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Nicki Minaj - Moment 4 Life ft. Drake

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the targeted age range for this video is generated around the ages of 13-24. Initially, the storyline behind the video is a fairytale coming to life which would usually be associated with children of a young age. The motivational message throughout the music however reassures the target audience is teenagers. Usually at this age range the young adults have dreams that they wish to peruse in reality. The lyrics ‘Don’t worry about me and who I fire, I get what I desire, it’s my empire’ can be related to by teenagers who dream to get what they desire, whether that be to have their dream job, to have power or to make money.

This is a statistic I have gained from YouTube concerning the age range of viewers for this particular music video.

This is a statistic I have gained from YouTube concerning the most popular gender of a viewer for this particular music video.

gender this video is aimed at females due to the fairytale scene emphasis. ZxÇwxĂœ The Usually at a young age, the stereo typical female dresses up as a fairy or princess who wishes to live in a castle waiting for her prince charming to sweep her off her feet. This video appears to be a modern, less soppy version of your typical Cinderella story. The typical characters and props are still included; a fairy godmother, a princess, a prince charming and a glass slipper as seen in Cinderella.


The interest of the viewers is gathered through the attitude of both the lyrics and body language of the characters. The lyrics demonstrate the aim to conquer and achieve an ambition. This is shown through the lyrics ‘I will retire with the crown, yes’. This will be at the interest of a fraction of motivated 13-24 year olds who aim to be the best and aim to be in possession of power.

The body language through sections of the video is aggressive and forceful. This will interest people who may not physically be fighters however, mentally fight to achieve their dreams/ fairytale ending. Fans of the artists who created the music will also be interest in the video.


The strongest locations of viewers for this video is USA, Canada, Australia and UK. I gained this static from YouTube however, other websites may vary in results.

I believe the most popular locations according to YouTube statics are English speaking countries. This is firstly due to the musicians being English speakers and the music being in English. The genre of this song is Hip Hop which is also popular in the countries above. YouTube statics


This music video is does not appear to have a specific ethnicity it is most targeted towards. This is as the countries that it is most listened to are highly multi cultural. For example, If the genre was bhangra, we could conclude the viewers ethnicity was most likely to be Asian, specifically from around South Asia.

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This videos lighting is artificial however, in the majority of scenes it appears to be late evening therefore the scenes under a natural evening candle light.

Royal colours have been used for the costumes, props and most of the video. This demonstrates class and riches. The viewer will finds this relevant to the scenario of Cinderella going from rages to riches.


The glass slipper prop is a referral to Cinderella. It represents magic and connotes a fairytale. This symbolises the familiar beginning of a fairytale for the viewer.

The clock is a useful prop as it directly related back to the story of Cinderella. Cinderella is transformed back to herself at midnight. The brown antique clock shows the time is 11:38pm. This means she has to race against time to fulfil the dream . The prop excites the viewer as they hope she makes it in time. This gets them involved. Towards the end of the video another clock appears with 11:59pm on it. This represents the end of the night. Fire works are also shown and the princess and prince kiss at this moment. This shows success of the dream being fulfilled. This gives the viewer a since of happiness and relief of the fairytale being as it was shown in the original Cinderella story.

During the video there is a fairy god mother, a prince and a princess. The princess V ÉáàâÅx changes her costume 3 times. The first costume is a blue evening gown which demonstrates a modern version of the original Cinderella dress which was also blue however it was puffy. This princess in the music video also has a glass slipper as seen in the original Cinderella story. She later changes into a green, crystallised body suit. This demonstrates a modern twist to the story and attracts people to watch it as its not a imitate recreation of the original even. Her hair colour changes to pink which shows confidence and power. The viewer icons this and feels they wish to be in a position where they are also able to wear such a rick, embroidered outfit with confidence Finally, the costume is a white wedding dress which represents the success of her dream and it being put to life. This makes to viewer relieved and happy that finally the dream has come true this motivates people to dream big and not let their present or past stop them or discourage them as at first Cinderella was a poor, unloved child who lived with her wicked step mother and two sisters. The fairy god mother traditionally is wearing a puffy pink dress with wings and holds a wand . This symbolises assistance to the characters dreams coming true The prince remains in the colour black which people associate as smart. This first has a to the viewer. black shirt and suit on which people would associate with evening wear. Later on he changes to a black suit, white shirt and bow tie. This represents a new beginning for the viewers and the importance to him as well as the princess.

UÉwç _tÇzâtzx The body language through sections of the video is aggressive and forceful. This will interest people who may not physically be fighters however, mentally fight to achieve their dreams/ fairytale ending.

_Évtà|ÉÇ The location is inside the building shown on the left. We are shown rooms and halls it contains. The contributes to the viewers view as the expect spectacular due to the fact it’s a fairytale and a positional dream coming true. The location successfully does this.

VtÅxÜt ÄtÇzâtzx Long shot

Close up shot

Two Shot A close up shot is used to show the facial expression of the character. This helps conclude how the person is feeling and draws the audience to a certain area. This mains area that the audience is drawn to is the eyes and lips. The eyes demonstrate struggle and anger. Although this is not the characters aim, this shot demonstrates how a close up can create denotation to the persecution viewers.

A two shot is used to show two people in one frame. The space between both people usually explains their relationship. In this image both characters relationship seem serious through the women's face and cheeky through the mans face. This allows the audience to make their mind up about what may be about to happen between to two characters

A long shot is used so the viewer is able to see the environment. It is also used so the whole character is on show and this allows the body language to be interpreted by viewers. I this shot the women has her fists clenched representing angry and strength. The set is rich and the passage is wide.

High angle shot

Low angle shot

A high angle shot is used to make someone look venerable. This usually makes someone or something look smaller. In this case it is the princess and the others below with her. In this shot it makes the prince look powerful and have more spectrum.

A low angle shot is used during the video whilst the princess is looking at the prince. This is usually used to make something seem intimidating, in this case the prince. This can also intimidate the audience and cause suspense. This is frequently used on buildings.

VtÅxÜt `ÉäxÅxÇà

A movement shot is used for this scene. We are firstly shown the front of the character walking through the door then the back of the character from behind from the same position she was at the front. This is used to show the same movement but from various angles of the characters.

A tilt shot is used here. This is as firstly we view the bottom of the character. The camera then raises revealing more of the character. This feature means the audience get to see more of what is initially shown. This causes a fuller image and a clearer message of what is happening.

g{x Ñtvx Éy xw|à|Çz The pace of the editing during this video varies. At some points it is faster than others. Some shots are slowly paced in order for the viewer to inhale more information through visuals. On the other hand some scenes where paced faster in which viewers have less time to absorb what is happening. Most of the lyrics relate to the current scene showed whilst they are being presented. There are many cuts and fades which speed the video up. The fade outs that are occasionally used demonstrate time passing and the characters moving from their previous shot to a new area.

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Nicki Minaj feat. Drake- Moment for life  

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