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My Music Video

My idea is to create a music video I will do this by creating a brand new visual element to a song created by an unsigned artist.

I have found an artist and a song I wish to make a video to on the website The unsigned artist I have found on this website is named Amanda Kaletsky. She is a singer who also writes her own music.

This is the playlist presented on her page. The song I wish to create a music video for is called ‘Everything Lies’

This is the email I have sent her

Amanda Kaletsky’s email address was available on her profile on I have emailed her and am waiting for a response with her decision of whether I can or can not use her song for my music video.

Amanda Kaletsky is a singer/songwriter who has been inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell and Carole King.

Her music ranges from blues inspiring love song to power driven hits. Her song “Everything Lies” was featured on season 3 of MTV’s ‘The Hills’ and has music featured on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” and MTV’s “True Life”.

Amanda Kaletsky is presented to the audience as a subtle person. She seems to be acting herself and does not have any particular image to follow in contrast to someone like Rihanna. She appears to dress the way she wants and create the music she wants too. This may be as she’s unsigned and a record label does not have control over her.

Amanda music demonstrates both the hurt she is feeling and the strength she has to get through it. Her songs are easy to relate to for the audience. I want to represent her to be young, more hip and less country I aim to do this visually though her facial expressions, dress sense and body language.

Amanda has previously performed with artist like .

Coldplay are a British alternative rock band. This may represent the alternative genre of music she likes in comparison to her style of music she creates.

A girl is going to be the main character in my video. She is hurt as the male she loves has lied to her. The aim is to show scenes of happy times they shared resulting into the situation they are in now (she finds out she is being lied to) Her different moods are going to be shown throughout the video towards her being hurt. This will include scenes of angry, revenge, sadness. I plan to make some scenes from his view eg. The camera will be his eyes. We will see what he sees ‘narrative’ Other scenes will be of her lip-syncing.

I would like my video to have a fresh, energetic vibe whilst looking edgy. I do not want a typical lovey dovey video although I will use certain aspects of one.

I want my character to look strong natural and Currently my artist hasedgy, a simple look. seductive. This will be appropriate for the song and will I feelherthis doesseem not best represent themale song make character stronger and show the that was his loss’ andhurt isher not‘itvery appealing.

My target audience will be between 13-27 year olds, Female and a mixed ethnicity. I believe this video will appeal most to people living in England, America, Canada and Australia. This is as they will find it easy to understand the language and the accents of the song itself. I gathered viewing results from Amanda Kaletsky’s song ‘Everything Lies’ on YouTube and my target audience links to the data presented.

I will incorporate Andrew Goodwin's theory of voyeurism by using attractive females in my video which will also be dressed and dance to appeal to the male gender (In shorts, dresses) I feel this will add a good mood to my video instead of holding one controlled mood.

I would like my friends to be in my video as they will be easy to contact and stay in touch with. A positive aspect of this will be they live locally so if I do require any last minute scenes they will be close by. The best bit is they are easy to bribe : ) I currently want to have one boy and one girl in my video. I may decide to add other characters e.g. the girls friends or a girl the guy is cheating on her with possibly.

I will cast my characters by simply asking them to be in my video. I will give them a brief of what they are required to do so they have time to prepare before filming.

This will include Outfit choice guidance What they will have to do in the video

City – I want to use a busy part of the city to create a fast House –look I have to use a house it will be movement to mydecided video as some stages. The cityas is busy demonstrating the mixed emotions and things going on around a good base to film controlled scenes. The wide whilst this person iswill at aallow slowme pace andvarious hurt. range of rooms to film

scenes in different sets without wasting time travelling. Park – A park is usually associated with couples taking a walk exc. It is subtle and typical for a love scene. I want to use a park that has a lot of greenery and features e.g. statues/ benches. My aim is the make the shots look romantic and cute.

Other ‘possible’ back up locations

I do not feel there will be any issues with the location as I have gained permission to use a house The park I wish to film in is fairly close and open to the public. The only issue I may face with filming in a park is the people in the back ground. I may film a couple other scenes in the city which I would like to remain as it appears.

I have chosen to use this equipment as it is available from my school without cost hire exc. This will also allow me to start filming as soon as my idea is put together and ready! NV- GS230 Panasonic camera 2.3 Mega pixel


My budget is a maximum of ÂŁ50 between me and my partner. This is a maximum figure therefore this may not all be used.

My presentation  

Amanda Kaletsky - Everything lies

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