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Stalham Explorer Issue #4

Local Fundraiser

Autumn 2019

Tempest Trip

Life at University

Burger Dilemma


Flour Babies




Student Welcome All of the Stalham Explore Editorial Team are very grateful for everyone's help and support in this issue. Unfortunately this term we haven't had much time to get everything in, but we promise that we will include everything that we missed in the next issue. Good luck for the rest of the year everyone.

Stalham Explorer Editors: Ellie, Alex, Dorothy, Maggie, Chloe Page 2 Exploring Fresh Horizons Page 3 Life at university Page 4 Tipping Point & Local Fundraising Page 5 Miss Adams Flour Babies Page 6 Puzzle page Page 7 Observation Trip & Biology Business Page 8&9 Extra Curriculum Activities and SMSC Day Page 10 Tempest Performance Page 11 Year 10 MacBeth Trip & Brilliant Club 2020 Page 12 Stalham Burger Dilemma Page 13 GCSE Mocks Page 14 New Science labs & Cyberstart Page 15 Stalham Careers Focus Page 16 Eco-friendly Houses & Chemis-Tree Exploring Fresh Horizons This edition of the Explorer highlights many things about the students of Stalham High and the opportunities they have here; they are looking to broaden their horizons! Whether they are taking care of their flour-bag ‘offspring’, campaigning for a fresh look at the environment, meeting new people, saving lives, raising money for charity, going to the theatre or planning for university, they are always looking forward and striving upward. This new school year has brought a record number of Year 7s to the school; over 100. This lively cohort are from inside and outside our catchment, showing just how attractive Stalham High is becoming. Our Open Evening this term turned into TWO


sittings as there were so many wanting to be part of the Stalham experience! Our Year 11 Parents’ Evening was packed out as students and parents planned for the great assault on the GCSEs. We also started the new year having spent over £250,000 on new Science labs to further enrich and enliven learning. In short, the atmosphere here is buzzing and has a focus few schools have. So, enjoy this early new year edition even though you’ll have to wait for the great articles and pictures from the Great Stalham High Charities Week which just misses this edition. Read our next edition for those! Dr A Richardson (Exec Headteacher)

Life at University At the end of the summer term 2019 the Stalham Explorer was able to interview and talk to a previous Stalham High student named Abi who is currently in her second year at Lancaster University studying social work. In our interview we were able to talk to her about what she did for A levels, what she did in her gap years, what she is doing in university now and any advice she would give for current year 11. For A level she did biology, history, geography and English for one year. In her first gap year she went to Bolivia, South America to work with the children there and look after them as their parents had to work. At the end of her time there she went to work in a church and reclaimed her faith as a Christian.

In her second year she worked in a refugee camp, and she liked helping people there, but wanted to help more with the law side of their problems. In university she is doing work experience as a social worker in her first and last year. Bits of her job in university are hard emotionally which is increased by her studies because there are lots of lectures and essays but she still likes being there as there is a lot of socialising, there is no one to tell them what to do, you get to live with friends, and there is lots of free time and club activities. The main advice she said to give to year 11s is “to only do subjects that you enjoy as it is easier to do than subjects that you don’t; don’t just do something because all of your friends are doing it, try new things and most of all only go to university if you know that you need to as there are lots of different options apart from university but don’t worry about financial issues”.

Ellie, Alex and Dorothy Year 9


The Tipping Point The earth is heading towards a tipping point, a point of no return that unless we do something there is no way to come back to how the earth looks today. The last tipping point was at the end of the ice age. This tipping point warmed up the earth, ending the ice age. However, the Earth now is already warm and if we reach a tipping point, we can’t go back and the earth will suddenly warm up causing many places on earth to be inhabitable. This along with the rate of population growth will cause most countries that people can still live in to become very overcrowded. With the people cutting down rainforests, the things that help prevent climate change, and still making more and more carbon dioxide, we are doing enough to edge the earth towards a new tipping point. There have however been several other tipping points in earth’s history. These include The 5 mass extinctions: 65 million, 200 million, 250 million, 360 million and 440 million years ago. The dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago, the most recent of the mass extinctions. Alex Year 9

Local Fundraiser For charities In the evening of the 13th of November I organised a fundraiser to help raise money for Cancer Research UK and Alzheimer’s Society. To do this I held a range of stalls in the local Poppy Centre in Stalham to create a mini fair that had a fudge stand, lucky dip, raffle, cake stall among others. In total, I managed to raise £300 and £150 each is being donated to Cancer Research and Alzheimer’s Disease. Thanks to everyone who came and helped at the fundraiser and the support the rest of the community showed. I would personally like to thank everyone who took part in this and I am very happy with the amount that I managed to raise with my group. Ellie Year 9


Flour Babies Group

In the last lesson of 2019 summer term the Year 9s and 11s were given flour babies to look after during the summer break. During the summer holidays they had to fill out the prepared book that contained parental projects like a birth certificate with a portrait of their flour baby, basic needs revision and a task sheet. On the first day of term the participating students had to bring their flour babies back to room 7 and drop them off in nursery (with Miss Adams). For the first five days of term they also had to take their flour baby back home with them at 3pm and fill out a diary of their evening together and then the next day they had to drop their flour baby back of at nursery the next morning before form. At the end of the project the participating students got to take their flour babies home. This project wasn't necessary for the content of the child development course but there are similar projects that are run in collages around the UK. Miss Adams said that “ it teaches responsibility through the time with the flour babies” and that “it is a great experience and helps loads with revision and observation as it is a practical side of child development that isn't seen often”. Ellie and Dorothy Year 9 and Maggie Year 7.


Puzzle Page


Observatory Trip Students visited the Seething Observatory with Miss Adams and Mr Hole on November 28th. Students listened to a lecture by professional astronomers from the Norwich Astronomical Society about planetary motion and universe formation, followed by a tour of the "Genesis Dome" where they got to observe a star nursery with the 14" Meade LX200 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope!

Biology Business! These great images are from the results of the Year 10 Triple Science Biology class' Required Practical- "Testing the effect of disinfectants and anti-fungal agents on microbial growth". These results were particularly impressive. Students were able to inoculate plates with Yeast and obtain reliable results from a disk-diffusion investigation without any contamination. The results seen here in the photos are two examples of student practical work. You can see the obvious "halo" of dead Yeast around the outside of the disk that contained anti-fungal Dettol and no dead yeast around the disk that contained antibiotics. This demonstrated to students how anti-microbial agents are selective to certain species of microbes! Serious science stuff is going on in the new labs!


Extra Curric Monday


Rock group Room 15—1.30pm Lego Library—1.20pm

Cambridge Nationals support Y11 - Room 17—1.30pm Music GCSE Drop-in Y11— Room 1 Child Development Coursework catch-up Y10&11—Room 31 Wk2 Citizenship Studies Y11 Room 10—1.20pm Card and Board games Library

Mayday Fre dents Y7-9 - Room Art, Craft an Library

Music Theory Club Y11 - Rm 15 Hacking Cyber Security Club Y9-11 - Rm 21

Extra Maths Y10-11—Room 22—3-4pm

Homework The Quay Lego Roboti Room 8

Lunch time

After school

SMSC Day Autumn 2019

On the 15th November the school had its first SMSC day of the year. During the day the Year 7’s upcoming charity week, the Year 10’s did Health and Wellbeing and the Year 11’s did their GCSE

The Year 7’s explored anti-bullying through out the day with the help of Mr Hall, Mr Hunte, all of year 7’s did a sport activity to help improve teamwork through out the year and they were helpe

The Year 8’s did First Aid with the help of Mr Hole and visitor first responders and they learnt ab recovery position in the Library.

Year 8 spent the day with the local community First Responder Tea course, a full practical course in First Aid. During the day, students where these are located), and how to treat burns, bleeding, faintin meningitis, broken bones and dislocations.

The Year 9’s learnt about finance with the help of Mr Messenger, M manage finance, how we are affected by advertisements as well as the end of the day they were helped by multiple teachers in planni


The Year 10’s did Health and Wellbeing, which included mindfulness, cancer, fitness, diet and th were help throughout the day by different teachers including Miss Zeebrook. Year 10 SMSC day Bridges. The Science lab was transformed into a relaxing, calm environment using candles, mats mindfulness activities including "Chocolate Meditation"! Sounds like the new name for a Cadbur

The Year 11’s did half of the day with their Humanity Teachers of Geography or History for GCSE Ellie, Alex and Dorothy Year 9, Maggie Year 7, Brooke Year 10 8

cular Activities Wednesday

ench Support for KS3 Stu-

m3/2—1.20pm nd Colouring


tics Club


Thursday Pop Choir Y7&8 - Rm 15—1.30pm Flunch French lunch/conversation Y10&11—Rm 3—1.20pm Warhammer Library

Jam sessions Rm 15-1.30pm Cambridge National Support Y11—Rm 17—1.20pm Film Club Library

GCSE History Y11—Room 9 Multi-sports Sports Hall—3.00-4.00 Vocal Group 3.00pm - 4.00pm

Quoi de 9 French Revision and Support for GCSE students Room 3

did anti-bullying, the year 8’s did First Aid, the Year 9’s did finance and planning for the E humanities topic and English.

f the staff from the LSU as well as a visitor policeman called Tom. During first period, all of the ed by Mr McMahon.

bout seizures, burns, choking, CPR, wounds, allergic reactions, how to bandage wounds and the

am, learning about emergency management, when and why to call for an ambulance and, of learned how to assess a situation, how to perform CPR, how to use a defibrillator (as well as ng, shock, choking and also how to recognise conditions such as stroke, diabetic problems,

Mrs Walton and Mrs Galloway and in it they learnt about how to s how we can spot scams and frauds to help protect our money. At ing house projects for the charity week that starts on the 2nd

hen summarising what they had learnt throughout the day. They included a great Mindfulness session with Miss Adams and Miss s, cushions and meditation music. Students engaged in three ry’s Whispa!

E, and the other half of the day with an English teacher on their GCSE topics of study. 9

The Tempest performance On Thursday 17th October Mr Hole took some of our students to see The Tempest at the Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich. Below are two reviews from students that went to go and see the play:

“The theatre was rather small with two levels in total and the cast used the space as a whole rather well. The actors seemed devoted to the characters and none of them underacted, in fact it was rather funny in places and brought a new outlook to some of the characters. One of the highlights was the Trinculo hiding from on coming storm, where he stumbles upon Caliban. Their interpretation of the tempest (the storm at the beginning of the play) had Ariel in it showing that he caused it and was causing havoc around the island in later scenes. The use of effects was well presented too, since you would see the cast using props on stage to create sound effects. They also had ambient lighting which was used really well and showed the emotions in the scenes in a much better way than if it stayed in the same height throughout the whole play.” “ The Sewell Barn Theatre is very small but the play was amazing. It had different levels and entrances that made you wonder where the next character would come from. The actors made the play enjoyable and amusing. Ferdinand and Miranda made their relationship seem as if it were real. The way Ariel was represented was incredible, it really showed that she was the cause of the Tempest, not some storm, also the way they used props to make sounds was amazing, the sound did scare me a few times as with others I’m sure. The play made me understand the story more as I joined the school when we were halfway through studying The Tempest. I didn't know the whole story so they helped me understand the plot more.”


Year 10 theatre trip – Macbeth at Norwich Theatre Royal

Just before half term, the English Department organised two trips out to see live theatre productions. Our Year 10 students are studying the notorious Scottish play, Macbeth, for GCSE Literature, and the production at Norwich Theatre Royal didn’t disappoint! Full of thundering rock music, in a modern setting with a lot of impressive lighting effects, the play was brought to life and gave our students plenty to think about. Mr Hole and Mrs Clover

Brilliant Club 2020 After four successive years of some superb work with the Scholar’s Programme offered by the educational charity The Brilliant Club, we are ready to begin recruiting students from Year 9 and Year 10 to participate again early next year. We will be going to Downing College at Cambridge University for our launch trip and then will be working through the spring term as usual until we have our graduation at UEA in May. More details in the next issue of the Stalham Explorer! Mr Hole


The Stalham Burger Dilemma During my brief time at Stalham High, I have had the privilege of working with outstanding staff and enthusiastic, welcoming students. The school clearly has many strengths including engaging teaching and learning, a strong ethos and a range of interesting and extremely polite young people across all year groups. It really has been a pleasure to work at Stalham this term, and I look forward to the rest of the year. However, I want to mention one aspect of the school that has also impressed me greatly. The food. The glorious, glorious food I get to sample on a weekly basis. Please understand, in some previous schools my experience of canteen food has been below average at best. I will consume it, but I will not be particularly happy about it. At its worst, I have sworn to eat my own socks at the end of a long day rather than eat the absolute drivel presented to me as ‘food’ from the school canteen. The food at Stalham High is superb. I want to focus on two particular culinary delights. The pork and apple burger, and the cheeseburger. Two titans of the menu and two reasons to flock to the canteen at break and lunch. I first sampled the pork and apple burger at lunch. I was tempted by the main course, but went with my instincts and asked for the burger. First, it was delicately wrapped and pleasantly warm. The smell was incredible but that was nothing compared to the first bite. The bun was soft and ever so slightly flaky. The meat was tender and almost melted in my mouth. Then came the taste. The pork and apple complimented each other superbly and it was seasoned to perfection. Before I knew it, I had finished the burger. It left a lovely aftertaste yet also a feeling of mild depression that it was all over. Overall I give it 9/10. It loses one point for not being double the size. Today I decided to try the cheeseburger at break. If the pork and apple burger is a precision sports car, the cheeseburger is a tough 4x4 truck with enough power to climb Everest. The bun was slightly more rugged with a great texture. It was meaty, it was tasty and it made me happy to be alive. Simple food, but my word – the melted cheese and the beef patty would give The Krusty Krab a run for its money. When it was finished, I had to sit down and catch my breath. There was no way I could have eaten any more. Fully satisfying. I also give it a 9/10. It loses a point for not having a rasher of crisp bacon in there as well. Overall, I absolutely love the food at Stalham High. I fully expect to put on a significant amount of weight over the year, but it will be worth it. Bon appetite!

Mr B Phillips – Assistant Head


GCSE Mocks We will be providing an opportunity for Year 11 students to experience the demands of GCSE examinations in a formal setting during our mock exams period, commencing on Monday 13th January. Students will sit full or part examinations in the conditions that they can expect for the summer exam season. Access arrangements will be made for those students that are entitled to them and the invigilation staff that will monitor the real exams will also be present. Our goal is to create a realistic examination environment in order to provide familiarity for students and also to track progress made in their studies. Teachers will also discuss revision strategies and approaches for their subject in lessons preceding the mocks.

Please discuss these exams with your child and consider approaches to revision with him/her. The GCSE Pod link on our school website is a great place to start. For exams taking place over periods 1 & 2, students should arrive in the refectory 15 minutes prior to the start of the examination. For exams taking place after break/lunch time, students should report directly to the main hall/examination room. Students should ensure that they bring all necessary equipment in a clear pencil case to prevent delays and disruption during the examination. To ensure a realistic rehearsal of examination conditions, we will insist that formal public examination rules are followed. Mobile phones and smart watches will need to be handed in for secure storage. Water bottles are allowed as long as the label is removed and students must ensure that they do not communicate with each other in any way during the examinations. We encourage all students to see these mock exams as an important step in their preparation for the real thing in the summer and to approach teaching staff if they have any queries or concerns. Paul Norris Assistant Headteacher: Director of Teaching & Learning


New Science Labs During the summer holidays the site team, business management team and a great team of contractors worked all day, every day to get two science labs and the prep room completely transformed. With the help of a CIF (Condition Improvement Fund) grant, the Trust was able to transform the remaining two labs into a fantastic work space for Stalham High students. Students love the new labs and new parents also were wowed by the facilities. One said, at Year 6 Open Evening, “I would love to come back to school again if these are the facilities…I work in industry and these facilities are as good as any in the world of work!”

Cyberstart Mr Hole has opened up a new club this term and it is on a Monday after school until 4pm. This club (so far) includes only 4 people and we all enjoy it very much. The club is called Cyber Security. In the club we solve problems to uncover mysterious hackers and stop them from doing any more damage. This consists of doing different challenges that are parts of different levels. As you go on further into the different levels the problems to solve get more difficult. Recently CyberStart Game has started and it has different bases, inside the bases are different levels, that contain different rooms. This lasts until May 2020, and we will update you when we have reached that point.

Ellie and Alex, Year 9 and Maggie Year 7


Stalham Careers Focus It is never too early to start thinking about careers, and at Stalham High we like to give students a flavour of the many and varied options in the real world which relate to the subjects they study in school. This year our departments have set about creating excellent displays all over the School, like the one below by the Modern Foreign Languages department, which are real eye-openers and outline how the skills learned in languages can get you many sorts of different jobs!


Eco-friendly Houses In Year 8 Geography with Miss Barrell we have been finding ways to make houses more eco-friendly . We have done this by being set a challenge where we have to guess the pricing of a variety of housing products. This was great fun. We then had to create a model or a design for an eco-friendly house with this information. We have been exploring different styles of houses around the world, and discovering how to make them more eco -friendly as houses are responsible for 1/3 of the planet’s CO2 pollution and exploring how our growing cities can be built with better houses is a big challenge currently facing the planet. One of the houses created by Kaed and William was based on a Minecraft economical house, and this was turned into a movie. This was absolutely fantastic from the boys! Others like Lacey and her group did an amazing poster with lots of information. Lucy’s model house was truly outstanding, being creative as well as eco – friendly. We have all enjoyed this and learnt the key points on sustainability; trying to have something that fits into Social, Economic and Environmental sustainability. This will all help us if we choose to study Geography at GCSE. Millie, Emily, Lucy – 8 H



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