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This was a logo design development for a friend of mine who’s a DJ and his nick name is The Frog.

These were the final designs and the bottom one is now his official logo.

Another logo design development for a promotion arganisation which throws club parties in Slovenia. Their name is SMASH !T so it had to be a ‘smashing’ logo.

This was attempting to be their final decision for the logo, but after a week or so they decided they wanted something else. Typical.

Finally we came everybody loved it.




Another logo design development for a promotion team in which I am taking part as well. We organise club gigs mostly promoting young Slovene DJ talents and trying our best to bring some international DJs to the club as well. The bottom logo is the final sketched out design which needs to be generated and vectorised.

This was a sudden idea I got when I found a dried orange peel in my bedrom. I decided to make type out of a fresh peel and leave it to dry. It even smelled nice.

Above there’s a couple of reinvented public symbols which i made during the ‘Pairs of words’ brief. I tried to be slightly humorous. At the bottom there’s a scan of teabags which I wanted to try and do because they looked so nicely stacked in my kitchen. On the opposite page i made prints with only teabags. It’s the actual tea which coloured it that way.

These are sketches of a product called ‘Noni’ which my mum wants to start distributing from Costarica. She asked me to rebrand it and I’m still working on it.

Theese are ideas for a logo of the same Noni product,

I made this flyer for one of the techno club parties back in Slovenia. Unfortunatelly I wasn’t able to attend it because of the big distance. Hopefully next time.

This is an example of the VIP cardss DJs and promoters had around their neck.

On the opposite page there’s another flyer I made for an event which I will be able to atend because it’s this Fiday. I’m excited.

Anotehr flyer for our Tehnorija Team. Unfortunately the printers we usually send theese off to had some problems and we couldn’t get them printed out on time.

A little something I contributed to the ‘Hand made and bound’ group. The inspiration came from the quote used while looking for different fonts.

PERSONAL EVALUATION I think I am quite active besides doing only university briefs. I started using Photoshop two years ago and since then I love designing flyers for events and people randomly come up with the idea they would like me to design them a logo. It’s also good because Slovenia is such a small country and as soon as you know the right people the word spreads, so I’m pretty sure I won’t get out of business quite soon. I want to work more on my own illustratons because with all the computer designing I slightly get out of practice quite quickly. Overall I thik that I never really lose will for designing, I’m always doodling something, there’s always more to doodle.


Very last-minute put together portfolio for my independent work.. rush hour deffinitely