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Shrink Wrap Services In NZ

About Us Here at Shrink-wrap we are a team of highly qualified professionals able to service the areas New Zealand with our Head Office in Christchurch. We are committed to completing your work to a high standard with efficiency and professionalism, at affordable rates. With a proven record of satisfied clients you can trust Shrink- Wrap to exceed your expectations.

Our Services Marine Industrial Containment Construction Renovation Scaffolding Leaky Buildings and Renovations

Marine Shrink Wrap Services in New Zealand Introduces shrink wrap service. Shrink wrap your Marine wrap it up right with Shrink wrap we are the experts who do it accurate. Minimize you winter damage, save on spring maintenance and prep for summer use. Shrink wrap your Marine and increase that additional layer of protection to your Marine as part of your winterization procedure.

Industrial Containment Shrink wrapping solutions can be used in the critically important area of containing sandblast residuals or chemical stripping of hazardous materials such as lead, asbestos and heavy metals. It also allows complete project and equipment weatherization or winterization protection.

Construction Renovation Shrink wrapping is considered the most effective way to protect and cover products and buildings. It provides complete weatherproof background for your construction project in New Zealand. It makes the project complete on time without any delays.

Scaffolding Scaffold is often an integral part of Shrink-wrapping. It is imperative that scaffold structure is constructed in a way that it is fit for purpose. In this application, the scaffold serves 2 purposes. Firstly, to provide effective access and workability, and to act as a sub-strait to support our encapsulations.

Leaky Buildings and Renovations Leaky Buildings or House are unsafe to live in and so it is mandatory to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. We have a team of highly trained trades people and professionals who go through regular product and process training so that we are up-to-date with the latest in building materials and techniques.

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Shrink Wrap Services In NZ | Industrial Shrink Wrapping  
Shrink Wrap Services In NZ | Industrial Shrink Wrapping  

We are a company which has managed to carve a niche in the market for the supply and the manufacture of a high quality of seals and shrink w...