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Issue 27

May 2008

Contacts: Shropshire Autonomy Group

Another fun evening at The Globe! We again enjoyed the folk evening at The Globe on April 2nd. Eric brought along ‘Audrey’, his accordion, and played along with the musicians.

Sara Heath and

Eric Heath or autonomyshropshire @

Sara is happy to chat with our members. Just email

autonomy shropshire@yahoo.

or phone 01743 Meet 821363 for Many thanks to Andy for his interesting list of people with ‘diff’abilities in the March newsletter. Many people commented on it and enjoyed it. I know the article was read as far afield as Suffolk!


Wednesday May 14th 7.307.45pm AMF Bowling, Shrewsbury £5.45 each.

Bring money for the bowling game and for drinks afterwards.

Pub Social

01743 821363

Need to talk?

Social Events

We all played the drum and tambourines, and Danny’s rather interesting seed pod! It was good to see everyone having fun being part of The Globe community. We had lovely crisps and sandwiches to eat and good company too. We will return to The Globe in June.

Shrewsbury Tuesday May 27th from 7.30 pm at the Loggerheads, Shrewsbury.

Meet in the lounge bar – we hope to use one of their small rooms.

Pub Folk Social

Shrewsbury Town Centre Wednesday June 11th 2008 at the Globe pub, Coleham Head Social from 7.30pm. Folk music from 9pm.

Pub Social

Shrewsbury Tuesday June 24th from 7.30 pm at the Red Barn, Longden Road, Shrewsbury. Meet in the lounge bar. Chips available for £1.00 per person. .

April 2nd 2008 was United Nations World Autism Awareness Day. Local autism support groups celebrated in the Square in Shrewsbury. Thanks to Danny, Jamie, Tim and Mark for helping on the day and promoting the group. Many thanks to Nicky Clark for organising the event.

NEW! Coffee/Tea afternoon socials Saturday May 3rd 1pm-3pm Saturday May 31st 1pm-3pm Saturday June 28th 1pm-3pm All coffee/tea socials will be held at The Crypt at The Hole in the Wall, Market St, Shrewsbury. Coffee/tea around 79p a cup.

New Saturday coffee social Shrewsbury Mark P and Sara met in town to find: a) a good place for Autonomy members to meet for a coffee or tea and a chat. b) probably the cheapest tea/coffee in Shrewsbury. Mark found both in the Crypt at the Hole in the Wall on Market Street! As a result Autonomy will now have a monthly daytime social meeting there – useful for those who have little transport and wish to travel in daylight. Please see Social Events section for more information. Many thanks to Mark P.

Autonomy update Please read and respond to the attached Proposal for Autonomy. This will enable us to become a formal group and ensure future, secure funding for our essential work.

Employment Many people with AS find it difficult to obtain and retain employment. If you wish to work then you may need extra help. Design by Steve Coburn Some of our members have contacted ASpire which can offer employment training and help with obtaining work placements. It recently helped one of our members to become employed. Aspire is run through Autism.West Midlands and funded by Jobcentre Plus. For more information visit:


You can also phone Simon Fraser or Emma Hegenbath on the Enable number 01743 276900 or phone ASpire on 0121 244 7844 for more details. You can be referred to ASpire through your Jobcentreplus Disability Employment Adviser in Shrewsbury or Telford. Other ways to get work! Donna Williams is a well known autistic speaker and writer. Her international website

guides people with autism and AS into self employment. It is global but does have UK entries and is easy to navigate. has an:

“entrepreneurial/selfemployment/work-seeking part where people formally diagnosed on the autism spectrum can list their own goods, skills and services, seek autism friendly employment or seek work partners and also where employers and consumers can find people on the autism spectrum to employ or buy from.”

Shropshire Autism Conference July 11th 2008

Autism.Westmidlands, local parent support groups and Autonomy have worked together to arrange a local autism conference. A copy of the brochure is enclosed with this newsletter. The main speakers will be Autonomy members, Danny and Eric. Danny is talking about Self Esteem and Eric is talking about Transition. Tickets for the conference are only £5.00 (including lunch) from Ian Carty on 0121 450 7576 or contact: uk

Autonomy will have a display with art, poetry photos and music at the conference. Please contact Sara or Eric if you want to show your work in our exhibition.


Shrewsbury Tuesday June 24th from 7.30 pm at the Red Barn, Longden Road, Shrewsbury. We again enjoyed the folk evening at The Globe on April...


Shrewsbury Tuesday June 24th from 7.30 pm at the Red Barn, Longden Road, Shrewsbury. We again enjoyed the folk evening at The Globe on April...