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When we observe wars, riots, crimes, frauds, scams and so on; it becomes difficult to devote to; apparently escapist activity such as namasmaran. This happens even when we go through unpleasant situations in family or personal life. This is because namasmaran does not give any satisfaction of having revolted, fought or at least resisted the “injustice or unpleasant issues” in life. The idea of chanting the name of God at best appears to help one’s own emancipation and hence appears a cowardly, mean and petty activity. This can cause severe conflict and vacillation towards and away from namasmaran.

However in the course of time; we begin to observe disintegration of our petty self from the society. We begin to witness that even as physical activities can be mean and petty; namasmaran can never be mean and petty; even if we practice it (initially) with utterly selfish motive and also involuntary or subconscious sociopathic intentions; which may creep in our mind (not that one should try to do so!)! We begin to realize that the chanting, reciting or remembering of the name of God; by us is actually manifestation of the innate voice and articulate innate aspirations of billions (inarticulately eager to blossom) and we are merely acting as mouth piece. In fact it begins to appear that not only the human beings but all the living and nonliving being are

pulsating with the name of God and we are merely acting as the speaker! Namasmaran takes us beyond all subjective ideals and implicit in the concept of humanity and takes us to the innate core of the cosmic consciusness (as well as humanity) that encompasses everything! Namasmaran enables us to blossom along with everything; living and nonliving in the universe. It becomes clear to us that through namasmaran there can not be mere individual emancipation (of course; no question about any harm!) without that of the others. Namasmaran is inevitably associated with individual and universal blossoming!


NAMASMARAN HUMANITY EMANCIPATION AND When we observe wars, riots, crimes, frauds, scams and so on; it becomes difficult to devote to; appare...

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