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The usual questions, which have appeared in my mind and that of others; are: What do you gain by NAMASMARAN? What are the advantages of NAMASMARAN? What are the benefits of NAMASMARAN? How are we profited by NAMASMARAN? What are the proofs that NAMASMARAN brings prosperity and wellness? The answers to all these questions are unsatisfactory. NAMASMARAN does not assure any gain, advantage, benefit, prosperity, wellness etc. Many practitioners of NAMA are seen with many difficulties and problems of different sorts! The argument that NAMASMARAN gives satisfaction is also not convincing. Many practitioners of NAMASMARAN are in genuine difficulties and can not be said to be satisfied! “What is the concrete advantage of NAMSMARAN?” one of my MD students asked me!

I answered, “Nil! You can practice NAMASMARAN and decide what you experience; rest all is vanity!� But why do we ask these questions? These questions arise because our mind is completely trivialized. It is completely trapped, involved, engrossed and addicted to pettiness. It is merged with pettiness. It is as if; we live as slaves in our own house instead of ourselves! NAMA reminds us that the house is ours. We are owners. So once we recognize that we are the owners; we stop being miserable and beggarly. We stop asking for things, as we are the owners! NAMASMARAN reminds us that we have powerful wings and we can fly! With this reminder, we begin to fly instead of miserably waiting for someone to help us fly or carry us!

NAMASMARAN reminds us that we are immortal electricity and not the fragile and perishable bulbs! Our fear and insecurity disappears! NAMASMARAN reminds us that we are beyond time and due to our obliviousness to our identity, we get trapped in the physical experience of past, present and future, rendering ourselves redundant and helpless! Our anxiety and depression disappear! NAMASMARAN reminds us that we should resume the forgotten capacity of riding on time and instead of getting dragged! We begin to live as kings every moment. If we realize this, then above questions become redundant or actually meaningless! There is nothing that we would ask for and think of in exchange for or as a result of NAMASMARAN! This state of our being achievable through NAMASMARAN can not be shown or guaranteed to

others! There is no strictly predictable result of NAMASMARAN. It varies with person to person. If we are convinced about it we can practice, experience and share with others. But the others have choice to believe or disbelieve and verify our experience; or otherwise respectively!