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Headteacher’s Welcome Christmas is here with a BANG! High Tide once again celebrates the fantastic things going on at Sheringham High and Sixth. Not only do our students seem to be charmed in winning examination, sporting, mathematical, theatrical, artistic and literary glory this term, but we celebrate the qualities of charity, generosity and social responsibility too, as students pulled together to aid their community and communities overseas. According to a member of our school’s Historical Society, Norfolk has a little known link to the Christmas cracker, as the original Victorian company merged with Caley’s of Norwich just after World War 2 to become one of the world’s biggest producers. So, here’s our Christmas cracker of an edition of High Tide filled with treats, explosive surprises and with its motto; Success For All!

Senior School Challenge After the success of the Junior School’s Challenge last year, we hosted an inter-house General Knowledge Quiz on Tuesday 16th October, with the aim of identifying a team (consisting of two Year 10s and two Year 12s) to represent the School in the regional Senior Schools’ Challenge. The questions were tough and external quizmaster, Roger Osborne, demanded exacting standards from our students. In a closely fought final round Cavell (160) beat Carter (140). Sewell and Nelson came third and fourth respectively. Thank you to all those students involved. Mrs O’Donnell

High Tide Student Team Huge thanks go to roving journalists: Anna Ward—Zoe McKean—Liam McKean—April Haywood—Anna Bhalerao—Caius Law and photographers: Emma Chalmers—Sid Beach Graphic Design consultant: Euan Carrier

Year 6 Open Evening - October As usual, this year we were delighted to invite Year 6 pupils to have a look around our school. It was an action-packed evening and we look forward to welcoming them as new students next September! Geography – Mr ‘Indiana’ Moorfoot

Design & Technology Department

Philosophy & Ethics Department

Modern Foreign Languages

Hair-raising times in Science!

Photography Exhibition Please come and see some amazing photography work by our A-Level and new GCSE photography students. The exhibition will be on display in the Library at the Forum, Norwich from 2nd Dec- 11th Jan.

Our Students and the Environment Unsustainably Sourced Palm Oils Over the years, Sheringham High School has been part of major campaigns, inspired by the annual visit of Soul Space, where students have time to think and reflect about their own lives, those of others and the wider world. This year's theme was the world's natural beauty, so it was appropriate that Pete Skivington and the Soul Space team chose to support Greenpeace’s Palm Oil campaign, with a view not only to help save the rainforest, but the endangered animals that live within it. From confectionary to toiletries, palm oil is used as a fat source and binder of ingredients. Massive companies such as Cadburys, Mars, Dove and many major supermarkets use it in nearly all of their products, usually from unsustainable sources. Furthermore, Nestlé broke its promise to end deforestation in its supply chain by 2015 and is not the only company breaking promises: Mars, Hersey and others are also guilty. This means rainforests all over our world, and predominantly in South-East Asia, continue to be cut down to make way for palm tree plantations. This destroys ecosystems and the homes of many species, including sumatran orangutans and sumatran tigers: creatures we all know and love. On 15 September April Haywood, Anna Ward, Josh Keeble and Joel Philpott met with Norman Lamb to discuss these issues and to encourage him to sign Greenpeace’s petition. We presented him with a ‘tree’ with around 400 names of students who were passionate about the campaign, as well as discussing the threats of palm oil and deforestation. Topics we highlighted were global warming, health issues, livelihoods of those in the rainforests and the endangered animals - all consequences of the unsustainable palm oil industry. Norman Lamb fully supported the cause and wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, Theresa May, to highlight the ever-growing concern, as well as signing the petition. If you are interested in making a difference and helping save our rainforests, you can sign the petition on Greenpeace's website and, as a consumer, boycott products containing unsustainably sourced palm oil. By Anna Ward and April Haywood Plastic Awareness Team (PAT) Plastic pollution is regularly in the news these days and television programmes such as 'Blue Planet' and 'Drowning in Plastic' have brought this problem to the forefront of public consciousness.

You will be aware of the campaign being organised in Sheringham to obtain Plastic-Free status for the town. Sheringham Plastic Aware (SPA) is working with local people and businesses to reduce plastic waste. Sheringham High School supports this campaign and our own 'splinter group' SPA@SHS meets in our school Library every other Friday lunchtime. Attendance is growing every week. The group has researched the current plastic usage and recycling arrangements at our school and looked at strategies to improve the situation. They have met our school Canteen Manager who has agreed to run down her stock of plastic cutlery and order wooden cutlery from now on. The group has written to Norse Catering asking them to look for alternatives to the plastic packaged products they currently provide. We are awaiting a response from them.

The Plastic Action Team has also re-labelled recycling bins in every classroom in the school and in the canteen areas, so that it is clearer to staff and students which items can be recycled. They have held Assemblies to present the changes to the school, focusing on why we need to make change and how each person can help. We also had a poster-making competition with prizes such as bamboo toothbrushes and recycled stationery made from waste plastic. A non-uniform day was held in September, raising £517.35, which will be used to buy extra recycling bins for the school field and other outside areas so that we can reduce the amount of plastic sent to landfill. We are also monitoring our landfill and recycling bin emptying arrangements and costs so we can measure the impact of the changes made. Plans are in place for other exciting projects such as making 'Eco bricks' out of waste plastic and re-using plastic bottles in creative ways. Watch this space for more news soon! Mrs Hollidge

Supporting the Wider Community Fundraising for Sheringham’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution After a devastating break-in left the Sheringham RNLI station worse off by around £3000, our student, Faith, decided she had to take some action. High Tide journalist, April Haywood, interviewed her. Asked about what inspired her to help, Faith replied, “I realised how important the RNLI is to a seaside town like Sheringham, and wanted to do more than just express sympathy or anger about the break-in.” She explained to April that she had recently started making bracelets from coloured threads as a hobby and told her mum that she’d like to sell a few, with the hope of raising £20 for the RNLI. Her mum shared Faith’s project on Facebook and orders poured in. Not only that, members of the public contributed funds and materials so that Faith could continue to make more bracelets. On Sunday 14 October, Faith presented a cheque for £509.50 to Sheringham RNLI – an outstanding achievement and one very much appreciated by the organisation, who, the next day, also received a cheque for £268 from Sheringham Sixth Form’s fundraising activities over the summer term. Faith Kenny

A Celebration of Norfolk—Success in Drawing Competition for Martha The Art Department would like to congratulate Martha Shawyer for winning the Savills Norwich drawing competition. To celebrate Savills’ move to a new location, they launched a summer drawing competition for students to share why they love living in the county. Martha’s painting won the competition for her age category. Her painting is hanging in the Norwich branch.

Peacemakers or Warmongers? Talks breakdown as UN Summit fails Our Year 9 Philosophy and Ethics students learned a lesson in international diplomacy this term as they, as gathering world leaders, were unable successfully to negotiate rules of warfare. Despite concessions from major superpowers, including promises to denuclearise, a common framework of accepted rules could not be agreed. Our Year 9s have been diligently acting as mature leaders on topics such as 'Just' War?, Attitudes to War, Pacifism, Suffering, and Forgiveness. Whilst each leader showed fantastic leadership ability, each discovered how hard it is to reach a common and communal agreement of ethics. Further talks have not been scheduled; an impasse ensues. Well done to all that took part though, especially the chair of the summit, President Harper. Tense relations at World Summit

Student and Community Events Theatre Trips Drama Department On Friday the 12th of October, the GCSE Drama students went to the Little Theatre to watch a live screening of King Lear. The National Theatre Live Company production of King Lear was performed in the Chichester Theatre; this featured Sir Ian McKellen in the title role of King Lear himself. The play was staged in a non-traditional way, for instance, using gaffer tape and cable ties as handcuffs, and creating a walkway through the audience to make them feel part of the action. The part I found the most interesting was when Gloucester had his eyes gouged out; gruesome but very effective through the clever use of make-up. It was a brilliant production, which kept us on the edge of our seats in spite of the fact that it didn’t end until nearly 11pm! Review by Zoe McKean

English Department On Wednesday 10th October, Mrs BradleyStubbs and Mrs Posthill took a group of our GCSE students to Norwich Playhouse to see the stage production of The Sign Of Four. Students thought the play was superb and that seeing the book performed on stage really helped them to understand what was happening. It was an excellent treat to get a visit to the theatre on a school day.

Is this a theatre trip I see before me?

Year 10 and 11 GCSE students went to Norwich Theatre Royal on November 2nd to see the National Theatre’s stage production of Macbeth with the English department. This was a post-apocalyptic, dystopian take on Shakespeare’s classic tale of witchcraft and treachery. The treasonous Macbeth was outstanding in his terrifying madness and the stagecraft was exceptional. James Smith In Year 10 said “I loved the witches and the severed heads in carrier bags!” It was an excellent visual spectacular and a very good night was had by all. Mrs Chanter Head of English

SHS students community events Sheringham Little Theatre Productions The Battle of Boat’ Report by Caius Law in September, I auditioned and was awarded the part of Felix in the new musical, Battle of Boat, performed at Sheringham Little Theatre. It was an amazing experience and possibly the most professional piece of theatre that I have ever been a part of. Some of the songs had four part harmonies and very tricky rhythms. We rehearsed for hours to get them right. I think it really boosted my acting ability and confidence on the stage.

The cast included other great actors from Sheringham High School! Being on stage in front of a crowd, for me, cannot be compared to anything else. Performing is so much fun, but even better if you know the audience has been hooked and is enjoying it too. I really love the buzz of acting, singing and dancing, so am currently involved in this year’s pantomime, The Beauty and the Beast, also at the Little Theatre.

‘The Witches’ Report by Zoe McKean The Monday night 12-16 Drama Group at Sheringham Little Theatre worked hard and put on the play of Roald Dahl’s THE WITCHES in the half term. Many Sheringham High School students took part. We put on four shows from the 25th to the 27th October. It was Spooktacular! There was a part for every one, with some students taking on multi roles. The show relied on good acting and tech rather than lots of props and costumes, although the witches got to wear some brightly coloured wigs. Some of the props used, including the mouse ears, were made by Harry Williams, a resident actor at the Little Theatre. The show was directed by Steve Banks and he was assisted by Sam Thompson and Tilda Fassih, both former SHS students.

Anybody who would like to join the Sheringham Little Theatre Monday night 7-8 drama group would be very welcome.

Pictures: Martha Shawyer and Caius Law: Zakk Judd-Phillips

Live from the Royal Shakespeare Company Sheringham High School English Department hosted the second live schools’ broadcast from the RSC this November. Year 9 students were invited to watch the modernised version of Romeo and Juliet, designed to make Shakespeare accessible to all ages. Students really enjoyed being able to live tweet their questions to the cast and have them answered in the intervals. They were also able to watch a live question and answer session with Romeo and Juliet. Students really enjoyed the tension and tragedy of this seminal play. Mercutio’s death, the balcony scene, and the tragic ending were moving and poignant. A superb play!

Andy Briggs’ visit to SHS Andy Briggs, author of the ‘Inventory’ series and newly-released title ‘Drone Wars’ entertained a 300-strong audience of our Year 7 students, and Year 5 and 6 guests from Sheringham Community Primary School, with tales of adventure, technology, inventions, heroes and villains. Andy not only writes massively popular books but also writes scripts for computer games and Hollywood films. He spent time after the event talking to students and signing copies of books.

Pictures: Emma Chalmers, Year 13

Centenary of the ending of the First Word War—’Battle over’ ceremony Sheringham High School students Angelica Jolley, Matilda Walker (both Year 7) and Anna Ward (Year 10) were proud to be part of this final official event of the Sheringham Commemoration and Remembrance Project. Introduced by the Mayor of Sheringham, Madeleine Ashcroft, each read their own compositions inspired by the tragic loss of life, both human and animal, during the ‘war to end all wars’. At the end of the readings and the final address from the Mayor, the beacon on The Leas was lit simultaneously with beacons all over the country; a fitting end to a weekend of thought-provoking commemoration. Pictures by Chris Taylor of Eddie Mayell, Royal British Legion standard bearer, Angelica Jolley, Matilda Walker and Anna Ward.

Matilda Walker’s composition It was dawn across the battlefield. The sun, which would ordinarily be appearing on the horizon, was nowhere to be seen, the slanting shadows of morning absent, as if all colour had been drained from the sky. Beneath the carpet of bleak and dismal rainclouds, a thick layer of bitter mist lay on top of the ragged and rough earth. Two once-magnificent stallions battled through the atrocious sludge, rain coming down harder than it had for a month, seeping through their matted coats. Suddenly, one of the two collapsed, his brave heart unable to battle the mud anymore. He just lay there, in the sinking muck, as if preparing to take a lifelong nap, which, in some ways, he was. The monotonous thump of the fallen horse’s heart-beat slowed, coming to a stop, his eyelids gradually fluttering closed. Scholarship Group Students in the Scholarship Group have been participating in a Question Time-like event fortnightly, in the drama studio. Regular panelists include Mrs O’Donnell, Mr Philips, Dr Bestwick and Mr Keshavarz; who have been joined by guests such as Mrs Chanter, Mrs Hollidge and Mrs Munro-Oakley. The members of scholarship group ask the sort of tough political questions about the world we live in today that we rarely get time to talk about. Brexit has regularly cropped up in debates and answers, even when the question has not been directly about it. This really demonstrates how it is such an important issue for young adults in Britain today and how it is going to affect our country in many ways.

Other questions have included whether torture should ever be used for extracting information, whether animal testing for medicine and cosmetics should be legal and whether prostitution should be legalised, as well as debating palm oil - one of the biggest international issues of our time. ‘Question Time’ enables students to express their own opinions, while being given the opportunity to understand opposing viewpoints - an essential skill for many subjects. I look forward to seeing what is discussed in the coming weeks. By Anna Ward

SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural development) Day 1—A Taster Year 7—Anti-Bullying Day Our Year 7 students spent the day on a carousel of talks and activities on the theme of anti-bullying. With external visitors leading sessions on the dangers of cyber-bullying, the role of the bystander and the devastating effects of bullying, a drama session and our own Peer Supporters helping them to understand how to identify and deal with bullying, the students have had a thorough grounding in how to remain safe from bullying. Many thanks go to the organisations who contributed to this valuable day: the Police, the Lighthouse Team, and the Matthew Project. Year 8—Harry Potter Trip Staff from the Design and Technology Department accompanied Year 8 students on a magical trip to the Harry Potter Studios just outside London. Awestruck by the scale of their surroundings and the incredible craftsmanship, design and artistic skills on display at every turn, students flew on broomsticks, jumped out of their skins as massive spiders descended from the ceiling, and wished they too could take the Hogwarts Express and join this incredible world. Those Year 8 students who did not wish to visit the Harry Potter Studios spent the day with Mr McGlinchey exploring local flora and fauna on an expedition around Sheringham Park and to Weybourne Station, a trek totalling 12km! Along the way, students searched for winter twigs and got a lesson in animal tracking from Mr Richardson! Year 9—Duxford Air Base Trip Many of our Year 9 students went to Cambridge to the explore Duxford Air Base. Duxford is Britain's largest aviation museum with nearly 200 aircraft, military vehicles, artillery and minor naval vessels in 7 main exhibition buildings. The students took off and headed around, marvelling at all the planes. We were allowed to enter to board Concorde, the fastest commercial jet airliner ever built! It was quite amazing to see how many planes there are and to hear the stories of courage of the men who flew in them into battle. It was a memorable day. Report by Zoe McKean

Art Department The Art and Photography Departments were proud to exhibit the fantastic work produced by the A-Level Art and Photography students. They have had a jam packed two years, which included gallery trips, location shoots, work experience and a great deal of enthusiasm and hard work! The students’ outcomes this year demonstrate the creative flair and high standards used to produce these outstanding art and photography final pieces – here is just a flavour of them.

Rachel Ling: A Level Final Piece

Display of A Level students’ work

Caitlin Mezzetti: A Level Final Piece

More ways to get involved with our creative Departments The Art Café is held every Tuesday at 3-4pm for all GCSE Art, Textiles and Photography students. It offers a fantastic opportunity for students to share ideas over a cup of tea and a biscuit. The Art Department has been delighted with the uptake of these sessions. Year 9, 10 and 11 students have been using this time to complete homework and further expand their creative projects. Come along – you’ll get a warm welcome, support with your work, and enjoy the creative vibe!

Historical Society The Historical Society has been very busy planning an array of things and Thursday lunchtimes seem too short to do everything we want! The Historical Society has recently had a growing interest in witchcraft, which is covered in Key Stage 3 as well as in the Crime and Punishment part of the GCSE History course. This half term we have been planning to do a performance on witchcraft; specifically the Pendle Witch Trials, which have become fascinating to regular attendees. The play is set in 1612 and covers all the key aspects of the trials. The author of the play, Malcolm Hanson, came to visit us on November 15th, to talk about his motivation to write the play, as well as how he imagines it being performed. Rehearsals will commence soon. On Year Six Open Evening, members of the Historical Society helped in the History Department. Many dressed up as witches and asked visitors questions to see whether they were witches. These questions included whether they lived with their sister or if they had a cat (specifically black). It was certainly an evening many students will not forget! We have also set up a Pinterest board, where all members are creating boards about their favourite elements of history. Be sure to check it out: By Anna Ward

PE Department News Netball News from Ms Shepherd It was the first run out this season for the new look U13 team. Playing in a tournament at Aylsham High School, the girls had an excellent evening, demonstrating real promise for the future. Bolstered by a couple of our new Year 7s, there was some great unit play and the girls got stronger as the tournament progressed! Results: Draw against Aylsham A and Cromer, wins against Stalham and Aylsham B and a loss to an extremely talented Reepham side. Onwards and upwards! The U16 team (pictured right) is also going from strength to strength. On Saturday 17 November they took part in the Norfolk County Finals, having secured wins over teams from Aylsham, Cromer and Alderman Peel High Schools, and drawing with Gresham’s at the SemiFinals. At the Finals, they fought their way to the semi-final stage, and played against Gresham’s for third place, beating them 8-6. The triumphant team (with very proud coach) is pictured below right.

The PE department also foresees a highly successful future, with two Year 7 teams currently under training and enjoying their netball. To the right is a picture of them at a recent tournament.

Mr McGlinchy’s sporting report Badminton

Year 11 students have been working hard on their badminton skills in preparation for their GCSE with tournaments at Aylsham High. These friendly competitions have given them the chance to play in singles and doubles matches, developing their technique and shot selection, as well as allowing us the chance to work with students from other schools.

The rugby season has kicked off well this term, with Year 8 and 9 boys both competing in the emerging schools competitions held at Norwich School. All the boys played extremely well, with fierce competition from teams across the county. This has prepared them well for their upcoming league matches,which they are all looking forward to. Year 7 have been developing their skills in lessons and will have some friendly matches in the new year. Our Year 10 and 11 boys are entered into the County Bowl and will be playing their first match just before Christmas. Year 9 team pictured above. Football


The boys’ football teams have all started the football season well, with home and away fixtures already played as we have the Winter break. The highlight of the season so far has undoubtedly been a 6-0 win for the Year 8 boys at home to Alderman Peel, with Jake Ellis scoring 4 of the goals. Our girls’ teams have tournaments coming up after Christmas in Norwich and will begin training for these when we return from the holidays. Year 11 boys’ team pictured left.

Sheringham High Prefect Team 2018 We are Sheringham High School’s new prefect team and you can see us around school, proudly wearing our badges for everyone to see. Even though we have only been prefects for a few months, we have been very busy already. We have had leading roles in the Year 6 Open Evening and represented the school at its Year 6 Open Evening as ‘Meeters and Greeters’. Our Departmental Prefects have completed a plethora of jobs for their subject, including: Subject Board decorating, classroom revamping and any other subject specific jobs required. As a prefect team and with the help of Mr Phillips, we ran a ‘Prefect on Patrol’ duty at break times and lunchtimes during the first few weeks of term to make sure the new Year 7s were all settled and without problems whilst still new to the school. The Year 7s commented very positively on the process and we found that it seemed very useful, as we were able to ‘iron-out’ any problems. The Prefect Team is starting to plan the Year 11 Prom for the end of the year, and is actively involved in planning the upcoming Charities Week and Christmas House Competitions. You are able to identify our team through the pictures on our board in the main corridor and you will see more of us throughout the year as we work together with Mrs Melhuish and Mr Phillips to organise, help with and take care of many more day-to-day activities in Sheringham High School.

By Liam McKean, Year 11 and Anna Bhalerao, Year 11 (On the behalf of the Prefect Team)

Year 7 History Department Trip to Norwich Castle On 8 October, two coaches full of excited Year 7 students headed off to Norwich Castle. Tasked with deciding whether a disused mediaeval church in the city should be reinstated as a church, turned into a museum or demolished to make way for a car park, they listened carefully to the various arguments as they toured the Castle. Passionate views were put to them, including by the monk (pictured to the left) whose church it was hundreds of years ago. They listened and considered carefully, swayed not only by the arguments they heard from the period characters but also by their understanding of the impact cars have on the environment. In the end, the students voted overwhelmingly that the monk’s church should be brought into use again, preserving the history and original purpose of the building. Festive news from the MFL Department! As you may know, Germany puts on a great show during Christmas time, with its spectacular markets, huge trees and delicious treats! Our Year 7 students have been getting into the festive mood thanks to Lisa, our German assistant from Dierdorf. They have been busy writing Christmas cards in German, putting as much information in about themselves as they can think of! Cards have been signed, sealed and delivered to students in the high school in Germany and we eagerly await our replies! Students both in Sheringham and Dierdorf have also been asked to include some information about how they celebrate Christmas so we will have fun reading this too!

Year 10 students discover Sheringham Sixth Form It is never too early to start thinking about the future, and here at Sheringham High School we aim to provide as many exciting and enlightening experiences as possible to help guide our students through the overwhelming range of choice. Last summer term, eighty Year 10 students took part in an exciting initiative to investigate what A Level study is like at our Sixth Form. Discovering Sheringham Sixth Form involves students spending a lesson in a subject of their choice, working with one of our expert A Level teachers. Alongside current Year 12 students, the GCSE scholars developed their study skills (to achieve better GCSE grades) and found out more about one of the impressive twenty-five A Level subjects we offer (from Natural Sciences to Social Sciences, and Humanities to Technologies). Reflecting after a session with refreshments in the Canopy, the Year 10s explained that they found it particularly useful seeing how the knowledge they are currently gaining is developed and challenged at A Level. It was also fun to explore new subjects in an active way, working with our Sixth Form students and staff.

Sheringham Scholars 2018 A new and exciting initiative at Sheringham Sixth Form is acknowledging the achievements of our Sheringham Scholars. These Scholars are current Year 12 students and the awards reflect those achieving high GCSE grades from Sheringham High and other high schools too. Well done to Niamh Craske, Christopher Francis and Rebecca Thomson who each receive a cheque for £100. Dr Richardson commented that, “We had so many fantastic results this summer, and we certainly recognise the fabulous efforts of all these students. The aim of the Sheringham Scholar status is to reward the very highest achievers who continue to flourish at our Sixth Form and those who are attracted to it from other schools around the county.” Maths Challenge Success for Sheringham Sixth Form Students Mathematicians from Sheringham Sixth Form have taken part in the annual UK Maths Challenge Competition. This challenge is designed to test the most gifted mathematical minds with fiendishly tricky maths puzzles. Honourable mentions go to Chris Francis who achieved a Silver Award, and George Cadman, Nell Wright, Reuben MacMillan, Robyn Edge, James Long and Eleanor Bailey, who all achieved Bronze Awards. With an outstanding performance, Kieran Head (pictured) in Year 13 excelled in this highly academic competition with a score of 90 marks, earning him a Gold Medal and instant qualification to the prestigious Senior Kangaroo follow-up competition. This will take place on 30 November, and we all wish Kieran the very best of luck.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) success Photo credit: Alex Miller

All five Year 12 Extended Project students had cause to celebrate on 16 August when they received the news that they had all achieved A/A* grades. Their topics covered areas such as institutional racism in the Metropolitan Police Force, the Manhattan Project, the legalisation of cannabis, testing medical drugs on animals and how housing design could provide solutions to the affordable housing shortage in London. Their in-depth research led to fascinating reports, as confirmed by the external moderator, who said, ‘It was such a great pleasure to read such interesting pieces of research by your candidates’. Congratulations to them all! 2018’s successful EPQers –Euan Carrier, Liam Copeman, George Cadman, Robyn Edge, Maisie Nurse.

Sixth Form matters We may be still savouring the mists and mellow fruitfulness of the Autumn Term, but plenty of opportunities and experiences have already been crammed into the Sixth Form life. At the end of the summer term, we said goodbye to the 6th Formers leaving us for pastures new, facing the future with confidence and well-founded optimism. We know that they will continue to make us proud in the future. We began in August with the not insubstantial achievement of our superb A Level results. Whilst the exams have become increasingly challenging, our students met this test to acquire a truly amazing set of results, enabling them to secure places at their university or employer of choice. Particular praise should go to our collection of Norfolk Scholars, achieving the very best results. We look forward to celebrating all the ex-Year 13 achievements at our annual Awards Evening in January. The following week we not only celebrated the achievements of Year 11 students but enrolled a bumper crop of fantastic young scholars. We immediately put our new Year 12s through their paces with our Induction Event at Hilltop – running, jumping and generally throwing themselves into unusual situations! It was a mere matter of weeks before the next stage in recruiting the next generation of Sixth Form students reached a high point, with the Sixth Form Open Evening. This is always a highlight in our calendar; this year was particularly memorable with speeches from a wonderful trio of Emma Chalmers, Jodie Claxton and Liam Copeman, all focusing on the support, care and guidance available, with an emphasis on the family atmosphere of the Sixth Form. This nurturing attitude is reflected in the fact that we care for those less fortunate in our community. At the end of the summer term the Sixth Form raised £268 for the RNLI, which they collected just before half term, and £220 for the charity ‘Macmillan Cancer Support’, through our annual Cake Sale. There is always something happening in the Sixth Form – how we manage to teach and learn some challenging subjects amidst all this, is quite remarkable. Mr Keshavarz Head of Sixth Form

SMSC Day 2018 The Sixth Form engaged in a variety of experiences for the November 2018 SMSC Day. Whilst some students dispensed the benefits of their wisdom and recent experience of GCSEs to the Year 10 and Year 11 Mathematicians, Scientists and English scholars, others assisted the History Department in researching the history of Sheringham in the Great War when, seventy five men from the village fought and died, leaving between them all 21 widows and 35 fatherless children.

The remaining students battled heavy traffic, inclement weather, and some confusing landmarks to reach their London destinations – the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the National Gallery. A rewarding day of scientific and cultural exploration!

Alumni Ryan Devlin We are very pleased to keep in touch with our former students and to have the opportunity to update our community on their progress and achievements. Ryan Devlin writes…. “I have just finished my second year at the University of Edinburgh studying medicine. As well as studying at university and enjoying everything else that Edinburgh has to offer, I am an Ambassador for Cancer Research UK, which involves discussions with MPs, including North Norfolk’s Norman Lamb, MSPs (Members of the Scottish Parliament) and other figures about public policy campaigns. Our current campaign, Shoulder to Shoulder, looks to increase the number of NHS staff in the UK who help to diagnose and treat cancer early. I also work with the British Medical Association, and enjoy reading, writing, running, and watching films. Sheringham High School taught me always to try new things, whether it is a new food – granted I still hate broccoli – a new hobby such as writing, reviewing or stargazing, an academic challenge like the Extended Project Qualification, or a new passion such as wanting to help others through medicine. I am an Edinburgh University Medical Student today because teachers and staff at SHS supported my choices, both academically and beyond. They offered me the chance to be creative, to push myself and to try new things. Make the most of your time at Sheringham High School and Sixth Form and take up every one of the many opportunities you’ll be offered there.“


High Tide Issue 12 Autumn 2018  

Sheringham High School Magazine

High Tide Issue 12 Autumn 2018  

Sheringham High School Magazine