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From the editor’s desk People from the land of a Billion Sparks....Welcome to this Heaven that can transform each spark into a soaring fire! A big welcome to my fellow PGP1’s!!! Two months down the line and I’m sure each one of you will have added their own flavour in this exotic crazy dish! It doesn’t matter if you’re a nut, a spicy chilly, sweet sugar or just a thick shelled coconut...just revel in your individuality and let its taste be felt in the heady blend! Our time out here is worth its weight in gold. All the sleepless nights, the missed breakfasts, the skipped lunches, the ‘globaal’ filled responses are going to add their own value to the complete product, a manager who smiles his or her way even through hell in the future like it’s a walk in the park. These are the most enriching two years of our lives where we grow every moment, where we toil everyday and where we have one heck of a time doing so!! Its been a pleasure to bring out this edition for you, the talent to choose from is simple inexhaustible and it makes us proud to share the sheer creativity and varied writing skills of GIM.

We start of this edition by an inspiring poem ‘There is Tomorrow’ by our very own Rayomand Gheesta following that is a brilliant photograph that captures the essence of nature and the spirit of adventure by the very talented Jeevandeep Singh. We have Keran Manapragda calling for change and some respite in his article. We then have Khushboo Sharma talking about the bucks in ‘Bollywood to Business’. Next up ,the new flower in our garden, Shriya Agrawal beautifully exploring friendship with her poem ‘You and Me’ followed by our very own irrepressible Vipul Chaturvedi talking about an experience close to his heart in his earnestly written article, ‘Illuminate’. In our Gurukool section we caught hold of the very affable Nirmalya Bandopadhay and got out a few answers from him that are sure to make you smile. The poems that follow, ‘Moments’ by Naashit Ansari and ‘Complacent’ by Audrick D’Mello will get your heart and brain working faster. Audrick D’Mello wins the ‘Author of the month’ award. You can then check out the photographic talents of Shubham Agnihotri and Kunal Parmar with their pictures gracing our newsletter and towards the end we have ‘Business Development Lessons’ by Alay Shah. So prop up your legs, sit back, enjoy, this one will surely make you smile. Happy reading people !


THERE IS TOMORROW Walks in the rain finding warmth in the water, Swarming streets to think and meander. Surrounded by noise to drown out the sorrow, I try to remember, there is tomorrow. Looking for the pair of eyes, That make me gaze a second longer. Oblivious to the limp, I walk a little taller, And I tell myself, there is tomorrow. Only then, there will be tomorrow. I Put on my grin and look around, While I search within and wonder, Why everything seems quite hollow, To fill it with colour, maybe; there is tomorrow.

A child smiles at me and I smile back, Unaware of within me, the shades of grey and black. I realize if only I live today. By Rayomand Gheesta


Call for Change Has anyone noticed how much it rains in Goa? It doesn’t just rain, it pours. Once I get a break from the heap of assignments I have, I am going to take the opportunity to go up there and find the bloke who left the taps open in the sky. Whoever that is, needs a long lecture on Demand & Supply because clearly, he is not doing a very good job. But until then I am trying to convey my disappointment by cribbing about rains on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and occasionally throwing stones at the sky. It might take some time but I am sure I will succeed in making my point eventually.

During one of my cribbing sessions with my friend, he very generously offered me a free advice to use the rains as an opportunity to land chicks, which not very surprisingly caught my attention swiftly. According to him my plan should be to spot girls without umbrellas and make them an offer they would not refuse. I quickly perceived the promises the idea concealed and decided to give it a shot and took my umbrella to the library. Please! Whoever has taken my black color umbrella from the library (by mistake of course), return it. It’s not at all funny to sit through a class in wet pants. Picture courtesy: Bidisha Bose

I never used to hate rains before I came to Goa. As a matter of fact I used to love them. Refreshing, lovely, romantic and “Heaven’s Gift” were the words I used to associate rains with. Now I associate them with painful, disturbing, discouraging and “rather shoot me in the head” more. If you managed to reach till this point of the article even after taking a couple of breaks in the middle, I really appreciate it. You have a very high tolerance for bullshit. I am sure which will help you with few courses here.

Anyways to cut the long story short, the purpose of me writing this engrossing article pouring my heart out is to request all of you to join hands with me(wherever you find me) to revolt against the inhumanity caused by the “Rain-Man” on us calling for his immediate replacement. Also please return the umbrella.

By Keran Manapragda

Bollywood To Business Any advice from seniors was never so worthy as the one to opt for B2B. All 204 enrollments truly justified. Classrooms are more of like Boardrooms where we learn the art of Corporate Yoga. The most important person in industry is not the CEO anymore , its Mr .Shayam Sundar .Now we that Target customer for a Lifebuoy is elephant. A product is Used , Misused and Abused by an Indian customer. Distribution channel strategy has been explained in a unique Indian way –“Ghee Seedhi Ungli se nahi toh teedhi krke nikal lijiye ga”. Last we wanna say “Kuch tum kaho kuch hum kahe … yuhi apass mei mil kr gum kaam kre..” By Khushboo Sharma

You and me When the world goes into a slumber U stay awake with me When all other frenz are busy with hectic schedules U make time for me

When my life is tumbling upward down U’r there to hold me tight When I can’t make it from night into day U take my hand and walk me through When I’m lost in the maze of my mind U have the patience to let me decide

When I’m imprisoned by circumstances of life U set me free making me feel alive And when the happy high hits my life U are still right here waiting for me...!

By Shriya Agrawal

Illuminate Sitting in the jam packed crowd I was sweating like a swine. The month of March is generally soothing and a place like Mohali is expected to be chilly. My body was wondering why I was perspiring though it was cold outside. My brain was smart enough to realize that it was not the weather that made me gasp but it was the atmosphere around me. People around me had gone crazy, everyone was cheering at the top of their voice. India vs. Pakistan, 2nd semi-final, 2011 World Cup the big daddy of all cricket matches was about to start. Civilians read about wars, soldiers fighting to protect the country but no one had seen the war with naked eyes. This match had given people the opportunity to see a live war, a war between two giants and two countries that had locked horns since they became two. If the Romans were alive they would have felt envious, the surrounding had more intensity than the coliseum. The two armies had lined up and it was time for the national anthem. As I stood up for the anthem I realized a boy sitting near me was still stuck to his seat. Young kids today have no respect for their nation, I thought. Ignoring his mother who finally succeeded in making him stand, I concentrated on the anthem. Singing the national anthem standing between thousands is an experience in its own, it makes you feel like the nation is free from poverty, and corruption and has prospered. If you are emotional you might remember your school days and ponder over your inputs towards the nation. The crescendo rose and the feeling of being patriotic filled the environment.

The cheer from the crowd made me comeback to the stadium. I sneaked a peek at the kid sitting near me. He was about 8, fair, dark brown curly hair, bistre colored glasses and cute dimples. Wearing team India’s jersey he looked like a young Yuvraj Singh. His mother was holding his hand and talking to him continuously, perhaps that got the kid irritated as he seemed oblivious to her. Kids today have no sense of gratefulness to their parents either. The IPL hooter diverted me back to the game. India had won the toss and elected to bat. It was electrifying watching Sachin and Sehwag walking down to the crease. A 1000 decibel roar erupted as the first ball was hit for a four. The crowd went crazy when the little master adjusted his pads and took his guard. Watching the master blaster for the first time in the stadium gave me goose bumps. Runs came pouring in as Sehwag and Sachin complemented each other shot for shot. The kid stared at them unflinchingly. I turned my attention towards the scoreboard at the score 481, for 5.5 overs. The gaze from the kid got Sehwag out, I hated that kid! Gambhir’s arrival made me calm and I was back to cricket. The runs slowed and Sachin got two lucky escapes. This kid next to me was unfazed when Sachin took a review and was declared not out. He is such an unlucky kid I thought. Wickets fell like the stock markets and India was struggling at 187-5, and with Sachin out I feared that we would fail to make a decent total.

Raina thumped his bat to every ball and with courageous stands with the tail he took India to 260.It was a special knock and every living entity in the stadium was praising Raina’s effort. The kid next to me was still listening to his mother and was smirking. I gave a stare to kid to make him realize that how unlucky he was but he stared around me with arrogance. Not paying attention to him I saw the Indian players walking back to field. There was a sense of fear now, although Pakistan had never beaten India in any world cup but this time we had a little less on board which made me nervous. I have waited 23 years of my life to see a match in a stadium and a match of this gravity was making me hysterical. Pakistani’s batsmen started with a bang which nearly made me faint. I looked up and prayed and God replied with a wicket. The blue army was ecstatic and the roar became louder and louder. The kid was now having fun and I saw him shouting his lungs out staring at sky .His mother seemed happy. The Pakistanis had a mudslide of wickets and India managed to pull the game back. Still it could had been anyone’s game. The soldiers fought hard, the crowd was backing them, their sweat on the field made the carpet glitter. As the last Pakistani wicket fell, tears rolled down my eyes, everyone was busy hugging each other .The kid was still sitting and he looked happy but I couldn’t see his tears. May be he was not that emotional. After the celebrations and the presentation party everyone started walking out, the kid was still sitting .I thought to walk up to him and ask him why is he still bothering his mother now that India had won the match. As I started to move towards him he stood up and he took out his stick trying to find the steps. I was choked. All the excitement went off, I felt dejected.

I ran towards him, hugged him and said sorry, His mother kept looking at me as I was a crook.”Sachin come on we are getting late” called his mother. He smiled at me and went off. I dragged my feet and thought in a nation with a billion people no one was there to donate his eyes to this kid? Remorse filled the air, I never felt this gloomy in my life. India won today but I lost. How many kids dream of becoming Sachin, to do something for their nation but they never get a chance. We are lucky to have blessing of sight and we never thank God for this. Next day I was reading newspaper and everywhere it was about India winning the match, but the kids face was still shadowing my thoughts. How he must have felt when everyone was watching India play and he could only react when his mother described the proceeding. Was he looking at the sky and shouting to celebrate a wicket fall or was he complaining to God? .I was lost. Turning the pages I saw a column which read “Tendulkar to donate eyes after death” and suddenly I had my smile back. I found a way to my redemption; I can donate my eyes to some kid. I wish all of us can donate eyes and bring light to others life. We can dream with eyes closed but to fulfill them we need the gift of sight, lets illuminate India. I have decided to donate my eyes, When will you? By Vipul Chaturvedi

Guru Cool Prof. Nirmalya Bandyopadhyay 1. What do you think about the PGP1 batch? As I teach only Section A & B, I am partially exposed to the PGP1 batch. I have infor-

mally communicated to Section C&D students. It is just Semester 1, still a long way to go. I see great potential in them. Hopefully, they will perform well

2. According to you, what are the essential traits and skill sets necessary for opting ‘Marketing’ as a specialisation? The essential traits are adaptability, flexibility and social skills. Marketing is about meeting people and communicating intelligently. According to me, the necessary skill set would be passion, analytical ability and good observational skills.

3. What should the emphasis be on, classroom learning or field work? I believe that a combination of both classroom

learning and field work is required. It will be difficult being partial to either of them. However, if asked where the emphasis required is, I would say on the ‘field work’ rather than insight theories.

4. To what extent should GIM students participate in extracurricular activities? Students must participate in the extracurricular activities as much as possible to improvise their learning pertaining to marketing and finance, HR and logistics. The introduction of relaxation in attendance is a welcome change and will encourage the students to actively take part in the various activities and 5. Should PGP2s, based on their experience, assign a mentor/faculty to PGP1? Yes, PGP2 students should take responsibility for assigning a mentor to PGP1. Peer learning is essential in a B-school which helps the novice gear up for the wide spectrum of knowledge to be absorbed in a better and efficient way.

6. In general, professors use foreign case studies (HBR etc.) which students may not

connect to. Won’t it be more useful for Indian students to come across the case studies pertaining to India? I agree that many case studies have foreign context. However, not all of them are international or have relevance outside India. What we look for is administrative quality in the case studies. It has also been observed that Indian case studies lack in terms of quality and substance. 7. Marketing and psychology are distant cousins. Agree or disagree. Disagree! Marketing and psychology are siblings instead of distant cousins. A good marketer has the ability to gather the insights of a customer and position the product appropriately.

8. What should be the approach for a budding marketer if he/she wants to understand consumer behaviour? The’ observe and analyse’ mechanism will help a budding marketer in understanding the consumer behaviour. In case a customer is angry with any service provider, one can observe the situation and analyse the problem , thus, resolve them through learned theories.

9. Healthcare is currently a booming sector. How should a person who specializes in marketing approach his/her prospects considering he/she does not have any background. With the population explosion and advent of science, Healthcare has always been a booming sector. An MBA graduate is very much employable in this sector. We also have a tailor-made HCM course at our Ribander campus. 10. How do you foresee the placement scenario this year for the PGP2 batch? I find the placement scenario for the 2012-2014 batch very hopeful and promising. The students’ preparation is good. Overall, the placements scenario has improved as compared to the last year.

11. We recently came to know you play table tennis. When did you start playing? Your favourite shot. Rate yourself 1-10. Yeah, I do play table tennis once in a while for some recreation. It’s a good stress buster! I’ve been playing table tennis since my college days. I would award myself just 2 points on a scale of 10. My favourite sport is cricket.

12. Something you would like to share with us – PGP1 and PGP2 batch. Be focussed! The students should act as responsible individuals and not do anything reckless.

13. How do you communicate in a placement Interview. One has to be professional while talking. The content should be concise and grasping. It should not be vaguely put in front of the recruiter.

14. Any comments on – Kotler’s 5th P of marketing. The P’s of marketing provide us the fundamental framework. It is all about understanding the business. As time passes, the P’s will keep on increasing. If you are vigilant and a good marketer, you can be greater than Kotler !

Canvas corner

By Sromona Dutta

By Shruti Jain

Moments Beautiful sky littered with stars As if holding some kind of holy mass And a half moon shining oh so bright As if smirking with some ostensible pride

Thank you oh lord for such a beautiful view Such magical moments are really far and few But as time wore on The shining moon humbly came down The night is slowly turning into day

All the moon’s pride has gone to bay The sun has come out and will soon shine bright Showering upon us its beautiful light The moon was sad and he took a sigh And looking at him the lord smiled Here’s a lesson for you my dear child

Don’t be upset over your current plight Nothing lasts forever no matter how might!! By Naashit Ansari

Complacency Complacency has slowed me down, Not bothered to pick and clean me up. I watch as time runs away, and waits for no one; Like the sun at the end of day. I try to talk to my thoughts and feelings, But choke on fear and expectation – none of them mine. I feel insignificant and therefore unimportant, And ruminate the moment I’ll have nothing left to say. But this I know, as I walk like Frost The roads are many – some worn, some awaiting tread. No matter the debt, no matter the cost; None of this will matter when I’m dead. Audrick D’mello

Business development lessons on "Chai ki Kitli" While I sipped on Adrak wali chai, a teenager came and stood next to me. He was staring at everyone having tea with amazement. Teenager : Saab chai kaisi hai?? Me: Acchi hai, (And to joke around I asked) kyun quality check kar raha hai?? He: Haan saab.. main expand karne ka soch raha hun aur wo bhi bade level pe. Teen aur kitli shuru kar raha hun next month. Aur mere sab customers ko acchhi quality ki chai mile iss liye sab se puch raha hu.. Me: Oh to tu thee kitli ke liye quality research kar raha hai?? He: Nahi saab. Ye toh short term ka plan hai, long term plan to aisa hai ki gandhinagar, baroda and mahesana me bhi expand karna hai. Me: (amazed) ye sab socha hai ya kuch plan bhi kiya hai??? He instantly took out a paper and pen from his pocket and started explaining the risks & returns, investment expected, manpower required, quality and contingency plan. Me: Bhai teri age kya hai?? aur tu kaha se hai?? He: (with a confident smile on his face) Shambhu naam hai mera and main baniya hun Gujarat ka. #A young Entrepreneur## ##A 20 year old kitli owner### By Alay Shah

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