal opportunity, I just believe that it goes against what high school sports is all about.

Editorial Policy

The Jacket Buzz is published by the Journalism Department at Starkville High School. The Jacket Buzz is a student-run publication committed to providing SHS with objective information and serves as a forum for student expression. Opinions expressed are those of students and do not necessarily reflect the views of administrators and others in the Starkville-Oktibbeha Consolidated School District. Content decisions are made by student editors. Factual errors will be corrected in the next scheduled edition. Letters to the editor are accepted and published, excluding those that are deemed libelous or disruptive. Unsigned or anonymous letters will not be published. All letters are subject to eidting for grammar and space availability. All letters and comments may be e-mailed to


Page 5 The Jacket Buzz April 21, 2017

Girls and Boys golf are victorious after home match By Maggie Miller Jacket Buzz Staff

Photo by Anna Byrd/ Jacket Buzz Staff

Sophomore, Kohen Hunt, tees off to start the match versus New Hope.

On Monday, April 10, the Lady Jacket and Jacket golf team hosted a match at the Starkville Country Club versus the New Hope Trojans and Lady Trojans. Kaylie Beth Hobart was a medalist and shot her personal best of a 79. Hobart shot 3 birdies and 6 pars, along with getting her first eagle.

“I didn’t expect to shoot an eagle. I shot in the trees from my drive, and used my 5 iron to get it on the fringe of the green. I called Coach Bryant to help me decide if I should chip it or take the chances and putt. He helped me make the decision to putt it.” Luck was on her side when she putted the ball into the hole to earn her Eagle. For the Jackets, Kohen Hunt shot a personal best of a 74. “ I knew

going into the day that it was going to be a good day for me. I just had to prove it to my team mates that I was better than what they thought.” The final scores of the match were 167—258 for the Lady Jackets, and 325-339 for the Jackets. Both teams came out victorious.

Track hosts first, home, divisional meet By Asia Ellis

Jacket Buzz Staff History was made on Thursday, April 13th when Starkville High School hosted their first Track Divisional meet. High school students from each division competed in 200 meter dash, 110 hurdles, and relays as well as a host of other categories. Athletes that competed represented Northwest Rankin, Callaway, Madison Central, and Starkville. Starkville High had various practices with workouts that would have their bodies prepared for this meet. Starkville High’s track coach, Caroline Woomer,

was pleased with the meet overall, “I’m thrilled; we had a very good meet. It was our first Track Divisional meet to host, and it was a success.” Lake Spradling representing Starkville High School had the best time in the 1600 meter dash and the 3200 meter dash. Kate Mattox, also representing Starkville High school, had the best in not only the 800 meter dash, 1600 meter dash, but also the 3200 meter dash. Students were very excited about hosting and attending this event. Starkville High junior Jonathan Banks said, “It was an honor to run in divisions, because it was the first time in history to have

Divisional hosted here.” Although each school was represented with wins and high placement, Northwest Rankin, Starkville, and Madison Central walked away with top wins in many of the categories. The next big thing Starkville High’s track team is preparing for is the Regional track meet. The students have to prepare even harder for this meet. Now that Starkville High has hosted their first Photo by Carrington Ashford/ Jacket Buzz Track Divisional, this is only the beStaff ginning of more wins for the Yellow Freshman, Jasmine Baker competes Jacket track team, and hosting more in the 300m hurdle event. events.

Archery places sixth in the state By camryn Dawkins Jacket Buzz Staff

The SHS Archery competed in the 2017 Archery in Mississippi Schools State Competition hosted by the Mississippi Wildlife and Fisheries Department Competition in Jackson Mississippi, placing 6 of out 17 teams. Sophomore Molly Beth Covin lead the archery jackets just shy of her person best with a score of 257. ”I prepared

by remembering what my coach said, ‘Once the arrow is fired, you can’t change it, but you can improve the next one,’” Covin said. The Jackets placed three spots lower than the third place finish last year. “As an individual player, I lived up to my own expectations to improve my capabilities than last year,” Covin said. Junior Joseph Noll was also happy with his performance scoring a person best in the tournament. “At

state, it was my personal best, but I fell shy a couple points from breaking my best score,” Noll said. Noll’s best memory of the meet would be when teammates who would shoot their best scores and see them erupt in excitement. The Jackets look to improve over the off season to score even higher in the 2018 AIMS State Competition. Submitted photo/Jacket Buzz Staff Junior, Drake Larson, draws to shoot.

SPORTS Girls soccer looks forward to next year by Carri ashford Jacket buzz staf

The Lady Jacket soccer team ended their season with a tough loss to Northwest Rankin, with a score of 4-0. They ended the season with 9 wins, 5 losses, and 1 tie. The team had a home record of 3-2 and a visiting record of 6-3-1. This years team had a total of 5 seniors; Camryn Dawkins, Heidi Miller, Kennis Kingery, Lawson Joy Dumas, and Marika Dunne. With the help of head coach, Pat Barton, the girls’ soccer team was

ranked number 18 in the as a team, we should be state, and ranked in the able to achieve that goal top 10 in the 6A Region 3 in the upcoming season.” league. “Overall the sea- The 2017-2018 Lady Jacket son was not the outcome I soccer team will prepared was looking for, but it was to take the field for the upstill a bittersweet moment coming season next winto play my last home soc- ter, looking for a spot to cer game with my team- play in District. mates no matter what the outcome was,” says Senior Kingery. The Lady Jackets had a tough loss against Northwest Rankin for senior night. Junior Anne Marie Ross says, “It would Photo by Maggie Miller/ Jacket have been a great feeling Buzz Staff to go to District play this Junior Anne Marie Ross, year, but if we continue kicks the ball to another to work hard and practice team mate.

Softball looks to clinch a playoff win from rival

By Kaylie Beth Hobart Jacket Buzz staff

After a tough loss last year in the first round of playoffs against Desoto Central The SHS Softball team will face rival Tupelo April 21. The Lady Jackets are 6-8 on the season in district play. Seniors Lawson Joy Dumas and Alexis

Poe are leading the team in hitting both seniors are hitting over 400. “With Alexis and I hitting so well it will help the team because they believe in us to be the clutch hitters and pull through with base runners.” Dumas is very confident in her team and believes in them throughout it all. Campbell says

that the strength defense it will be a good of the team is game for us.” The Jackets definitely the take the field tonight at 5. pitching Anna Rae Taylor, freshman is the leading pitcher for the Lady Jackets and is reliable to help the girls on the field. Yellow Jackets head coach, Ronald Campbell exPhoto by KB Hobart/ Jacket Buzz Staff plains the weakness of the team Sophomore, Anna Prell “If the girls can Brooks, makes a throw stay strong and from the infield to the pitcher. pick up our

Page 6 The Jacket Buzz April 21, 2017

Seniors remember season by Lj Dumas

Jacket buzz staff Starkville High School boys basketball team had a rocky season with a 21-4 record. After los-

ing their first home game against school rival Meridian, 66-43, the Jackets won eight straight games to regain their confidence. Ending the regular season with a 20-3

record, senior, Jesse Little stated, “We went in positive, we knew we had a great shot but we just didn’t make the most of it.” Losing in the second round against the Tupelo

Golden Wave, 38-33, The Jackets ended their season losing seven seniors. Senior, D’dallen Bailey, had a lot of positive feedback about the team,” My senior season was very eye opening and a great experience, moving schools last year was difficult but the team was very welcoming.”

Photo by Anna Byrd/ Jacket Buzz Staff

Junior, Jordan Temple, looks for a teammate to pass.

Baseball honors their five seniors By katelyn peeples Jacket buzz staff

For the five seniors that have spent 4 years playing together on the same team, they were honored on April 5 before their last home game. It was a bittersweet game for seniors Connor Reinike, Blake Miller, Brady Hunt, Cj Kemp and Tyler Stovall. The record for this season was 14-12. When Head Coach, Travis Garner, switched over to Starkville High school to coach baseball, the seniors today were just freshman. Garner has been working with these five individuals for 4 years. Every year they have made it to the play-offs and they will be continuing that tradition this year.

Photo by Haley Fye/ Jacket Buzz Staff

Coach Garner, congratulates senior, Brady Hunt, on his highschool career.

“I’ve spent four years with them and I’ve spent four years rebuilding the baseball program.” said Garner. First baseman, Connor Reinike, joined the team on his senior year, “Through out the season I think I really have improved on my game, I used to play when I went to SA. I’ve always loved baseball so I’m glad I decided to try out.” Said Reinike. The Jacket defeated the Louisville Wildcats for their last home game with a 11-8 count.

April 21, 2017

The Jacket Buzz


Girls basketball places second at state By LJ Dumas

Jacket buzz staff Starkville High School Lady Jackets had an unforgettable season. These Lady Jackets came into the season with their eyes on the prize, that being a a State Championship win. The team finished out regualr season play with an undefeated record of 28-0. Kelsey Jones, the only senior on the team, believes her last season was the best one yet. “I tried being the best leader for my teammates on and off the court.” says Jones. The team entered post season play as the number one seed in their bracket. The Lady jackets continued their winning streak and made it all the way to the State Championship, to play against the Olive Branch Lady Conquistadors. This same team put them out of the post season play last year. At half time, the Lady Jackets entered

the locker room hopeful with a 26-21 lead. After halftime the game’s momentum switched back and forth as the lead changed. After a hard faught battle, the Lady Conquistadors came out on top, beating the undefeated Lady Jackets 57-55. After ending the season on the only loss for these girls, they were still hopeful for the next season to come. Jariyah Covington says “Next season will be better, we are going to grind harder and finish what we started last season.” These ladies look forward to a succesful season in the 2017-2018 school year.

First year coach creates bond with players By pj tate

jacket buzz staff This year has been the first year of coaching SHS’s boys soccer team for Coach Fyke, “ it has been great working with kids with a good soccer background,” says Coach Fyke. While coaching in Clinton boys soccer at Clinton High School 5 years earlier, the location was diifrent, but the group of players were similar. He had to get had to get back into the coaching atmosphere as he explains the difficulties of the task. “ The learning curve was hard to grasp, but it was worth it.” While it being his first time coaching in years, usually the players would have to get to know each the new coach , but “It was like we had known him for years,” says Reese Dunne. Falling short in the 2 games before the playoffs

Photo by Anna Byrd/ Jacket Buzz Staff

Junior, Jariyah Covington, dribbles the ball up the court, looking to score.

First time in 6A state tournament for tennis

state match. Angel Tate Told us how happy she is to represent Starkville High School at the State match. “I feel On April 12, the Starkville Tennis very happy because I accomplished a team traveled to Jackson, Missis- goal I’ve had for the last two years. I am sippi to compete Against Madison really glad I can go to Jackson and represent Starkville High School.” Central and Northwest Rankin High School in the Tennis Divisional Game. Sadly, both the Boys singles and doubles lost all of their matches. On the other hand, The Girls doubles lost their first match and then went 7-10, losing in a tiebreaker. On the bright side, Angel Tate showed what she was made of and won second place in the girls singles. We talked to Bryan Richey, a teammate of Angel Tate, about how he felt about the match. “We are a really proud of Angel for Photo by Anna Byrd/ Jacket Buzz Staff doing phenomenal in her singles Senior, James Travis, serves the ball match”, Richey says,” and for beto his opponent. ing the first student to qualify for

Photo by Maggie Miller/ Jacket Buzz Staff

Senior, Craig Ruff, passes the ball up the field to his teammate.

against Madison Central and North West Rankin, the season had come to an end with a win-lose streak of (9-9). For it his first season back coaching, he plans to take this learning experience into the next season. For the next soccer upcoming season, coach fyke plans to use his first years back coaching a leaning experience.

By Will Hardy

jacket buzz staff


The Jacket Buzz

April 21, 2017

Seniors move to the next level in athletics

Vance Dewberry signed to continure his soccer career at Mississippi College.

Jesse Little signed to further his basketball career at Ameican University. Anna HaydenTaylor signed to play tennis at Hinds Community College.

Kate Mattox will be taking her talents to the cross country program at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Jazmyn Douglas will be continuing her softball career at East Mississippi Community College.

Six seniors will continue their careers at the next level. Joey Claybrook, Tulane University; Connor Reinike, Jakobe Jones, Jaquez Akins, East Mississippi Community College; Willie Gay, Mississippi State University; Nelson Jordan, Samford University.

Darius Agnew signed to play basketball at East Mississippi community College.

Markedric Bell signed with East Mississippi Community College to continue his basketball career.

Lake Spradling signed to Mississippi State University to continue his track and field career.

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