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About 3dot Technologies ďƒ˜



Training Institute in Pune is pioneer in training Institutes providing various professional training courses for various technologies. Institute is constituted by proficient professionals and experts. We are working on technological domains as a centre for education to give a comprehensive and finest learning experience in various technologies. We provide cost effective training to individual and organization, consulting services to individuals in various fields like Web Designing & Development ,C,C++,Dot Net, Java ,Spoken English & Foreign Language and much more.

Web Designing Definition- Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites


Important element of Web Designing

There are 3 important element

1. Colors and tone of website 2. Use of Graphics 3. Quality of contents

Software Uses

There are 3 software uses in web design

1. Wix- Wix has over 500 designs covering a broad range of industries.This have many templates. 2. Squarespace- Designs looks really professional and polished. There designs are updated 3. Weebly- Weebly doesn’t have as many templates as Wix, and their designs are not as updated as Squarespace’s (but they’re getting closer), but they’ve really come a long way in improving their collection. They have some pretty good ones, and you can expect even better ones to come in the near future.



There are 3 imp factors

1.Simplicity- It is not imp to complicated the website interface, access, color to information. 2. Accuracy- Common and effective practice is to try to publish such content as possible on the main or home page. 3. Density- Website over the time.



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Easy to use Professionally Design 24/7 dedicated support team Affordable pricing All technical maintence work is taken care of for you.



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First impression Higher search engine ranking Challenge your competition Generate more revenue Extended word of month Greater and quick access


Why we chose 3dot technologies For Web Design? 3DOT Technologies Training services in pune has strong network of experienced real time MNC working professionals and cost effective course fee using a state-of-art training facilities available with our network of training institutes in pune. Our students learn the training courses in practical manner to get placement immediately after course completion. each training programs, helps every student to achieve their goal. We give more practice and exercise to our students equip their knowledge in practical manner.

3Dot Technologies

Web Designing Courses in Pune |Web designing Classes in Pune | 3DOT Technologies  

3dot technologies is one of the top institutes in pune who provides a web design and development course with 100% job Assistance. Our well t...

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