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The saints have often exemplified their capacity to remain undeterred in a variety of disturbing situations. This state of equanimity amidst different tormenting circumstances is held in high esteem in Bhagavad Gita. In the past; I failed to appreciate and admire and aspire for a state of mind akin to endogenous depression, total surrender to situation and/or indifference. Now it is becoming clear; that the state held so high is not a state of depression, surrender, or indifference. It is the state where one has risen above the deceptive/disturbing influences of one’s perceptions resulting from general and special senses, endocrine and neuroendocrine systems, autonomic nervous system, and limbic system. This is called VIDEHI AVASTHAA (trans-physical, trans-physiological and transpsychological) state of consciousness.

This state is a state when the individual appears to be unaffected and hence unresponsive in every possible way. The smile on his/her face never fades! But even as it is true that he/she does not get affected as an individual (because of having risen above petty interests and superficial considerations), he/she does interact with a situation in a trans-physical, trans-physiological and trans-psychological way. But because the vehicle or the medium through which it gets manifested is human body, this interaction can be in the form of articulation e.g. Gita or physical (DHARMA-YUDDHA). In any case and in any form it is the cosmic wisdom that manifests through him or her!

In many instances the actions are not at all apparent in any form and hence called mystical. It is not wonder that a vast majority of even otherwise kind hearted and/or brilliant people can not experience or appreciate this state of existence and hence ridicule even a reference made to it. The point I learned and wish to share, here; is unconditioned happiness of cosmic consciousness and its manifestations are infinite and subtle; and many times beyond one’s capacity; (during different developmental stages); to appreciate, admire or aspire for! The unconditioned happiness is also infinite, subtle and a hallmark of evolved consciousness and not of indolence or ignorance!



HAPPINESS THE MEANING OF UNCONDITIONED In the past; I failed to appreciate and admire and aspire for a state of mind akin to endogenous depr...

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