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Curriculum Vitae

Shruti Jalodia Education

5+ 1 years

Masters in Advanced Architecture | 2018

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC) Barcelona, Spain

Focuses: - Material science - Graphene. - Digital fabrication using CNC milling, Laser, 3D printing, Robotic Arm. - Automated Urban Farming. - Computational Design with grasshopper: Kangaroo physics simulation, Karamaba Structural analysis, LadyBug environmental analysis, OWL machine learning. - Physical computing using Arduino, Processing, Unity.


Architecture Design, Building Construction, Building Management, Form Space and Public Behavior, Theory of Structural mechanics.

4 years

Assistant Tutor | 2018 Global Summer School 2018 (IaaC) | Barcelona Physical Computing focused on Tangible Interfaces, Lighting design, Soundscape design.

Freelance Architect | 2016- 2017 Gurgaon, India Concept development, on-Site execution, Client interaction.

Abaxial Architects | 2013-2016 New Delhi, India. Concept development, Construction drawings, on-Site execution, Client interaction.

Bachelor of Architecture | 2013 School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

+34-602848757 +919968002339

MindSpace Architects | 2012 Internship, Bangalore, India Concept development, Construction drawings, Model making.

About Author



Shruti Jalodia is an architect and researcher who is interested in creating meaningful and engaging ways to explore human-centered environmentally responsible design. Her methods welcome complexity and encompass computational design, material science, physical computing and data-driven strategies.

Best Project, Digital Matter Award Masters of Advanced Architecture IaaC | 2018

AutoCAD Sketchup Rhino Grasshopper

She is interested in learning from nature, it’s processes, behaviour, and patterns, and further exploring how these can help in designing our built environment.

Finalist - Science Centre Design Spotlight- IIT, Rookee | 2009 Second Position - Expressions Photography - SPA, Delhi | 2011

Registration Registered Architect under Council of Architecture, India, 2014

Languages English - Fluent Hindi - Native

Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Sketchbook Final Cut Pro X Premier Pro

Skills Functional Prototyping Model making Pencil & Charcoal Sketching Watercolor painting Pen and ink rendering

Shruti Jalodia_Résumé  
Shruti Jalodia_Résumé