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Stalham Explorer Issue #2

Spring 2019

Inter-house Competitions Ski Trip and Girls’ Handball After School Clubs Young Promoters Concert


Astronomy Trip

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The political & economic situation of Venezuela.

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Astronomy Club & Cross Country EDITORS’ WELCOME

Welcome to the second edition of the ‘Stalham Explorer’. I am pleased to say that we have had a couple of new people joining the editing team. Also we would love to say good luck Year 11’s on your up-coming exams. We know that you will do us proud.

Editing team: Chloe


Dorothy Ellie


Book Review - ”Holes” by Louis Sachar Brief Summary: Stanley Yelnats, a boy who has bad luck due to a curse placed on his great - great – grandfather, is sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention camp, for a crime he did not commit. They each have to dig deep holes every day. The scary Warden is in charge and if the boys find anything, they have to report it to her. Stanley makes a friend called Zero who is illiterate, so the two boys make a deal that if Stanley teaches Zero to read and write, Stanley would dig part of his hole. At the end, Stanley and Zero go home together and, with the help of some money they found buried at Camp Green Lake, Zero hires a private investigator to track down his mum who he hasn’t seen for years. Favourite Character: Stanley I chose Stanley because he is different from all the other characters and he cares about people, unlike most of the other boys and adults in the book. I also like him because, even though people have bullied him in the past and called him fat, he still gets on with his life and does not get depressed. This is very impressive. Least Favourite character: X-Ray I do not like X-Ray because he thinks he is the best and he tries to control everyone. He told Stanley that he should give anything he found while he was digging to him, because he has been there longer than Stanley, “and surely I need a break more than you.” I enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a good story. What makes it even more interesting is that it switches between different time lines. Charlie Oakley Year 8


Inter-House Music Competition We were all excited about the school inter-house competitions that happened this term, and I can definitely say that everyone got into the swing of things and showed up to support their house, whether that was by putting on a music performance or having a go at spelling the words provided by Mr Hole.

Out of all the performances that were put on for the music inter-house I think that Cavell deserved to win as they put on amazing performances; not to say that everyone else was terrible. The support that was shown to all of the performers was incredible and it really was special to be part of as everyone in the school supported everyone else even if they weren't in their house. We were able to get a comment from Mr Hall on his opinion of how it went, " I was extremely impressed with the performances during the week, from all ages and abilities. I really hope those performers will be performing at our next event. Secondly, thank you to everyone who supported the performers and came to watch. Concerts are always better with an audience, and make it worthwhile for the performers. There was a feel of genuine pride amongst the houses. Looking forward to the next one, and to the next event at Stalham, the Young Promoters Ubunye gig on 21st March."

We would all like to say a thank you to everybody who competed and helped to make it happen. Dorothy - Year 8

House Names

Total Points



School Calendar for Summer Term April 2019 Tuesday 23rd

School re-opens to all students

Thursday 25th

Year 9 Careers Fair

May 2019

Monday 6th

School Closed – May Bank Holiday

Thursday 9th

Year 8 Parents’ Evening 16:30 – 19:30

Monday 13th

GCSEs Begin

w/c 20th

Student Summit Week

Monday 27th - Friday 31st Summer Half Term Holiday June 2019 Monday 3rd

School re-opens to all students

Tuesday 18th

Final GCSE Exam

Thursday 20th

Sports Day Individual Events

Thursday 20th

Year 7 Parents’ Evening 16:30 – 19:30

Friday 21st

Sports Day

Wednesday 26th

Year 11 leavers’ day

July 2019 Thursday 4th

Year 6 Transition Day

(followed by new parent/tutor afternoon 15:45 – 16:45) Friday 5th w/c 8th

Year 6 Transition Day Student Summit Week

Wednesday 24th

Last day of term 5

Stalham High students tackle world issues: The political and economic situation of Venezuela The country of Venezuela has been under fire recently from many democratic states, in which they have utterly destroyed the economic and the social wellbeing of the individual. The “democratic� states have done this through sanctioning trade to and from Venezuela. This is technically a declaration of war, as sanctions are only imposed upon countries during either a time of political crisis and tyrannical suppression, or war. Since neither of these applies to the democratic state of Venezuela, they are completely uncalled for and one could say that they are denying the humanitarian rights of the people of Venezuela through this action. The government of the USA says that they have done this because Nicolas Maduro is a dictator and a tyrant who rigged the elections and has also sanctioned the state-owned oil company PDVSA, and declared that all options are on the table to replace the present government. Yet many independent observers (including ex-US president Jimmy Carter) have said that the Venezuelan elections are some of the most democratic and fair elections on the planet as they complied with all necessary requirements. The situation in which the country is now was caused by the sanctions placed on them by the U.S.A who pride themselves on freedom, yet have time and time again denied the freedoms of other democratic states due to the state not accepting American influence in the region. To add fuel to the fire, Juan Guaido has been declared interim president of Venezuela on the social media platform Twitter. He is the head of the opposition in the country and has been backed by the U.S.A and a majority of European countries. In response to this, Maduro has said that he will not leave his seat in power and has subsequently accused Guiado of being an American puppet and the Americans of staging a coup against a democratically elected government. The American influence in Venezuela can be 6

traced back to Chávez’s presidency. Chavez was the president of Venezuela from 19992013. During this time, he decreased poverty from 15% to 7%. He also provided healthcare for all and established many social reforms which improved the quality of life for all Venezuelans. He was able to do this, by nationalising the oil industry in Venezuela. Although this could be seen by many as a great improvement for the country, the U.S.A did not like this action. The Obama administration decided to sanction the country. While at the time, these sanctions did not actually harm the country’s economy as whole, it would be the later sanctions which really doom the country to economic destabilization. During Chávez’s presidency, there were repeated assassination attempts and at one time he was even kidnapped. All done by the U.S.A. The recent political and economic situation in Venezuela is just one of many of the neoliberal incriminating acts upon democratic/liberal states within this century. However, the media today blinds the people to these horrific acts, because they want the people to remain poor and ignorant, to prevent any form of revolution. By Henry and Ben

Ski Trip to Val de Femme During the February half term the school went on the ski trip with a school in Bolsover Derbyshire, to Val de femme in Italy. The journey was long and not many of us slept well on the coach but a it was well worth the discomfort.


During the week we skied for five hours for five days. By the end of the week some of our students were going down really difficult slopes! Some of the night activities during the trip included a trip into town, going to an icecream parlour and visiting a pizzeria. At the end of the week we finished with an award ceremony with awards for; romance of the week, wipe-out of the week and the grump of the week. We want to give a massive thanks to Mrs Zeebroek for taking everyone on this amazing trip. Chloe - Year 10


Inter-House Spelling Bee On the inter-house Spelling Bee you could really see that everyone cared and wanted to support their house even if they weren't as good as others at spelling. With Nelson in first place you could see that lots of people turned up as they almost won all of the year groups by having the most points for that day. With such a big gap between 1st and 2nd place, Cavell still persevered and did amazingly with a score of 341 points. Pinsent were so close to 2nd place with a score of 309 points but still had a good try and everyone enjoyed themselves. Fry may have come in last but that doesn't mean that they lacked in community spirit, even if they only got 272 points. Mr Hole commented, “The inter-house rivalry continues and, in February, the focus of competition was the Spelling Bee. Over the course of a week, each year group had a chance to test their spelling skills to accumulate points. With a point for every entry, a point for each correct answer and a bonus three points for getting ten out of ten, there was everything to play for. Monday was for Year 11, Tuesday was for Year 10 and so on. At the end of each day scores were totalled and posted on notice boards so that students could see how their house was doing.� We would like to put out a special thank you to everyone that helped make the interhouse Spelling Bee happen. Dorothy - Year 8

House Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 total Position Year group winners 9

After school clubs In Stalham High school there are a lot of after school clubs that are there to help and support you throughout your time at Stalham. Geography On Monday lunch time and after school (3-4) there is a revision session for Geography which is open to Years 10 and 11.

The maths department offers an after school maths support group on Tuesdays from 3pm to 4pm. The sessions take place in rooms 22 and 23. It is open to any Year 10 or Year 11 student. Music



Lunch time 13.30-13.55 Rock group

Tuesday Wednesday

Young Promoters GCSE Drop-in

GCSE Drop-in

Catch up sessions ( pre-arranged) 15.05-16.00




Vocal Group 1330-1355 Jam sessions

Science There are science revision sessions for Year 11s - Wednesdays afterschool (3 - 4pm in the Library), and Thursday lunchtimes (in Room 10). Art There is an after school art club in room 30 with Mrs Walker. It’s on from 3-4:30 for Years 9,10,and 11 (not on SMSC days, parents evening and activity weeks). There is also a lunchtime art club on every lunch time in room 30 for all years (depends on meetings)


French The French department offers a revision lesson on Tuesday lunch times Library Monday

Lego Club.


Stop/Motion Animation.


Carnegie shadowers –read and discuss the books nominated for the 2019 CILIP Carnegie medal.


Colouring, art and craft.


Film Club. If you want to know what the film will be go, to the library and ask Mrs Schofield.

GCSE Update - Year 11 With exams getting ever closer, Year 11 have thrown themselves into their revision with an admirable work ethic. Students have streamed videos on the GCSE Pod website over 6,600 times since September, displaying real commitment to their studies. Students are involved in revision sessions for English, Maths & Science each morning as well as attending revision assemblies which give them guidance on how to best manage the exam season this summer. Many students have been attending revision sessions after school which staff have kindly provided. Overall it appears that Year 11 are preparing themselves for success and are showing maturity in their studies. Year 11 students recently received their final school report which included details of study leave (from Friday 14th June) and Leavers' Day (Wednesday 26th June). These events, along with the prom, will serve as milestones in their final days at Stalham High School but until then, there's more hard work to be done! Keep going Year 11, we know you're going to make the whole school community very proud.

Mr P. Norris


Puzzle pages!!!!!!!


1. To seem optimistic in attitude. 3. To challenge yourself. 4. To be able to notice the world around you. 5. To stick at something even if it’s hard. 6. To be imaginative. 7. To take into thought or consideration. 12

Down 1. To stick at something even if its hard. 2. To support and/or comfort someone.

How to Play Sudoku. The objective is to fill a 9x9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3x3 boxes (also called blocks or regions) contains the digits from 1 to 9. A cell is the smallest block in the game. A row , column and region consists of 9 cells and the whole game consists of 81 cells. 13

Employability Employability is a new course that we are doing at school in Year 11. Employability is part of the ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) Scheme. We have to produce a portfolio of work. The most exciting part is making raised beds for school. We have written to many Parish Councils and other places, such as Bakers Building Merchants, along with other gardening centres. We have had replies from most of the Councils. Although they haven’t been able to help us, it has led to many useful contacts. Mrs Jackson has given us lots of seeds, The Clan Trust has given us a donation of money and Bakers have donated planter netting and lots of screws. Mrs Snell is going to a meeting of Stalham Horticultural Society soon and we are hoping for some plants from them. Mr Dove, our partner in crime, is helping us to set it up. One of the exciting things we have done is to take down the fence outside the Science block. Did you notice it had gone?! We had a fun afternoon with hammers and shovels. Don’t worry we were careful!! Another afternoon was spent exploring the old brick-laying sheds to sort out wheelbarrows for us to use to fill the boxes outside the Tennis Courts so that we can plant them with herbs. We found one ‘good’ barrow and another that has been mended for us to use. The latest thing we did was start to fill up the boxes near the tennis court. It was a struggle to get it in but we managed to do as much as we could. Our only problem was most of the soil is a mix of top soil and clay. We put the clay in the bottom of the box to hold the water and top soil over it for the herbs to grow in. The wood is ready to make big raised beds, which will be situated beside the gardening shed near the football patch. We have enjoyed doing the course especially the practical side. Katelyn, Ria, Nathan and Jason.




Modelling a Cell 7L produced some amazing homework on their “modelling a cell� and they all exceeded expectations and they should all be very proud. Small plant cell cake: Thomas Medium plant cell cake: Eve Large plant cell cake: Nick

Melon cell- Milly Pink animal cell- Oliver Multiple specialised cells in a box: Kayleigh Dog model to show internal animal cell: William


Sports Round Up Handball Stalham High were lucky enough this year to host the North Norfolk Handball qualifiers. The competition was U13 which meant students from Year 7 and 8 made up the squads. The Girls’ competition was first, followed by the Boys’. Both squads qualified for the regional finals. The finals were held at the UEA and run by the Norfolk Sports Partnership. The top school from each of the eight partnerships were present, for both boys and girls. Both teams faced some fierce competition. Final result: Girls - 3rd Boys - 8th Such an awesome achievement for our students! Basketball The girls’ Basketball season is in full swing. A slightly smaller squad than last year, but they have already made improvements from last season. Last season, they only won one of their six games. We have only played three games to date, and the girls are two wins and one loss. The girls have really listened to the advice they have been given in lesson, training and matches. More to be reported in the next issue. Football The football season has kicked off again after our Winter break due to the lack of light. The U14 boys have a heavy fixture schedule this part of the season in comparison with the U16. Both Stalham teams are currently in contention for the league trophy, with the U14 undefeated and the U16 only losing one game. More games to follow until we break up for Easter. You can find all match reports on the PE departments Instagram and Twitter feeds Instagram - StalhamPE Twitter - @PeStalham Dodgeball The U16 boys travelled to Aylsham in March to take part in the annual Dodgeball competition. The boys ‘dodged, dipped, ducked and dived’ themselves around court, to gain an advantage over the other schools involved. The boys were lucky enough to be introduced to the five ball game by one of the England ladies coaches. Look out in wet weather lessons for this new version of Dodgeball. Mrs Zeebrock


Extra Curriculam Timetable until July for PE Please note, for most clubs you will need to bring your PE kit, if you’re unsure ask the teacher in charge of the session.




After school

1.20– 1.55

3.05 – 4.05 Football (NCFC)

Monday Tuesday

Multi Sports (CZ)


(NCFC invite only) Rounders (CZ) Sports Halls Football Club (NCFC)

Thursday Friday

Sports halls Girls Football

Field and Astro GCSE Revision (CZ) Room 10


Warhammer 40k It is the 41st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor of Mankind has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. He is the master of mankind by the will of the gods and master of a million worlds by the might of his inexhaustible armies. He is the Carrion Lord of the vast Imperium of Man for whom a thousand souls are sacrificed every day so that He may never truly die. To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruellest and most bloody regime imaginable. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war.

Thursday lunchtimes in the library 20

Shoe Box Books Mrs Wells had the Year 7’s make their favourite book come to life by using a shoe box each . Personally I think that they all came out smashingly, and everyone involved should be very proud of their achievements. Some of the books used were Titanic, Charlotte’s Web, Fantastic Mr Fox and A Witch in Winter. But don’t forget there were many more as each one was so different and unique. Ellie - Year 8


A MATter of Choice; Cromer Junior Joins NNAT It has been said that destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for but a thing to be achieved and, by the time you read this, the wheels of academy trust conversion will have been turning for Cromer Junior School for more than 2 months towards its new destination. The wonderful thing is, that the governing body, staff and parents of this excellent Junior have chosen to hitch their plans for development and success to our Multi Academy Trust; the NNAT. This takes the North Norfolk Academy Trust to 5 successful schools whose ethos is firmly founded in a local identity, local knowledge, and local leadership and governance. In order to further improve student progress and educational outcomes, to build on the common approach to curriculum development and assessment across the schools, to increase curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, to improve staff recruitment, to share economies of scale, and to weather-proof themselves against the vagaries of governmental ‘policy’, Cromer has chosen to shape its own future through keeping its autonomy within the supportive framework and family of the NNAT. In the truest sense of the Latin origin of the word ‘destiny’, they have made firm and established their direction, and they are most welcome to our trust; a happy partnership of Stalham, Sheringham, Cromer, Gresham Village and Antingham.

North Norfolk Academy Trust Update Benjamin Franklin said that, 'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest'. The American polymath and one of the founding fathers of the United States, this author, printer, political theorist, politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor of bifocals, stoves and lightning rods, humourist, civic activist, statesman and diplomat knew what he was on about! Once again, The Stalham Explorer celebrates the huge variety of activities we organise and deliver within and outside the curriculum. Stalham High invests time, money and effort in the learning experience for all students. No talent is neglected if we can help it. This edition covers sport, music, English, trips, inter-house competitions, afterschool clubs, employability and books. Why? Because we firmly believe, like Franklin, that each student deserves to be offered opportunities from all aspects of learning to become a truly ‘renaissance’ human being so that he or she can draw on a complex and varied body of knowledge to solve specific problems and issues in the real world. I hope you enjoy our latest edition. Dr Richardson - Executive Headteacher 22

Reepham Astronomy Trip Our friends over at Reepham High School are fortunate enough to have a full scale observatory on their grounds as a partnership with Norwich Astronomy Club. A group of our Year 11 students paid them a visit and attended a lecture on the workings of an agora scope - a special kind of viewing which works by using diffraction to produce magnification. The night was fairly clear so, after the lecture, several of our students were able to use the on-site Newtonian telescope to observe some constellations, while others were able to use some high powered binoculars to identify the Andromeda cluster and the Seven Sisters. Many thanks to Mr Marshall for accompanying the group - and look out for the final astronomy trip of the year in April - there is a trip going Norwich Astronomical Society at Seething and this will again be a FREE trip. See Mr Hole for details as places will be limited.

By Mr Hole

Cross Country On the 15th of January 2019 four students from Stalham High School competed at North Walsham High School in the regional cross country race. In the race there were eight schools who entered with a maximum of fifty performers from each school. From Stalham High we had one Year seven boy compete, two Year eight girls and one Year eleven boy. All together they did really well and made the school proud. The entire racecourse was very long but everyone who represented our school in the race completed this hard course and were directed round by North Walsham’s friendly students. After the race we were all exhausted and needing energy boosters but thankfully we all brought our lunches. After five minutes of rest we were taken back to Stalham on the mini bus. To qualify for the next round - Norfolk team qualifiers- a top twelve place was required. Robbie, Year 11, qualified for the next round! Dorothy - Year 8 23

Sixth Form Induction Day - 27th June 2019


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Stalham Explorer Spring 2019 Issue 2  

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Stalham Explorer Spring 2019 Issue 2  

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