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SWINE FLU H1N1! Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

NAMASKA R Following are some protective measures, which I feel can help. If you agree, you may kindly share them with your contacts. 1. NAMASMARAN 2. DINKING WATER IN MORNING AND THROUGH OUT THE DAY 3. EATING TWO LEAVES OF NEEM, TULASI, BEL EACH 4. CHYAVANAPRASH 1 TEA SPOONFUL DAILY 5. DRINKING A CUP OF COW MILK WITH TURMERIC (HALAD), DRY GINGER

(SUNTH) AND HONEY 6. PRACTICE OF KAPALBHATI (ACTIVE ABDOMINAL EXPIRATION WITHOUT DISCOMFORT). Make sure you don't have trauma, surgery, hernia of any kind and pregnancy and any other wound on abdominal or related regions. 7. TAKING BATH TWICE A DAY. 8. CHANGING CLOTHES TWICE A DAY 9. APPLYING A DROP OF COW GHEE OR ANU TAIL IN BOTH NOSTRILS 10. Take a capsule of multivitamin capsue such as Becadexamin and Bcomplex such as Becosule.

11. Wash hands fequently (Suggested by Dr. Alka Halbe) 12. Avoid lifts (elevators) if and when possible 13. Avoid excessively crowded and/or centrally airconditioned places such as railway stations, cinema halls, theatres, malls. 14. Consume juice of aloe vera (korphad i.e. kumari) and tinospora cordifolia (giloy or gulvel i.e. guduchi) in addition to holy basil, neem and bel. Promote planting of these medicinal herbs. 15. Add jaggery, pepper (kali mirch) and ginger in your tea (if and when you take it) For additional details you may

refer my books and articles available for free download on Best wishes and warm regards.

Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar